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Found 5 results

  1. I am on my first Whole 30. This is Day 11 for me. About 3 days ago I turned some invisible corner and have been feeling great. This morning I accidentally grabbed my husband's coffee cup, took a swallow and was horrified to realize my mistake - I tasted honey!! Will I need to restart the program and consider this day 1? Gracie W
  2. I may be wrong but I believe honey has many benefits, if it is raw and organic. After reading the book and the section that states sugar=sugar... wouldn't that apply to fruit then? Just learning, trying to get things straight before beginning and goofing! Thanks!
  3. Just got my Day 31 Re-intro email and looked at the schedule... Re-intro schedule: Days 1-3, Dairy; Days 4-6, Gluten grains only; Days 7-9, Non-gluten grains; Day 10, Legumes. Curious as to why sugar (in any form) is not listed as a re-intro category. I believe part of the re-intro logic is to see how it affects you...just like the reason for re-intro of the other items. I plan on re-intro of honey because I believe it to be a less bad sugar. Using as a sweetener when that is called for in a recipe, etc. Did I miss something? :-) Thanks! -Bill
  4. PrimitiveScrewhead

    Homemade Dijon Mustard

    Hi All, I've just failed my first Whole30 on day 6 as I had a spoon-full of homemade mayo, which I later discovered was made with mustard containing sulfites . Back to the drawing board. So I'm looking to make my own Dijon Mustard but the reciped I find all seem to point to honey as a sweetener, which makes them a no-go. Does anyone have any recipes or ideas for a substitute for the honey?
  5. bonnynancy

    Sweetness - first timer question

    Okay. So sugar and sugar substitutes are off limits on the W30. Fruit, although naturally sweet, is allowed in reasonable amounts. A small amount of fruit juice as a natural sweetener in compliant recipes is allowed. Other things that naturally contain sugars, such as kombucha, are allowed as long as they do not contain added sugar. Am I good so far? Here is where I get confused: I've read some posts that recommend certain foods/recipes, but when I look them up, I find sugars in the list of ingredients. For example, (and I'm not calling anyone out here, just trying to understand) I read a post that recommended making up a bunch of Nom Nom Paleo's sriracha as a W30 condiment. Sounds awesome, but the recipe I read on that site contains honey. And actually, I have the same question with white potatoes. I thought they were off limits, but some folks have referred to them in their posts. I'm not trying to cause an uproar. But if something is yummy AND compliant, I want to know about it! Thanks!