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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, Weird question--what can I bring for lunch that is physically compact? We have tiny shared work fridge. Today I brought a sandwich sized container and a mason jar sized container and they barely fit. Thanks!
  2. LauraKY

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Hi All~ Newbie here. I have read the entire Whole30 book and just bought and read Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook. I wanted to come to you all to see if you could give me suggestions for some tasty, easy lunches. I don't want salads everyday. I am really picky (which I realize I will have to overcome during this). I am used to eating sandwich, chips and fruit for lunch everyday. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Laura (first Whole30 coming 5/2/18)
  3. Hi! I am a newbie looking for ideas for portable lunches. Most of the time I am in and out of the car and on the road. No fridge, no microwave. Any suggestion welcome.Thank you.
  4. Breakfast: Bacon Spinach Quiche Lunch: Mexican Stir Fry Grocery list (for one, double amounts for two) Produce 1 onion 1 bell pepper 3 carrots 1 bag broccoli florets 1 bag of spinach 1 bag of cauliflower rice Protein 1 lb ground meat 1 package bacon (no added sugar for Whole30 approved) 10 eggs Staples you’ll need: Cooking fat Spices 1.5 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp paprika ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp chili powder ⅛ tsp cayenne 1 tsp salt Hot sauce to taste (optional) 1 tsp oregano Garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste for quiche and cauliflower rice Preheat oven to 350. Spray pan you are using for the quiche (you can use a pie pan, spring form pan, baking pan, even muffin tin! Just adjust cooking time accordingly). BACON: Roughly chop the bacon. Heat a large saute pan and cook bacon on medium high heat. While bacon is cooking, chop half of the onion. Remove bacon from pan onto plate with paper towels. Remove most of the bacon fat. QUICHE VEGGIES: Cook onion in same saute pan until translucent. Add spinach and cook until just wilted. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Mix with bacon pieces. Spread mixture on roasting pan. EGGS: Crack eggs into a separate bowl. Whisk with small amount of water or compliant almond milk, salt, and pepper. Pour over spinach and onion mixture in pan. Put in oven. Set a timer for 20 minutes.(don’t worry if it’s not preheated yet, it will be fine!) STIR FRY VEGGIES: Chop all veggies into bite-sized pieces. STIR FRY MEAT: Brown meat in a large saute pan (can use the same one as before) on medium high heat. Season with a little more than half of the seasoning mixture and optional hot sauce to taste. Remove from pan into separate bowl. STIR FRY VEGGIES: Add in onion, carrots, and bell pepper to same saute pan. Cook covered for about 3 minutes, then add in broccoli. Cook for about 5 more minutes, adding small amounts of water or cooking fat if needed and stirring often. Add in the rest of the seasoning mixture and optional hot sauce. CAULI RICE: While veggies are cooking, heat another saute pan with small amount of cooking fat. Add in cauliflower rice and cook on medium for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Season with garlic powder, salt, and oregano. When timer goes off for quiche, check to see if the eggs are set or if it needs more time.
  5. BlueEyez


    Hey everyone! I finished my Whole 30 and started introducing some foods, but I would like to go back to eating Whole30 for a little while longer (had some bad reintroductions; peanuts apparently aren't my friend). The problem is I really struggle with what to have for lunch. Throughout my Whole30 I found myself just having a green smoothie or some veggies with nuts because they were quick and could easily be thrown together in advance. I want to start eating an actual lunch but it has to be something I could make a batch of to last for a few days and take to work. I was thinking about making batches of soup and just taking that with me in a thermos. Would that be a good lunch? If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. So I'm on day 17 now. The first week was horrible (headaches and feeling very down and shaky), but I managed to get through it. I actually am getting used to my better eating habits now and I'm starting to enjoy the journey. But since this Saturday, after each lunch, I get a stomach ache which last until I get up the following morning. I also have the urge to throw up, but which doesn't actually seem to happen. Also along with this stomach ache, diarrhea starts. But again, when I wake up in the morning, i'm all fine again. I have breakfast mostly with eggs (scrambled, omelet, or boiled) and lunch has been a salad mostly. This week mostly salads with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber or carrots. I do eat my dinner, although I don't feel like having any and since I started the Whole30 I've been drinking al least 2-3 liters of water a day. So I'm not sure what changed and/if this happens more often? I could go and see a doctor, but I'm a bit afraid that it would mean I'll need to stop before the "Tiger Blood'' starts to kick in. Any tips for what to eat / change? Thank you in advance. P.S. Sorry about any mistakes in my English, I'm not native but hopefully it all makes sense.
  7. samanthablackwell

    What to do with leftover cooked cod?

    Made cod with citrus ginger glaze from the Whole30 book for dinner tonight (cod in place of recommended halibut - tasted great btw). Cooked 2 cod fillets but hubs has decided he's not hungry as he gorged himself on cereal and toast earlier (he's not doing the Whole30 obviously lol). SO I now have a lovely freshly cooked cod fillet that I don't want to go to waste. Any recommendations? Using it for lunch tomorrow would be ideal. Can I use it in a protein salad?? Thanks!
  8. 1 meal x 5 days (could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner) Ground turkey + Roasted brussel sprouts + sweet potatoes What You Need (for meals for one person) 1 lb brussel sprouts 2 large sweet potato 1.5 lb ground turkey Cooking spray Olive oil Spices- garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper Foil Two baking sheets Large Skillet Preheat oven to 400. Slice brussel sprouts in half if they are large. Put foil on a baking sheet and spray. Pour brussels onto baking sheet. Drizzle with small amount of olive oil. Season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Put in oven. (don’t worry if it’s not fully preheated, it will be fine) Set a timer for 20 minutes. Peel sweet potato. Chop into bite sized pieces. Put foil on another baking sheet and spray. Pour potatoes onto baking sheet. Drizzle with small amount of olive oil. Season with garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. Put in oven. While these are cooking in the oven, start the ground turkey. Spray a large saute pan and turn heat on medium. Put in ground meat and start to brown, stirring often. As this starts to brown, season with garlic, chili powder, paprika and cumin. Salt and pepper to taste. Make sure to keep an eye on brussels and potatoes. When a fork can easily pierce through, they are done. Remove all food from heat when it is finished cooking and allow to cool. Portion your meals into containers.
  9. I'm on Day 6. This has been challenging, but so far everything is basically working out. I get cranky in the afternoons, I think because that's when I used to have my daily cookie and sugary drink, but the mood swing is over by dinner. The one issue I'm having is eating so much meat (including chicken and fish). I'm not a vegetarian, but I generally only have meat at dinner or sometimes not at all. During a typical week I probably eat 4-6 servings of meat. This morning for breakfast I heated up leftover turkey sausage, sweet potato, and egg casserole, and I basically gagged when I ate it and had to spit it out. I think if I could eat a vegetarian lunch and breakfast every now and then it would make a huge difference in tolerating meat. For breakfast I've been eating 2 eggs with ghee, spinach, mushrooms, and 1 compliant chicken sausage. Could I change that to 3 eggs and leave out the chicken sausage? For lunch, could I use 1/2 avocado and 1/4 cup almonds as my protein source and add to a salad with olive oil? Thanks!
  10. Hello! Heading to Vancouver, BC next week and am curious about local recommendations for dining out...staying downtown for the most part and the Westin Grand has a microwave and fridge in the room but, its food festival time so thought I'd see if there were any local favorites i should think about trying that have an ease of accomodating whole 30 when requested nicely and politely.:-) Thanks in advance!
  11. msame213

    How much and when?

    Hi guys. I'm reasonably clued up when it comes to healthy eating, paleo (although I haven't committed to it before), few carbs, eating clean etc, but I'm not sure where to start when it comes to portion sizes with whole 30. Are there guidelines somewhere around how much of certain things you're allowed to eat? For example - dried fruit - yum - but I know it's not going to be ok to smash a bag of dried cranberries after dinner. Same with Olive Oil on salads, and portion size of steak? It would be great if someone could shed some light for me. thank you
  12. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Today is my 1st day on Whole30! Yesterday, i was doing my meal plans for the week - all my dinner meals are fine, but i'm struggling for breakfast & lunch ideas. Breakfast needs to be quick (had scrambled eggs & approved bacon with avocado this morning) and got a salad for lunch (no meat, i forgot!) but i don't really have any other ideas. Lunch needs to be able to go to work with me, and i have around 15 minutes for breakfast before i leave for work. I also want to keep my husband interested with tasty food as he is doing this with me. Thanks for your help!
  13. I started a Whole30 on August 18. I am new to the concept but read all of the manifestos, rules, etc. and did great August 18, 19 and 20. On the 21st, a Friday, I had brought some leftover salmon for lunch and when I heated it up, it dried out a lot and I couldn't choke it down. So, I had no protein for lunch. Long story short, by the time I got home from work that evening, I was so ravenous that I literally felt like I was losing my mind. I wolfed down a bowl of Cheerios with milk, and that was pretty much the end of my Whole30. Fast-forward to today. I'd like to try again. Does anyone have any tips on avoiding the scenario above? I could also use some advice on what to eat for Meal 1. I'm not sure I can bring myself to swallow another egg, even though I like them. A girl can only eat so many eggs. Also, I have a 19-month-old and a husband who is always knee-deep in a project, meaning most of our daughter's care falls to me. His projects are worthwhile (usually renovating our house) and I love spending time with my daughter, but I'm seriously strapped for time and I am feeling discouraged that I can ever manage to plan in advance enough to complete an entire Whole30.
  14. Hello! This past week while meal planning, I decided to make a couple of basic dishes to eat for breakfast/lunch throughout the week. I made compliant egg salad, and a compliant chicken salad spin off. Both were made with whole30 mayo, and for the chicken salad I mixed diced chicken with mayo, bacon, and sun-dried tomatoes. Both dishes were absolutely delicious, and we're wonderful options throughout the week. Since they were packed with protein and fat, they kept me full for a long time! Going into this next week, I'm looking for some alternatives that are similar to these dishes. I don't want to make the exact same things two weeks in a row, because I know that I'll get burnt out of them and won't want to eat them. I was wondering if anyone else have made some similar dishes that they can fall back on? I'd love to hear ideas! Thanks!
  15. hello excited to get started gathering everything so i MIGHT not fail.
  16. ghennessy

    After School Snack

    HI! I'm in high school so every morning when i wakeup i eat a good breakfast at around 7:15-ish but then at about 10:45 i have to eat lunch because that's when my scedule says it is. i can't really eat in another class because i have no time. this wouldn't be that much of a problem but 1)i'm not overly hungry by that time and 2)when i get home (about 3:30-ish) i am STARVING! i need an afterschool snack! any ideas?? i would still eat a normal whole30 dinner like i would without school so it doesn't need to be a huge meal! thank you! i would also like to avoid nuts and fruit because i feel like they awake my sugar dragon (:
  17. victoriam823

    Strange Lunch Times

    I haven't started my Whole30 journey yet (I'm starting Feb. 1st but I'm a big planner) but I'm trying to figure out when to eat. I'm up at 6:30 to send my boys off to daycare and I don't leave for work until 8:15. Lunch time is split into two 40 minute breaks, one at 11:05 to 11:45 and one from 12:45 to 1:25. I typically don't have dinner until 6ish. Plus there is a workout either in the afternoon at 4ish or after dinner at 8:30. Any ideas?
  18. I am currently on day 11 of my first whole30. I am really committed and excited but just found out that I will be spending the last week of my whole30 traveling to Juarez Mexico for work. Unfortunately, my company does not view Juarez as a safe enough place for workers to leave the manufacturing facility (it is a "compound" surrounded by walls with guarded entries and exits) Workers eat in the cafeteria inside the facility. The cafeteria is focused on providing satiating meals for workers twice a day who may not be getting nutrition elsewhere. I am concerned that there are usually very few options for someone attempting to eat whole30, and I am concerned about asking for special consideration given that I don't want to be a primadonna when many of the people there are simply thankful for food to eat. In the past, I have tried to bring my own food into the facility, but I was usually bringing last night's dinner or other non-whole30 fare. I will be traveling for about a day to get to El Paso, will stay in El Paso, and will need to cross the boarder each day to go to work. I would like ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and portable snacks (sometimes my days turn into 10-12 hours) Please keep in mind that they will need to survive a full day of airplane travel to get to El Paso. Also, in my hotel room I will have a minifridge and a microwave, and at work I will have acess to a fridge and a microwave. Other info: Unfortunately, I hate canned tuna/fish. I know it is super convinient to bring for lunches but even the smell makes me gag. They do not have Whole Foods in El Paso Any advice is welcome. I know that I can get a salad from chipotle, but thats pretty much my go-to travel meal right now, so I'd like some varied options if possible. I'm concerned that eating beef jerky for a week because I'm trying to stay compliant will defeat the purpose of this whole thing! Thanks!
  19. Hello all! My husband and I are planning to start our whole 30 on Monday, September 1. We eat well most of the time anyway, so I've got my meal plan ready to go. My husband, on the other hand, is a very hard working landscaper here in the Florida heat. He does 50 yards a week, 10 yards a day, all by himself. We always eat a whole 30 compliant breakfast and dinner, however, he usually stops at his favorite sandwich shop and gets a sub everyday for lunch. I have no idea what to pack him for lunch every day. It has to be something that he can put in a cooler and keep in his truck all day. It has to be something that does not need to be warmed up, and something that will give him the energy he needs to do his very demanding physical job. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, should he be eating extra snacks for all this hard work? Thank you!!!!
  20. the-ames

    Help - travel lunch

    I will be on the road all day tomorrow - 2.5 hours to my client's house, 2-3 hours there, 2.5 hours driving home. I need help coming up with a lunch I can take. There aren't any real restaurants in the area (they live in a very rural area), and the restaurants they do have are of the BBQ/Sandwiches variety. So, I'm going to have to bring something. Help? What can I bring that will be ok to sit in a car for a few hours, and not kill me when I eat it?
  21. SimoneB

    Lunches on the go

    I have a question; I am just starting my third Whole30 but I struggle with the lunches when I am on the go. I am doing it together with my husband and while our first whole30 was a succes, the second one was a complete failure.. The problem seems to be the lunches. I can manage breakfast but it becomes a different story when I need to create a lunch on the go. My husband hates taking a salad with him and baking muffins is not an option.. So does anyone have any suggestions for this? I work irregular hours and am a little more flexible for lunch but I've also had the occassional situation where I had to buy something on the road and that meant; virtually nothing, other than an apple.. Suggestions for take away lunches are very welcome!
  22. Emiley Carey

    Eggs in Purgatory

    Being the smug jerk I am sometimes, I thought I came up with a brilliant, albeit bizarre, PERFECT Whole30 meal. Turns out, it's totally already a thing. Oh well. I hate the name though, so maybe I'll revamp and rename it and pretend it's new Eggs in Purgatory: Poach eggs in tomato sauce. Add stuff. Eat. For real! Make some homemade marinara with those buckets of tomatoes you've been getting from your co-op (or is that just in AZ?) OR buy some W30 compliant sauce. Bring it to a simmer in a skillet, and gently lower as many eggs as you like into the sauce. Cover with a lid and let cook for ~4 minutes. I spooned out the first two onto a bed of steamed broccoli, dumped more sauce on top, and devoured! Some other ideas are to add sauteed veggies (onion, mushroom, garlic, asparagus?!) or to eat on a bed of spaghetti squash. Eggs and tomato sauce sounds bizarre but Ohhhh man is it good eats. BONUS: super easy to reheat for work lunch or whatever. I brought a tupperware with two eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, and sauce and it's a great lunch!
  23. For a great lunch idea: 1 hard boiled egg half of a small avocado lemon salt 1/4 red pepper (chopped) -mix together, add some onion or pickled cucumber if needed 1 red pepper - cut the top and remove the seeds (keep the top) stuff the empty pepper with the mix place top back and take with you for the road
  24. I'm an elementary school teacher and don't have very much time to eat lunch, especially the Whole30 way: slowly, not gulping, enjoying the food I'm eating, etc. Sometimes I have the luxury of actually sitting down at my desk to just eat, but more often than not, I'm multitasking during lunch time. (Not ideal, I know, but other teachers out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.) So... what are some easy, quick, on-the-go (and/or portable?)-- yet FILLING-- lunches that you can recommend? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  25. Hi everyone! I will be going to classes this summer for my masters, and I am not sure I will have access to a fridge to put my lunch in. What are some good lunch options for a good meal that will keep me full. I guess I can also put an ice-pack in my lunch bag to keep stuff cooler. What are some of your favorite packed lunch combos?