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Found 235 results

  1. I’m in the middle of my second Whole30. My first was before the holidays. I was pleasantly surprised that my itchy, scaley scalp completely cleared up by the end of that first Whole30. Unfortunately, I failed reintroduction and ate an enormous amount of pizza on day four of reintroduction (it was delicious). I don’t recall any specific reactions to it, and I was totally expecting to feel horrible, but never did. Over the holidays I ate a lot of everything not allowed during a Whole30. The itchy, scaley skin came back with a vengeance. I’m now on day 17 of my second Whole30 and thinking about reintroduction. Is 3 days really enough time to evaluate what food is causing my skin to itch? And it’s taken almost 3 weeks of pure Whole30 eating for my skin to improve. I’m worried I won’t notice a reaction until I’ve moved on to reintroduce another food and that if I do get a reaction it won’t go away quickly so I can reintroduce a new food. Any thoughts or experience with this?
  2. Is multigrain ok for whole wheat reintroduction? If not i will run out and get something else. I googled it and multigrain could mean none of the grains are whole wheat so I’m guessing no.
  3. Yesterday was dairy reintroduction day. I had Half&half in coffee and honestly I like the coconut milk better, which is something I’d thought I’d never say. Half&half tasted kinda gritty! Felt fine after though, no bloating. Then it was Wallaby plain organic greek yougurt time as that was usually my pre-workout go to. It tasted as good as I remembered. For lunch I had Feta cheese on my salad. Not sure if it was the yogurt or Feta but was very bloated after that. Also got a latte from Startbucks - that I was also looking forward to! It was ok but nothing mind blowing. Today my pinky joint hurts. I used to think I banged my pinky somewhere!! Now know better - it’s dairy. Also I have a tingling/hurting/hot sensation in the tips of my fingers which was gone while on Whole30. It started about 6 months ago or so and would be pretty bothersome. Curious to see what happens with my skin, because on whole30 it completely cleared up but before I had bumps on my forehead and my skin was “rough”. Not sure yet if that’s dairy, gluten or sugar.
  4. Hi all! Day 4 reintroduction here - gluten-free grains. Had GF rolled oats for breakfast along with fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs. Oats tasted great, was looking forward to having some. So far no reaction other than being hungry! Maybe it wasn't enough protein? 19 grams as opposed to about 25 or so usually. Yes, I was tracking macros even though it's advised against. I tend to lose weight fast and that was not my goal, the goal was to have enough calories to stay at my weight. I went to Pilates for an hour this am, and have been cleaning at home so maybe expelling more energy (but probably not, because I hike a LOT and haven't been this hungry all Whole30.) Lunch was Beef stew with potatoes, a banana and Rx bar. I was hungry! Dinner will be Salmon cakes with Paleo GF english muffin and Avocado Mayo and some veggies. Curious to see if I am feeling hungry still after dinner. Reading back maybe I did not have enough fat. Hmm. Day 1 reintroduction was alcohol - 100% agave tequila. Usually don't drink it, but having vodka by itself did not sound appealing. Not much reaction other than being wired at bed time and falling asleep longer than usual. I have also been agitated past few days but this week has been crazy, so not sure if it's the alcohol or just stress.
  5. One and a Half Weeks Out

    I am so glad I buckled down and gave the Whole 30 a shot! I started it because I had gotten into some really bad food (and alcohol!) habits over the summer. I gained weight and felt terrible. After so many years of counting calories and points and rebounding over and over, I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose. What a difference it has made! A week and a half out I am still moving forward, with the exception of having a few beers on the weekend. However, I am shocked that I have lost my desire for bread, pasta, sugar - all the things I thought I would never be able to kick! I really don’t want to try reintroduction because there is nothing that I miss that much. I lost 8.5 pounds and am back in my healthy weight range. I can’t believe that all this happened without counting one calorie, or being hungry, and by eating SO MUCH dietary fat!! Avocados, nuts, olive oil - even bacon! I feel like the Whole 30 changed my life and my future.
  6. I'm only on Day 13 of my Whole30, but I'm trying to plan ahead so that way I am ready. When it's time to reintroduce foods to my diet, do I *have* to reintroduce them all day? For example, when I'm reintroducing and evaluating non-gluten grains is it necessary to have oatmeal in the morning, corn tortilla chips at lunch, AND white rice at dinner? I typically don't have that many carbs throughout the day; I'll usually only have oatmeal in the morning and stick to proteins, fruits, and veggies the rest of the day. But, would that be enough to show whether or not I have a reaction to non-gluten foods?
  7. Hello all, Today is Day 31. I'm feeling so great after completing my Whole30, except that I'm experiencing a pretty bad chest cold. I have a terrible cough, my ears are plugged, and my nose is starting to get stuffy. It started on Day 29, so it's completely unrelated to food reintroductions. I planned my Whole30 perfectly so that my fast-track reintroduction put me exactly where I needed to be for my birthday next Friday, but I want to make sure that I can tell if I'm having symptoms that are unrelated to this sickness. 1. Should I hold off? Or can I start with the "easy" things like legumes and see how those go? 2. Can I reintroduce honey without taking one full day to reintroduce sugar? Can I introduce some honey in my tea on the same day as legumes? 3. Any Whole30 compliant remedies people can think of would be greatly appreciated. I'm gargling salt water, drinking throat coat and echinacea teas, and getting lots of sleep and fluids. Thank you!
  8. Finished my first whole30!!

    I finished my very first whole30 cycle as of August 31st and I must say, I am so damn proud of myself! First, body changes. I lost 10 pounds and definitely see my face is slimmer and my stomach sticks out less. One of the greatest improvements though is my energy. I was the NAP QUEEN before all this, even with coffee. Now I'm not saying that all of a sudden I'm running marathons, but I definitely do feel a steady energy level increase throughout the day. Second, self awareness. At the beginning of the whole30 I would often be on autopilot when it came to food. Oh the cheese department is giving away samples? Sure, I'll have some. You'd like me to taste this new wine? Of course! There's only a few bites of pie left? I'll take it, no sense in getting a box. And so on. But having to have laser like focus about everything I ate really made a difference. I never really realized how often I eat on cruise control. Plus, I soon learned that cooking healthy food for myself is not a chore or punishment, it's treating myself with respect. Something long overdue. I celebrated my victory my first reintroduction day with some wine. Today, on my second, I had a little black beans and rice. And while I was tempted by my boyfriends cheesy tator tots, I have continued to abstain from dairy and will continue to do so. I know that my journey isn't over, but I'm really proud of how far I've come. I feel confident going into my future, knowing now that this lifestyle is possible. Good luck to all those out there starting their whole30 for the first time. Believe me, It's totally worth it.
  9. I'm nearly done with my first Whole30 and beginning reintroduction on Friday. The guidance says not to plan anything important during the first week of reintroduction, if you're following the legumes/non-gluten/dairy/gluten schedule with 2-3 days off between each food reintroduction. So my question is, how slow should I roll in light of the fact that I have a half marathon 9 days into reintroduction? I'm thinking dairy and gluten should wait until after the race, but if I pick one of the other groups to add in pre-race, would I be safer trying legumes, or gluten-free grains? Or should I wait on both? Go ahead and add both, since I have (in theory) enough time to recover if it goes sideways? For background, I'm mainly hoping to identify any links between food and my fibromyalgia, anxiety, and general energy levels. I plan to start reintroduction with gluten-free alcohol and relaxing on added sugar paranoia (not trying to add in sugar, just not going to freak out if I accidentally pour marinara with sugar on my breakfast hash instead of salsa. Because that happened and I has to toss half my breakfast - luckily I realized before taking a bite!). I really miss beans and legumes (not a meat fan), but don't want to add them too close to the race if there's a risk I might suffer.
  10. Hello Dragon Slayers! i.e. @Delicacious only it seems... I'm planning to do a Slow Roll reintroduction due to my social schedule over the next couple weeks, so my posts on here will likely be weird or maybe not at all. I did purposely do gluten yesterday, though, as I didn't get to it after my last Whole30. It didn't go as terribly as I expected, especially considering that I REALLY loaded up. The biggest thing I noticed was that I was getting hungry really fast despite feeling full after my meal. So I feel like the bread items were taking up space in my tummy that normally would have been room for more complex, satiating things that would hold me over between meals. I also went to bed feeling a little nauseated but I stayed up WAY later than usual and had like 1.5 Cheryl's cookies, which is A LOT of sugar, so it seems that was more likely the sugar. I ate a template breakfast this morning and am trying to stay on track today since we have friends in town this weekend and I only want to go off track if it's really worth it. I am excited to not have to ask about sugar in the hot sauce I plan on eating out tonight though! Excited to hear about other Reintroduction journeys!
  11. Hello! Day 31 here and this morning I reintroduced peanut butter. For breakfast I had 3 HB eggs, 1/2 avo, and celery with peanut better and raisins. The raisins have no additionally added sugar. I had about 6 3 inch pieces of celery and peanut butter went in. This was about 8:30am. Come 11:15am, headache! I had headaches in the first two weeks from what I assuming was a sugar detox. I entered this program for my love of sugar and horrible eating habits. The last two weeks they have been non-existent until today. I don't know a lot about peanuts. Do you think it's the actual peanut or added sugar? Wondering if it is beneficial to try and find peanut butter with no added sugar to narrow it down. I just had lunch - reintro for that was black beans with my deconstructed hamburger. This was just about 20 minutes ago. Thanks!
  12. Reintroduction - Starting August 14

    My boyfriend and I just finished our second Whole30 yesterday and began the process of reintroduction. We both have experienced many of benefits of doing Whole30, including our scale victories (I lost 5 lbs. while my boyfriend lost 12 lbs.). Last time we completed Whole30, our reintroduction fell flat as we started eating many of the foods without actually giving time or attention to noticing how we were affected and I believe we gave up about halfway through the reintroduction. I want this year to be different. Today was our day to reintroduce legumes, which I anticipated something I would miss more. The legumes I ate were: Peanut butter (spoonful with lunch) Black beans (part of kale burger patty for dinner) Pinto beans (dinner) I definitely noticed some side effects already, such as a sore throat (after eating peanut butter) and a headache (after dinner). Will continue to monitor for other side effects for the next two days!
  13. I am on Day 27 and am seeing less-dramatic results then what is described in ISWF and TW30. My goals in completing the program were to clear up facial breakouts and redness, reduce or eliminate some joint pain, fix some gut issues (bloating and stomach pain), reduce severe PMS symptoms, and, yes, lose some weight. So far skin has cleared up somewhat, joint pain has improved, gut issues have not bothered me since starting, crazy PMS lady has not reared her ugly head (yet...knock on wood), and weight loss has been minimal (disappointing but not the sole reason I'm doing W30). The thing I'm most happy with up to this point is the zero food shame/guilt I feel. That alone is worth it!!! Needless to say, no Tiger Blood...yet. Here is my question...since I'm not exactly feeling the "Tiger Blood" and my goals are only somewhat achieved, should I start reintroduction eventhough my results are more subtle? I'm very curious and a bit excited to see what foods effect me and how...I'm just worried that I will reintroduce a food group and not be able to notice it's effect. I do not mind extending my W30 at all and am very happy with what and how I'm eating. I just don't want to sabotage the progress I have made (eventhough I still have a ways to go). OR do you think the results I'm seeing are indeed enough to start reintroduction and be able to notice a difference?
  14. Reintroduction

    Do you have to re-introduce foods at the end of the 30 days are can you go Snead and start over with Day 1?
  15. Cross-posting this here as I did not get a response in the reintro section and it is looking for advice. I'm planning to do my non-gluten re-introduction soon. I found a curry simmering sauce that says it has modified cornstarch in it. Because it is cornstarch, is that also a non-gluten grain? The other problem with it I just realized, is that it has sugar in it as well. Will that affect the re-introduction, or will I be able to tell the difference between a sugar reaction and a non-gluten grain reaction ( similar to the sugary coffee drink example that is discussed in the sample reintroduction discussion) ?
  16. Dairy Woes :-(

    Through the reintroductions, I've found that my system is now not happy with dairy. I never had any noticeable issues with dairy before I did Whole30, but now it seems to upset my stomach. Not terrible, by any means, but I notice it. Dairy seems to make my stomach a little queasy, full-filling, and at times nauseous (I haven't noticed much lower intestinal issues from it - maybe a little gas, but that's it). The thing that bothers me is that cheese and ice cream might be two of my most favorite things to eat, and I really wish I didn't feel like this now about dairy (I also don't want to have to deal with not eating foods cooked in butter at restaurants). I'm cutting dairy down significantly already (I've switched to almond milk and almond milk creamer and ditched my cottage cheese and yogurt habit), but I wonder if there's something I can do to help my stomach not feel so crappy if I do want to indulge in some cheese or ice cream once in awhile. Any thoughts? It seems there are a lot of people who have issues with dairy after Whole30. It doesn't seem like I have a huge intolerance or anything, so I'm wondering if my body will just get used to it again if I opt to keep a small, but relatively consistent, amount in my diet. Thanks for your input!
  17. Hi - I am on day 32 of my Whole30 and feeling great (decided to hang on through the end of the week!). I'm planning to start the Fast Track Reintroduction but am a bit confused about the appropriate schedule. I have the Whole30 book, which has you starting with legumes, then non-gluten grains, then dairy, then gluten containing grains, however, I also subscribed to the Whole30 Daily newsletter which has the order going first dairy, then gluten grains, non-gluten grains, then legumes. I'm surprised to see two completely opposite schedules and now I'm not sure which is best. My Gut (ha) is telling me to follow the book b/c in it they talk about starting with the group least likely to disrupt the system, working up to the most likely to disrupt. Any thoughts on the best "order of operations?" I want to do the right thing after all the hard work I've put in the past 30+ days. Thanks >Christina
  18. I'm curious if during the re-introduction of foods, a person doesn't experience negative effects, could they re-introduce another food the next day or even 2 days later, or should there always be that span of three days in between newly introduced foods?
  19. Hello, I completed my first round of the Whole30 on May 23rd. I completed my reintroductions of legumes, non-gluten grains, dairy, and gluten grains following the exact model outline in ISWF. I kept a detailed log of what I ate & experiences so here is how it went in a nutshell... Day 1: LEGUMES - peanut butter & black beans. Stomach ache that night and into day 2. Day 2&3: increase in acne, slept terribly on Day 3 into day 4. Day 4: NON GLUTEN GRAINS - Popcorn as midday snack. Brown rice with dinner. No immediate effects felt. Day 5: stomach ache before bed, resolved by morning Day 6: nothing to report Day 7: DAIRY - milk & honey in coffee, feta cheese on kale & tomato salad, ice cream and whipped cream... no physical pain from these foods, slept fine Day 8&9 - zit on cheek appearing Day 10 - oats, 2 slices good seed bread. Stomach ache before dinner time. Came on gradually through the afternoon. Two whole wheat tortillas for fajita dinner. Stomach issue subsided after dinner. Day 11: felt fine all day until stomachache came on during the afternoon again. Feels like a digestive issue. On Day 12 & 13 (June 3rd) I went waaaaay off plan (it was my husband's birthday) thinking I now knew how the different foods affected me and I had deemed this weekend worthy of any pain I may feel later. I had sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, non-gluten grains throughout the two days. Ever since then, I have gotten a stomachache around the same time every day (3pm) even though I have been eating only Whole30 compliant meals since June 5th. I am not constipated. Originally I thought it may be a prolonged digestive reaction to the amount of dairy I had eaten over those two days (of all the off-plan food groups I ate, dairy was what I consumed the most of), but I feel like surely the lactose would be out of my system by now. It is now over a week later and I'm still getting stomachaches? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to get my body feeling back to normal? Or maybe an explanation of why this is happening? I didn't have any issues while doing my round of Whole30. I've searched high and low for an answer to the issue I'm having so I'm hoping posting my own specific questions will help me find some helpful advice. Thanks for reading my very long question!
  20. Longer reintroduction

    I'm nearing the end of my first W30 and planning reintroduction in June. I'd like to be more exact about my reintroduction, so I can know what it was that caused symptoms: 1. Quinoa 2. Black beans (or lentils or chick peas) 3. gluten 4. Vodka 5. Soy 6. Corn 7. Sugar 8. Dairy 1 9. Dairy 2 10. Dairy 3 I know I have a problem with Dairy but I do want to be able to enjoy a slice of pizza in the future (when it's worth it). I also want to know what whey added to a packaged product does to me. Does it make sense to divide dairy by it's components that usually cause irritation (e.g. Carson, whey, lactose)? Or more on how it's been made (pasteurized or raw, soft cheese or hard, etc)?
  21. Does anyone have any thoughts about dealing with the emotions that come up after you've slain the sugar dragon? I'm past my Whole30 - one day off for Mother's Day, and am back on the program. I've noticed that all of the issues I was masking through sugar - like feeling my feelings and dealing with stress - are still there. Do I need to work a 12 Step program now? Has anyone else struggled in the days and weeks after the Whole30? I had an amazing month...but now I feel a little like an addict after detox and rehab, trying to find a new way to be in the world. Thanks, Margaret
  22. HI everyone! My Whole30 will end on May 31st, and on June 2nd, I will leave for a work trip that will last 9 days. During that time, I will be staying in a hotel without kitchen nor fridge, and working on-site 8 AM - 5 PM. All of my meals are provided during the event (breakfast before work starts on location, lunch during 1 hour break, dinner directly after workday ends), but they are served in a giant cafeteria-style setting where I have a variety of options, but no say in how things are prepared. There is no place for me to prepare meals, and I cannot afford to eat out for all of my meals, nor are their options nearby. I am stuck eating at the event for most of my meals. Here is my question: I want to do this properly, but I will not be able to know things like: the kind of oil things are cooked in, hidden additives in ingredients, etc. I won't even know what my meal options will be until I get there. Because I've done this before, I do know that there will be salad bars, there will be some kind of meat options (although sometimes they are cooked with cheese, etc, added in), and I know that they are cooking with industrial food, not the world's finest selections. Would it be better for me to just choose one thing to introduce during that time (say, dairy, or grains), and just stick with that throughout the time, trying to do the best I can with my options? Or are there other methods? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Hello awesome Whole30 Community! I finished my first Whole30 back in March and it was an amazing experience! I ended up doing the faster Reintroduction so I could tale what I've learned and apply it to everyday eating habits. I had horrible heartburn after reintroducing legumes. So I want to do another Reintroduction simply to separate out peanutbutter and soy. Do I have to do another Whole30 to do Reintroduction? Or can I simply do like a whole7 and then introduce! Just looking for some wisdom from those who are better at riding their own bike then I am!
  24. On Sunday I reintroduced non-gluten grains in the form of bagged popcorn with only coconut oil and sea salt as the other ingredients. I meant to eat multiple grains, but life happens and long story short I ate the whole bag over the course of the day. I'm never buying popcorn again; it's too easy to overdo it. On Monday I felt fine, but then yesterday I had some crazy stomach symptoms. I need some input on this. After eating my compliant breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage and sweet potatoes w/ hot sauce plus decaf coffee with coconut cream), I started feeling really nauseated and had some moderate stomach pain. I started driving to work and felt my stomach drop. I made it to the office and had to run to the bathroom. Then I had to go to the bathroom again an hour later (diarrhea). The symptoms subsided, but I couldn't really eat my (compliant) lunch. I felt okay at that point but had no appetite. In the evening I made myself eat a small dinner of two pickle spears and a small amount of sweet potato spears with sunshine sauce. Today, I feel like I'm back 90% and am eating normally. Oh, the other symptom was that I was extremely emotional yesterday. I had to leave work briefly and take a walk around the block because I was going to cry about some dumb office problems that aren't even new problems. I'm not the type to not be able to hold back tears at work. Today, I am completely, 100% chill with no stress. So my question is, could the popcorn have caused that more than 24 hours after eating it?? I was totally fine the day after eating it, but yesterday was nuts. Maybe just feeling sick made me a weepy mess? OR I got salmonella because I didn't cook the chicken sausage long enough. These are my theories. Color me confused.
  25. The last things I reintroduced was non gluten grains, and wow did they awaken my sugar dragon! Two days ago I had a piece of gluten free brief with lunch, and gluten free breadcrumbs in meatballs at dinner and now I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies on the planet. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before the whole30 so this was surprise. Anyone else find that non gluten grains awaken their sugar dragon like this?