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Found 7 results

  1. smashinash3900

    PMS strikes!

    Today is day 22 and things are going awesome. I've followed the plan perfectly and am loving the way I feel. But today pms hit me something terrible. And I found myself binging on raisins today at work. This past weekend I discovered plantain chips at Sprouts and have been bingeing on those as well. I don't want to undo all my hard wprk that I've put in over the past 22 days. Does anyone have any advice on how to curb my pms cravings? I'm hungry all the time too. What can I do?
  2. Serenity Jenny

    Goodbye Polycystic Ovary Syndrome!

    I have started whole 30 today. I have recently realized that every physical symptom I have had for the past 20 years is related to cysts on my ovaries! I am starting today praying for a complete hormone reset and relief of all symptoms. All support appreciated!
  3. Hello! I am in my late-twenties. I was diagnosed with PMDD this spring. My GYN switched my hormonal birth control from a monophasic with low estrogen to a pill with higher but changing dosages of estrogen throughout the month. The first two months after the change were heavenly, with practically no symptoms. The past two months it has slowly crept back in, and I'm desperate for relief. Does anyone have any experience with Whole30 and hormonal disorders such as PMDD? My main symptoms are extreme exhaustion and fatigue, cravings, weight gain, anxiety and depression. Thanks, LaFierrita
  4. LeeAnn2017

    Hormone Detox

    I just wanted to post about this in case anyone else is going through what I went through. I couldn't seem to find it on the forum. I didnt have a physical detox because I don't eat much of the non-Whole30 foods to begin with. I didn't have much of an emotional detox because it's not a big deal for me to have any of the foods off the plan. I didn't feel emotionally tied to them. What I did experience was a hormonal detox. For me, it happened day 12-17. It felt like I was PMSing minus any cramps. So I felt exhausted all of the time and kept constantly cycling between wanting to cry and wanting to punch someone in the face. It was extreme and awful. I was grateful I live alone so no one had to deal with that but me. I was convinced I was just experiencing awful PMS. But after five days of this, and nothing, it was evident it wasn't. Personally, I indentified a LOT to the hormone section of It Starts With Food. I believe that I went through a hormonal detox of sorts. My hormones were SO out of whack that I felt an awful manifestation of that turmoil in almost an extreme version of PMS. I am writing this to comfort abyone else who finds themselves experiencing this. It was awful. I didn't even want to be around myself. But it ended. Five days later, I felt a lot better. It's ok. Your body is healing. Stay the course. This will end.
  5. I'm on day 11 and things have been going pretty well. Tonight I'm feeling may be pms. My husband is out of town so I just made my daughter mac n cheese and I just baked a cod fillet. It was not great. Now I want to sit on the couch and have fruit and whipped coconut milk with cinnamon. It is compliant but I'm feeling guilty about eating it because I know it's a dessert type comfort food. I shouldn't eat it right? Just tell me not to eat it, lol.
  6. So I am in a panic, 2 days from the end! (Day 28) I've lost my mojo! I haven't cheated, prob too many nuts in general, but that's the case all the time. I have come down with a wretched head cold and since Friday I've taken cold meds. Nighttime stuff and some sudafed for sinus pressure. I haven't visited the ladies room....if you know what I mean....since Saturday! I feel like I'm going to explode! My food is fine! I'm following the rules and want to finish strong. Only other element is I'm coming up on that lovely lady time.....arghh! I will be so depressed if on the 30th this is not seriously different. I feel gigantic, bloated and wouldn't even want to put a tape measure around my waist! Do you think cold meds could cause this much trouble? Or is it that plus PMS causing the perfect storm? So frustrated! And a little sad that it might end badly.
  7. Mariah Baseman

    PMS with your whole 30

    I've searched a few different places and can't find anything about PMS before in the forums, so hopefully I don't duplicate! And sorry guys, this one needs more of a woman's advice. I'm on day 10 of the W30, about 3-4 days out from getting my cycle, and I'm raging irritible. My husband texted me this morning, and I nearly blew up in his face! It hasn't been a super stressful day, but lots of little things keep piling on... texts and emails from clients that would be fine any other time, but today the words seem to have an accusing tone. I reached for my "stress relief" tea, and found it had stevia leaf in it, so I put it back in a huff. I should NOT be so upset over silly tea. !! As a little precursor, I've eaten mostly Paleo for the past year, but was curious to see how I reacted with these restrictions. I've not had a whole lot of mental PMS over the years, just cramping,etc, so this is kind of new. I'm about 5'5" and around the 150 mark, I think. I'm on a strength program now and have been hungry a lot, so my meals have been decently sized, but I've leaned out. I'm determined not to think about portion sizes, since I had been doing that for the last 12 months. For example, today looked like: Breakfast: sauteed carrots and coconut flakes with 2 eggs; frozen berries with coconut oil/cream; coffee with coconut oil light cardio workout PWO: turkey breast filet, whole sweet potato Lunch: 1/2 avocado, sauteed veggies, ground beef (I usually make a panful and eat most of it); a few more berries with coconut oil/cream Supper: 3 eggs with sauteed onions and cabbage and fresh chopped basil (no, that doesn't go very well, if you were wondering. hah!); 2 bowls of squash-coconut soup And any time I saute, I use closer to 2 thumbs of coconut oil rather than one. And I usually eat meat for the supper meal too, I just wanted some runny eggs with my carmelized onions. So, all the basic information aside, has anyone else dealt with horrible PMS on the whole 30? Any ways to combat it?? Leave the computer and all my work right now to go make up for only getting 6 hours of sleep last night??