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Found 16 results

  1. I officially started my second whole30 on January 2nd (yesterday). So far, so good. Kind of. At 1.5 days in, I suspect I'm already having sugar withdrawal..... brutal headaches and I slept in for work for the first time ever today. Somebody save me now? Is it even possible to have sugar cravings after 1.5 days without sugar?!?!?! Jokes aside, over the last year I have really struggled. I hurt my back and slowly my workouts declined. As my workouts declined, my mental health declined. This combined with starting a new job that loves to feed us (wonderful, but perhaps overly appreciated by this food-dependant emotional eater), I quickly gained 50lbs. That's 50lbs in less than one year. From running distances, completing OCR's, training with Ashley Horner programs (she's a #badass!)...... to not moving at all, and struggling with my mental and physical health. What a drag. Anyhow, I've meal planned and prepped. Tomorrow is major grocery day (after having had to do a "mini" shop to start my whole30). I'm feeling ready and committed! "Fun" things about this journey thus far: my grocery list has never been this long in my life my office is full of sugar and wheat based delicious items like bread.... temptation is everywhere. This alone is probably why I've had a headache all day long. even if you've failed at making mayo a million times.... success is possible. Just buy a new immersion blender. As soon as you start a whole30, you will be invited to an abnormal amount of family dinners. It's like the universe is challenging you on purpose. I look forward to continuing this log as a part of my accountability.
  2. Hello all, I’ve been moving along with the program for about 3 weeks now, with a plan for 8 weeks total. The diet has massively improved some of the symptoms of my autoimmune disease, among other positives—however, I’ve become worried that I’m closely approaching an unhealthy weight for my age and size. I know that it’s common to lose a few pounds in the first week just from the loss of some water weight and inflammation in the body, but I’ve definitely lost more than that since. Now, before anyone says anything about stepping on the scale being against the rules—I’m fully aware that the Whole30 guidelines forbid it, but I was at the doctors last week for a check up and I certainly wasn’t going to refuse her, especially since I‘m concerned about the way the program is affecting my weight/body composition. I’m 24, 5ft 5in tall, and engage in regular, daily, moderate exercise (I walk literally everywhere, we don’t have a car). Before I started Whole30, a healthy weight for me was about 130lb-135lb. By the end of week two—when I went to the doctor—I weighed 119lbs. At minimum I’ve lost 11lbs, a lot of it probably body fat/inflammation/water weight according to my doctor. Knowing my body, that’s scary, and I’m very worried that if I keep going on the diet without adjusting my caloric intake or actively trying t gain back the weight, that I’ll just keep losing body fat. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what’s the solution? What fats should I be adding into the diet? Should I be eating more calories or more meat? Thanks for any help
  3. Hello, I am on day 1 of Whole30. I know it is still early, but I am concerned with not getting enough fat. I am not a huge fan of coconut or avocado. I don't care for the consistency of avocado or the flavor of coconut. I am looking for meal suggestions or ways to disguise these foods into my meals. I found myself very hungry at about 10am after eating breakfast at 7:15am. I ate a hard boiled egg and a small apple for a snack. Breakfast included: 1- Palm sized mango chicken sausage patty, 1/2 cup diced sweet potato home fries, a handful of blueberries, and one egg.
  4. I completely my second whole 30 in January. And it’s clear, I want to make nutrition my life. I want to be certified as a nutritionist but don’t know where to begin. I’m wondering if W30 has any recommended programs or resources for nutritionist certifications? Thank you! Audrey
  5. PARyan

    Swimming on Whole30

    One of my goals for my first Whole30, today is Day 10, is to increase my energy level and possibly performance during morning swim workouts with my local masters/adult club (roughly 3000 meters, 3 or 4 timers per week). I am 49 (5-0 in July) and while never competitive on an accomplished level like high school or college, love swimming enough that it's my primary form of exercise. Since I started the Whole30, and realizing I am only 10 days in, swim workouts have been a struggle, or more of a struggle than usual. Can I expect to experience an uptick in energy over the next few weeks? I have been following the recommendation to eat a little protein before workouts (tex-mex chicken frittata "muffin", e.g.) followed by a full breakfast (more of the same with fruit, handful of almonds usually). As of Monday I added potato/starches to 2 or 3 meals. Anyhow, just looking for general nutritional advice and or insights. I'm swimming through the doldrums in the meantime, hoping the water starts to feel a little lighter over the next few weeks. Thanks!
  6. After more than a year of trying, my hubby and I found out we are expecting on Day 15 of my Whole30! I literally got pregnant on the first day or two of my Whole30! I'm now on day 19 and I'm feeling so good about the healthy choices I've been making since starting my Whole30, and feel that my body could not be more ready for all the work it's doing. I just want to be sure that I'm doing what's best for my little one. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and completed a Whole30 during the first trimester? Obviously, the raw eggs and prosciutto are out (good-bye Whole30 mayo, I miss you already), but are there any other changes I should be making to my Whole30? For instance, should I be upping my healthy fats and cutting back on a protein focused plate? Only 11 days to go and I'm determined to finish with and keep this little sprout growing strong! Thanks everyone!!
  7. I am on day 21 of my Whole30, but I am really not counting. From day 1 I planned on this being a change in my lifestyle, not just a 30 day trial. Because of this mentality, I have told myself to stay calm and do the best you can. I only had a couple of slip ups, that came with drastic consequences (I'll post about my mood swings separately), but mostly I am feeling great and I have lost almost all my joint pain so there is no stopping me now. There is something that has been bothering me. I have given up my kryptonite of cheese in all formats, and the least healthiest thing I eat right now is nuts. I know nuts are allowed in limited quantities, and I follow that rule. It's the labels on nuts that bug me. Has anyone found nuts that don't have sugar in the nutritional label? There is no sugar in the ingredient list so does that mean there is no added sugar? Do almonds naturally contain sugar? (pic of almond bag below) Information below found on Harvard Nutrition website: By law, The Nutrition Facts Label must list the grams of sugar in each product. But some foods naturally contain sugar, while others get theirs from added sweeteners, and food labeling laws don't require companies to differentiate how much sugar is added sugar. That's why you'll need to scan the ingredients list of a food or drink to find the added sugar.
  8. So I did it! And it wasn't really that bad. I did fall off the wagon on cigarettes which really ticks me off after my Whole 30. I own that but timeing just wasn't good any way around and had to schedule it with the Whole 30 commencing as my inlaws came into town. My M-i-L is a mess. She is very paranoid about her brain function and is on this very intense supplementation regimine. We are talking a good 40-60 pills a day. I'm a pretty good cook and hearing the constant banter of what she takes and such and how she doens't like this or that, I thought, hey, here's to a glass of wine. My first in 30 days. Good red wine. Naturally occuring sulfites! Yeah! Not so fast. Before my head even hit the pillow I had the worst headache I've had in a long while. It totally sucked. We then go on a road trip for 4 hours to visit his brother. She's also very passive aggressive and I broke and had a smoke. On day 2 post Whole 30. I had quit cold turkey and am just so mad at myself for being week. The next day, after hubby takes them around town, she comes back with groceries. All this processed crap like grain chips, "health bars", sugar drenched coconut creamer, etc. As a gift. AFTER I told her I have stopped using cream in my coffee and I pretty much avoid even prior to the Whole 30, packed food. Then we are asked to pick up desert. I pick up some fruit and some Le Croix prior to going to the bakery for others. She's right with me and starts to have issues when I grabbled a cake I know my nieces love. Hearing someone lecture me about the food dye in a red velvet cake I picked out for my nieces just made me snap. This is coming from someone who takes extreme pills and medication for the remote possibility of getting Alzheimers. She is worried because she never knew one of her real parents. Of all the things. After a doctor lectured her about the strain of what all that puts on the kidney and livers, she added supplements for those too because she "hates" veggies. Blatantly ignoring me and making passive aggressive digs about how I didn't lose a lot of weight for taking such "drastic measures" without being able to turn up the snark completely sucked. Seriously, I'm drastic for tryiing to eat healthy compared to someone who has to take a boatload of supplements against of the advice of a doctor because she eats like crap. The other half has aggreed we no longer travel with his parents. If he wants, fine, but I won't go. And I'll take a trip on my own. Which means it will cost twice as much. And he certainly likes my company better than riding the crazy train. We then got an email notifiying us of a supplement delivery. I'm sorry, but I do not appreciate anyone undermine how I provide good, wholesome food to myself and my husband. BUT, here is the plus. See, having someone blatantly disrespect my conscious choices, firmed up my conviction. I was almost very happy to note the bloat from having two small bites of cake. Or the acid from a sip of a margarita jacked up with super sweet margarita mixes. I could only imagine. how much worse I would have felt had I consumed a whole portion. Being on the road really and having them pick out crap restaurants, really made me miss with a vengeance some of the amazing recipes I've used with my kitchen., I have also noticed that eating 3 full meals at this moment is way too much. I'm going to start working out a lot more and hope to see this change. But in the evening, I'm happy with some protein (usually around 2-3 oz of fish or meat and small salad with veggies.) I'm just very satisfied. My typical day starts with egg or chicken, an avocado, and tomatoes, cukes, and/or bell pepper. By the time lunch is over, I've had a good 7-9 portions of veggies. I don't know if my appetite is lower at days end because I'm nutritionally satiated. But after reading through "It Starts With Food", I believe my appetite has changed because of all the nutrition I'm packing into my body. Regardless, the plus side of my annoyances discussed, was such a powerful confirmation of what the Whole 30 did for me and how much more I love good, healthy food. In the meantime, here's to hoping my coworkers snap up all that crap she stuffed into the pantry I worked hard at organizing. And here's to not being stressed to smoke until the habit is kicked for good. I buried the pack that was half full in my garden in a container to make the whole giving in more difficult.
  9. Hi guys, This will be my very first whole30 challenge, I don't have the book but have read about it online. I have bad allergies and I hope this lifestyle will help me. As I am typing right now I have red, itchy swollen eyes with lots of discharge and can barely keep my eyes opened. I haven't been to work in over a week, that is how bad it is. This is not the worst of it though, I usually have a swollen mouth with blisters all around, pimples aon my face and chest and sores in my underarms and other parts of my body. So I have really really bad allergies, which is the real reason I am going on this journey. I also have 20 pounds that I would love to shed off and I will not lie, that is equally as important and dealing with the allergies. I will not be doing this with any friend so I will appreciate all the support I can get from the site. I am pretty bad in the kitchen but will do my besty to cook for the all 30 days. The challenge that I will have is I don't eat eggs and most packaged foods and I usually see most whole30 breakfasts consist of a lot of eggs, beacon and other staff I cannot consume, but I will see what I can do. I am going shopping tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday I will be starting with my who;e30. Please be with me on this journey. I really need support.
  10. This is my first whole30 and I'm only on day 4 however my runs haven't been easy the last 4 days after reading a few posts I realized many people recommended starchy veggies such as sweet potatoes. So I'm thinking of adding potatoes to dinner but can I eat it with the skin? I love the skin but can't remember where I once read that the skin isn't healthy and should be removed before eating the potato. So for those who eat white/ or sweet potatoes during your whole30 do you peel the skin or keep it? And is it a rule to not eat the skin or it's fine to eat it? Thanks in advance!
  11. Day 5 had steady, strong energy, no cravings, after the energy slump in 4. It was good. At the end of the day, around 9PM a mild headache set in, and carried over to this morning. I generally only get headaches with a hangover, and not frequently. This one is similar, just a little less noticeable. I woke up around 5AM (which would have been normal given DST shift, even though I wasn't thrilled about that), and downed a glass of water. I'm holding off on Advil to see if I can identify the source. Yesterday's meals: Breakfast: Coffee with 2-3 Tbsp's coconut milk, assorted berries, two slices roasted pears, scrambled eggs, and almonds (no veggies), some crispy bacon. Lunch: leftover prime rib (probably 5-7oz), it had sauteed veggies on it, I added broccoli cooked with Tbsp of clarified butter. I dipped into some of the guac I made my wife. Dinner: One of MDA's sausage and egg to go (, with a cup of canned spinach, and small handful of black olive. I went to Starbucks later to read, had a decaf and brought about 3-4 Tbsp coconut milk with me and stirred it in. I sort of reintroduced coffee that day, but I was only off it a day. I was suspect of the Decaf, the headache set in shortly after, but that seems too convenient of a culprit. Plus the headache lingered through this morn... The last meal was early, but I was banking on the coconut milk in the decaf for calories. Hidration seemed alright to me. Any thoughts? Too little food? Just a normal Day 6 thing? I'm holding off on the Advil until after breakfast sets. Another MDA sausage / egg, with a cup of frozen broccoli pan fried with clarified butter. Thanks for your time! R/ Chad.
  12. Hi, I am new to this and three days into my first Whole30. I know that it is probably too early for me to be worrying about the Whole30 as a diet, but I was wondering if my fats are too high. I am averaging 100-130g (I think it is grams- I use myfitnesspal to measure?) of fat per day. As much as I am confident these are healthy fats, (although a lot is coming from meat mince so maybe not?) is this too much? I just don't feel as light and un-fatty as I thought I would.
  13. I have just accepted a position downtown I am located in River North. I am finding it difficult to dial in a whole30 compliant habit here (there is SO much good food and restaurants everywhere!) Just want to put my foot out and introduce myself to anyone who might be in the area who is pursuing this program and want to successfully get through the program, and maybe offer some tips.
  14. So my little girl is 8 months and just starting to want real food. we aren't pushing solids but are offering them whenever she asks, usually while we're eating our meals. We really want to start her out on the right foot and I am completely opposed to baby cereal since I think it is nutritionally useless. She's still breastfeeding, has never been on formula and never will if I have my way. So my question is, for those who have gone through this before, which foods have you offered first when starting solids for a Whole9 lifestyle? We've done fruits and some veg puree mixes but i want her to have some variety in flavor experiences and most foods have way too much fruit and not enough greens as far as i am concerned.
  15. Gomunster

    Today is Day 1 for me!

    Today is officially day 1 of my Whole30! I finished reading the book a few days ago after I read Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution. Currently, I'm going through Wheat Belly. Anyway, I've never done the Whole30 before, but lately I've been eating the paleo way about 95% of the time. I even signed up for the Whole30 Daily, so hopefully that will help keep me motivated. The hardest part for me will be going without maple syrup. I usually like to make a protein pancake after a hard workout, but I just so happen to be all out of my protein powder sooooo that temptation shouldn't be too bad. I also expect my time of the month to be difficult (which I believe starts in about 4 days or so). But here I am! I'm going to do it! Took my weight and measurements this morning and we will see how I do over the course of the next 30 days!!
  16. SusieNelson

    Eggs and Cholesterol

    Is eating eggs every morning for breakfast bad for one's cholesterol? Is it better to mainly eat egg whites?