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Found 8 results

  1. justalittledash

    How long do you cook ghee?

    So, how long do you guys have to cook your ghee? I've made it a few times and lately it feels like it's taking forever to brown, like 2-3 hours.
  2. lauragauthier

    Ghee in New Zealand

    Hey Whole30 Forum! Is there anyone in New Zealand doing a Whole30? I found a company that makes Ghee and I was wondering if it's Whole30 approved? The company is called Gopala. Thank you!
  3. Prior to starting whole 30 today, I have enjoyed eating 4th and Heart white truffle ghee. Is white truffle whole 30 compliant? I did some research about truffle and it’s some type of fungus. Thanks!
  4. Jess0321

    Homemade ghee

    This is the first time I made ghee, but I can’t get the tiny bits of white foam off the top. Is it ok to leave like this?
  5. Hello all, I'm about to start my first Whole30 and I didn't expect to find myself on this forum, but unfortunately I'm the kind of person who doubts everything and is always afraid to do things wrong... So here's my first question :P. I've made my own ghee in the past but I wonder whether I can trust that to be completely lactose free, because I'm not exactly sure how long to bake and how much to scoop off. So I bought ghee for my Whole30 instead of making it. But... I've tried two brands so far, and both smell sour :(. Not digustingly sour, but still a little off. My homemade ghee smelled better. Also, the website of the Ghee Easy jar I just bought states "Not all Ghee is by definition lactose free. Poor quality mechanically produced Ghee is not always completely lactose free. Ghee Easy, made through extensive heating, is most of the time completely lactose free. However, we do not test every batch for presence of lactose, so a small trace of lactose can sometimes be present." So I'm wondering whether that is good enough! Is making my own the safest option, after all? Cheers, Christine
  6. Chelsea Cooper

    Ghee not browned

    Hi. Just made my first batch of ghee, I let the butter melt and the solids come to the top, I skimmed off the foam and poured the butter through a cheese cloth but I didn’t have a bunch of solids. It was mainly a more solid foam and it wasn’t really brown. I didn’t know if I needed to put it back on the stove and reheat it to get some more solids out? I may have had the heat up too high and not let it simmer long enough, although I had it on the stove for a while. Thank you!
  7. beaglesloveblueberries

    Ghee: Buying Vs. Making

    My boyfriend and I just started our first Whole 30 on Sunday. Pre W30 we always used Kerrygold butter, which would normally be fine except it's not clarified. I was going to get a bunch and make ghee with it, but then I found a huge tub of it at the market that I suspect will last us the whole 30 days, if not more. The only problem is that it was sort of pricey (13 dollars for 13 oz) but I figured that this would actually be more cost effective than trying to make that much since grass fed butter can be close to 5 dollars a package and I guessed it would take 4 or 5 to make the same amount as the store bought, but now I'm not so sure I was wondering, for those of you who make their own ghee, how much ghee do you get out of a package of butter once it's clarified? Do you find it more cost effective to buy it or make it?
  8. Hello. It’s my first time posting on the forums. Day five here! I have noticed some paranoia settling in regarding food. I made my own ghee before I started the program to save myself some money. I followed a YouTube video which did not show the skimming of the foam on top. The person merely filtered it through some cheese cloth, so that’s what I did. I saw yesterday in the Whole30 book a recipe that required the skimming of the foam. That got me thinking.. I used my ghee for the first time yesterday. I left it at room temperature since I heard you can do that since the milk proteins have been removed. I smelled the ghee before and it smelled a little spoiled/sour. I have never used ghee before so I have no point of reference. That smell has made me ponder whether I have made the ghee correctly. If I did not, there may be milk proteins remaining, right? Should I start over.