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Found 1 result

  1. Hello (again), I was an active member of the Whole30 forum until a year ago. I'm back. I have been dabbling with vegetarian (nearly vegan) over the past 6-12 months after reading The China Study. I cut out dairy a few years ago because it caused hot flashes (I'm 50). I'm am a hard core chocoholic. About 2 months ago I started having pain and stiffness that I could not really explain. At first I thought it was due to my scoliosis and extreme use of the treadmill. But, it is more. After talking to my mother, who had polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) in her 50s, I decided I needed to get checked out. So, tomorrow I'm off to see my primary to ask for ESR and CRP blood tests to measure inflammation. I know my CR-P was very low only 3 years ago when I had my thyroid checked, so any elevation will be somewhat recent. I will probably be referred to a rheumatologist. So, I'm back. I've started AIP, but am struggling with the reintroduction of animal proteins. Can I really not eat eggs? This is going to be really difficult, but the alternative is long term prednisone if I indeed have PMR or Giant Cell Arteritis. I might have to take the Pred if I have the latter, since losing eyesight is a possibility. I assume many here became involved after a diagnosis of some type of arthritis, so I hope to get some feedback. Were you able to occasionally eat things like chocolate or grains/legumes without setbacks? PMR does go into remission, or is cured, after a few years for many. My mom, now 78, has been disease free for 15 years and takes no medication. Also, who here believes stress triggers arthritis? Probably a stupid question. I've already developed atypical migraines due to life stressors (marriage and raising a child with Autism). I'll be reading and posting a lot I expect. Thanks for listening. ~Pam