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Found 6 results

  1. I am just so exhausted this time of year that all my intentions to keep mainly on-plan just went out the window these past three days. It started with a sip of hot chocolate. The next day, a full mug. Yesterday, another mug - or two! Today I bought cookies at the market; I haven't bought cookies in such a long time, not even for a holiday. Well I ate four of them for breakfast, with a bite of egg and my black coffee. I just feel myself spinning out of control! However I put the rest of the bag of cookies down the garbage disposal (a desperate strange thing for me to do. They were a little stale, honestly). Today at home I will reach for an orange if my sugar cravings get that bad. I think I have to gear up for the January Whole 30. It's not even the eating and slight weight gain, but the feeling that I have no control over the cravings, and nothing bright on the horizon except a little bit of sugar, until spring returns.
  2. There was some discussion among the group doing a Whole30 in July regarding the start of a new, reintroduction thread. I'm getting the ball rolling here. Tomorrow, July 31 is my first day of reintroduction. I'll be adding dairy back into my diet for three meals and will report back regarding my reaction. What are everyone else's plans for reintroduction? Anything you're excited to bring back? Or, are there items that will never make their way back into your diet again??
  3. I did my first Whole 30 in January, felt great and have been sticking to the principles ever since, with a little careful off-roading, generally with the occasional wine, dark chocolate or milky drink, but have felt in control and able to stop after I've satisfied my craving. My food background is dieting on and off since I was 16 (I'm 33) weight fluctuating by up to 30 pounds and, worst of all, bingeing and then restricting. I'd been following the Paleo diet for about six months, With some success, before I discovered the W30, but had still been bingeing when stressed/tired. I thought the W30 had cured me! It was the answer at last! I had one blip a few months ago when tired when I ate a few too many chocolates but quickly put it behind me. I decided a few weeks ago that I'll do another W30 in April as I have a busy March and am gong on two vacations in May. Well, over the last two days, I've eaten clean all day, get to the evening and think I'll have a little treat. Then bam. Like the bad old days. Got sugar in it? I'm eating. Wheat? Bring it here! The most disappointing thing is how long I went without this happening. Nearly three months free of my old enemy. I'll admit I'd look at people's tales of bingeing again on these forums and think 'not me!' Pride is a terrible thing. I know my triggers - tiredness and stress. Clearly I've not dealt with these properly and relied on good old-fashioned self-restraint and willpower and feeling good. Well, they finally caved. Any tips on beating these trigger factors for good. Feeling sad to meet my old enemy again but also determined to kill it once and for all.
  4. Folks, Are deviled eggs considered SWYPO during your Whole30? And while I'm here... What about Brussle sprout "chips"? Spaghetti squash and compliant tomato-sauce? I'm not talking about making paleo cookies with almond flour, ghee and cocoa powder sweetened with fruit juice (ha) but I would love to hear some other foods that seem innocent but are actually SWYPO and a no-no during your Whole30 Thank you!
  5. TrayS

    Sugar OMG

    So this would fall more under offroading than reintroduction.... but yesterday I went to brunch at a place called Eclipse Chocolat (there's my first clue that there's nothing W30-compliant on this menu). But since I'm not on a W30 at the moment I was ok with a bit of offroading. Oh, my, was I unprepared for the decadent richness of the food (and the top-quality chocolate mocha I had to go with it). It was too much. The amount of food I actually ate was quite small, because I was so affected by the sugar that all hunger signals just shut down. Hives,really fast heartbeat, and general ickiness commenced immediately, and I spent the rest of the day recovering, eventually slipping into quite a funk. I went to my favorite yoga class, which usually snaps me out of a crappy mood if I'm in one, but even that didn't work this time. Then, in the evening, I looked at my phone and a work email sent me into a spiraling meltdown where I was questioning my purpose and direction and comtemplating quitting my job on the spot. Total overreaction. I'm feeling more level-headed this morning, but the hangover is still there. Wow.
  6. Folks, I am on Day 26 (!!) of my first Whole30 ever. Brass tax then details: Day 31, I want to plan an off-plan (ha) mini-indulgence; a flute of champagne and something decadent (though I'm hesitant to make that "something" a sugary or dairy thing...I don't know what that leaves breaded quiche?). My reasoning is that more than anything else, this Whole30 has been focused on the conscious, purposeful eating part of the plan (I own food! It doesn't own me!). This is a huge step for me in my life, I feel very empowered and confident in my ability to treat my body well and live a healthy life. So instead of extending my Whole30 days blindly, always wondering which "special" food or event will warrant off-tracking and so causing quite a bit of anxiety, I want to give myself the darn thing with a plan I made on purpose, know that it's OK, then move forward with the true Whole30 off-roading (ie. waiting for special events/purposeful reasoning to eat non-compliant food). I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is this weak? Totally ignoring the "purpose" of my Whole30 and subsequent well fed lifestyle? Also, has anyone done this sort of initial celebration planning? Thanks for listening, please share share share!