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Found 19 results

  1. Greetings Whole 30 Forum- I am starting the Whole 30 on Monday and am excited and scared all at the same time! Please share any words of encouragement, tips, recipes that you love, etc with me- I would really appreciate it!
  2. Very excited to try Whole30 starting on 10/1! I will be reading the materials today and tomorrow and getting in my groceries and meal prep so I’ll be able to do this! My colleague joined and lost 7 to 8 pounds and said she feels much better. I need to hit my personal reset button. I used to work out almost everyday and in the past few months have gained five or so pounds and completely stopped working out and making my health a priority. My grandfather passed away in May, my job has been very difficult, and just a few weeks ago my father had a cancer operation and they had to remove a large part of his tongue. He will be unable to eat again for a few months. As his caregiver the last thing I want to do is eat anything in front of him especially anything that people often crave or have intense smells like bacon, cookies, and all the fun stuff! I look forward to being by his side and helping him through his recovery while helping myself as well. Here’s to starting Whole30!
  3. This has been a crazy year. Whew. I went from the strongest I've ever been in my life, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, to using a Walker to navigate and not being able to take 2 stairs at a time. I found out I have Crohn's via a massive peri-rectal fistula which required a temporary diverting colostomy (as well as several other surgeries and still more to come). I'm still healing/ recovering after being in the hospital for more than a month. All of this occurred while listing my house of 15 years (um... stress management?), and the super scary prospect of not finding my new home in this crazy spring market. I'm currently living in my camper, but thankfully close on my new house on 8/2. Great time to clear out the kitchen and start new habits! While most doctors, including my own, can't definitively say what foods are negative to Crohn's, I believe there are foods that have an exceptionally strong impact on my health and disease. I was loosely following Whole30/paleo lifestyle before I got sick and I noticed a vast improvement in how I felt when eating "right". So. I've decided to commit to myself to learn about my disease and diet and what works best with MY body. I know it will be tough (I'm definitely an emotional eater), but I MUST do this if I want to live an active and healthy life.
  4. shes_learning

    Newbie starting February 1st

    I have thought about this for months! I've read the book. I've started recipe building and meal planning. This is happening! No backing out now! Committing! Still nervous. I know it's gonna be incredibly difficult, but the benefits outweigh the costs, so I'm doing it!
  5. Ladiletta734

    Starting Jan. 22

    Starting Whole30 after about 5 years of steady weight gain, sluggishness and adult acne. Tired of feeling dumpy and looking forward to getting prepared. I have a vacation coming up, plus tagging a few days onto the end of it to get the kitchen cleaned out and some advanced food prep done. Anyone looking for an accountability partner, I am too!
  6. Hi! My name is Nancy, and I am preparing to start my first Whole30 on May 1st. I have been reading the books, planning meals, cleaning out the pantry, and getting my support system in order. I've even set up an instagram to track my journey and asked friends to follow me there (accountability!) (Ps. it's @futurowhole30 if you're interested.) I'm really excited! I decided to do Whole30 in late March, but chose my May 1st start date because of a lot of socializing and work trips during April. I knew that I needed the time to read and get mentally prepared to make myself successful. I've spoken with a lot of "real life" friends who have done the program, and everyone has had positive feedback for me. Of course, I have some things I'd like to get from this program, but my main focus right now is just not getting caught up in expectations, and just getting ready to rock it! : ) Nice to meet you!
  7. hbislick

    Critic please!

    Hello! I am on my first round of Whle30 and on day 14! woo woo half way practically! but I would love some critic to see if there is anything I might be able to improve on or maybe something im actually doing all wrong haha so here's a little play by play of my day and meals from this week ( week 2 whole30) Just a preface, I come from a "bodybuilding" background of fasted cardio and calorie restriction. Before whole30 I was most recently eating keto and macro tracking because I felt it helped with my hormone imbalance (high test low estrogen, no cysts so im told its not PCOS) with terrible cravings, mood swings, low libido, and hunger signals all out of whack, my poor husband! I have suffered from amenorrhea for the past three years and my weight has fluctuated between 130-170lbs during that time. I have a history of binge eating and anorexia that I believe will forever haunt me. Any way just some useful information I figured. Currenly i am happy with my weight although its been two weeks since i weighed myself (obeying Melissa) but im probably 140lbs 5 foot 6 inches and an athletic build (ex gymnast but still pretty muscle dense and fairly lean but not unhealthy i would guess about 17-20% bodyfat) 4:30am - Wake up (I work 6am-2pm) I have been weaning myself off this slowing so I don't shock my body but I used to do 30min on the stationary bike 5 mornings a week fasted, so far I have it down to 15-20min, next week I am aiming for 10-15min and probably cut it out the week after next. 5:30am I usually drink an espresso with 1/4 cup lite coconut milk and about 1 TBSP MCT oil ( I love the thickness it gives the coffee) on my way to work, and then eat breakfast once I get there ( I do this to give myself the max sleeping time but still don't want to eat while driving so I can give my full attention to my breakfast). 5:45am Breakfast - 3 cage free eggs cooked in a spoonful of ghee (fourth and heart) , 2 huge kale leaves cut up and sautéed in another spoon of ghee with peppers onion and garlic. 11:00 am Lunch - 1 can wild salmon (I think its 6 or 8 oz) , 1 heaping spoon of primal kitchen mayo, 1 open handful or olives, on top of about 2 cups spinach and 1 cup spiraled zucchini washed down with a Hint water. ( usually a decaf coffee with again about 1/3 cup lite coconut milk some where before I leave work) 2:00pm off work 3:00 pm Work out ( 5 x a week) - usually lasts about an hour and consists of about 40 mins circuit style weight training and 20 min treadmill or stair master hill intervals. 4:00 pm get home and usually make dinner while packing my lunch and prepping my breakfast for tomorrow. 4:30 or 5:00pm Dinner- a palm sized portion of pork tenderloin that was roasted with veggies ( Brussels, onions, garlic, beats, and cauliflower) coated in EPIC brand beef tallow) served on a bed of arugula and topped with a Tessemae's or primal kitchen dressing. 5:30pm - take my pup on a 15-30 min walk and then get ready for the next day or hang out with my husband until around 7:00 when I shower and settle down with some herbal tea or crio bru with coconutmilk and my book. Usually asleep around 8 or 9pm. * I have found myself being able to follow this template fairly easily, I find on some days I get very hungry between meals 1 and 2 or even after dinner before bed. about once a week I will have a what I call mini binge session where I stay compliant but its a bad habit and I always wake up feeling slightly swollen, puffy, hot, and exhausted regardless how much I sleep. Its not always that im hungry i feel physically full at times but just feel drawn to the fridge on these nights it happens! For example this happened last night. around 6:30pm I found my self dipped brussel sprouts in mayo and ghee and eating coconut oil with a spoon ( improvement from the first week where I ate three lara bars, 2 epic bars, and so many nuts) since then I have banned nuts, dried fruit, and bars from my whole30 (straight abstainer here). the binges have only happened twice since i started the whole30 (14 days in) but prior it would happen like twice a week on bad food and carbs so its an improvement. im sorry for the novel but i hope i can gain a little perspective and criticism on this post! thanks so much! i really want to gain control over my relationship with food!
  8. Hi. It looks like most people start on a Monday or 1st of the month. I usually do things like that but decided to jump right in tomorrow after doing some planning today. Love to hear from others starting on the 24th, but will participate in the forum for the next closest date if there isn't anybody else. This plan is a massive departure from my current lifestyle, but the 30 day concept seems doable. Good luck to us!
  9. OliviaB

    Starting November 6, 2016

    Started today, will need all the encouragement and helpful tips. I'm diabetic and need to eat a healthier lifestyle.
  10. NatalieCatalie_


    Hello Whole30 Folks! I am Natalie. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Fresno CA. Today is my first day ever on Whole30. I'm excited but also a little nervous. In April of 2013 ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and started taking medication (an SSRI) to treat it. Fast forward to now, after being on and off several SSRIs, my weight and health have declined. I went from weighing a healthy 140 lbs to 209 lbs. I have developed prediabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and just feel generally "blah." Some of the weight gain is due to a change in lifestyle - going from walking 4 miles a day in college to sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week - but I think most of the weight gain has been because of the medications. I am still taking an antidepressant because the anxiety and depression are still there, and it only gets worse as I feel physically worse and worse. I have tried so many ways to lose weight in the past with little to no results. In each case, I have gained back what I lost and put on even more. I am at my heaviest weight ever. It's disheartening, to say the least. As hard as it is for me to admit, I know that I have an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. My goal is to heal that relationship and find other ways to soothe myself when I'm sad or lonely or bored. I am hoping and praying that Whole30 is the answer to my problems. I have faith that if I stick with it and focus on the long-term benefits, then I will be successful. I'm looking forward to meeting others on this journey with me! xoxo
  11. HilaryR

    Starting 1st W30 Oct 10!

    Hello! My name is Hilary, and In will be starting my first Whole30 on October 10 2016. I have ben struggling with extra weight that may be connected to underlying medical issues... I read "It Starts With Food" and later The Whole30 book and something clicked. I love cooking, and am thrilled that the W30 aligns with my general approach to food - eat seasonally/organically and locally when possible. Happily prepping and planning until I get started on the 10th!
  12. JayNettaBean


    Hi everyone, my name is Johnetta but you can just call me Jay I'm a first time Whole 30(er). I haven't set a definite start date but I'm thinking some time before I turn 35, so next week sounds good but we'll see. I just want to get and stay healthy and active and make the right choices for my body. I also want to get off the hamster wheel of dr appointments and sugar cravings! So any advice? Let me rephrase that, any encouraging words of wisdom from someone who's done this before?
  13. I'm Ashley, a 26 year old female from Toronto, Canada. I am so excited to finally be committing to my first Whole30 challenge for the month of September beginning on the first. I am hoping to normalize my digestive system and have a better handle on my health and nutrition in general. Looking forward to supporting and being supported in these forums!
  14. I'll be starting my first Whole30 on New Year's Day. My family normally does a big brunch or dinner that day, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a few "special" dishes I could serve that are Whole30 compliant. Fun, healthy twists on traditional dishes or dishes that won't scare off the whole family right away would be great. Thanks in advance!
  15. CSharpe613

    Starting 1/1/16!

    I couldn't find a thred for a January 1st start date so here it goes! I'm doing my research, reading the Whole 30 book cover to cover, making recipe cards and ordering compliant sauces and condiments little by little this month! I am still recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery from last month so I have not been able to grocery shop for myself for almost a month or I would have started already! I'm taking this time to familiarize myself with ingredient labels and where compliant foods are located. Also trying compliant recipes out here and there to get myself ready! Nervous and excited for a huge change in my life! My toddler who eats off my plate which is mostly health to begin with, will be enjoying most of what I eat on my whole 30. He is my biggest reason I want to do this so my healthy habits (and dads) will be instilled in him! Hope everyone has a wonderful December, enjoy those holidays and share any tips or preparations you are making or have done in the past!!! I'm going to be using some essential oils to assist with sugar cravings! I read fennel and grapefruit are helpful to inhale to take your mind off the sugar dragon!!
  16. This is my first Whole30. I'm on Day 2. The main reason I'm doing this is because I am sick and tired of sugar controlling my life. The second reason is because I have spent the last 26 years in a dysfunctional relationship with food. I want to stop this! Unfortunately, ever since I started (yesterday) I've been plagued by intense anxiety over whether I'm "doing it right." I don't know how to let this feeling go. I had two Larabars (compliant ingredients) and a pouch of almond butter last night because I was so hungry and irritable. This morning I had an enormous breakfast with plenty of fat, protein, veggies, and fruit, but I was starving an hour later and now I'm fantasizing about dates (the fruit ;-) ). Would it be OK to eat Larabars with a meal? (NOT as dessert) Just to give myself something to look forward to? I'm so scared that I'll mess it up and not kick the Sugar Dragon to the curb. On the flipside, I can't deal with this anxiety for another 28 days! It's almost like a bought of OCD! (real OCD - not the cutesy kind.) I also find that I'm rejecting compliant foods that I enjoy because I'm afraid that comfort/happiness = food addiction/emotional eating. Please help! :-(
  17. Hi all! I'm starting the whole 30 tomorrow, on April 1st, and it is not a joke! I'm doing it with a group of coworkers and I am really looking forward to seeing how my body responds and changes. I can't lie though, I'm a bit intimidated! This sounds really intense but I know it'll be worth it. Any advice from veterans out there?
  18. Hello!! My name is Kristine and I'm starting the Whole30 next Monday 1/20! I'm super excited and looking forward to this journey. I have had some friends do this and have great success! I'm hoping the same for myself. I LOVE carbs! Chips, french fries, cereal, OH and name it, I love it. I'm very active and luckily haven't had much of a weight problem. My problem is consistency. I do SO well for a year...then fall off the wagon...get back on for a while, fall off again. I'm hoping this will kick start me into making better food choices, and with my activity level...make my life, long and healthy. So any input, pointers, or just comments are more than welcome! Thanks in advance eveyrone! Cheers! K
  19. AWinnV

    For Real This Go

    Hello Whole30 Gang, I have done the Whole30 unofficially this past January. I stuck to it and loved it. Lately I have backslid so far away from the Whole9 that I am going to do the Whole30 "for real" this time. Last time I did join the forum or anything but I did stick 100% to the rules. This time I am downloading the Guide and joining the Forum. My mother died last Saturday at the age of 60 after a 4.5 year ordeal with colorectal cancer. Nutritionally she was a disaster her whole life and my gut instinct is that her situation was avoidable through better lifestyle choices and early detection. Over the past few months I have seriously slid off the Whole9 wagon. Pizza for dinner last night, chicken fingers and fries a few nights ago, LOTS of sugar over the past couple of week. I could blame it on my Mom's passing but I won't. What I see is that the best way to cope is to take as stellar care of myself as I can. So I guess in a way, while I know the Whole30 is for me, I am dedicating this one to my Mom. Thanks Gang, AWinnV