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Found 34 results

  1. tamcot68

    Starting 2/17

    My husband is having gastric bypass surgery at the end of March. The diet he has to follow 2 weeks before surgery is very strict, so we going to ease into by doing Whole 30. My best friend has been on it for 3 months and is very satisfied.
  2. Hi My wife and I are starting Whole 30 on Monday 12/31. Have read through the book, talked to others that have completed the program, have a plan for the first week of meals, and will be cleaning the fridge and pantry and shopping this weekend. We feel ready to go. I am looking to improve general health and weight control. My wife has a number of medical related issues (diabetes II, high blood pressure, stroke recovery and weight) we hope to make progress with as well. I am confident that once I post this, I will have committed myself to work through the 30 days. While my wife has agreed and seems committed, my greatest fear is that I will need to insist too often that she follow through. I am her caregiver and forcing choices on her can have negative impacts. By posting here I am going against my general grain of keeping things inside in the hopes of being prepared to ask for, and then finding, advice and support as needed, in the coming 30 days.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm doing my second one starting Thursday, November 1st. I'm a 42 year old father of 4 little ones and have been eating a ton of junk the past year or so. I'm really suffering the consequences and ready to turn things around. Also, my wife is struggling with some digestive issues (serious food restrictions) and I see this as my way of leading the way for her so it can be a little easier for her. I am a all-or-nothing personality so if I do this I'll do it 100% but if I slip even a little bit I'll crash and burn in flames of candy. Anyone out that want to join and get lots of positive support. I see there's a lot of women on here which is cool but there's got to be some men out there that want to start to improve their health. I'm thinking of doing a daily photo just to show the effects. Who's in?
  4. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hello, I am starting my 2nd round of whole30 on 4/2 (waiting until AFTER Easter). Just looking to see if there is anyone else that is starting around the same time. I loved my first whole30 so much and am looking forward to that Tiger Blood again! I think this will kickstart my healthy summer. I have some tricks that i learned during the first round (like always having approved snacks available, meal prepping every sunday, and I know what products to use now), but I'd like some accountability assistance!
  5. Last Tuesday, my doctor and I had a discussion concerning my slowly rising cholesterol numbers. My ratio is at 4.6 as of last Tuesday. She really wants me on some kind of medication, but I told her that statins were not happening. I would consider an alternative. She offered Welchol. We have been having this discussion for a year now with each lipid panel worse than the one before. I told her I would give it three more months, and if I couldn't get my readings to improve, I would try the Welchol. So, I have been on Whole 30 for a week. I am an old hand at Atkins/South Beach/lowcarbhighfat anything. I have never stayed with anything long enough to see if it really worked. Getting rid of sugar and simple carbs seemed to help me lose weight, but again I never stayed with it. Since the focus now is on getting my cholesterol under control, and I don't want to have a heart attack ever, I am determined to see this through. If I lose weight in the process, that will be a much appreciated bonus. I am a healthy and fairly active 69 year old female. I have a young very active 9 month old puppy who needs to get out and run everyday. She is really motivating me to get out and move. We walk from 2-3 miles a day now. I am also practicing Intermittent Fasting. This is easy for me. My mother was always thin, and it occurred to me that she unknowingly practiced IF. Through out my entire life I never saw her eat anything after dinner was done. She cleaned up the kitchen, and it was closed. It didn't matter if we finished at 4,5 or 6pm. She never ate a thing in the evening. Whole 30 was really hard for the first several days because all most all ready made foods: sausage, ketchup, dressings etc all have something in them that is not acceptable. Going to Whole Foods helped. I was able to find Primal Kitchen mayonnaise, salad dressings, ketchup and bacon that was acceptable. I have tried a few things that I have never done before like using spaghetti squash for spaghetti. It was ok, crunchy but it did fill me up and at 30 calories a cup, what the heck. Giving up all dairy has been the hardest thing for me. Not being able to put Parmesan cheese on my spaghetti sauce last night was hard. No alcohol is hard but not as hard as dairy. Not being able to have any sweetener real or fake is hard, too, but because I can have fruit, it isn't so tough. I bought the cookbook for Whole 30 but was disappointed as usual. The recipes are too far out there for me. I want to know how to make simple things and am not into spicy foods at all. I guess I need a Whole 30 compliant meat loaf or tuna "noodle" casserole recipe. I am one week in and take it one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. I just don't let myself get hungry. That is the kiss of death for me on this program.
  6. I've never been a part of a forum, so this is new. So is Whole30. I'm a planner. Therefore, I have my meal plans worked out for the 30 days, starting January 8. I've sampled recipes so I know what I like, and since I'm only cooking for one, my preferences are all that matter. Boy, that sounded conceited, sorry. I'm traveling after the holidays or I would start on January 1 with so many others. Not going far, but I didn't want to be just starting and already concerned with eating out and away from home. Anyway, any other solo January 8-ers out there?
  7. Lyla Madison

    Starting January 6!

    Hi I'm new and probably one of the younger members here (15 whoop whoop). Officially starting tomorrow, and since I'm gonna be the only one doing it in my family of 5 I'm looking for a lot of encouragement. Already told my sister to yell at me if I complain lol. I've just become very uncomfortable in my body, and I know I sound like every teenager out there, but I actually want to do something about it. I used to be really fit and in shape, with healthy eating habits, but I feel as if I've lost that. I just really want to get back into routine and I figured this would help. So yeah, new year new me, right? Also, there's a good chance I'll be doing a lot of ranting so please bare with me, and if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it!
  8. madknitter17

    Start Date January 30th

    Hey Everyone, I am starting in a week, January 30th. Reading the book and getting my self familiar with all the other resources. I am poorer and a little bit afraid to start the diet due to lack of a reliable income. However, I have a lot of health issues including digestive and my doctor believes that the Whole 30 could really help. That being said I am going on the diet for a whole 90 days. My boyfriend is joining me for the first two weeks to help get me started. After that I am going to be needing all the online support I can get. I am really excited to start having my health improve and I am thrilled to make some new friends along the way. I have the Whole 30 book, but I am going to need as many recipes as I can get. Especially more economical recipes. Best of Luck Everyone, Taylor
  9. Hello all, I am starting my first Whole30 on July 21st with a good friend. I know a Thursday seems odd, but from what I have read day 3 and 4 can be rough so I want to be able to recover over the weekend. What I am looking forward to: Better overall health, see which foods are affecting me the most, having more energy, better sleep, less bloating, and hopefully less headaches with no more brain fog. Not looking forward to: giving up dairy and quick meals, trying to find just the right ingredients, feeling yucky for the first two weeks, and reintegrating after 30 days. The good thing is I do not eat many desserts, chocolates, and I gave up soft drinks pretty much about two years ago. Every blue moon I want a piece of chocolate so I have those small one bite mini chocolates from hershey's and that usually satisfies the craving. Soft drinks every once and awhile I like to have about 6 sips and I'm good. So that part of this plan-- of giving up sugar and sweets shouldn't be so bad. However in the past on other diets as soon as I cannot have it I sometimes I will get cravings for it. Here is where I would like some help and suggestions with my questions: I am having a hard time finding canned or diced tomatoes or tomato sauce that does not have sugar in it. I have gone to a couple of grocery stores and even in the organic section and the best ones had at least 2 grams of sugar. I plan on going to Whole Foods this weekend to try my luck, it further away than I would like but I am all in on this plan. Let me know where you found yours. I bought mayo and it looked to be compliant and it said 0 sugars or no other artificial ones, but then read further and it says less than.5 grams of organic sugar so do not know if this is OK or not? As a backup would like to get the RXbars, Epic bars, or Larabars, but every label I read said it had at least 6 grams of sugar. Are you finding them without sugar and if so where? Even on they all had sugar. It is hard for me to eat breakfast since I get up so early, so I usually force myself to eat and I eat a protein bar, Since that is not possible any more what do you suggest that would be lite? If I eat much else it can make feel nauseous. Any suggestions to get through the really bad days would be great as well. I would love if others are starting on the same day to get in touch with me and go through this together online. I look forward to hearing from the group.
  10. Meal 1: Palm of Turkey breakfast sausage (homemade) 1/2 c roasted sweet potato 1/2 c roasted Brussels sprouts 1/2 c raw carrot sticks 2 Thumbs almond butter Meal 2: Palm of baked chicken breast coated in egg and almond flour Salad of mixed greens, radishes, lemon wedges and olive oil 1 c butternut squash soup Open hand of olives One apple Meal 3: Beef kebab vegetable kebab 1/2 c blueberries Closed handful of macadamia nuts Thoughts are welcome!!
  11. For a variety of reasons, I am starting my second W30 on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. Anybody else launching their W30 on Tuesday June 14?
  12. Hello Everyone!! I just got a new job yesterday, and was on my 4th day of the Whole 30. I celebrated with a couple beers so now I'm starting over. I learned a lot just in those 4 days though and feel like this time I can complete all 30-days and get my body functioning the way it was meant to. If you are planning to start this coming Monday I welcome you to join this forum to talk about how to get prepared and this 30 days a life changing event!!
  13. TeriAnn

    Starting October 26

    I am starting the Whole 30 on Monday, Oct. 26. I have a horrible sugar addiction. I need help!
  14. harwinm

    Starting July 7th

    Hi. My name is Melissa, and I am 30 years old starting this. I normally don't commit myself 100 percent, but I am determined to right now. Been feeling crappy, gained and continuing to gain weight, which is not making me happy. But this is more about weight but giving up addictions to sugar, food, and that calming glass of wine at the end of the day (I am going to miss that so much!). The coffee with milk too will be hard, but I am ready. I am excited to take this on and learn from it. Welcome to all doing this journey with me, much love and support.
  15. I am so amped on starting and want to start right away but we will be on a trip in 2 weeks where staying on track won't really be possible for about 4 days. I feel gross and want to make a change NOW and I don't mind starting over. Would there be a downside to starting, taking 4 days off and then starting again on day 1? Any alternatives? I thought about just eliminating sugar for now and then starting strong after the trip.
  16. I've been wanting to do an exclusion meal plan for years to try to stop my eczema and asthma (amongst other things...). Finally discovered some clever people have created one! Little bit anxious, but excited too... roll on tomorrow!
  17. FrauleinMichelle

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Just wanted to say hello! I will be starting tomorrow (hitting the market on the way home, with list in-hand) and if anyone wants a long-distance absolute stranger as a partner: here I am! I've done vegan on/off for 12 years or so, anywhere from a few weeks to a few years in duration. I usually ended up adding seafood in at some point because I was not very good about non-animal protein. I think that vegan is probably going to be easier than this... no bread! No pasta! No oreos?! (Yes, a surprising "vegan" food-- that's how fake they are!) I've been working out for months now, and I've always been on/off with that as well-- based on my current social life, relationship, work life, etc. Since I'm living the solo life, it's pretty easy to find time and motivation to go the gym. I mean, in SoCal, who DOESN'T work out? Also, it will be hard to turn down drinks with friends-- that's an integral part of life here. So, we'll see how that goes. I'm excited to see how this helps my fitness results-- should be good stuff. Good luck! Michelle
  18. I've done mostly Paleo for awhile (80/20) but things got off track since moving from Colorado to Turkey in September. I've tried all the yummy Turkish food (baklava is one of my favs) and now I'm ready for a reset. I'm definitely nervous/excited!
  19. Hello! I am planning on starting Whole30 on January 5th and I am really excited! Well, nervous for sure, but still excited! The main reason I am nervous is that I have a lot of new changes coming up and I don't know if it would be worth it to wait till I am "settled." On the 5th I am starting a new job (yay!) that I will hopefully love and then I am going back to school on the 13th (night classes, not as big of a yay). Would it be smarter to wait till I am in the groove so I don't have as many changes or should I just jump right in? I've read a bit on the Paleo diet and on Whole30 and have read that the first two weeks are brutal with the "carb flu" and I want to try to be 100% when I'm starting the new job and school! I know there will always be obstacles and struggles, but I'm almost thinking that have these two major changes in my life might be too much. Anyone else run into this issue of major upcoming changes pushing back your start date?
  20. Hello everyone, I plan on starting my first whole 30 days tomorrow. I am excited to start this so I can change my eating habits and become more healthy in the process, because I love snacking, I love candy/chocolate and I also tend to stress especially in school with exams/homework and being up late studying :/ but hopefully I will be able to eliminate my bad eating habits and replace them with more healthier choices. I'm happy I found out about this form and I look forward to getting more healthy! I wish everyone all the best P.S who else is planning on starting tomorrow (October 13)? All the best, Irene
  21. First Timer here, starting Monday. Who's WITH ME? Prep, Prep, Prep Get desperate about feeling unhealthy, being sick, and relying on medication - CHECK Discover Whole30 Program - CHECK Read and research Whole30 theory [consult referenced peer-reviewed papers, consult own experience, consult biology background, consult common sense] - CHECK Agree with Whole30 Program - CHECK Feel stupid for not finding Whole30 earlier - check Read Rules [Denial], Re-Read Rules [Anger + Fear + Doubt], Read Rules AGAIN [Acceptance] - CHECK Attempt to enlist family - FAIL Doing it anyway - CHECK Find Whole30 Recipies - CHECK Realize I have virtually none of the wholesome real-food ingredients needed, plan shopping, raid savings account - CHECK, CHECK, CHECK Goes Shopping - PENDING Plan "Whole30 Binge Party" - CHECK Have "Whole30 Binge Party" on Sunday, Sept. 14th 2014 - PENDING Start Whole30 ???????????????????? <GULP> ??????????????????????????
  22. Hi all, Is anyone starting their Whole30 today or this week? If so, I wouldn't mind a buddy to chat with for support and/or accountability. (My husband's doing this with me, but I know he will just breeze through.)
  23. This has got to be a first: I decided to give Whole 30 a try as a result of looking for a Julia Child chocolate cake recipe on the web. My search took me to a lady's website where she had posted the recipe two years ago. Curious as to what she was doing now, I clicked on the main page - she had completed her 30 days on Whole 30 and lost 14 pounds! Wow. I will admit up front that my main reason for doing this is weight loss, but secondarily I really do need to get my blood sugars down a bit. So sue me, I'm vain. I lost quite a bit of weight 3 years ago but for the past year, it's really been a struggle. My main problem is sugar addiction. I am a total stone freaking sugar loving addict. Mainly I eat it in the form of baked goods, which I make at home. I eat half and give half to friends, especially on walks and hikes. I really responded to the "Tough Love" section. I've been through a lot in the last two years: two broken wrists, assorted other issues. I'm totally healed and healthy and ready to take control of my eating habits - so giving up unhealthy foods should be a cinch, right? Why is it that a day is so long to live through, but the months fly by in a blink? Anyway, that's it for me. I'm cleaning out the pantry this weekend and starting May 19. Please if anyone out there is starting on that date, join me!
  24. I know whole30 (and Palo in general) say not to count calories, but I use My Fitness Pal to track my foods and make sure I'm hitting my calorie goals. A couple weeks ago I started eating mostly Paleo (a few cheats here and there) and within the first few days I got extremely sick. Dry heaving, weakness, dizziness and a major major migraine. I couldn't move really for two days. I know now some of this was probably carb-flu and migraine related. I knew not eating enough is one of my migraine triggers and although I hadn't felt hungry I wondered if I hadn't had enough calories even though I felt stuffed on grilled veg and steak. I went back and used My fitness Pal (this had been the first time I'd used it and have been using it since) and found out I'd been eating less than 500 calories a day!! Yikes!!! So now I track my calories to ensure I am eating a min of 1200 calories per day although I shoot for 1500. If by about 8pm I haven't had enough I have a couple fried eggs or a homemade latte made with coconut milk and a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil (sounds weird, super good!!) Also I would like to try and determine the cause of my migraines and it seems to be a very helpful for tracking all of my foods and amounts (I can even add notes about my day and how I feel, whether or not I had a migraine, etc.) and My Fit. Pal has been a very helpful to track all of that, but I would really like to commit to the Whole30 to see if it would help reduce my migraines and my skin issues. Cutting out artificial fragrances a year ago helped a lot, but there I still would like to reduce those issues further. Would it be OK to count calories/ track foods for these reason? Or is it just flat out no? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you so much!