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Found 30 results

  1. Anyone out there with IBS on whole 30? I’m on day 12. I have had IBS for over 20 years so that’s part of why I’m doing Whole 30. First week I felt pretty good and some of my GI symptoms were better right away. This week, for the last 4-5 days, I’ve felt not so great. Bloating has returned and having some diarrhea but inconsistently. This of course saps my energy. Since I’ve had IBS so long I get very discouraged when I have symptoms out of no where. That’s what it feels like right now. I am struggling to have an appetite for compliant foods. Is this normal? I wasn’t a majorly bad eater before, I couldn’t be because of the IBS. I was already gluten and dairy free. Also hard because there’s no consensus on foods that aggregate IBS. I can eat a food 25 times and be fine and the 26th time it’s like I have a stomach virus. I’ve had GI tests to rule out other pathology. I don’t know if I can tolerate another 2 weeks of GI symptoms.
  2. I am on Day 4 of whole30 and I noticed right away some positive perks to the diet. My bloat is all but gone and my gas has sufficiently decreased. With that said I've suffer from ibs c and d uncomfortably for 2.5 years after a stressful year with work and personal factors and probably too much wine. Most of my symptoms are either incomplete bowel movements with bloat and late night gurgling and gas. Thankfully no crippling pain. I've read many of the forum posts and feel excited and positive about the results from fellow ibs sufferers. Although today has been a tough day. Tmi noting forward. I started my period and I've had diarrhea and very upset intestinal rumbling. I follow a strict low fodmap diet and am incorporating that into my whole30. Sample meals. Breakfast is eggs with veggies like yams, squash, some ground beef/turkey. Lunch is baked chicken with more squash or zucchini and dinner is chicken or beef with carrots, squash and maybe steamed spinach. Today I did have coffee and a kiwi for breakfast. Any fellow ibs suffers who can relate and have had some success, please advise. Another side note I have in the past has SIBO and my symptoms seem similar as before. Any suggestions? Positive comments?
  3. Hi everyone. Was hoping to find some chronological teammates for my Whole30 adventure. I have a few unique obstacles to maneuver, mostly a radically changing time table for my meal times, and 3-4 day bulk meal preps. I work 13 hour overnight shifts in an ICU and sticking to only meals without snacking will prove difficult. Anybody else taking something similar on? My body also already struggles with the stress of changing from night owl to early bird on a weekly basis, this combined with a gluten/grain sensitivity, lactose intolerance and general IBS make my GI tract action packed with issues! Also on a side note, my 04/02 start is not offset due to Easter but by a difficult weekend work schedule. Starting the new lifestyle would be very hard in the midst of my stretch of work nights. But as I see on here, many are pushing 04/01 to 04/02 for Easter dinner, so I hope I can find some teammates. Lets struggle through this together and give us a place to rant/rave! Good luck to all, “This too shall pass.” -Bradlee Me and my Tot
  4. Good morning I'm going to start my first Whole30 on February 15. I’ve decided to make this into part of my Lent. I like to give something up but also add something to my life during Lent so Whole30 will cover both bases. My doctor suggested that I use Whole30. I have Diabetes (type 2) and do take oral medications but not insulin. I do morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so have been wrapping my head around the Pre & Post workout meals. Since I have ibs, I have difficulty digesting raw veggies...especially lettuce so I’m a little worried about incorporating all the veggies into my Whole30. I’ve been lurking through the forums and on Facebook and do have a question about what books people feel are the “must haves” to succeed with Whole30? Thanks Fern
  5. My spouse and I are beginning the Whole30 on January 17th, so we're in the process of planning what our kitchen is going to look like and how our staple foods will change. One of the main issues we've always had is that she has some specific dietary needs. She deals with IBS regularly, and too many raw vegetables and fruit can be really unpleasant for her. She also had her gallbladder out about a year ago, although she has been able to reintroduce fattier meals at this point with very few issues, occasionally taking an ox bile supplement if she's worried. We're already prepared to cook vegetables to ease her digestion, and there should be no problem with the meat quantity as she's never had issues with that except for when her gallbladder started being an issue (again, that's no longer a problem). However! She has always relied on a heavy serving of carbs to help her feel full and keep her stomach from getting uncomfortable with extra veggies. Normally these carbs come in the form of rice, pasta, or breads. Well obviously that's not going to work! The next obvious choice? Potatoes. Potatoes look like they will be the easiest thing to add to our diet regularly for quick lunches and a compliant carb for dinners. And they are cheap, which is important as well if we are looking at getting better quality meats. But I wasn't sure if there was an issue with having too many potatoes, especially since many of the recipes have much less in the way of starchy carbs and focus more on the veggies and meats. If we eat, say, two potatoes a day (mixture of regular and sweet), would we still see the same benefits at the end of our Whole30? Or would we be adding too much carby sugar to our diets? Do you have any other suggestions?
  6. hello: I am on my day 20 of the program and things are going well. at the start of the program i used more fruits and raw veggies that exacerbated my IBS. however i was able to address it with consuming less fruit, well cooked veggies and some supplements that i would like to get feedback on. for years i have been using supplements for bowel movement, past couple of years - Cleanse More. I have been suffering with the chronic constipation(more than 25 years) and this supplement helped. thought some mornings i notice i have very loose stool. i also started taking taking Ultimate Flora probiotics by Renew Life to help elevate IBS and address loose stool. i was wondering if taking these are acceptable on the program, as well as what others on the program use, if any at all and what general guideline is for people on the program with chronic constipation. thanks!
  7. Spoonmoonwolf

    Help. I feel so poorly.

    Hello all I'm at the end of day 5 and am struggling so bad. I'm so tired and achy. My tummy is extremely upset with IBS and I've had constant diarrhoea and nausea. I just can't face food at all and am giving half my meals away. I have Autoimmune problems so not sure if also flaring which is exacerbating things. I realised at first it was probably that I had upped my fruit, especially to quell sugar cravings so I've cut it out. I thought I was winning then tonight it's been so bad again. I have a sneaky suspicion I have an intolerance of eggs. I really don't want to give up and most of the time am ok. Help me please with things to try and protein sources. vicki
  8. I am a 34 year old woman, 5'4" and I have fluctuated between 95 and 100 lbs during my adult life. I suffer from IBS and have started Whole30 to try and heal my gut and gain weight. Its a constant cycle of IBS - malabsorption - no weight gain. I have a very slender build already so the most I'm likely to ever weigh is 110-115 - but that would be awesome! Celiac, Crohns, SIBO, pernicious anemia along with some other common other issues have all been ruled out. The diet has not been that difficult to follow but I am hungry all of the time. I am trying to incorporate a potato or avocado into every meal but it's not really addressing the hunger. I'm about 2 weeks in and I want to stick it out for the potential gut healing outcomes but I'm feeling like I need more food. I eat about every 2 hours for snacks (almonds, almond butter, fruit) and 3 full meals a day. To really heal my gut this will likely be at least a 45-60 day process for me but I'm going to need to address the hunger to make it that far. There is no way I'm going to gain any weight with the way this is going. On the upside, I already am starting to get a glimpse of less bloat and more energy. Any advice? Any high calorie recipes to try? Thanks!
  9. Whole30 has officially taught me that it's possible to feel slimmer and bloated at the same time. I'm on Day 9 and I've been very..... irregular. Well, if we define irregular as me not having a healthy movement for the past 9 days. So I have some bloating from that. Meanwhile, my pants feel looser everywhere except across the lower abdomen that is feeling all puffy. So, I guess that's good? I drink a lot of water (upwards of 80 ounces a day, not counting the two or so cups of tea or cup of coffee--all compliant, promise!--I also have many days) and eat a lot of veggies. I've had issues with this my whole life and am IBS-C, and found that I need lots of soluble fiber to keep things comfortable. I'm still eating plenty of insoluble fiber, but the lack of beans and other starches I've relied on for soluble fiber in the past seem to be causing some serious disruption. I once had a doctor tell me I was his most severe case of IBS, and over the past 10 years I have had to do a lot of dietary adjustments as a result. I've tried most plans, like low-FODMAP and many other things, but found that just keeping a good mix of insoluble and soluble fiber and drinking lots of water has been the best solution for me. For a while I was taking linzess, but it is no longer covered by my health insurance so I stopped. That was the only time in my life that I had more than say 2 movements per week. FYI: My primary motivation for doing W30 is an elimination diet to determine sensitivities or allergens. I've had weird symptoms such as swollen eyelids in the morning that have me convinced I'm ingesting an allergen. I have ruled out environmental factors. I want to see an allergist for testing, and have a request in for an appointment, but don't know when that will be just yet. I have not had any of the weird allergic reaction type symptoms since I've started W30, so I think I'm on the right track. Anybody have any good tips on getting the trains back on schedule? Or recommendations for good soluble fiber foods that aren't super starchy? I don't want to overdo it on sweet potatoes, as I feel that could sabotage other positive results I'd be able to achieve on this plan. While I have maintained a fairly healthy diet pre-W30, or at least better than the SAD diet, I am victim to my share of emotional eating and sugar cravings.
  10. Hello, I know coffee is not allowed for people with IBS. Is black tea (caffeinated) or green tea allowed if i have IBS and if i am eating LOW-FODMAP foods? Are the following teas allowed? Tetley - Black Orange Pekoe Tea Tetley - Pure Green Tea Tetley - Rooibos Red Tea Thanks,
  11. My first Whole30 went well until all the vegetables caused major IBS issues. Through an elimination diet I have found many vegetables and fruits that I can't tolerate. Also, through this elimination diet I began making my own whole-milk plain yogurt that I ferment for 24 hours. The amount of probiotics in this yogurt has really helped stabilize the IBS. I would like to do another Whole30 now that I know which vegetables to avoid because I have been eating a lot of junk but I am worried about cutting out the yogurt. Does anyone have suggestions?
  12. I have had GI problems for a couple years, and after many tests, probiotics etc. a specialist told me he thinks it's IBS from spending time in developing countries and there's not much more he can do. It is tolerable but frustrating because I always feel like my diet is affecting it but I don't know how. So I was really excited to start the Whole30, hoping I would have the improvement that so many people talk about. I followed the rules exactly from the beginning, plus no caffeine and pain killers. Then around Day 17, I was frustrated that I hadn't noticed any GI improvements and read more about Whole30 for IBS. I realized there were so many things I had been eating that could also be causing problems for me so I cut them all out - raw vegetables, fruit peels, citrus, dried fruit, fruit juice, fruit with seeds like berries etc., nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades and anything on the high FODMAP list. Now I am a few days away from finishing my Whole30 and I really haven't noticed a difference in terms of GI symptoms. This long list of things that could be causing me problems has kind of taken the fun out of what was previously a fairly positive experience (I haven't had the physical effects I had hoped for but I do think that the WHole30 improved my relationship with food and cooking). I remained optimistic throughout the regular Whole30 because there were such clear rules and an end date but now I don't know what to do. Should I keep going and do a Whole45 or longer? Is it worth continuing no nightshades, low FODMAP, etc. in the hopes that the results will come later? I feel like there is very little I can eat right now and am starting to wonder if any of this will help so why should I continue?
  13. Hi Everyone, A year ago I was diagnosed with "IBS." I also found out that I had become lactose intolerant - so I began seeing a holistic doctor since it seemed that no other doctor could help me. After doing testing, we found out that my body is producing a great deal more of bad bacteria than good bacteria and that I have a difficult time digesting fats. My test results also showed inflammation, symptoms of IBS, and I fit all criteria for having a "leaky gut." I decided to try the Whole 30 with the hopes of healing my gut, but I am on Day 15 and just don't see anything good happening. My bathroom routine is a mess - only going once every 3 to 4 days which is not normal for me, my acne is worse than it has been in years (I have little red bumps everywhere), and I am ending almost every night bloated and gassy. I know that I need to give it the full 30 days, which I plan to, but was wondering if anyone had any of the same symptoms. Does it get worse before it gets better? Thank you for anything!!!
  14. Hello I am new here.. I have read the whole 30 Book and planned to start on Jan 4th but soon became over whelmed with all the extra that I need to cut out due to my health issues.. I know that I won't be successful if I am not properly prepared as I have a major sugar addiction. I'm looking for resources for recipes that incorporate the egg and nightshades free plus the IBS low FODMAP restrictions.. The book is great but most of the recipes seem to have something that I cant have. I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old.. so dinners need to be something that they will also eat and isn't too time consuming to prepare.Leftovers for me for lunch would also be a huge bonus. I need something for breakfast that I can perhaps make a head of time and eat on the go (while feeding them and getting out the door lol) I hope to start on Monday Jan 11th. Some of my staples for cooking like tomato sauces, garlic and bell peppers I'm no longer supposed to eat Please help as I don't really know where to go to get started... thanks
  15. Hi everyone. I am actually too sick to write a long post. I'm somewhere around day 18 I think. I havent cheated but I am too sick to cook. I buy veggies and tgey go off. Then, I have to clean out a fridge with food that's gone off. I feel overwhelmed by life, but especially by food. I have seen no improvement in my pain levels. Anyone else take a while to see a breakthrough. I am so desperate. Any insights welcome. Thanks.
  16. Hi guys! I just purchased the Kindle edition of 'It Starts With Food' and am really enjoying it. The reason I bought it and am now going to start the Whole 30 program tomorrow is because for the last 18+ years I've struggled with IBS symptoms of the diarrhea, cramping, and bloating type. It comes and goes in severity and frequency but it's always there. I'm fortunate that it's never gotten to the point that I've been bed ridden but the symptoms certainly interfere with my health (obviously), my energy levels, and my ability to work. Case in point, I recently stopped working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because I was so drained (I was working too much overall but the IBS definitely played a role.) What I'm looking for is some stories of Whole 30 program success from those with similar IBS situations, particularly the diarrhea-type IBS... What worked for you what didn't? Any advice about additional measures, dietary changes that you found helpful in controlling/lessening your symptoms? (Ex. cutting out FODMAPS, coffee, etc.) Did the Whole 9/Whole 30 protocol take care of all symptoms, lessen them, or make them worse? Here's a little more background on me... I'm at a healthy weight (and don't want that to change), ~30 years old, and my husband and I are planning on starting to start trying to conceive in January. I do have a regular cycle but I do worry about how my digestive issues will affect my actual chances of conceiving and the health of a growing fetus. I take medication for hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, Vit C, fish oil, and a multi. I had a full blood work up two weeks ago and all levels are normal. I do have a history of anxiety and depression due to my family history as well as the deaths of two immediate family members. Was on medication for a year but now control with meditation/yoga, exercise, and talk therapy. Coming of the medication (Cymbalta) wrecked havoc on my IBS so I'll do whatever I need to to stay off of it! I was working out entirely too much because of my job (read 2-4 hours of exercise 5 days per week) and am so glad not to be doing that anymore (since 3 weeks ago). I took a week off from anything except walking and stretching and now try to get in some activity 5 to 6 days per week but keep it around 45 min and moderate in intensity with the exception of a long hike each weekend. I don't plan teaching again anytime soon so I am on the job hunt and hope I can get back to feeling healthy and energetic before starting a new position. ETA: My face has also been breaking out a lot lately and that rarely happens. Could be from the change from working out a ton to now being active a reasonable amount. I will interested to see how the Whole 30 protocol affects this. My diet is overall quite good and not that far removed from the Whole 30 program... *Lots of fresh veggies at lunch and dinner *Moderate amount of fruit, usually at breakfast *Almost always have a small afternoon snack in addition to my three meals (typically a non-dairy KIND bar sometimes with fruit) *Cut out Gluten containing foods, and the remaining small amount of dairy products I still ate a month ago *Usually have eggs, fish or occasionally beef once a day *Drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 in the afternoon *Drink lots of water. I often drink home brewed, unsweetenend herbal tea and homemade lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and lemon stevia from NuNaturals. *Generally drink a cup of coconut water after workout/run etc. A typical day of eating now looks like this... Breakfast ~7am: 2 Egg and 1 banana pancake topped with nut butter, figs or strawberries, and cinnamon (also have 1/2 to 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Lunch ~12pm: big greens and veggie salad topped with salsa and avocado, 1 slice homemade gluten free bread, and 1 portion canned salmon Afternoon Snack ~3pm: non-dair kind bar with or without fruit or homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk (also usually have 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Dinner: Usually very similar to lunch but sometimes make homemade sweet potato soup or homemade gluten free, dairy free veggie pizza. Evening Snack/Dessert: homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk and berries (Lots of water and herbal iced tea in the morning, when active, and throughout the day.) The main changes that I need/want to implement to be on the Whole 30 is... *Cut out the non-gluten grain products I'm eating daily, particularly oats *Cut out any soy and legume products (usually have them ~once per day *Make my own almond milk to replace store bought (used to do that but stopped because of cost and the fact that it spoils easily) and replace any other processed foods *Eat more meat *Cut out my evening snack/dessert (generally homemade oat/flax/nut granola with almond milk) *I generally eat sunflower butter instead of peanut butter but need to cut the PB out completely *Eat more meat/fish *Stop consuming stevia. Sorry this is such a long explanation - any help, advice you have is much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  17. Hello folks, I really hope this doesn't sound like a moaning post, because it's not - I'm just trying to get some answers. To give you a quick(ish) background, I was diagnosed with Endometriois, Lipoedema and Thyrotoxicosis (all autoimmune diseases) in my early twenties. The Hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease) was horrendous, and I ended up having Neutropenia as well. After 5 bouts of thyrotixic episodes they told me I would either have to have my thyroid removed or I would have to destroy it through radiation. I didn't want either option but didn't have a choice, so I went for what I felt was the lesser of two evils and chose the radiation. My rationale was that there was a slim chance that a small amount of the thyroid would survive and would therefore be able to produce all the necessary hormones on its own. Unfortunately I was not so lucky so I now have Radioiodine induced Hypothyroidism for which I take a daily dose of thyroxine and have done so for the last five years. The more 'minor', but still troubling issues I have are psoriasis on my scalp, exercise induced asthma, mild eczema, IBS, as well as excessive chest/throat infections (5+ a year) and constant lethargy and exhaustion. I've had a binge eating disorder for most of my adult life and have abused my body by flipping between binging on every carb in sight followed by a rigid and extreme diets (juice fasting, veganism, raw veganism - you get the idea). As a result my weight has yo-yoed wildly up and down to the point where I have gained and lost 100lbs+ over and over again. Anyway in August last year I started yet another fad diet (called Lighterlife in the UK) which is an extremely low carb and low calorie diet that is a 100% meal replacement - yes, you don't eat any food. Healthy huh??? Anyway I lost 5st (70lbs) between August and the end of December but although I was loosing weight my health started to get worse and worse (nausea, vomiting, constipation - it was delightful.) I decided to stop the diet because even though I was loosing weight I was so sick, and I also started to eat meat again after being a vegetarian for the previous 7 years! I had gone veggie believing it was better for my health, but have never been more sickly, so figured that maybe I needed meat to be healthy again. Anyway after the fourth visit to my doctor in as many weeks, she diagnosed me with gluten and lactose intolerance. BEST THING EVER! I have been 100% gluten and lactose free from 15 January this year, and have been 95% Whole30 since. I started on the autoimmune protocol (no nightshades, eggs, tomatoes etc.) which I followed for the first 50 days or so and then slowly reintroduced eggs, tomatoes etc. As I said I am mostly Whole30 all the time, with the rare exception of a small glass of bubbly at a wedding, some dark 85% chocolate on occasion. It is difficult as I still suffer with my eating disorder so this is very typical of my 'restrictive' phase of my binge cycle. However, because I am eating low carb, and no sugar my cravings and compulsions seem to have almost gone. Many of my symptoms are hugely improved. No more vomitting or nausea. No more IBS (or very minimal discomfort), better quality sleep, better skin. I couldn't change this way of eating even if I wanted to as I feel so much more human, I wouldn't want to go back to feeling how I was before. However after 14 weeks of eating whole, fresh foods I am still struggling with the following; Lethargy/exhaustion - although I am feeling more rested and have made a real effort to get at least 7-8hrs sleep every night I am still feeling low on energy. I long to feel full of vitality but this hasn't happened yet. I must also add though that I am not getting out and moving my body much. Partly a combination of the exhaustion and some old sports injuries (knee, ankle and back), plus when I did kettlebell training recently it left me depleted for the full week following. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. Psoriasis - it has hugely improved, it is not as red or angry or anyway near as painful, but it has also not gone. Weight loss - I am still loosing but it has slowed down to a crawl, from about 14lbs per month (pre W30) to only 14lbs in the last four months since starting W30. I am not eating any starchy tubers or fruits, and very low carb with good quality grass fed meats and organic veg, nuts, coconut milk and oil. Whilst my focus has totally changed from being about weight loss to becoming healthy, loosing weight is part of that equation as I probably still have somewhere in the region of 40-50lbs to loose. Sore throats - whilst I have only had one throat/chest infection since I started this which is a big improvement for me, I often have a consistent although low-grade sore throat. I do take thyroxine and sertraline (anti depressant) along with vitamins (magnesium, cod liver oil, probiotics and glucosamine). It's hard to know if the vitamins make any difference as I started them at the same time as starting W30. If you managed to read through this whole post, well done!! Sorry that wasn't exactly quick or quick(ish)!! Anyway, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks CaveGirl
  18. AmythestTiger

    To AIP or not AIP?

    Hello, I'm on day 22 of my first Whole 30. I started this with the hopes of finding relief from my endometriosis pain, IBS symptoms, allergies/asthma, and to feel more energized. While on this journey, I do feel that my digestive health is a bit better. I feel that I know now how much fruit is "too much fruit" for my tummy and one accidental consumption of feta cheese helped me realize that dairy products hurt too. I am still experiencing endometriosis pain and allergy/asthma symptoms. I suspected from the get go that my healing process would be a long one. I've had IBS since I was 10 years old and endometriosis since my first cycle at 12. I'm now 27. I've always planned to do a Whole 60. However, I'm still feeling very tired. I also have a lot of acne breaking out on my face. I have read on the forum a lot of support about how it can take longer to get the energy boost. However, this fatigue along with my (newer) acne and with my medical conditions has me wondering if I should try the AIP for my second whole 30. While this is daunting to me as eggs and bell peppers are some of my favorite ingredients and I enjoy almond butter, I wonder if it wouldn't be more beneficial. For my energy level, I've made sure to eat starchy veggies with each meal (mainly sweet potatoes, since I love those). However, I don't notice a difference. Still lethargic during the day. Any thoughts, help, or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. To cut a very long story short I have always had a terrible relationship with food as a result of bad parenting and GI issues. This time last year I was officially diagnosed with IBS and my relationship with food actually got worse. The gasteroenterologist suggested anti-depressants as a permanent solution. I hated this idea, so I worked with a nutritionist for 6 months eating variations on low fodmap and got worse not better. Psychologically, I went from not being friends with my body to absolutely hating myself, loathing everything about my body and yo-yoing between barely eating at all and excessive binge sessions including obsessively counting calories. Just before Christmas I discovered quest bars and IIFYM and started eating in a somewhat normal way again. After much research and soul searching I decided paleo was the right way forward and that doing a whole30 would kick start this process. Today is day 7. GI wise I am feeling much better. Far fewer symptoms, better sleep, anxiety is slowly getting back to being manageable. But... I am struggling to eat. I have never been a fan of breakfasts. At my best is was a protein shake or half a bowl of fruit and organic yogurt. I am not a big meat eater, in fact I would mostly prefer to not eat it at all. So whole30 is a huge challenge, I am not hungry, at all. I never want to see a sweet potato again and the thought of having to eat breakfast makes me not want to get out of bed. When I do eat I an very nauseous, irritable and miserable. Help? What can I do? I've been logging my meals here
  20. What supplements would you all recommend for healing leaky gut? I have read some experiences of whole30 participants and also medical professionals who recommend Aloe Vera Juice. Other candidates include L-glutamine, deglycrrhizinated licorice root, and digestive enzymes. Thoughts?
  21. Hi, I guess a mini introduction is the easiest place to start... My name is Sarah, I'm 23, I live in Sydney Australia. I was sick a lot as a child and was tested for food allergies etc with no resolution. As a teenager it got worse, a lot worse. After being in and out of hospital three times in 8 months I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant. This didn't help as even eating gluten free I wasn't any better. Finally January last year at 22 I had a gastroenerologist actually listen to me and run full tests confirming I have IBS. I have worked with a nutritionist on a low fodmap diet which has helped but not solved my problems. I have identified certain foods I am very sensitive to including gluten, dairy, and certain fruits and vegetables, and legumes. But even without eating these things I find I am still not quite right? I believe in being holistic and that my mind cannot be at ease or function properly while my body is not at peace. I would like to try paleo or a variation on it to see if this will help to restore the balance and eventually energy and peace to my life and thought whole30 would be a good way to kick start this. I've just read through the recommended thread and reserved several of the books from my uni library but any and all advice would be most welcome. Kind regards and thank you in advance, Sarah.
  22. I am 10 days into my Whole30, which I began to help with my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and I am having trouble creating good, palatable breakfasts. For the past 10 days I have been making smoothies (with coconut milk; "In balance" Whey protein isolate with milk from GMO-free, grass-fed, pesticide-free, and antibiotic free cow's milk; spinach, kale, and blueberries) which are absolutely delicious, but I feel I will need some variety soon. As well, I am a little concerned with the whey protein powder, even though it is a pure and clean isolate, I am nervous the milk protein is inhibiting my healing. Could this be possible? Does anyone know of any other, smoothie friendly protein sources? I know meat is the usual source for protein (not in a smoothie obviously), but I don't stomach meat well in the morning - credit that to several years being a vegetarian. Any suggestions or wisdom would be much appreciated! Thanks Kayla
  23. SweetColleen

    Starting Saturday August 24

    I've done my research and am excited to get started. I have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Acid Reflux due to low acid production, B12 deficiency due to malabsorption, a sluggish Thyroid, PMDD and a panic disorder. It sounds like a lot, I know. I smoke, drink occasionally and am a major carb junkie, especially late at night. I'm sick and tired of feeling like crap all of the time. I'm actually at my ideal weight, but am far from healthy. I've quit smoking before so I'm confident I can do it again, and can only do it cold turkey so this all works perfect for me. I have my shopping list and meal plan so I know what to buy and what not to buy and I'll be checking labels. And I'm so glad for the forums because my family is NOT doing the diet with me so at home I'm on my own.
  24. Hello. So this is my third round of whole 30. Been pretty much paleo since March of this year. I've only messesd up no more than 4 days since then. As of today, I'm on day 17 since I started over. I've been doing paleo along with the autoimmune protocol. As of yesterday, I've also started the low fodmap diet because I really believe certain foods such as apples and cabbage give me problems. Apples burn my stomach and cabbage gives me bloating and diarrhea. I've researched acne online and a gentleman named Chris Kresser stated that what he usually has his clients do to try and help their acne is not only paleo, but following a low fodmaps diet as well as eliminating eggs and nuts. He did a podcast about it and was pretty thorough in it. You can read it here: I'm wondering if any of you have tried this as a last resort and have had success with it? I'm determined to find the cure for my acne! If it takes eating paleo/aip AND low fodmaps to do it, then so be it!
  25. This post is on behalf of my husband. I'm doing Whole30 too, and loving it, everything going well for me. My husband is 35. He has suffered from food intolerances since middle school age or so, but has never done anything about it. He thought it was just "the way it is." He has some known triggers (onion - the worst, heavy cream - also the worst, some apples, sometimes garlic, and sometimes watermelon. Sometimes there are no apparent triggers. Desperate for some corrective action to take, I ask him what caused it, and he'll joke, "I think it was the food." His symptoms when exposed to these triggers are bloating episodes ranging from uncomfortable to extremely painful. He burps (huge, loud belches) and farts for an hour or three until he is able to have some diarrhea, at which point it usually clears. Sometimes it happens immediately after eating, but sometimes it waits for the middle of the night to strike. I had been encouraging him to do some kind of elimination diet for years, and he finally agreed to Whole30 with me (I am going for weight loss and energy), since he wouldn't be doing it alone. We began on July 9. The first couple days were the detox with headache, fatigue, and crankiness. But then he felt better. And he had a solid poop for the first time in his adult life. On Day 4, we had some watermelon. He had a horrible night, and so we made the determination that we should go low-FODMAP, since all of his triggers are FODMAPS. Though... not all FODMAPS are triggers - actually some of them (brussels sprouts, asparagus) are his favorites. By day 8 he had had apparent issues with sugar snap peas (FODMAP) and canteloupe (not a FODMAP). After these setbacks, I was convinced that he had leaky gut, so I started him on some supplements to promote healing: aloe vera juice, glutamine, marshmallow root, slippery elm, DGL, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This was the evening of Day 8. On Day 9, he experienced what I believe to be a die-off - nauseous, sickly, very out of it. On Day 10, he reported low-grade heartburn all day. I had given him digestive enzymes with HCl, so I stopped those long enough to pick up some without HCl. The night of day 10 and day 11 were great! So I started him back on digestive enzymes (no HCl) on Day 11 evening - he had another horrible night. At that point, a fellow Whole9 poster suggested we try the SCD intro diet (chicken soup, carrot puree, grape juice gelatin), to keep things really gentle. I took him off ALL supplements. We started that diet on the evening on Day 12, and day 13 was a good one. He seemed to improve for the most part, but still with some fairly significant gas and bloating before bedtime and runny stools. Until Day 19 - I gave him a very small dose of digestive enzymes. I broke open the capsule and gave him about 1/3 of it. It wrecked him overnight. It was then that we realized the digestive enzymes were causing this distress, so we stopped them immediately. It's now day 24. He is still dealing with significant bloating and gas before bed, even though we stopped the enzymes. It didn't make a difference whether he was eating pureed food or whole food, so he went back on the Whole30. He took a probiotic last night, and that seemed to agree with him, so I think I'm going to have him continue that. So... I'm not sure what to do. 1 ) have you ever heard of someone to reacting to digestive enzymes like that? everything I've read says they are SO INCREDIBLE For people with leaky gut. It's very discouraging. 2 ) I'm thinking we might not go back to low-FODMAP... we just might avoid his known triggers. Restricting him seemed to make him worse, not better. 3 ) I've wondered if we should try the AIP, but he's never had issues with eggs or avocado. He does have issues sometimes with nuts. 4 ) If it really was the digestive enzymes (and the correlation in the beginning seemed pretty good), why is he still having issues when we stopped the enzymes 4+ days ago? And that was only a teeny tiny dose! So, long story short... help? suggestions?