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Found 260 results

  1. I began whole 30, not for weight loss, but rather because of stomach pain... Before whole 30, I would eat a homemade Ham & Bean soup with no pain... Yesterday, I started reintroducing legumes and had some of said soup... However, by the end of the evening, I wound up with such pain in my stomach and I felt so sick! The only difference to the recipe -- I used dried beans instead of canned. Even though the beans were soaked overnight, and were cooking for hours and hours, the beans never really softened. Could this be the reason I had the stomach pain? Perhaps my stomach couldn't digest the beans because they were not soft enough??? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! ~ Sheri
  2. Hi everyone, It looks like my reintroduction is going to coincide with my period, or at least with pms... Yikes. Would you advice against doing the reintroduction during my period? If I feel terrible, I may not be able to tell whether it's from pms or from the reintroduced food. Then again, I'm not sure I can keep going with W30 for much longer than 30 days, either, as it isn't really making me feel great.
  3. Hi Whole30 friends! I took 9 total days to reintroduce several different legumes (peanuts, soy, black beans) and had NO problems. I have now started reintroducing non-gluten grains. I ate white rice yesterday. So today is a clean eating day and there is a soup in the cafe I want to try...lemon ginger split-pea soup. All the ingredients are compliant, obviously the split peas are a legume. So my question is two fold - first, if I had no trouble with the three legumes I already reintroduced, do I really need a separate day for split peas or is it fair to assume all legumes are fine? and important is it to eat 100% whole30 clean between reintroduction days? Is it okay to eat whole30 clean plus foods that you have found to be not a problem for you?
  4. Hey there, I tried to find an answer on the forum but couldn’t find any. This is my first whole30!!! I reintroduced NG grains yesterday, some GF oatmeal for breakfast, sushi at lunch (no soy, just some rice and sashimi), popcorn, and salad for dinner. Everything was OK. today I had apple cinnamon paleo breakfast bowl, and for lunch egg omelette with bell peppers, and after that I’ve been feeling very bloated and gassy :/ could it be the bell peppers? (I had 2) and the symptoms were almost immediate. My stomach keeps growing. Is it the NG grains or the bell pepper? I did have a bigger portion of peppers than normal. thanks!
  5. Since this is my second Whole30 and I already know what groups affect me the most, can i just do a whole15 before i do another reintroduction but further seperate the groups- ex: milk vs yogurt vs cheese, bread vs pasta? I am currently on 10 but it actually should be day 21, but after the first 10 days we had a company dinner that was non compliant and I had to start over. So im trying to figure out what is best to do?
  6. Intolerance or Shock?

    Hey there, I am wondering how much of the reintro is just your body in shock of a food group it hasn't had in a while? For example, I had minor reactions to soy/legumes and non-gluten grains, but had pretty severe diarrhea and intestinal cramping from dairy and gluten. I tried gluten again the following days after day 10 of reintro and didn't have a reaction to whole grain bread or a mini muffin. To my understanding, this is also a lot of spectators' objection to this program. So how do I know if this is shock or if I really should never eat dairy again (my worst reaction)?
  7. R1D31 from my Lenten Whole30 and I started the reintroduction with legumes: hummus included with breakfast... didn’t have any negative effects YES! I miss hummus and chickpeas in general peanut butter (Kraft Crunchy my regular) included with lunch... oh oh... within 30 minutes severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a strange reaction (to me anyway) of intense muscle pain in my right upper shoulder radiating up into my neck to behind my ear. Not pleasant definitely not worth it! peas included with dinner... within 30 minutes some stomach twinges, return of the shoulder/neck pain, a brief headache and 3 hours after eating, I was ravenous and started snacking without control! I have a couple of questions... 1. Is it possible to not have a reaction to a specific legume while having various levels of reactions to others? After the reintroduction phase, I would definitely like to include chickpeas as a part of my weekly meals as a vegetarian alternative. 2. Would it be wise to do a redo reintroduction of plain peanuts to make sure it wasn’t the added ingredients that cause my reactions? i would do this as a slow roll following the fast track outline. 3. Is the muscle pain reaction normal? Thanks for any insights
  8. Over the past 8 years, I've done GAPS, gone Paleo, done just no gluten/sugar in phases. I've been eating a very clean diet of homemade foods and very low sugar, no processed food the whole time. I'm doing Whole30 because my last pregnancy included a lot of bed rest and hard recovery, which meant people bringing us meals and us buying easier foods -- still pretty clean, but more gluten than before. I'm halfway through the 30 days, and I just don't have it in me to do the reintro phase when I've done eliminations 4 other times and never reacted in the slightest way. Gluten and dairy make no difference in any of the ways I've given them up. I'm a huge "rules" person and usually can't handle not following rules. But I'm thinking I'll just ease into some tings slower than others, and stay very low gluten/sugar for good again, but not do the 10 days of going back and forth with the diet. I see that many people have done this program several times, so I wonder if that's what people do when they've carefully tested for reactions and had none.
  9. Gluten-Free Label

    I'm doing the "gluten-free grains" re-introduction, and I have some cornmeal on hand from pre-whole30, I wanted to make some polenta with it, but the label doesn't say "gluten-free." I also was going to have some oatmeal and the label on that does not specify "gluten-free" either. For gluten-free grains re-introduction, does the label need to specify "gluten-free" or can you just eat non-gluten grains (corn, cornmeal, oats, buckwheat, etc...)? I couldn't find a post that directly answered this question - all help is appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Round 2 Immedietely

    Hello All, This is the first time I have posted in here. I just completed Day 24 of my first ever Whole 30 cycle. So here goes my fear, babble, confusion rant, lol. I will admit here I am 29 years old, 5'4" and my starting weight was 286.6, I was at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I was bingeing on fast food sometimes 3x a day and always eating out. If i had to guess my daily caloric intake was 5000+. I'm a cardiac register nurse in a hospital, I know hypocrisy right. Well i finally reached my breaking point of being sore, tired, depressed, angry, moody, broke, nasty skin, no sleep, no focus, pain and just miserable. I'm too young to be feeling so immobile at work and after work, I plan to be in this career for 20 plus more years and the way i was headed I was going to be a patient soon. I've been single since I was divorced at 23 and I feel my weight is a huge factor and loneliness has set in hard. So my aunt mentioned this and how her and my uncle saw great results. I felt i needed something tough and strict, something to complete do a 180 with, I've tried other things in the past and I would sabotage myself the second the scale didn't show as much weight loss at the week before, then proceed to gain everything back, plus more. That's long story forward to today Day 24, I feel freakin amazing, my skin is so clear, i have no dandruff, I'm not nearly as sore after a 13 hours shift and I can see small physical changes. However I don't feel prepared for reintroduction. I'm obese and very unhealthy and still have major cravings and want to binge, i feel i need more tough strict love before i'm released into the "normal" world, lol. I was thinking about doing a round 2 immediately. What are the thoughts or feelings about this? Is there a reasoning that this may be frowned upon or detrimental to my overall health transformation. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thank you. Toni
  11. Life After Whole 30

    Once the reintroduction is completed, and I’m (in theory), ready to return to my former (somewhat revised) diet, am I no longer getting that yummy coconut cream in my coffee? Am I not having a palm sized serving of protein at every meal? And the mass quantities of veggies? I want to maintain any progress I’ve made, (measurement and weight wise), but am not quite sure how to approach it. Hope that makes sense!
  12. Hello, I had a greatly successful Whole30, ending on 2/13/18 (my second). On Valentine's Day and the days following, I ruined the reintroduction phase by not spacing out the reintroduction of different food groups. By the end of the week (2/16 and 2/17) I needed a mid-day nap and felt like I had no energy to get through the day. I decided to go back on Whole30 to fix what I did, but I've had a nonstop headache (pretty much ever since 2/14.. almost two weeks now) that is not responding to medication. Will this go away? I'm considering going to the doctor. I did not experience any of these symptoms on my previous Whole30. Thanks!!
  13. Hello, I completed my whole30 about 2 weeks ago and felt incredible for maybe the first time in my life. The first thing I reintroduced was dairy and while I didn't have any immediately noticeable side effects, about 24 hours later I had stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea that lasted for about another day. It was enough to make me aware of the adverse reaction but only lasted about a day. After the negative reaction I went back to a whole30 diet for about a week and 3 days ago reintroduced gluten. Again there were no immediate effects but the next morning I had severe stomach pain that lasted well into the afternoon, diarrhea all day, and a headache at the base of my skull that was awful. I woke up this morning and the stomach pain is again terrible, still have frequent diarrhea and bloating, and the headache has persisted. The stomach pains are almost debilitating and it leads me to ask is this normal? The pain comes and goes but it is so severe that it makes it difficult to function. I generally have a very high pain tolerance and am not just being a cissy, lol. If this is a normal side effect is it common for it to be so severe nearly 3 days after ingesting the gluten? Are there any suggestions for alleviating the symptoms to get some relief? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!
  14. Hi all! Today is the last day of my reintroduction period and I dived in with gluten. I don't have celiac and I didn't notice issues with gluten during my last Whole 30. However, today I had some whole wheat toast with breakfast and not even an hoir later...BAM! BRAIN FOG has settled in. Is this a common reaction I can contribute to gluten sensitivity?
  15. Sore throat?

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I've began the reintroduction phase and I'm noticing a moderately bad sore throat that I didn't have during Whole30. Could this be a sign of a food allergy or intolerance/sensitivity? Thanks!
  16. Hi! I finished my first Whole30 about 8 days ago. While it was a lot of work, I had great results with NSV. Felt great. Lots of energy. Slept well. Lost some weight. I have been doing a very slow reintroduction because I really wanted to identify what foods cause trouble. I had been having some digestive issues in my 40's, tired more than normal, some random heartburn (that I've had on and off the last 10+ years). I'm already pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant and gave up cows milk a few years ago. So not sure I will add any dairy back any time soon. So Day 31, I had whole grain rice. No issues. And Day 32, because it was Valentine's Day we made this fun dessert of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, with a ground cashew, date and coconut mixture sprinkled on top and then topped with whipped coconut cream. (It was Valentine's after all and our first dessert in over a month -- technically all compliant ingredients!" -- it was AMAZING!" The next day I had some heartburn. I chalked it up to the whipped coconut cream and fruit. And didn't think much of it. I had rice again the next few days with no problems. Fast forward to this past weekend and I had to go out of town. That Friday I had corn chips (they weren't as good as I remembered). And then I also had some deli turkey meat on Saturday from Publix. I also had a few more cashews and almonds than normal (b/c it was hard to travel with vegetables). Since then I have not added anything else. Been doing straight Whole30 (other than I've had a few salad dressings that might not be complaint while I was traveling). So just rice, corn chips (like Tostito brand) and deli turkey meat. And I have had THE WORST HEART BURN all day today today! I had to fast this morning due to a physical... so again I had some cashews and almonds right afterwards. I've been reading about FODMAPs. Never even heard that term before Whole30. I didn't eat a ton of nuts while on Whole30. But now that it was over and I wasn't trying to lose any more weight I though they would be okay. I don't remember having ANY heartburn during my 30 days. The heartburn is really frustrating b/c I'm still following Whole30. It's been constant all day (even dug out some old Prilosec from my bathroom tonight). Just feels like everything is burning from my mouth to my stomach. Meals Yesterday: B: 3 eggs, Aidelle'e chicken and apple sausage, coffee with NutPods L: salad with grilled chicken D: Pork Carnitas in Crock Pot with salad, tomato salsa, corn chips Meals Today: B: Had to skip b/c fasting for physical blood work Snack after appointment: cashews, almonds, deli turkey L: Lemon pepper chicken with red potatoes and salad D: Burgers (from Whole30 recipe) sweet potato fries, guacamole, lettuce tomato Just curious if anyone has any insight.... just seems crazy to be having such terrible heartburn from corn??? could it be the almonds and cashews?? Or the Deli Turkey meat? The bummer is I'm traveling again this weekend. I'm going to be trying to stick to Whole30 but it will be tough in the sugar area (like for bacon, sausage, salad dressings) b/c I'm flying so I really can't bring a lot of food with me. But I really want this heartburn to go away. Thanks for any insight!
  17. I could really use some guidance. I am afraid of going off the rails with the apparent inability to reintroduce according to the Plan. I thought it would be easy to reintroduce, but I am not really ready or interested in legumes or rice. I would like to be able to eat bacon, ketchup with reduced sugar, and some dressings. I am a pet sitter/dog walker and am in my car most of the day. It is impossible to eat lettuce wraps in the car, and in the old days, Kind bars were a staple. During the whole30 I occassionally had a Larabar cashew cookie, but tried hard to break the habit of bars. But, let's face it, my schedule makes it impossible for me to have real meals, this is just my life. What about Paleo Valley supergreens, and the RX Bar? Thoughts?
  18. Hi all! I am on Day 17 of my first Whole30. I just landed a great job, and they are flying me to Germany in a few weeks for 10-12 days. However, the day I depart is 4 days after I'm done with Whole 30, meaning 4 days into my reintroduction schedule... I was excited about seeing how different foods make me feel as I reintroduce them, but I also don't want to not pass up an opportunity to eat (and drink) while I'm there (in moderation, of course!)! I'm also nervous about trying to make sure I'm only eating certain foods on certain days while I'm there...especially since I don't know the language at all (I know most people speak English), but there's also the cultural differences to overcome and I don't want to make anything awkward with my new team when food is involved! The company is planning everything in terms of flight, hotel, etc. I won't have a car, and I'm not even sure if I'll be near a grocery store. I've also never flown internationally and don't know if it will be too difficult to be following the reintroduction that day, I'll be at "Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains" I know the answer is probably no, but is there any way to speed up the reintroduction plan? Alternatively, what if I cut the 30 days by 2-3 days? I know, this is blashpemy and I'm sorry to be bringing it up—and it's called Whole 30 for a reason! I'm just trying to find a solution. I know I can do Whole 30 again, but I've been making good progress and the next time I can realistically do Whole 30 is in June, so I want to make the best of this! Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you!
  19. Day 10 of Reintroduction

    I am entering my last week of whole30, so I started researching the reintroduction phase. On day 10 of the reintroduction, I am leaving town for the weekend and won't have access to a kitchen or many healthy options. I was wondering if there is any benefit of going back on the whole30 for the 2 extra days after day 10 since I will have already figured out what messes with me and what doesn't.
  20. I just finished my second round of Whole30 and, just like last time, I began Reintroduction with gluten free grains. This time I did fresh gluten free pasta. Last time, I had me some itchy discomfort. This time I am completely breaking out in hives. Should I try to slowly introduce and isolate each ingredient to figure out what is causing this?
  21. Hello! I've just completed my first ever Whole30 and I feel amazing. I truly don't miss any foods, and don't really have the desire to reintroduce any (yet). The only thing I miss is red wine! I would like to stay Whole30 compliant food-wise while reintroducing red wine slowly - thinking a glass while cooking dinner tonight, and over the weekend, and then back to no wine at all next week. Then reintro for foods. If I do this though, am I just completely sabotaging my reintro? I don't know if this makes a difference, but my sugar dragon doesn't feed off of sweet sugary foods, but it rages for savory carbs (pasta, rice, potato chips). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Here goes!

    Success! Completed my Whole 30 yesterday - my third, and I think my most successful. This time I’m really focusing on reintroduction- I now view it as even more important than the W30 part. W30 is just a necessary step to get you to a baseline so you can have a successful reintroduction. I’ve done reintroductions before, but honestly, I just wanted to get through them and be “done.” And my mentality was really that I was done after the W30 portion anyway, so it wasn’t effective. Nothing effects me dramatically and I wasn’t tuned in to looking for subtle, longterm effects, so I pretty much convinced myself I could reintro everything and I’d be fine. But ultimately, that led me right back where I started. This time I see reintroduction as just the beginning and I’m fully committed to at least another month of thoughtful, careful planning, eating and observing. Just like with my W30, I planned a TON, really down to every meal for a month (this inevitably changes as time goes by, but it’s nice to start with some structure.) I have goals and metrics that I know I want to watch for - mostly energy, mood, and cravings. I’ve had Tigers Blood pretty much ever since the second week of the program, and I want to see how reintroduced foods effect that. And finally, I know, I know, W30 isn’t about weight loss, but I lost 9 pounds (just checked the scale for the first time in a month, and resisting daily check-ins was an accomplishment itself.) Now what I want more than anything is to maintain that. I don’t know if I’ve ever maintained a stable weight in my life, and for me, that’s the key to whether or not I truly have Food Freedom. So here’s my schedule, for the most part: 1. Start with wine, 3 days. Here I’m going to have wine with dinner just tonight, the rest of the reintroduction is really to check to see if cooking wine has an effect. I have so many recipes that are almost W30-compliant just with cooking wine, if I find that has no effect, it will really open up a world of cooking for me. What I’m looking for here is the effect on my skin- I have rosacea and wine is a huge trigger (sob), so it’s important for me to know how much I can get away with drinking wise and cooking wise. Then just one day Whole 30, assuming all goes well. If not, it’s back to W30 indefinitely. 2. Added sugar. I’d like to see what this does to my cravings, so during this phase I’m going to be careful about separate sugars (which right now is just fruit at meals for me- it’ll be interesting to see if I start consuming more.). Here I’m looking at regular non-compliant bacon, a Vietnamese dish of “caramelized chicke,” Siracha with my scrambled eggs, sugar in marinades, an almond milk latte, sweet pickle relish in deviled eggs for the super bowl, etc. Again, nothing independently sweet, but things that contain sugar to see what it does to my Sugar Dragon. 3 days back to Whole 30. 3. Non-gluten grains. I generally think of non-gluten grains as being relatively healthy (especially whole grains like farro, barley, etc.), but I need to see if they’re healthy for me. I’ve reintroduced these before and found no startlingly I’ll effects like things with digestion or joint pain, so here I want to pay closer attention to subtle, long term effects. I’ll likely eat this for a longer period, 4-5 days. I’m not quite sure how to measure this, but I want to see if this effects my fat adaption and moves me back to sugar adapted. Not quite sure how to judge this. Probably by monitoring my weight, but also to see if I get energy slumps in the afternoons, mood changes, and/or cravings. 3 days Whole 30. 4. Switch to slow roll/Food Freedom. I have a weekend trip to Vegas and I’ve been carefully plotting Whole 30 options (steakhouses are where it’s at!), but I anticipate I may come across an item that tempts me out of my plan. I want to practice my FFF skills here - thinking about is it worth it, and will a few bites satisfy? After coming back, I plan on a mini-reset of one week. 7 days Whole 30. 5. Next up- soy. And specifically soy lattes in the morning (which I know also have sugar). Here I tried these before during reintroduction and just had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. Again, nothing striking, but maybe a subtle increase in depression? I def want to monitor this, so I’m doing soy separate (and just soy lattes- I don’t miss much other soy), and will get a veinte a few mornings in a row to see how I feel. But likely these will just go back to a very once in awhile treat. 2 days Whole 30. 6. Then the rest of legumes, which I honestly don’t much miss. 3 days Whole 30. 7. Then dairy, which I do. Most of this reintroduction I’ll focus on cooking dairy- sautéing with butter vs. ghee and milk/cream in my soups. But in the final day, I’ll test a full-on cheese plate, which is a nice occasional treat. It’ll be nice to see if it can come back as a treat. 4 days Whole 30. 8. Finally, gluten. Again, which I don’t miss much, so it’s probably not an ingredient I’m looking to add back in myself, but since it’s in so much stuff when eating out, I’d like to monitor the effect. et voila. That’s it. I think that puts me at mid-March, so I’ve got some work to do/time to put in!
  23. Hi! Tomorrow is Day 30! Woo hoo! Oh wait, there's this "Reintroduction" thing they want me to do TOO?? TEN MORE DAYS??? I'm not DONE?!? OK, yes, this is not a surprise to me. I've read the books, which by the way, I heartily recommend, and this Reintroduction is revealed right from the beginning. I can't tell you how many times I've used the books as a resource since reading them the first time. Mine is the type of mind that needs the "why" before wholly embracing something new, so 'It Starts with Food' convinced me that this was not one more fad/diet dead end, the others in between I devoured (no pun intended!) and studied, on how to get started and stay on track (plus 1st week meal plan example - which I followed - and RECIPES!!), but then, it was 'Food Freedom Forever' that confirmed that I was definitely doing something for myself that should have been done a long time ago. Most recently, the 'Day by Day' was added to my Whole30 library, because, well, that damned sugar demon. Though I'm on my 5th Whole30, and I have learned a lot, feel great and love eating the meals I prepare, I have not yet tamed my sugar demon. I recognize that I still have much to learn, and I'm a willing pupil. So, THIS time, for the FIRST time, I am going to follow the Reintroduction Plan! It's true, I admit it. The first 4 successful Whole30's... I didn't do the Reintroduction Plan. I suspect that thinking about 30 days puts a period to the plan in my mind that needs to be adjusted, and I'm thinking the Reintroduction is just the thing. Then, I have some thoughts for after THAT too (Resets!), so that I can someday find my Food Freedom. I use to make my meal planning easier all year long, but especially during a Whole30. My reintroduction weeks are already planned. I shop on Thursday and I already have my legumes for Wednesday, Day 1 of my Reintroduction. If you are new to the Reintroduction too, or you are seasoned and want to help a girl out, please join this conversation. I think I got this, but my ears are open, plus I'd love to hear about your journey.
  24. Reintroduction question

    If on reintroduction day 1, I reintroduce legumes, and after 2 days I feel fine on them, can I continue to eat legumes for the rest of the reintroduction period? Or do I need to wait until I’ve reintroduced everything to be eating them?
  25. Can’t believe reintroduction is coming up in less than a week! I’ve done two Whole 30s previously and I did the fast-track reintroduction both times (followed generally the plan laid out in the book.) Had no real reaction to anything, other than a little bad mood with soy, and a huge resurgence of my sugar dragon. And then just generally my old habits crept back pretty quick. I’d like to do something different this time. I’m thinking of a combo fast-track and slow roll. I was thinking of starting with wine, but this time focusing on wine in recipes/cooking. I have a ton of recipes that are alllllllmost Whole 30 compliant, but for a little wine. After that, I’d like to do added sugar, because again, it’s hard and annoying to avoid in cooking/ingredients. Also, I’d like to see if I can add it back in in cooking without awakening my sugar dragon. Basically, I’d like to know if I could have these items back in my cooking as part of my food freedom. After that, I’d like to then do the slow roll, and just eat Whole 30 (with possibly the cooking wine/added sugar if no bad effects) until something comes along that I really want to specifically test out. Sound reasonable? And I assume I should go back to pure Whole 30 compliance between the wine and added sugar tests? I was thinking of doing the individual tests for longer than just a day or two. I was thinking about five days since it might be important to see the culmulative effect since I’ll likely be having relatively small amounts in a given meal.