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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! I am finishing up day 3 of my 3rd whole30. I normally eat 80% whole30, but after lots of travel, decided to restart with a 3rd round. I am feeling great (my tummy is back to being happy and I'm already back to feeling the tiger blood), but I keep getting random sweats and feeling like I'm having a hot flash. (I'm 24!) The other night in yoga, I was sweatier than I have ever been (it was actually gross), and I wanted to check in to see if others with hashimotos have had similar experiences. Meal template: Breakfast: lots of brussel sprouts, aidell's chicken sausage, & 2 eggs + coconut oil Lunch: Chicken stew (with zucchini, peppers, & kale) & some olives for fat & an apple Dinner: Fish tacos (a filet of tilapia in lettuce + lots of lettuce on the side & a bit of avocado on the side) Thanks in advance!
  2. PhysicsHippie

    Round 4 starting 1-2-17

    Hey ya'll! I just wanted to post about my fourth Whole30 starting January 2, 2017!!!! I did the first three rounds of Whole30 earlier in the year, around summer-time, pretty much concurrently. I had a couple days in between (had a glass of wine, not going to lie) and went back to eating healthy. I lost about 30 pounds, saw a large improvement in my athletic performance, and saw many changes in my overall attitude towards life and food. Looking back, I don't think I was quite ready to go off of the Whole30 rules since I still didn't quite understand my relationship with food. This time, I'd like to take more time to focus on that aspect. When life started getting a little more chaotic and I thought I had my eating habits under control (I'm a binge eater, especially under stress), I started deviating more and more from healthier eating habits. I would eat really well for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner... and then I'd start snacking later at night. I didn't do as horribly during Christmas as I usually do, but I want to get myself back on track in 2017! I'm trying to make my goals not about losing weight... it's really difficult. I want to feel healthier, have more energy (my hypothyroid has really been flaring up with all of the unhealthy eating), eat healthier when I'm on the road for work, and I'm hoping to inspire my boyfriend to eat healthier as well. He's been having a lot of trouble with his weight lately (now that his metabolism is slowing down), and he has expressed wanting to lose the weight and be healthier again. I want to inspire him and help him change his habits. I think it will be better for the both of us to do this as a team, but I know he's not ready to commit to something as drastic as a Whole30 quite yet. At least I know from last time that he LOVES the food! I'm nervous that I will be out of town for work, working 12+ hour days, for two weeks in January. I'm starting to set up a plan and figure out how to get the healthy snacks I need for that time. Luckily, the work is in Florida (I'm from Wisconsin), so I'm hoping there will be plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, and fish! I ordered the new Whole30 cookbook and Melissa's new book on Amazon yesterday and I'm super excited to try some tasty new meals!
  3. I want to preface this post with the fact that I know Whole30 is about the non-scale victories and not ultimately about weight loss, BUT since I have completed my second Whole30 after taking a slight week-long break in order to continue to shed some more weight/become more lean... this is important to me. I have had some non-scale victories as a result of this lifestyle (such as increased energy levels despite my Hashimotos), but I am pretty overweight and don't have many ailments outside of my hypothyroidism (26 years old, 5'4", 183 lbs). I'm relatively active since I work outside a lot thanks to my career as an environmental scientist, but since I'm a consultant there's A LOT of traveling and I haven't had time to hit the gym on top of meal-prepping. I have been biking to and from work the past week (totals to about 30 minutes a day, more if I need to bike to the grocery store) just so I can get SOME soft of activity in. I want to get back to a weight where I can start running long distances again without irritating my hip, since I am signed up for my second half marathon in October (I start training officially in August). I ran my first half about two years ago and was about 170 lbs and had no issues with my joints. Anyway, I was wondering if it's totally wrong to kind of count calories in the back of my mind when I'm planning my meals? I am still making sure that I'm following the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies. My typical day looks something like this M1: Breakfast scramble (prepped Sunday with 5 veggies I get from my CSA that week. This week it was beets, radishes, kale, mushrooms, bell pepper with compliant chicken apple sausage and eggs. The veggies vary slightly since it depends on what I get in my share that week, but I try to have 5 different vegetables with the sausage and egg). M2: Leafy greens (again, depends on CSA share) topped with tuna/avocado or ground beef taco meat/avocado, 1 serving of fruit (apple, banana, blueberries, or grapes), and an extra veggie (carrot, sugar snap peas, or snow peas) M3: This varies a bit... I try to change the protein I have each day (chicken, beef, or ground turkey). I again keep the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies rule in mind with each meal. I also take a multivitamin with either lunch or breakfast (depends on when I remember lol). I am also on Levothyroxine for my Hashimoto's. This is a pretty vague post, but I was just wondering if anyone had any advise about how to drop some weight so I can start running again without pain.
  4. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune strand of hypothyroidism, over 7 years ago as a teenager, and have also been struggling with IBS for the past two-ish years. I start my first Whole30 in a couple days, and am excited to follow the program! Some of the research I have done on my conditions, and various doctors have mentioned that sometimes greens like broccoli, spinach and kale, and seed-based oils can impair thyroid function and/or absorption of thyroid medication. And, yummy as I find them, these types of items has caused GI issues for me in the past. However, I noticed that the greens aren't restricted on the auto-immune guidelines in the book, or the IBS/IBD section (if they're cooked). I know that you can find every side of an opinion on the internet, so started to feel myself second guessing some of the original research I found that says to avoid these foods. I'm also taking into account the fact that GI issue often do tend to get worse before they get better. Looking for others who may have the same or similar conditions, and what their experiences were with foods they avoided and left in for their Whole30's. Thank you in advance for your input!
  5. I am starting my very first whole 30 adventure next week. My biggest concerns so far are how I am going to handle consuming some type of pre-workout nutrition each morning then how I will handle breakfast afterwards before I rush to work. First I take Levothyroxine each morning for my thyroid and of course you can't eat for at least 30-60 minutes so I can't just wake up and eat something. I already get up at 5:25 am each morning for my 6am boot camp class. I have always taken about 1/3 of a bottle of 5 hour energy (I know, not good) and 2 FRS chews. It is a hard workout and I feel I need something to get me going in the morning. Any advice on what I can do first thing in the morning for a little extra push?? I am a coffee drinker (skim milk and truvia which I know I will have to give up). Maybe a few swigs of black coffee?? Second, I already have to leave my workout a few minutes early to get home and get ready in enough time to be at work at 8am. I don't think I will have time to fix a full breakfast. I have always eaten greek yogurt with granola and grapes and taken it with me to work. This has always been quick and easy and I know I'll have to give that up as well. What suggestions do you have for post workout food ideas and breakfast ideas that can all be done quickly.
  6. I've put this in my log, but if anyone can give some guidance or help, it would be much appreciated. It's affecting my training. "Last nights training went into the toilet. No real energy what-so-ever. And it sucked. I have steady energy all day long. Mentally alert at all hours. Feel fine...until I need the adrenaline, the energy for a workout or a run. Then it's like I may as well just lay down and stare at the ceiling, it about as effective. I stopped my Spiralina this morning. I'll also be taking out all nightshades today. I looked up the cruciferous vegetables also, which is mentioned here somewhere or a linked site, that it can upset AI problems, so looking at taking those out too." I'm also wondering if I could benefit from some supplements like MSM, Iodine, Selenium etc. I would assume I should be getting enough of that from plenty of fresh vegetables, fats and protein though ? Any words of wisdom or experience welcome !
  7. Dawn Fralix Hall

    Thyroid removed

    Hi. I am doing my first whole30. I am on Day 4. I had my thyroid removed in Dec 2011 because of Hashimotos Thyroiditis. It had grown so large it was obstructing my airway. I have had difficulty regulating my TSH levels ever since. I decided to do Whole30 to see how my diet and nutrition might be affecting my med balance and how I felt. As part of my regularly scheduled follow up dates I saw my doc on Wednesday, day 1. I am currently taking 200 mcg of synthroid daily. My TSH level came back 7.33! I'm so frustrated. I know I've got more medical work to do with this. But, my question is should I keep going with the Whole30 or wait to their is more control of my TSH. Will I be able to feel, better, get more energy, and find out what foods cause a reaction for me? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Dawn