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Found 65 results

  1. On day 10 of perfect compliance, the timeline said the headaches should be over but mine are getting worse. Now, it's all day and so bad by the time I go to bed at night, I can't sleep, I'm getting only 2-3 hours of sleep when this happens (3-4 nights so far). I know it's due to hunger - and I'm reading that I shouldn't be snacking. I have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of nuts and fruit or veggies. I can't eat as much as you recommend. I had stomach surgery, it helped me get some of the weight off but I didn't learn good eating habits so I'm trying this. The big problem with the surgery is, you can't eat much at a sitting, but it goes right through you and you're hungry an hour later. If I have to go with the mini meals, that's just triple the prep time for me. I work, so I have to bring lunch and snacks to work in the morning - after I cook and eat breakfast. I don't know what protein I can bring to work for between meals. I don't like hard boiled eggs and I only like shrimp with cocktail sauce. I haven't yet had time to prep a lot on Sunday to eat during the week. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had 17 people for lunch (and managed to stay perfectly compliant while they had a Mexican fiesta!). By the time everyone left, I was entirely too tired to prep meals for the week. Please help - I don't know what to do about the hunger - I'm eating nuts because it's easy but I'm afraid it's going to inhibit my weight loss. Also, easy ideas for protein snacks would be really helpful. Thank you - Tricia
  2. My fabulous husband is sharing the Whole 30 experience with me. (Wonderful man!). Yesterday was day 7. He cooked us a marvelous Creamy Bacon Mushroom Chicken Thigh dinner with cauliflower mash and broccoli. All was fine until we went to bed, and a few hours later he was awake with a grumbling, roiling tummy, nausea and a terrible headache. (Mike doesn’t get headaches). He was up briefly this morning for a light breakfast, but since he only got a couple of hours of sleep last night, he’s back in bed. “Carb flu”?
  3. LizM3

    Day 4 woes

    Hello Whole30 friends! Excited to be here! I am taking this journey with my Aunt, and we are both having uncomfortable jolts to our system (of course). We are on day 4 (understand there’s an adjustment period), and she is still having major migraines, and I still have terrible acid reflux. We’ve both had these for the past 3 days (day 1 was fine). Will these end soon? Does anyone have suggestions to help get rid of either of these things? Thank you!!
  4. Hello everyone! Today is my Day 5 and instead of Kill All the Things, I'm a little more Tired and Headachy and No Energy. I would normally attribute this headache to "didn't have coffee yet" or "didn't sleep well" but I've had my daily cup of black coffee and I slept like a baby last night. Did the day 6 fatigue kick in early you think?
  5. Hey everyone, So my wife and I just started the Whole30 yesterday. We essentially followed the Whole30 1st week to a T as far as groceries go. Here we are, day 2, and both my wife and I have headaches. I've had it pretty much all day. It seems like it's common, but I wasn't sure what the official word was. Or why they occur? We did everything the program asked, besides a half an avocado with our frittata yesterday morning. Meals: Mon. Breakfast - Spinach, Tomato, & Egg Frittata with fruit Lunch - Protein Salad (Chicken, grapes, nuts, celery) on bed of Spinach, ranch dressing Dinner - Spaghetti Squash, Tomato Sauce & Ground Turkey, had a bit more fruit Advice? Or commiseration? Tim
  6. My husband and I started the Whole30 yesterday, so today is only day two. I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines since I was a young child, and I woke up this morning to an awful headache that is beginning to show migraine symptoms. Usually at this point I’d be sticking to a plain-rice-and-veggie-broth-only diet for at least the day, if not the next few days depending on symptoms. I’m hungry, but the idea of any other food is making me so nauseous that I can’t even begin to think about it. Rice/ broth are fairly flavorless and easy to eat during a migraine.. Do any of you have any suggestions on what I should try to eat/ how I could deal with this? I don’t want to have this be why I have to restart the Whole30, that seems so counterproductive to what I’m doing. I’d like to push through this. But I also can’t deal with a migraine for the next few days.
  7. This is my first Whole30 and I am SUPER excited! I started out on this journey after a pretty indulgent summer. To be completely honest, I thought it would be a great weight loss tool. Then a friend said "If you're going to do it, read the book!" So, I did. And boy am I glad I did! I was so inspired! This journey has become about so much more. I only get this one body and its time I start being good to it! And that starts with hitting the reset button with the Whole30 and then really listening to my body, what it wants and needs, how it feels, and how what I put into it effects me. All that being said....its day two and I feel TERRIBLE! Well, not too terrible. Its really just this massive headache. I'm in good spirits though! I've wrapped my head around the fact that the headache is coming from withdrawal. But my sugar dragon can huff and puff all it wants! IT WILL NOT WIN! My name is Susan and its so nice to be here. Thanks in advance for all of your support! LET'S DO THIS!!!
  8. Hello! Day 31 here and this morning I reintroduced peanut butter. For breakfast I had 3 HB eggs, 1/2 avo, and celery with peanut better and raisins. The raisins have no additionally added sugar. I had about 6 3 inch pieces of celery and peanut butter went in. This was about 8:30am. Come 11:15am, headache! I had headaches in the first two weeks from what I assuming was a sugar detox. I entered this program for my love of sugar and horrible eating habits. The last two weeks they have been non-existent until today. I don't know a lot about peanuts. Do you think it's the actual peanut or added sugar? Wondering if it is beneficial to try and find peanut butter with no added sugar to narrow it down. I just had lunch - reintro for that was black beans with my deconstructed hamburger. This was just about 20 minutes ago. Thanks!
  9. Hi! This is weird, but could sweet potatoes be causing me headaches? On the 3 occasions I've had them, I have gotten headaches after eating. I have also had roast chicken on those 3 occasions, but it couldn't be that, right? All I put in the chicken was salt, pepper, and olive oil. Any help appreciated! Elizabeth
  10. Carly Elizabeth

    Sugar Withdrawl

    I am on day 4 of Whole30 and have had dreadful headaches the last 2 days. I am drinking as much water as possible, but thinking this really is my withdrawal symptoms from sugar/carbs. Anyone else have similar side effects with headaches? If so, how long did they last?
  11. Cassandra.dee

    15hr headache 1st day.

    Hi all, I have just started my whole30 and since 12pm yesterday (it's now 4:30am) I have had a headache stemming from the back of my head through to my forehead. Does anyone have a remedy for this that isn't pain killers? I went to bed at 6:45pm last night, was a bit restless around 1am and then I think I slept through till my alarm at 4:30, so I'm fairly sure it's not exhaustion. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. I finished my second full round in January and want to go again in May. BUT, during my last round I had a major trouble. After I got my Tiger Blood, my energy level dipped to a all time low. Even more troubling, I got headaches after each meal. Both continued and progressively got worse until I finished my 30 days. I made sure I drank plenty of water and I feel my whole30 was prefect as far as fats/veggies/proteins. I upped my fats when tired and did not snack unless really needed. But as I progressed through my 30 days, my desire to face-plant into a chocolate cake grew stronger and stronger. Once I hit day 31, I lost all will power and ate that cake. My headaches immediately stopped and my energy returned. I can only think my headaches and fatigue were due to the lack of carbs and/or sugar. And my body did like using fats for energy. I want to start a round, but I'm worried about a re-occurrence of the headaches and fatigue. So, if the headaches and fatigue after meals were due to lake of carbs and/or sugar, do I up my intake of carbs next time? Reduce the fats? Please someone advise me!
  13. Danielle L


    Immediately after dinner I got a headache and stomachache. I ate ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, approved salsa, 1/2 avocado and homemade plantain chips w/coconut oil. All of these things I have eaten before with no reactions. Is it because of a food, or maybe I didn't have enough water today...? I do normally get migraines often, but since whole30 I've only had a few so that could be possible as well...
  14. I am on day 26 of Whole30 and I am feeling the WORST I've felt the entire time despite a strict adherence to the rules. The first week I felt okay, the second week was a little rough at the beginning, but then I felt great. Late into the third week and now as I am nearly finished on my fourth week I feel awful. Headaches of varying degrees every day and now terrible stomach aches often accompanied by nausea. I NEVER got headaches prior to Whole30, NEVER. I haven't introduced anything new into my diet that I wasn't eating before and I am eating at least 4 times a day if not more. I had a super comprehensive food allergy test done prior to starting Whole30 so I know I'm not eating foods that I have issues with. I have been hydrating like crazy. The only thing that has changed that I can point to is Whole30. I was expecting to feel even better than I did at the start of week 3, not significantly worse. I'm not running a fever or feeling poorly otherwise. Has ANYONE else had this issue? I was planning to keep going for another 30 days while my parents do their first Whole 30 but I am not going to stick with it if I just feel like crap all the time.
  15. I just finished my second full round. After getting my Tiger Blood, my energy level dipped but more troubling, I would get headaches after each meal. They continued until I finished. I drank plenty of water and I feel as though my whole30 was right on. I made sure to get lots of fats, and not snack unless really needed. I also had a a strong desire to face-plant right into a bag of cookies. My first round I had little sugar dragon. It might help for me to include my first round was a year ago. I never ate great and had a positive response to that round. Then, throughout the year, I did several mini rounds. After I finished this round, I did face-plant into M&Ms. The headaches have not returned. I want/ need to start a round, but I'm worried about feeling like poop! So, why did I have headaches after meals?
  16. Coco Nutter

    Aura Migraines

    Hi All, I am currently onto day 3 of my first whole 30 (yey) I have been an aura migraine sufferer since I was younger (Aura migraines are where you experience certain sensations such as loss of sight, tingling in your arms and legs, blurred vision, a circle of light in your eyes before and during a migraine attack) I was told by doctors from a young age that the cause of my migraine were predominantly chocolate and cheese. I loved both so ate them in small quantities but found when I did binge on these I would suffer with a migraine attack. Since January I've taken on board a predominantly Paleo lifestyle, and have now embarked on a whole 30 to really restart my body. Last night I suffered a horrible migraine, I'm not sure what could have caused it if I've been off the dairy. I think maybe the sugar withdrawls could be part of it....anyone have any tips for helping to treat migraines on the whole 30? What they have found best to avoid so as not to bring on a migraine attack? I am currently experiencing a constant headache, this I know is expected on the programme but I didn't expect migraines Any help or advice would be much appreciated Thanks p.s....I am from the UK also so uk friendly tips are welcomed
  17. I'm on day 9 and haven't had any of the "symptoms" I had read that I would have until today and now they are ALL here. Is this normal? Thanks in advance from a tired, grumpy, head pounding lady.
  18. I am on Day 7 and just had my worst night of sleep yet. Woke up feeling congested, headachy and body achy. I had the carb flue effect on Day 2 but it was gone by Day 3. I had cut gluten and sugar out of my diet for a full year before starting the Whole 30 so wasn't expecting to have such a dramatic reaction. Wondering if this could be a diary withdrawal reaction? Also still quite a bit of diarrhea. Looking forward to all this stabilizing and welcome thoughts, insights!
  19. amandavanvels

    Headaches and Poop

    What a fun topic to talk about, huh? I have been doing Whole30 for 48 days now. After day 30, I stayed mostly Whole30 but ate a few things here or there that weren't compliant. Anyway, throughout the whole 48 days, I have woken up with a slight headache every day and it never really seems to go away. Also, my poop is the worst. I only poop every 2-3 days and when I do, it's a small amount and very squishy and hard to get out. Before starting Whole30, I knew my gut was messed up. I was depressed and anxious most of the time and I felt bloated and just messed up on the inside. I'm wondering if I need to make any changes to my diet going forward to feel amazing. Or if I just need to do another strict round and stop having the occasional treat until I'm finally healed. Any tips would be appreciated! Here's a list of what I eat everyday. Oh, and I realized that I have been eating way too many potatoes so I'm going to try to cut back and replace them with veggies. If you think that's the problem, I'd love to know so I can be sure to keep cutting them out. Breakfast: Typically 3 eggs, either some pulled pork or bacon, half an avocado, sauerkraut or kale coleslaw on the side. Probably could do better about adding more veggies here. Used to add in about 2 small red potatoes but have cut those out for now. Lunch: A can of tuna with homemade mayo, pumpkin seeds, half an apple, spinach. Sometimes using plantain chips to dip with them. Other days I'll make BLT lettuce wraps with turkey lunch meat, tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon, avocado. Sometimes with chips on the side (baked in avocado oil). Dinner: Chicken breast or pulled pork, green beans/kale coleslaw/brussel sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower, potatoes, mayo or avocado as a side. Sometimes we'll do chicken curry over a baked potato. Sometimes a soup which has potatoes/ground beef/kale. Dinner is always something different every night, so it's hard to list every meal we make, but I always try to make sure there's a meat, potato, veggie and fat. Also: taking magnesium supplements, cod liver oil supplements, a "hair and nail" health supplement from whole foods that is compliant, drinking kombucha every day. Rarely I drink coffee, but I do drink tea every day. I have done 2 rounds of Whole30 in the past and I remember feeling much better than this round. Plus in my last 2 rounds combined, I lost 15lbs (and have since gained it back), but in this past round, I only lost 3-4 lbs. I just feel like something is off and would love your thoughts! Thanks!!
  20. I am thrilled with my Whole30 results and am excited about this new lifestyle with more energy, better mood and a healthier body. Here are my results: able to lower all medication dosages clear skin more outgoing happier/less irritable no sugar cravings everything tastes better/more flavorful kicked my Splenda "addiction" no arthritis pain never got sick (even though everyone else in my family did) lost 10 pounds (and never felt hungry after the first few days of sugar withdrawal) I like people - lol! Last night I started my reintro with a half glass of red wine. To my chagrin and disappointment, I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. I didn't have a single headache throughout the entire Whole30. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? I have a huge wine cellar - this is NOT good me through this...Do I try again?
  21. I'm on day 20, and feel like my body is on a backslide. This week, I was feeling awesome: steady energy, great mood, etc. Starting two days ago (Day 18), I began feeling bloated and started having some digestive issues. Yesterday (Day 19) and this morning I've had the same digestive issues plus a headache. I haven't experienced these symptoms since the first week of my Whole 30. Is this common? The only culprit I can identify is that while traveling earlier this week, I was eating more fruit than usual. Day 18 diet: Breakfast was eggs and ~2 cups of fruit (pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries), lunch was a chicken breast with sugar-free tomato sauce w/olives and artichoke hearts plus a spinach salad with no dressing, and dinner was a Chipotle burrito bowl (chorizo, lettuce, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, hot salsa, and guacamole). Day 19 diet: Breakfast was a piece of sausage and spinach frittata plus a larabar, lunch was another Chipotle burrito bowl (chorizo, lettuce, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, hot salsa, and guacamole), snack was carrots with guacamole, and dinner was halibut with orange ginger glaze (from Whole30 book) and butternut squash soup. Help!
  22. MilitaryWorkingMomm

    Holy Headache!

    Holy moly headache. So. I started the whole30 1 week ago. I messed up and realized over the weekend that this one spice mix I used for the chicken had sulfites in it. So technically failed, and started my second whole30 today. But. Oh my god the headache. And the worse it gets, the more I want to eat ice cream. (Not an option though thank goodness or I would have fallen down that rabbit hole) I am well hydrated. I don't get it. Meal 1: 2 eggs scrambled with coconut milk, and 1 orange. Workout. No pre or post workout snack - Been running late for everything all day. Meal 2 - 1 sweet potato, 1 whole red potatoes, 1 left over roasted chicken breast and lemon. 1 avocado (I was HUNGRY) Snack - Banana Meal 3: Broccoli, butternut Squash, Roasted beef
  23. Hey Everyone! I need some help. Today is Day 12 and I've felt horrible for the last 5 days. My head is pounding constantly, I've had 1 migraine that kept me home from work a few days ago, and my back and neck feel like they've been hit by a truck. All of this is made worse by the fact that every night this week I've woken up between 1 and 2 am and have NOT been able to fall back asleep (something that never happened pre-Whole30. I'm drinking plenty of water, salting my food, and eating according to the template with one or two palm-size portions of protein, added fat, and between 1-3 cups of veggies. Some days I've haven't had an appetite but I've still managed to eat through it. I heard that eating a sweet potato with Meal #3 could help with sleep which I been trying but, alas, no such luck. Has anyone else felt his way? Will this phase pass? Any advice or red flags you see? Thanks, all!
  24. Hi... I'm sure this has been answered numerous times but I'm in such a fog and so much pain I don't have the patience to search... sorry, just being honest. I am on day 13 after a re-start and am having the WORST fibro flare of my life! I am literally bound to bed or the couch and everything hurts--especially my back, shoulders, and neck. I also have raging headaches that feels like a vice-grip is attached to my head! Anyone out there suffering from fibro flares and headaches at this phase of the program? Your help is appreciated.
  25. I drank some carbonated water Wow! The subsequent headache is unbelievable! So can anyone explain why carbonated water would do this? I had the reaction yesterday too but have only just put two and two together. (only ingredients are water and carbon dioxide - it is not mineral water)