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Found 6 results

  1. justalittledash

    Spacing water for digestion

    I'm trying to avoid drinking water with meals to help my digestive issues. I haven't noticed in any of the books what that timing looks like. An hour on either side of meals? 30 minutes?
  2. Anyone out there with IBS on whole 30? I’m on day 12. I have had IBS for over 20 years so that’s part of why I’m doing Whole 30. First week I felt pretty good and some of my GI symptoms were better right away. This week, for the last 4-5 days, I’ve felt not so great. Bloating has returned and having some diarrhea but inconsistently. This of course saps my energy. Since I’ve had IBS so long I get very discouraged when I have symptoms out of no where. That’s what it feels like right now. I am struggling to have an appetite for compliant foods. Is this normal? I wasn’t a majorly bad eater before, I couldn’t be because of the IBS. I was already gluten and dairy free. Also hard because there’s no consensus on foods that aggregate IBS. I can eat a food 25 times and be fine and the 26th time it’s like I have a stomach virus. I’ve had GI tests to rule out other pathology. I don’t know if I can tolerate another 2 weeks of GI symptoms.
  3. I am on Day 4 of whole30 and I noticed right away some positive perks to the diet. My bloat is all but gone and my gas has sufficiently decreased. With that said I've suffer from ibs c and d uncomfortably for 2.5 years after a stressful year with work and personal factors and probably too much wine. Most of my symptoms are either incomplete bowel movements with bloat and late night gurgling and gas. Thankfully no crippling pain. I've read many of the forum posts and feel excited and positive about the results from fellow ibs sufferers. Although today has been a tough day. Tmi noting forward. I started my period and I've had diarrhea and very upset intestinal rumbling. I follow a strict low fodmap diet and am incorporating that into my whole30. Sample meals. Breakfast is eggs with veggies like yams, squash, some ground beef/turkey. Lunch is baked chicken with more squash or zucchini and dinner is chicken or beef with carrots, squash and maybe steamed spinach. Today I did have coffee and a kiwi for breakfast. Any fellow ibs suffers who can relate and have had some success, please advise. Another side note I have in the past has SIBO and my symptoms seem similar as before. Any suggestions? Positive comments?
  4. Hi everyone. Was hoping to find some chronological teammates for my Whole30 adventure. I have a few unique obstacles to maneuver, mostly a radically changing time table for my meal times, and 3-4 day bulk meal preps. I work 13 hour overnight shifts in an ICU and sticking to only meals without snacking will prove difficult. Anybody else taking something similar on? My body also already struggles with the stress of changing from night owl to early bird on a weekly basis, this combined with a gluten/grain sensitivity, lactose intolerance and general IBS make my GI tract action packed with issues! Also on a side note, my 04/02 start is not offset due to Easter but by a difficult weekend work schedule. Starting the new lifestyle would be very hard in the midst of my stretch of work nights. But as I see on here, many are pushing 04/01 to 04/02 for Easter dinner, so I hope I can find some teammates. Lets struggle through this together and give us a place to rant/rave! Good luck to all, “This too shall pass.” -Bradlee Me and my Tot
  5. Good morning I'm going to start my first Whole30 on February 15. I’ve decided to make this into part of my Lent. I like to give something up but also add something to my life during Lent so Whole30 will cover both bases. My doctor suggested that I use Whole30. I have Diabetes (type 2) and do take oral medications but not insulin. I do morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so have been wrapping my head around the Pre & Post workout meals. Since I have ibs, I have difficulty digesting raw veggies...especially lettuce so I’m a little worried about incorporating all the veggies into my Whole30. I’ve been lurking through the forums and on Facebook and do have a question about what books people feel are the “must haves” to succeed with Whole30? Thanks Fern
  6. My spouse and I are beginning the Whole30 on January 17th, so we're in the process of planning what our kitchen is going to look like and how our staple foods will change. One of the main issues we've always had is that she has some specific dietary needs. She deals with IBS regularly, and too many raw vegetables and fruit can be really unpleasant for her. She also had her gallbladder out about a year ago, although she has been able to reintroduce fattier meals at this point with very few issues, occasionally taking an ox bile supplement if she's worried. We're already prepared to cook vegetables to ease her digestion, and there should be no problem with the meat quantity as she's never had issues with that except for when her gallbladder started being an issue (again, that's no longer a problem). However! She has always relied on a heavy serving of carbs to help her feel full and keep her stomach from getting uncomfortable with extra veggies. Normally these carbs come in the form of rice, pasta, or breads. Well obviously that's not going to work! The next obvious choice? Potatoes. Potatoes look like they will be the easiest thing to add to our diet regularly for quick lunches and a compliant carb for dinners. And they are cheap, which is important as well if we are looking at getting better quality meats. But I wasn't sure if there was an issue with having too many potatoes, especially since many of the recipes have much less in the way of starchy carbs and focus more on the veggies and meats. If we eat, say, two potatoes a day (mixture of regular and sweet), would we still see the same benefits at the end of our Whole30? Or would we be adding too much carby sugar to our diets? Do you have any other suggestions?