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Found 5 results

  1. pibbylotter

    Intolerance or Shock?

    Hey there, I am wondering how much of the reintro is just your body in shock of a food group it hasn't had in a while? For example, I had minor reactions to soy/legumes and non-gluten grains, but had pretty severe diarrhea and intestinal cramping from dairy and gluten. I tried gluten again the following days after day 10 of reintro and didn't have a reaction to whole grain bread or a mini muffin. To my understanding, this is also a lot of spectators' objection to this program. So how do I know if this is shock or if I really should never eat dairy again (my worst reaction)?
  2. Day 31! It's been on our minds, if not for the whole 30 days...definitely for the last week. Over the last 30 days we found comfort in knowing what foods were "allowed". Many of us felt huge change in our lives. We liked how we felt. I lost over 9 lb, was able to stop 4 different medications, I've been able to workout longer & harder than I have in many years. I completed my Whole30 like a champ! So now I can eat "anything", or can I? I decided I liked the guidance, so started with the sample fast track reintroduction -found here on the website I started with peanut butter on a paleo wrap. I love peanut butter. Been eating it for years! Within an hour, I was horribly congested, sore throat, and miserable. Won't even go into the digestive issues... so peanut butter quickly went to the "it's not worth it" pile. I'm anxious to hear about other's adventures with foods being reintroduced. What are your "not worth it" foods? Were they things you enjoyed previously? Are you replacing them with something more compliant? I'd love to hear stories of everyone's bike ride!
  3. Hello! I love meal prepping, and I generally try to prep all of our lunches and two dinners on Sundays to make my life easier during the week. One thing that I struggled with during whole30 was that I felt like it was hard to prep a one pot meal or casserole because lots of those have pasta, rice, etc. Now that my whole30 is done, we are still eating according to the whole30 guidelines during the week but have added back legumes. Do you guys have any suggestions for your favorite one pot or casserole meals that you can prep on Sundays and have throughout the week? Some examples of things we do now are chili, chicken enchilada soup, and stuffed peppers. Pre whole30 we had lots of baked ziti, cornbread taco casserole, and enchiladas but I'm trying to limit the pasta, gluten, and cheese when I can Thanks in advance for your great ideas!
  4. I did my first Whole30 in March and lost 11 pounds… then promptly gained it all back when I got married and went on my fabulous European honeymoon. Totally worth it? Yes. But. I soon found myself back to Whole30 in July and for the second round I lost 10 pounds again and gained a ton more perspective this time around about what is worth it and what is not. Well now it's been two weeks and I haven't reintroduced much. Non-gluten alcohol, a little sugar (mostly honey to sweeten paleo-fied scones), and dairy (which didn't go well, so I'm probably not going to include that in my diet from now on). But I feel like I'm doing all of that in moderation—a glass or two of red wine (not every night), a scone with almond flour and blueberries, etc… it's not like I'm going all out like I did after round 1. But I just stepped on the scale yesterday and I've lost a pound, MAYBE two since round 2 ended. I've been doing yoga 5 times a week, jogging 3 and sometimes 4 days a week… what am I doing wrong? Is it really that one glass of red wine or that single grain free dairy free scone that makes the difference between losing weight effortlessly and not losing any at all? If so that's kind of depressing. For what it's worth, I *do* need to lose weight too, so I don't think this is some kind of "natural plateau" my body is hitting where this is the size it wants to be at. I've put on 20-30 pounds since college and none of it in any good places (and none of it is muscle). This is the first time in my adult life that I've really been eating well and attempting to be fit and I'm a little troubled that it looks like a single glass of red wine with friends is gonna be the thing that does me in. Anybody have any advice on this? Do I just need to go back on Whole30 and stay there until I meet my goals?
  5. Hello! I finished my first Whole30 three weeks ago. Since it ended, I've pretty much continued eating as if I were still in it. I did however try to reintroduce dairy twice and that went horrible. Tonight I had my first real 'splurge' meal since my Whole30, which consisted of 10 wings (5 lemon pepper, 5 mild) and french fries. No ketchup for the fries but I did dip one fry in their awesome ranch. That was enough just to give me the taste of it. Yum! But now that I've eaten the meal and had some time to think about it, I'm terrified that this one splurge meal will lead me down a slippery slope of going back to my pre-Whole30 eating. I realize it was one meal, but honestly I feel fine and the fact that I'm not feeling horrible after eating foods I haven't eaten in a month worries me that it will lead to unhealthy eating. Sort of like when you have a taste of sugar after not having it for a month and then you find yourself sitting around thinking of sugary treats! Has anyone else had this worry after splurging? How often do you allow yourself 'splurge' meals yet still feel in control of your eating? Thanks!