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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if any other arthritis sufferers out there are on NSAIDs, and if they've had good results on the Whole30. I've had pretty severe inflammation in my right SI joint and the L2 vertebra for the past 8 years, since I was 27. I take diclofenac twice a day, and if I miss more than two doses the pain gets pretty bad. I already have trouble sleeping a lot of the time because I get stiffness in the joints, and the discomfort keeps me up. My doctor's options for me are a) increase the does of what I'm currently on, or start on something stronger like enbrel that has some pretty scary side effects. I worry about what the NSAIDs are doing to my stomach and intestine, and if this is just making the inflammation worse over the long run. I decided to do the Whole30 to see if it would help with the inflammation so that maybe I could reduce my dosage. I also worry that because of the NSAIDs, that I'm not really going to be able to heal any intestinal damage that might be affecting things by doing the Whole30. I'm on day 21, and my inflammation is as bad as it always has been. I am sleeping much better and do have other positive effects to report, but I had hoped that the joint pain would get better. I also have hypothyroidism, not sure if that matters. Anyone else experienced anything like this?
  2. I just finished my second W30, and the second was even easier than the first. I eat pretty close to W30 to begin with, so it wasn't all that difficult for me. I struggled with getting to 3 meals instead of 5 mini meals (basically grazing), and giving up cream in my coffee, and then even decreasing my coffee (decaf) to 2 cups instead of 3 giant mugs. During my 2nd round, I came down with a nasty stomach virus. I couldn't eat much for about 5 days, limited basically to 3 scrambled eggs at breakfast and chicken or turkey soup for lunch and dinner. I lost a bit of weight, but I had no appetite and even felt nauseous after eating anything. I got through it and didn't go off-plan at all. I started eating normally last Friday the 21st, so it hasn't been too long. However when I was sick, my doctor was concerned that I may have developed gastrointestinal bleeding from long term NSAID use. Immediately I stopped the NSAIDs (I have been taking diclofenac since August for chronic inflammation). It didn't make a dramatic difference in my stomach symptoms, but my chronic pain returned within 24 hours. I've contacted my doctor to ask about the blood test to check for chronic systemic inflammation (C-reactive protein, I think, and another one). I'm posting because I've read a lot of reviews where folks have said their chronic inflammation had improved dramatically by doing the W30 and removing inflammatory foods from their diet. I'm wondering why I'm having such significant pain while eating clean when I stopped taking the NSAIDs. This is very troubling to me. Are there specific foods that are acceptable on W30 that can still contributed to chronic inflammation? I'm eating only grass-fed, pastured ground beef now, but not other cuts of meat. And I will only buy wild caught fish. I'm so discouraged by this! I don't want to be taking meds, especially NSAIDs, but they work 100%. I've even taken Tramadol for my chronic low back pain, and that only helped about 50%. Am I wrong to assume that the total elimination of pain while taking NSAIDs means that I have chronic inflammation that isn't decreasing due to diet? Help please!! I should mention that I add about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric to my eggs every morning, along with fresh ground pepper, a little salt and a few shakes of cayenne. I've begun taking fish oil tablets twice a day as well. None of this seems to make a lick of difference in my pain.
  3. I am currently on Day 10 of my Whole30. Yesterday, I had the Queen Mother of all migraine headaches. I have been the lucky recipient of migraine headaches since I was about 8 years old. Most of the time they are triggered by hormonal changes but this one was not. The best way to describe it was like someone took a 2x4 to the left side of my face. It hurt to move facial muscles on the left side and it hurt to move my eyes back and forth (like someone was stabbing an ice pick really hard behind my eye into my brain.) Needless to say, I did break the rules and took an nsaid (and later, a hydrocodone since the pain was a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale. Yes, my broken leg and childbirth were less painful). Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do the next time this happens? I did not take my normal path of eating Dark Chocolate or eating a ton of sugar to make it feel better. I did increase my carb intake (via sweet potatoes) for both lunch and dinner and adding an extra serving of fruit for dinner. (Cherries and a peach along with 4oz grass fed beef, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, kale, onions and califlower cooked with some coconut oil). Thanks for any advice!