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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, so I’m on day 14 and I have an itchy, red rash/hives on my face, upper neck, and randomly on my back. My face is warm to touch. They started on day 2, and I thought it was just my body withdrawling from sugar... now I’m slightly nervous it’s something else. I haven’t been eating anything new and I even made sure I’m using the same shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Has anyone else had this issue, it doesn’t seem to be going away and it’s not only unpleasant looking but also unpleasant feeling. Looking for some advice/help! Thanks!
  2. Hi all - I’m on day 12 of my first Whole 30. On day 6 I woke up and my mouth felt completely burnt over and I started to develop cold sores. I hadn’t eating anything hot the day before so after googling it a bit I got the sense it was thrush. On day 8, I woke up with some small hives on my right arm. I went to an urgent care yesterday as they had gotten worse and my pcp today as they were completely covering my body when I woke up this am (face, neck, stomach, arms, legs - literally everywhere!). My pcp diagnosed it as “idiopathic urticaria” aka hives for no distinguishable reason and oral thrush. Nonetheless, he is sending me to an allergist on Tuesday to get it checked out. In terms of food, everything I’m eating I’ve eaten before, though definitely more quantities since starting. I had coconut water on day 5, coconut milk on day 7 and coconut water again on day 9. So I stopped that in case it was related, and stopped all nuts since day 9. Even still, the hives got worse and spread more. i have read about how it could be my body detoxing etc but I’m really just wondering - has anyone experienced anything like this!?! I never had thrush before and I’m not prone to hives whatsoever. Kind of feel like my body is rejecting being healthy! Lol - powering through though. Appreciate any info on similar experiences!
  3. Hey there! My name is Maura Beaver and I am starting on Monday, July 9th! This will be my first round of Whole30, and this type of program is so new to me. Recently, I have gained a decent bit of weight and I have been having some major allergy issues. I wake up with puffy eyes and lips and I'm breaking out in hives and eczema. We have tried patch testing at the allergist and concluded I'm at least allergic to nickel and gold. I feel like that's not the only issue because I haven't seen much of a change for the better. Now I'm considering the idea it might be food related. Also, let it be known I'm getting married at the end of October and would really like to get this taken care of! If you have any thoughts relating to the allergy topic or just some words of advice about the program, I would love to hear them. I LOVE to cook, so I don't think that will be hard to get used to. I do love cheese and bread - that will be hard to get used to... Thanks in advance, and I hope the program is going well for all of you! Maura
  4. So I’m on day 7 and over the last 3 days I’ve broken out in hives. I have no food allergies and pretty much everything I’ve eaten, I’ve had in the past. Please tell me someone else has had this happen. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. I haven’t had any nuts, bananas or kombucha today which I thought was the problem but nothing has subsided. I also took 2 Benadryl and it didn’t help either.
  5. Hi all! I'm a 28 y.o. web developer. When I was in my late teens/early 20s I started developing a pile of health problems and at some point I realized the prognosis for my life couldn't be good if I felt so crappy so young. I decided to turn my life around by fixing my lifestyle. I've lost 57 pounds, cured severe acid reflux, and learned how to exercise for the first time in my life (I'm now an avid cyclist, skier, and yogi). However, my relationship with food is still super complicated. I seem to develop new or worsened food sensitivities all the time, and now I've progressed to having hives for 9 months straight and newly developed moderate-severe asthma. I feel run down and exhausted all the time, and I'm constantly getting sick. This makes it really difficult to hold down a full time job. I have already pinned down a number of my allergies, but I end up eating those foods anyways because 1. My allergist cautions against cutting foods out lest you become more sensitive to them and 2. Junk food is delicious and I want to enjoy my life. Long story short, it's time to stop harming my body and to get to the root of the issues before it gets even worse! I considered GAPS but the foods list is complicated and contains a lot of things that I can't eat. So instead, I'm trying Whole 30 minus eggs and nuts.... except I plan on doing it for at LEAST several months, maybe longer, while drinking bone broth and eating fermented foods every day as per the GAPS diet protocol. I've already been 95% whole 30-ish for 9 days while I use up what's left in my fridge, and I'll start the real program next week. I just couldn't wait to get started, I was feeling so crappy that I had a moment where I realized that I needed to jump in right then and there! I'm terrible at being concise, but I just wanted to say that if there is anyone else out there doing whole 30 to deal with allergy related maladies, I'd love to hear from you! I definitely feel alone and wish I knew others who could share knowledge as I go down this path to what will almost certainly be radical, permanent changes in my lifestyle once again. Happy to be here!
  6. Hello, I just recently finished my first whole 30 (finished on December 9th). I started the whole 30 for two reasons: Slay the sugar dragon and develop a more healthy relationship with food. See what it could do to address a very new issue, Hives. For some quick background, I had been overweight in the past (peaked at 270, stay at 175-185 mostly now), but started doing endurance events about 13 years ago, and lost a considerable amount of weight. For the most part, I've kept it off for all of those years. My downfall has always been sugar - no brakes for me when eating's bad! To add to this, out of the blue, I started in mid-October getting hives. I've never had an allergy issue with anything (Hives, Pollen, etc - never even a runny nose in the spring!) I couldn't find a trigger, but thought it would just go away. After about two weeks, I decided I would try out Whole30 (was familiar with others who have done it) and slay the sugar dragon AND see if it gave relief to the hives. I loved the program, I felt great, and enjoyed the new foods I was eating. However, did not see improvement with the hives. I've since been to the doctor and allergist on a few occasions, and tested for every allergy and food sensitivity there was. They found nothing. I have also had full blood panels done to check for Autoimmune disease or other issues. Nothing, all came back perfectly normal. In terms of taming the hives, I've been on multiple prescription "cocktails", with no luck or relief. In my appointment this week, they said they wanted to submit me for approval for Xolair injections once or twice per month. So, I come to the forum for advice and help. I'm not a fan of medicating to make a symptom go away without knowing the cause. I know, this is NOT uncommon (to not determine the cause of the hives, and eventually they go away). I have contemplated the following: Do another Whole30 - Maybe I didn't give them enough time to go away. Do a Whole30 with the low histamine or AI protocol (this does not look fun, and all of my tests indicate there is no Autoimmune issue). Go ahead and go on the Xolair and see if I can get relief (and would still focus on a Whole9/Paleo lifestyle 90% of the time). One admission of guilt that could sway opinion - I did have a bad sugar day after my Whole 30 the other day. I know - BAD! However, the hives and itching came out with force. I have them every day, but seemed especially bad after this. So, thoughts? I know this was long, but wanted to give as much information as possible. Thanks!
  7. I am hoping someone may have a suggestion. I have had mild hives infrequentiy. 4 days ago I had hives all over my body that were super itchy. It was so uncomfotable I ended up going to the Dr. He gave me a cortisone shot. I had relief for maybe 3 hours then it came back with a vengence. I ended up going to Urgent Care that same night. I still have them 4 days later. I am on day 17 of the Whole30. I have not eaten anything I haven't eaten before. Could this be my body detoxing? Any suggestions would be helpful. i am kinda at my wits end.
  8. I am on Day 11. My rash started on Day 3 and keeps getting worse and worse. It is all over my body from my neck to my ankles. It very much appears to be hives with one difference being that the goosebump textured rash on my arms seems permanent rather than intermittent. A trip to urgent care two days ago resulted in a steroid shot and a twice daily cocktail of oral antihistamines. Completely ineffective. I have not introduced any new foods, nor have I increased the amounts of the foods that I eat. As an avid CrossFitter, I have been transitioning to a primal eating style for several months now. My goal for the Whole 30 (aside from moral support to my fibromyalgia suffering, grains-dairy-beer-cupcake addicted husband) is to wean myself from Weekly Cheat Day, random snacking, Splenda, and pack-a-day sugarless gum chewing. So this is what I have done and I can't really wrap my head around the idea that I have some condition that the junk food was protecting me from. The ironic thing is that I am doing great otherwise. I experienced tiredness and mental fog for a few days but I have since hit two lifting PR's. I am less stiff and can feel some overuse injuries healing. I haven't been nodding off in the afternoon in spite of the sleep I have lost this week because of the discomfort. Most miraculous is my facial skin. I spent a year in Afghanistan and became afflicted with asphyxiated skin from the sun damage. It took a series of medical grade peels, prescription retinol, and regular deep exfoliation to get it under control. Then last week, my face was suddenly clear, smooth, and dewy. I can actually go without makeup! I wonder how great I would feel if I wasn't a big pile of itch? I have perused the forum and it seems that I am not the only one suffering (and I mean reeeeeally suffering) from a mystery rash. There have been mentions of rash from ketosis. The thing is, I have done intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and full on low carb (albeit with artificial sweeteners and processed reduced carb fare) with no side effects. With my side of fresh berries and my post workout sweet potato or pumpkin each day, the Whole 30 is much less restrictive on carbs than other diets I have tried. People have also mentioned something called candida die off, but that seems far fetched. I have had yeast problems before and they are years in the past, along with yeast-friendly eating. Emotional stress? Life is demanding, but I wouldn't say my stress has gone up. In fact, I'm feeling quite positive. My husband and I are enjoying the time we spend sourcing local foods, preparing our meals, and sharing peaceful suppers. Furthermore, feeding primal foods to our son is really improving his behavior. So far, none of the conventional ideas are making any sense. Is there anyone at all who knows something or can help? I am truly desperate. I have hardly slept in days, I can't focus on anything, and I am constantly clawing at myself. I would seriously consider cutting off a finger if it would make this go away. Please help!
  9. I found this site today and registered. I also ordered the book. A few mintues later I had to leave to go watch a friends daughter ride her horse at our local county fair as I had promised. I am back. While I was at the fair, I drank an "all natural" fruit smoothy . I do not normally eat or drink things with sugar. I came home and my lips and mouth are full of hives. My back has hives. I took a benadryl. Every morning at 3 am I wake up with a headache.. My hands and fingers swell. I do not eat prepackaged foods or grain cause it causes athsma. . I eat dairy and I do eat Boars Head proccessed meats on rare occasion. Every time we eat out I get a headache. Even if it is a salad with no dressing. There are some days that everytime I eat I get a headache. I had bronchitis at Christmas time and it lasted for 8 weeks. I ended up on double Zpacks of antibiotics. It helped and I felt a little better The end of February, I traveled to St Croix VI to help my youngest child ( daughter) with her newborn son. I contracted Dengue fever from mosquito bites while I was there. I was very sick for a couple of months. In May I began to feel a little better, but my bones and joints still ache if I do too much. I really need to build up my immune system. I have been researching the internet to find the best way. This whole 30 makes sense...sounds like it has the potential to become a while 365. Last week, my head was in such constant pain, that I was seriously thinking about the emergency room, or taking ANYTHING that would stop the pain. Nothing works, except strong coffee. I do not drink alcohol. It gives me a headache with in 10 minutes of the first swallow. I do not eat sugar or grain. It swells my nose almost shut. I do use real cream in my coffee and eat cheese. I am ready to do anything to stop the head pain, joint pain and the itching.