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Found 23 results

  1. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  2. Hello. This is my first time doing Whole30. I have fibromyalgia and a gluten allergy. I am on Day 9. ALWAYS when I eat I get incredibly cranky, dizzy, and tired to the point of not being able to stand up. Since starting this diet ALL of those problems have gone away. I’ve had so much energy, I don’t get dizzy and cranky when I eat, and I haven’t taken any involuntary naps after eating. Until today. It’s come back and I’m looking for advice as I’m scared, because I was so relived everything was going well. For context, I haven’t slipped or cheated. Last night I ate out for the first time, I had unseasoned boiled chicken and green beans and broccoli at Applebee’s thought. Today my menstraul cycle started. And what I just ate was chili lime chicken breast Cobb salad recipe from the Whole30 instagram. 20 minutes after eating I got extremely dizzy and cranky. I got so tired I couldn’t stand. I had to lay down and legitimately fought to stay conscious and couldn’t. This hasn’t happened since I started the diet and I desperately don’t want it to start again because it’s scary. If anyone has been through this or has any idea what’s happening to me, I’d really appreciate the input. I was really happy being healthy for once. Thanks
  3. I did my first round whole 30 minutes successful and felt great. Did the slow roll reintro by the books. Today was my gluten reintro day. Ive heard oats can contain some amounts of gluten so i thought id start there. Had an acai bowl from Costco with banana chip granola(oats) and ive thrown up about 7 times since (11am -230pm), have unbearable stomach pains, and symptoms arent lightening up. Is this normal/common? My mom and sister both have celiac disease... is my body telling me i have it too? Thanks for the insight!
  4. Wondering if anybody knows this - can the Whole30 program actually CAUSE your body to become MORE intolerant to certain things, like dairy or gluten, since you are eliminating them for at least 30 days? As in, you can currently eat bread and have no major issues, but at the end of Whole30, you eat bread and suddenly feel like you are dying? Or, in the reintroduction if these foods cause you trouble, is it because they have been doing so all along, and you just didn't notice it? Doing this program with my sister and a few friends, and my sister is very concerned that it is going to end up MAKING her intolerant to gluten and grains.
  5. Melissa24

    Healed my gut

    I completed the whole30 three weeks ago. Before I did this, I had gluten intolerance / wheat allergy for a number of years (please note I was not a coeliac). Since the whole30 program ended, I have eaten quite a lot of gluten products and I haven't noticed any terrible symptoms at all. I was skeptical that I would see any improvements to my body and digestive system after the whole30, I had zero expectations and therefore I was just sitting here and suddenly had a light bulb moment when I realised - hey, maybe my gut has actually healed itself. Maybe this 30 days actually did something! On a side note, I know the program allows coffee however I cut out coffee for the entire time and when I started drinking it again, I had side effects from the caffeine, so now I've had to remove coffee from my diet as it was causing rapid heartbeat and anxiety like symptoms until the caffeine left my system. Food for thought!!
  6. Hello, I completed my whole30 about 2 weeks ago and felt incredible for maybe the first time in my life. The first thing I reintroduced was dairy and while I didn't have any immediately noticeable side effects, about 24 hours later I had stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea that lasted for about another day. It was enough to make me aware of the adverse reaction but only lasted about a day. After the negative reaction I went back to a whole30 diet for about a week and 3 days ago reintroduced gluten. Again there were no immediate effects but the next morning I had severe stomach pain that lasted well into the afternoon, diarrhea all day, and a headache at the base of my skull that was awful. I woke up this morning and the stomach pain is again terrible, still have frequent diarrhea and bloating, and the headache has persisted. The stomach pains are almost debilitating and it leads me to ask is this normal? The pain comes and goes but it is so severe that it makes it difficult to function. I generally have a very high pain tolerance and am not just being a cissy, lol. If this is a normal side effect is it common for it to be so severe nearly 3 days after ingesting the gluten? Are there any suggestions for alleviating the symptoms to get some relief? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!
  7. Hi all! Today is the last day of my reintroduction period and I dived in with gluten. I don't have celiac and I didn't notice issues with gluten during my last Whole 30. However, today I had some whole wheat toast with breakfast and not even an hoir later...BAM! BRAIN FOG has settled in. Is this a common reaction I can contribute to gluten sensitivity?
  8. cchartrand

    sausage + gluten

    Hi everyone! I searched (the many!) sausage related posts here but didn't find an exact answer to the question I'm looking for. I'm on day 11 of my Whole30, and at the beginning of this process I bought a package of sausage. I carefully checked the ingredients list to ensure it had no added sugar. It does have sodium erythorbate, but I read this from this forum before I bought it and made the executive decision that it was probably okay, in moderation. (I'm not eating 10 sausages at a time here, just cutting up one or two to use in something like a sausage/shrimp stirfry type thing which makes several servings.) But yesterday I was talking to a friend and she asked what I was having for supper. I sent her the link to the recipe (which included sausage) and she said that pretty much all sausage contains gluten as a filler, and shouldn't that be a hard no on Whole30? I had no answer for her, and immediately thought "oh man, did I just screw up hard enough to have to start over?" I'm concerned enough about that that I made an account on this forum just to ask - do I have to start over because my sausage wasn't expressly listed as 'gluten free?' (There were no grains etc listed on the ingredient list) I thought I was pretty confident in the rules etc but now I just feel like I might've messed the whole thing up LOL. Help. Thank you!
  9. Hi, all. I am starting Whole 30 for the first time on January 1st. I thought I would prep a turkey stock in advance, using my leftover turkey carcass from Christmas dinner. The trouble is, there are bits of bread stuffing intermingled with the bones. They will be strained out in the end, but will the residual wheat/gluten make it non-compliant? If that's the case, I can certainly freeze the stock for a later date, but I just thought I'd check. I'd prefer to use it if I can. Thanks, Barb
  10. Dorian

    Gluten Contamination??

    I just cooked a large batch of meat sauce that is fully whole 30 compliant. Before I ate with my wife she fed our baby son the same sauce except they had it with pasta. When our son had finished eating there was some sauce left over and no pasta, this equated to about 2-3 tbsp of sauce. So being resourceful she dumped it back in the original cooking pot that we then ate from. My question is this: There was no pasta or pieces of pasta put back in the pot but the sauce put back in the pot had been touching the pasta in the bowl. Does this count as gluten contamination? Thanks
  11. We are in reintroduction and my daughters both had very emotional and volatile reactions when we reintroduced gluten. Luckily, I found myself next to a child psychiatrist last night at a sport event and we got on the topic of the Whole30 and gluten sensitivities. She told me it is actually well-known in the medical community that gluten can lead to a large range of psychiatric issues - including psychosis and suicidal thoughts (which she has witnessed personally with her patients)! She recommended I go to the Pub Med website and search on gluten psychosis. I found this one article as an example: There are many more articles on this site. I wanted to share this info since this was earth-shattering to me! We are clearly going to avoid gluten as much as possible for our whole family, not just the girls, after this discovery.
  12. How long should I do a "Gluten Challenge" to get tested for Celiacs when I had been eating a gluten diet my entire life until doing a Whole 30? I finished my first Whole 30 about a month ago, and did 2 weeks of reintroductions after that. I discovered I had a really strong/bad reaction to gluten: foggy head, hangover feeling that lasted 3 days, bloating, cramping, migraines, insomnia, extremely tired. After talking with my doc, she suggested I get the blood test for Celiacs. But to do so would require me to eat a "gluten rich" diet for at least 30 days. I started eating gluten immediately upon hearing this so I could take the test, about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure I'm going to make it for the full 30 days, I feel so uncomfortable eating gluten again. I have permission from my doc to do the blood test now after 2 weeks, but I understand 2 weeks may not be long enough and I may get a false negative result. Everything I have read says that you should do this challenge before the test if you have cut gluten out of your diet "for awhile." But does a Whole 30 even count as "awhile?" I'm now at the point where I feel back to my "old normal" from before the Whole 30: generally a low-grade gross feeling. I don't get headaches or feel foggy all the time, but I am tired and I don't feel good generally. My questions to the forum members are: Have you experienced a gluten challenge? How long did you do it for? How long had you cut gluten out of your diet previously? What was the test result? Lastly, I'm not sure where else this fits in this post, but: I LOVED the Whole 30 and intend to do another one the minute I can stop eating gluten. I never realized how badly I always felt until I reintroduced gluten after W30.
  13. Reintro-ed gluten yesterday and each time, immediately after I ate: I got a headache that lasted for about a half hour I felt out of it, almost kind of drunk or drugged, for about a half hour My tummy was fine, but today I feel foggy and my joints ache. A little (TMI) constipated, but no other gastric issues Obviously my body does not care for gluten, but it seemed so strange and so sudden, I thought I'd share and see if anyone else had these symptoms. The gluten I ate was high-quality, organic bread (M1), pasta (M2) and pizza dough (M3) with no preservatives, etc. Catherine
  14. I completed a Whole30 a few weeks ago and until Sunday I had not reintroduced any forbidden foods, except for occasional small amounts of cane sugar, and at least one serving of non-compliant oil. On Sunday I purposely consumed wheat as my first official reintro. I didn't start the reintroduction until around dinner time, so I ate several servings of wheat at once, in the form of two pieces of bread, a small serving of pasta, and a serving of pot roast cooked in a beer-based sauce. Since that meal, I have returned to Whole30 eating. Sunday evening I noticed a headache but this did not surprise me since I often have tension headaches. However, not only has the headache continued on and off since then, but it has been accompanied by intermittent nausea ranging from mild to quite bad this morning. Interestingly, eating (Whole30 meals) seems to help with the symptoms. I have no history of migraines. Is it possible that there is a connection between the wheat and my intermittent headaches and nausea? If so, is it unsurprising that I would still be experiencing these effects almost three days out?
  15. After feeling itchy ears--which is my reaction to gluten; which I have known for a very long time; I looked into the brown mustard I put in my mayonnaise. Its GLUDEN's mayo and it indeed is not guaranteed that it doesn't have gluten...NEWS FLASH, it feels like it does. Have I ruined this entire process and do I need to start over? The ingredients are only Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Spices, Turmeric. AAAHHH
  16. Today I reintroduced gluten in the form of pizza. I've not experienced any stomach cramping or digestive issues, but I am wide awake at 2:40 in the morning with restless legs and a mind that won't shut down. Could this be a result of the gluten? Or maybe the sugar that I am sure was added to both the crust and pizza sauce? I got great sleep during my Whole30 and now I feel like I may never sleep again. Anyone else have this experience during the reintroduction phase?
  17. dmarie

    glutened :(

    A little background - this is my 3rd round of Whole 30, but I just recently joined the forum. I've been gluten and dairy free for a couple years now, and discovered I am also allergic to soy about a year ago. We got burgers from a restaurant that is usually very allergy conscious (my super celiac sister eats there all the time without issue), but today mine was definitely cross-contiminated. I started feeling the effects within about 10 mins. I've been glutened before, but this is especially bad! My stomach is so bloated, everything else is swollen, I broke out all over my face and my gut is a hot mess of issues right now. Everything hurts so much. It's shaping up to be a pretty rough night. Does anyone have any remedies that they have tried that have helped relieve the pain a little?
  18. Hi everyone, my apologies if these questions have been answered before - there's a lot of material here and I'm new! But anyway, a bit of background - I've had issues with "mystery aches", indigestion, headaches, nausea, low energy for several years...many of which have been improving since going 100% gluten free a month ago. My TSH level is subclinical (6) despite the other numbers being within range, and my doc doesn't want to put me on meds, thankfully. Unfortunately, he also thinks I should go on a vegan diet and reduce my cholesterol, despite it being within normal range. Anyway, I decided to completely ignore him and start a Whole30. It's day 13 and I'm really enjoying it! So far it's been great, very few issues, barely any cravings...despite this, I keep seeing stuff about an autoimmune protocol, and how eggs are inflammatory (is this true?). Based on my symptoms, am I a candidate for that protocol? I have no idea whether I actually have autoimmune disease, since I'm obviously gluten intolerant but not sure if I'm celiac. I've been eating eggs almost every day, plus nightshades like crazy, and spices. No problems at all, so is there something I should be looking for when I eat these foods? They're a big part of my Whole30 so I wonder if I should be concerned. Hopefully I have nothing to worry about, since I've already removed a lot of foods from my diet! Thanks
  19. After feeling pretty sick last week after eating what I thought was a compliant meal of chopped grilled chicken and guacamole, I interrogated the owner on what is in his chicken. Previously I had asked him if it was gluten free and he said yes. Now, while trying to determine what made me feel so bad, I find out in addition to the seasonings he uses Knorr Chicken Base. Ingredients: ROASTED AND COOKED CHICKEN MEAT, SALT, SUGAR, HYDROLYZED PROTEIN (CORN, WHEAT GLUTEN, SOY), CHICKEN FAT, AUTOLYZED YEAST EXTRACT, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, MALTODEXTRIN, NATURAL FLAVORS, CONCENTRATED CHICKEN BROTH, DISODIUM INOSINATE, DISODIUM GUANYLATE, TURMERIC. So disappointed! My favorite Mexican restaurant and I can't eat the chicken. I had such bad stomach cramps that I thought I was getting the stomach flu. I had eaten the chicken before, just not so much. He knows I am on a Whole30, so I will remind him that it's not gluten free when I talk to him next.
  20. praxisproject

    Gluten/wheat sensitive

    I have come to the painful awareness that wheat makes me feel really sick I don't think I'm Coeliac as my reaction does not seem to match the descriptions. Prior to Whole30 I've never eliminated wheat. I've eaten low carb before and always feel better eating this way, but have often consumed processed low carb items like protein powders and bars and I suspect at least 50% of them would have contained wheat and/or gluten (probably lots of other crap too). Obviously not eating wheat is the best treatment, but just wondering if anything is likely to flush it out faster or help with recovery at all. I haven't been able to bring myself to eat anything yet. Any advice would be appreciated, I'm not sure if there's anything else I need to avoid due to cross-contamination or related contents. Is flax okay? Could it be something else in wheat that isn't gluten? I didn't react this way when I reintroduced corn (although it did make me feel crappy). I'm scared to reintroduce anything else now. Arthritis is back, I'm stiff, sore and I sound like a bowl of rice bubbles (snap! crackle! pop!). The pain is pretty intense, I'm really feeling it after being pain free for a few weeks. Knees are the worst, but I can even feel it in my neck and back. Sinusitis flared up big time, the works, sore teeth, sore ears, blocked eustachian tube, can barely breathe. Even after medicated steam, hot coffee and a hot shower. My sense of smell is almost gone, pretty scary. I hope this doesn't turn into a full blown infection. Bloated, I'm all puffy and not just my stomach/innards. My face, my legs, my arms, even my elbows and feet. My eyes are really sore, dry, tired feeling and a little blurry. Muscle fatigue. I feel like I've been mountain climbing and full of lactic acid/DOMs. Not sure if this is inflammation or what. Skin is irritated, no rash or anything, but the surface is harsh and the pores seem inflamed a little, tiny bumps. Energy has gone, re-reading my workout, my brain doesn't even believe I did this, let alone could do it again. I feel completely drained, unmotivated and tired. I miss my Tiger Blood Mentally I'm having trouble concentrating, remembering, I'm finding it hard to be positive and plan ahead. Nothing seems appealing, food or activities. Complete CBF feeling.
  21. Hi guys! So I've always had gastrointestinal discomfort, hives and rashes on my skin, and respiratory issues etc. I finally went to the allergist and found out I'm allergic to these foods and must cut them out immediately: -Eggs -Avocado -Nuts -Shrimp -Wheat -Milk -Soy Obviously the last three aren't relevent to the whole30 anyway, but for my last whole 30 and paleo lifestyle the first four were STAPLES in my diet. Although I felt crappy afterwards I couldn't pinpoint what was making me feel awful all the time. Basically I'm asking - without eggs, nuts and avocado in my diet what do you think I can have for breakfast? Know any good allergy-free recipes?
  22. bookishrunner

    Gluten Intolerant?

    Maybe obvious, but I'd really like your input. I've been done with my second Whole 30 for about 13 days now. During the gluten reintroduction, I had a slight headache, but was under a lot of stress so I wasn't sure what to make of it. I've been eating gluten free ever since, just to be on the safe side (plus, I'm convinced that grains just aren't that healthy anyway). But last night for Valentines, the Mrs and I went to a farm-to-table meal at a local place where everything was raised and harvested on site. Very cool. Anyway, it was a total gluten bomb! Whole wheat __________ with everything. Even the meat was cooked wrapped in a bread. Haha! I ate around the bread for the most part, but enjoyed a few bites of most of the wheat products for the sake of enjoyment. There was also a fair bit of cheese, which hasn't given me trouble in the past, but which I tend to avoid nonetheless. About half way through the two-hour dinner, my stomach (low belt line) started cramping. Nothing major, but I definitely noticed the (thankfully unfamiliar) feeling. I felt significantly bloated after dinner and went straight to bed and slept hard for 8.5 hours. Upon waking up, I felt just "okay" and then took a look in the entire face was REALLY puffy. My eyes were swollen and my entire face was puffy. This is definitely not normal for me, no matter how little or much I sleep. I noticed a slight headache about 30 minutes later and feel a bit foggy so far this morning. I should add that, in the past certain beers will give me *major* edema in my bad that it is uncomfortable to bare weight. Also, even after one or two beers, I'll *usually* wake up with a headache. Textbook gluten intolerance? Thanks for your input. Grateful for such a fantastic community here. Mike
  23. Hello everyone! I have been eating gluten free for about 6 months due to a gluten intolerance (positive IgG and anti-gliadin) and I decided to take it a bit further and began a Whole 30 about 10 days ago. I feel wonderful! I am sleeping like a baby, my stomach is flat, I feel happy... Imagine if I feel this way after 10 days, what it can do for my health in one month... This has been a true revelation. However, I met with my gastroenterologist yesterday and he told me that I may have Celiac Disease and that I would need to do a gluten challenge for about 8 weeks (before a clonoscopy is done in January, the intestine has to be exposed to gluten for a while). The idea of having a disease and of eating gluten for 8 weeks is absolutely dreadful. Now... Here's my dilemma. I was told that I needed to eat the equivalent of 2-3 slices of bread per day for these 8 weeks but I would like to stay as close as possible to my Whole 30 at the same time. I know this can sound contradictory but it seems that I have no choice... Can you give me advice on how I can achieve my goals while staying as healthy as possible? Thank you. Minouki