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Found 2 results

  1. I am now on Day 29 and what should be the best days of Whole30 but it's actually been the worst. Starting on Day 24, I started having pretty uncomfortable lower abdominal pain/pressure and bloating and it hasn't gone away for the past 6 days. I know it's more common to get digestive issues earlier in the Whole30 journey but I actually breezed through Days 3-23 with absolutely no issues and great energy. Troubleshooting led me to evaluate that most of the fruits & veggies I have been eating during Whole30 are high FODMAP foods. I would eat these almost on a daily basis: mango, apple, sweet potato, cauliflower rice, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, onion, avocado, and uncooked greens in salads. Now I've tried following a FODMAP diet in addition to Whole30 these past 3 days and also added a probiotic, but it hasn't seemed to help and I'm still experiencing that constant lower abdominal pain. I've never had any digestive issues or foods that I've reacted to in the past, so my biggest fear is that the Whole30 has created a food sensitivity for me and that it will not go away. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any advice? Separate issues but I also started Whole30 as a way to alleviate seasonal allergies but today I've had the worst allergy attack in months. My energy is lower than usual too, even lower than before Whole30, so I feel like I'm progressing backwards and don't understand why...
  2. Okay, this is my 4th Whole30 and I've always had an amazing experience (this year I hardly had any trouble with cravings!) but this year has been rough in terms of tummy troubles. Around Day 11 and 12 I started feeling a little nauseated at the end of the day but thought it was just my gut healing again. And then the nausea and stomach cramps have come up on random days ever since with yesterday Day 29 being the absolute worst. Looking at what I've been eating the only thing I can figure is maybe I am sensitive to onions since they are a pretty high FODMAP food? I had an omelette with onions and peppers for breakfast yesterday when I felt so horrible and was burping onions all day. I've just never had problems with FODMAPs before and it's strange to me that it would show up during Whole30. I seem to have had no trouble when eating other high FODMAP foods this month like apples, garlic, cauliflower, etc. but at the same time I'm not sure if it could be something else! I'm just so bummed that I don't feel amazing on day 30. Has anyone else had this sensitivity show itself during Whole30? Do I need to go see someone? Confused. Help!