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Found 35 results

  1. Susan Morley

    On my third Whole 30!

    After watching my mother try diet after diet throughout my childhood I became anti-diet. When a friend mentioned the Whole 30, I thought it was another fad diet craze. But then, later that week, I attended a conference and Dr. James Rowe gave us the grocery list for Whole30. I decided I had to try it. As a tennis player, in my late 40’s, I wanted to do what I could to reduce inflammation and cut back on my daily Advil intake. I was hooked after week 2 when I had zero shoulder pain and consistent energy throughout my work day. No 10am and 3pm dips and sugar cravings! When I heard I could meet Melissa, co-creator of Whole 30, at a local book signing (thank you Olive You Whole) I knew I had to attend! I waited in line to get my books signed and when I made it to the front, I told Melissa I wanted to become a Certified Whole30 Coach so I could help moms make impactful changes in their families' diets because I believe dietary changes PLUS effective parenting practices equals powerful change. What if by making these changes moms reduced the need to medicate their children for misbehavior? She replied, “We need you!” And, well, anyone who knows me knows that's like throwing up the Bat Signal for me! I committed right there and then to get certified. I am now on my 3rd Whole30 and have completely changed my life because of the food freedom I discovered through the Whole30.
  2. chezron

    We Did It!

    My boyfriend and I finished our first Whole30. He lost about 15 pounds and lost 0. Even though I lost nothing it seems like my body is changing composition. Although, someone did ask me if I had lost weight. Also, I really didn't need to lose weight, so maybe that is why I didn't. We are in our late 50s. Before the diet, I ate fairly similarly except for dairy and occasional wine. I have never had much of a sweet tooth or a taste for pastries, or cakes, so leaving them out was easy. While on the diet, what I really missed was the cheese! I missed cheese so much! I also missed raw milk and organic honey in my coffee, but I discovered coconut milk, so I was okay. Unfortunately, I love coconut milk in my coffee so maybe that is why I didn't lose weight? Even though at times it was really tough, I am glad we stuck with it because I feel good and I am sleeping great! It is a little scary though what to do after the Whole30? I liked the scientific explanations for not eating dairy, gluten, grains, and legumes. I felt like we were doing something really healthy for our bodies. There was the safety and security of knowing the eating plan had a finite time frame, but what do we do now? I actually want to continue eating this way. The only thing I REALLY miss now are fresh organic English peas, and I plan on adding those back in. Also, bacon. There is no organic bacon without added sugar, so, for now, I will make this an exception too. What saved us were ORGANIC Urban Bruce Chicken and Basil Meatballs and ORGANIC Chicken Italian sausages from Costco.
  3. biglasheswidehips

    Round 3 completed! I need new pants! LOL

    And I just bought new ones before I went on my trip! Good problems but my wallet doesn't agree. I’ve lost a minimum of 55lbs since July 2017. I started my 3rd round of Whole30 on January 1, 2018 and during this trying time work popped up that required me to travel. Before I started my 3rd round, I want to throw in a disclaimer. During my time off from the strict 30 days I still followed the lifestyle of the program. No dairy, no gluten (allergy), no processed foods, and no sugar (only fruit). On my 3rd round of Whole30 I could feel those little aches and pains some of us have become accustomed to go away. My nose wasn’t running, headaches weren’t daily and my back wasn’t killing me like normal. I did face some challenges this round though. Because I was traveling for 3.5 weeks and living out of a hotel I didn’t have a kitchen until the beginning of week 3. Now everyone knows you don’t eat out on the Whole30. Having no kitchen I faced the challenge head on and researched local restaurants/cafes. I found coffee shops that offered boiled eggs, I tired to stock up on local cold-cut meats, fruits, and veggies. Everything I consumed I researched and if it wasn’t Whole30 compliant I didn’t even entertain the idea of consuming it. Restaurants were a challenge but having a local sibling who also has food allergies helped me pick out paleo friendly restaurants in the city I was located in. I’m not going to lie. The stress of work and not having a kitchen did cause me to skip a few lunches here and there. The moment week 3 hit and I saw my friend’s kitchen I had that ‘heavenly’ moment where I knew I could cook my frittata in piece!I lost a total of 10lbs on my 3rd round and have kept it off since. I’m going to start my 4th round when I get back from my 2 week vacation. I am currently at 180lbs. I haven’t been at this weight in almost 2 years. I don’t have an ultimate goal. Growing up and always obsessing over the number has caused me to self-sabotage. Other than feeling good and look good I have no ultimate number in mind. My birthday is July 2nd and I'm excited to see if I can lose another couple pant sizes by then. It would be the best birthday gift to myself. <3I also wanted to throw in my dad’s progress. He has lost over 80lbs doing the Whole30 program; he's been living Whole30 for over a year now. He looks, feels, and is doing wonderful. He wants to lose another 10lbs and then maintain. I’m so happy he introduced me to this lifestyle and I have a true understanding of nutrition and consumption like never before. Different strokes for different folks!
  4. This may seem like a small victory, but for someone who has always hated black coffee, this is a huge game changer! I drank coffee for the caffeine and had to drown out the flavor with cream and sugar. I have been using coconut, almond, or cashew milk in my first cup and then switching to tea. It's Day 19 and I am finally able to enjoy black coffee! I am so excited to finish my Whole30 and nix the added sugar and cream!
  5. SarinaLR

    Purse Dressing!

    I had a friend come to town last minute today and called to meet up around 2 for a late lunch. She called about 10am so I had some time to strategize and eat a small pre lunch just in case I had to cut everything out of my salad once we got there. She wanted to hit up TGI Friday's so I got on the computer and started reading. Million Dollar Cobb! It sounded pretty good after leaving off the cheese and bacon. They had a chicken, steak or fish option but I was fully prepared to ask them to leave off the meat and add extra eggs and avocado for me if the waitress didn't seem sure of her answers about the meat. Luckily we had the best waitress ever! I asked and the steak (which was my #1 choice) isn't marinated and they'd be happy to ONLY use salt and pepper on it. LOVE IT! So my salad (while still a TGIF salad) was downright edible and close to good, I'm pretty sure I stayed 100% AND I'd remembered my handy dandy purse dressing so I didn't end up eating it plain. I typically have a little cooler with some snacks in it and so today I added a bottle of compliant dressing and just transferred it to my purse before we went in. The waitress laughed at me but said she totally gets it because both of her daughters have a lot of restrictions. Overall even though I could have made a better salad at my house it was lovely to not get left out of the girls lunch. Go Me!
  6. Marc FH

    Day # 31

    I weighed myself for 1st time since I started & lost 8lbs over whole30, that's 2 lbs a week. I did catch accidental glimpses of my mid-section tire deflating over the month. I'm not craving anything to reintroduce, but I thought I'd try corn on the cob. I'm not going back to sugar or artificial sweeteners. I've never eaten so many vegetables & fruit, and I'd like to keep that up. I had no trouble adhering to the plan on the road or in restaurants. I appreciate whole30 for teaching me how to eat sanely. I am a medical doctor, but untrained in nutrition. Thank you.
  7. I have been a vegetarian for 20+ years and vegan off & in within that timeframe. I am a 42 year old female. I am a marathoner/ultrarunner, very healthy and active generally speaking -- I stumbled upon Whole30 as I am constantly looking for ways to "heal" my weird relationship with sugar/sweets/carbs....I would like to lose and few lbs and tone up, though my main objectives are to increase steady energy levels, regulate mood and get off this crazy sugar train! I have yet to read any real success stories from vegetarians and/or vegans. Not sure if that's b/c it is not appropriate for vegetarians or if folks have tried and found it difficult or ??? I am willing to eat eggs, tempeh, tofu, edamame and the occassional nut...(i tend to go overboard there as well). Any stories out there? good/bad/interesting/helpful? Thank you!
  8. I’m a foodie, an overweight foodie. And being overweight has never been a big enough motivation for me to permanently change my eating habits because, as a foodie, I didn’t want to give up mind blowing delicious food. Then in my late 30s I developed a host of medical problems. Overweight, uterine fibroids, anxiety, mental health issues, severely aching joints, all year long ‘seasonal allergies’, mysterious mouth rashes, bloating, IBS symptoms, chronic illness, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, tired all the time, lower back pain and finally in January at age 40 I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and was told I had severe arthritis. This was apparently why I couldn’t kneel down or take the stairs. I also kept experiencing rare issues that ‘less than 2% of the population gets (according to my doctors) such as a tooth that disintegrated for no reason, infections and a whole host of conditions that were labeled as ‘auto immune responses’. There is more, but the bottom line is that my body was failing me and I knew it but felt powerless to fix it. So here I am 40 years old, having a hard time getting out of bed and walking in the morning due to muscle aches and joint stiffness. I’m on more meds that I can count and I need a pill organizer. And honestly I just get scared that if I’m this bad at 40 I’m going to be in wheel chair by 50 and I don’t even want to think about 60! I’ve tried diets before, some even successfully, but again as a foodie, weight was never a big enough reason for me to change. But facing the fact that at 40 I felt doomed to thrive or have a healthy life, and I just didn’t want to be in pain anymore, I started actively searching for an answer to my ailments. Several health care practitioners suggested I go Paleo but after a short bout of trying it I gave up. Then Whole 30 was introduced to me by a friend. I bought both books, read them cover to cover and prepped for my W30 for 6 weeks! I re-did my pantry, planned my first weeks’ meal plan and emotionally came to terms with my fears and resistance about giving up so many things for 30 days. In the end I said, ‘it’s just 30 days and I’m not making any promises past that!’ Those 30 days went by like a flash! Sure the first few days were difficult but after that my health improved so much that I felt like I was thriving and healthy for the first time in years. And I never gave up my foodie ways – I just shopped weekly off my menu plan and tried all kinds of new and amazing recipes that my family gobbled up! It felt like I had found my calling. I’m happy to say that I completed my Whole 30 and after re-introduction will be doing another round with several family members. And I fully intend to adopt a Paleo lifestyle. All the ailments I listed above are GONE! Poof vanished just like that! And I mean ALL of them. And the best news is that my cravings and emotional attachments are mostly gone as well. I feel like a whole new woman and I can move around, bend, jump up and down, run up and down the stairs and feel great! I joined the gym and took up swimming again – nothing crazy just making sure I move several times a week in a way that is fun for me. I now enjoy being outside, gardening, hiking and I look forward to exercising with my friends and family. I don’t worry about being the person that can’t keep up with others. Whole 30 is nothing short of a miracle but the bigger miracle is I did this work and healed myself. Without this program I feel like I would have no hope for a healthy or happy future. And one embarrassing/amazing confession: I used to go to the grocery store and really judge people’s shopping carts while waiting in line. Especially the people with all the fresh produce and lack of packaged foods and sugary treats. I’d look at those carts and think “wow how boring, I’d rather be overweight and be able to eat tasty stuff than have to be like that!” Well guess what? Today at Whole Foods while checking out I realized that the cart I used to be jealous of was now my cart! And it’s so NOT BORING! I now have the relationship with food that I never thought possible and the health that comes along with it. And in case you are wondering, I dropped 13 pounds along the way. Although the other health benefits far outweigh the weight loss. I know that weight will continue to come off as I pursue this new lifestyle and that works perfectly for me. Thank you WHOLE 30 and thank you Melissa and Dallas Hartwig for inspiring me with a program that can provide all the health and wellbeing that was missing in my life.
  9. It was a tough 30 days. I'll admit it. But, though I still crave bagels and pizza and anything bread or pasta-related, I stayed compliant for the entire time and have gotten much better at fighting off the food demons. I lost 13.5 lbs. My skin is clearer. I'm rarely hungry. I feel much more in control and confident in my ability to stay the course. And, at least for the final week, I had a ton more energy. I've got another 30 lbs to lose, but this was a great way to kick off my new regime. From here, I'm switching to Weight Watchers while doing the reintroduction. I don't eat processed or "diet" foods so it should be interesting. My goal is to also keep the gluten to a minimum. rule. NO TAKEOUT IN THE HOUSE! If I'm going to treat myself, I have to sit myself down at a restaurant with someone else. No more sneaking food that's no good for me and pretending like it didn't count because no one saw.
  10. Well then, I finished my 3rd Whole30 one week ago and last Friday, I took a test and there she was, the second solid pink line on the pregnancy test! After about 5 preggo tests later I'm still trying to manage my shock. Good shock! This is our third baby. We thought we'd give it one last go, thinking because I have endometriosis, it may take some time. Well, it happened with our second child that we got pregnant doing a Whole30, and now again the month after I'm off birth control and we start trying. This, after my first baby was IVF because I was told I'd have less than a 5% chance of ever concieving on my own. We are convinced it is really all about what you eat! Now, on to more practical matters, the last time I finished the Whole30 when I became pregnant, my morning sickness and food aversions kicked in pretty quick and I pretty much fell face first back into bagels and cream cheese, etc. This time I'm more aware but I'm a bit anxious of these aversions rearing their ugly little heads and pulling me off the paleo/whole30 track. Any other mothers out there have good suggestions/advice at getting around these aversions and staying mostly compliant? I'm not doing a Whole30 at the moment, just trying to maintain the goodness and eating well ~85% of the time.
  11. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Steps to Success at the Office

    Hello Whole30-ers! I think we all know (or have discovered) that planning and preparation are keys to success with the Whole30 (as well as pretty much any dietary/nutrition/lifestyle overhaul). Outside of meal planning and preparation (a topic in and of itself), what are other little tricks you've learned to use to help stick with and maintain (for those post-Whole30) good habits? I feel like it's easiest in my own home, where I have the most control over the ingredients and preparation methods. I feel like it's a bit harder at my office, where terrible packaged/processed snack foods abound, and hardest of all out at restaurants and friends' homes where the ingredients and food preparation are out of my hands and temptations abound (I'll make a separate "Steps to Success for Travel"). Here are some ideas I've used (yes, I'm fortunate that I have my own desk where I can stash stuff; and an office kitchen with a fridge and microwave). - I brought my own blender to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (this is a holdover from my smoothie days, but I discovered that you can quickly make a great soup using steamed vegetables - in the office microwave - plus coconut milk, hot water and seasonings). - I brought my own toaster to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (not that I've had much of anything to "toast" lately). - I keep the following in my office fridge: a jar of compliant salsa (spices up any meal), lemon juice (for adding to hot or cold water or squeezing on food), olive oil (for drizzling on salads & vegetables), balsamic vinegar (for salads), canned coconut milk (for coffee or soup, as above, or spooning over pretty much anything!) - this saves the trouble of bringing these things in travel containers every day and risking spills in my ever-expanding lunch bag. I might even bring in a bag of frozen shrimp and a bag of frozen vegetables to keep in the freezer (who else really uses that in the office anyway?)! And when I make some homemade mayo, I will bring in a jar of that too (but with a special "hands off" label - I'm not sharing that with my office mates!). - I keep the following in my office kitchen cupboards: cinnamon (for dusting on stuff), sea salt & black pepper shakers (for seasoning) - you could add bottles or jars of whatever your favourite seasonings/spices/herbs happen to be! I also have access to microwave-safe dishes, a sharp knife, a cutting board and a can opener. - I keep the following stashed in my desk: packets of coconut butter, canned tuna & chicken, canned olives, packets of raw or roasted nuts and/or dried fruit (no added sugar, no sulfites - check your labels!), and compliant Larabars (these are in decreasing order of preference. I know Larabars are not ideal, but if they keep me out of the office box of Krispy Kreme donuts then they can help). I've got pretty much everything I need to be a Whole30 MacGyver in the event of unexpected lunch meeting - complete with pizza or other catered no-no's - or a late night deadline that necessitates a mini-meal when I can't cook a full template meal. I'd love to get my hands on some compliant Epic bars and Rx bars, and compliant jerky would also be an option. Again, in no way are these meant to replace template meals but when you unexpectedly have to stay late to finish a project and the team orders in take-out, you now have a "safe" option. - I also keep prinouts of my favourite Whole30 downloads at my desk for quick reference: the meal planning template to keep me on track with template meals; the shopping list for omnivores to remind me of the best choices; and the travel guide when I need to figure out a compliant snack. What do YOU do? Let me know if any of the tips above help you out! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  12. gothope77

    Continued success on day 65!

    I'm 54 years young. I posted my success story on here when I finished the Whole 30. But then I decided I needed to do a Whole 60 and am now on day 65 and going strong. A brief recap….after the first week, a chronic ache/pain that I've had for at least 2 years in my right shoulder was gone and is still gone! This was the biggest surprise…I never expected that to happen. I've also had night sweats and insomnia off and on (more on than off,) for at least 5 or more years, and that has reduced to almost nonexistent (and I'm weaning myself off estrogen now because of doing so well;) I've also dealt with nearly constant constipation for longer than I can remember and that too, is 98% better. (I still need to drink more water.) I was the proverbial carb addict, craving surgery foods and have no "stop" button when eating them. And I was a confirmed "veggie hater." I no longer crave sweets….I don't crave much of anything anymore! And I've learned to like veggies and have tried a few new ones. And fruit is like the sweetest dessert. Truly a miracle! I lost 13.5# the first 30 days and have since lost a total of 19.5# and over 20 inches! (from 161 to 141.5#.) I honestly never felt hungry and am still amazed by the amount and kinds of foods I can eat and still lose weight, and all without having to count a single calorie or point! I have been fat-phobic and avoided red meat, bacon, black olives, etc. for most of my adult life! Then I tried to exercise my weight off, which didn't work. I love the way I feel on most days, and never feeling guilty about my food choices. I never got that "tiger blood" so many people talk about or burst of energy, but my energy levels are so much more steady, and I don't have that afternoon slump I always had before Whole 30. It is a lot of work, especially for someone who doesn't love to cook and who ate out nearly every day in one way or another. I feel like I'm kind of getting in the groove of cooking now but at first I felt like all I did was cook and clean up continuously. But it's worth it. I want to tell everyone I know about this program! If you do it you will never regret it! I'm giving God all the glory but I also am grateful to the Whole 30 and the authors of It Starts With Food. I'm still counting days but this is now a lifestyle change for me. Never going back!
  13. When I started my Whole30 journey, I had many goals in mind...specifically, losing weight (per my doctor) in order to conceive, carry and have a child. Since I've always struggled with my weight, this was an impossible feat in my the point where I would just sit and cry. I have a life long medical history that has screwed up not only my body but my hormones as well as resulting in allergies, infertility, inflammation, weight gain, thyroid issues, etc. A ray of hope shone down on me when a friend of mine at work (and the doctor) suggested visiting the Whole30 website. Cutting out all of the crap in my life for at least 30 days would help me better understand my body and the foods it doesn't like while also helping with weightloss and becoming a more balanced individual. My whole life I've been a fad dieter, a yo-yo dieter...I've wanted the quick fix and magical transformation instantly. But, that's not realistic and if I want long standing results, I needed to do it the RIGHT way. The doctor gave me a magic number of 20lbs to lose being we're trying to get pregnant and I figured a baby was motivation in itself to actually commit and complete something for myself, something I have never done before in my life. Long story short, my Whole30 was complete as of yesterday...with anticipation, I knew I was going to step on the scale and do my measurements to see how far I have come. Before I did this, I reminded myself of the non-scale victories....I'm less bloated and inflamed, no abdominal discomfort or cramping, even tempered and have a better mood overall, no more headaches, I'm sleeping better at night, my clothes are fitting so much better and I'm more comfortable in my skin! While these NSV's are great, the numbers are as follows....almost down 10 pounds and I have lost a total of 14.25" overall. Specifically 9 inches between my waist/abdomen/buttocks! Although everything listed is amazing, I honestly didn't believe it until I saw my before and after "selfie's"... Wow - Success...after this amazing accomplishment, I went out and bought myself my Anchor necklace...representing STRENGTH and not letting yourself SINK regardless of the situation or the trials you have to deal with on a daily basis. Being that I'm not yet where my doctor wants me to be, I'm going to keep on keeping on...we'll see what happens at Day 45! I'm spreading the word and hoping others will get on this miraculous band wagon of HEALTH!
  14. I finished my first Whole 30 yesterday! Today is weigh in day and I'm down 11.5 pounds. Yeah me! I feel terrific and want to shout from the roof tops how good I feel!! I want to tell everyone to try The Whole 30 before they go to the doctor and bring home a handful of prescriptions. (I've had to reign it in as not to be the obnoxious friend, sister, wife, etc). I love the idea of doing an "After Action Report". Here's my version for your use and enjoyment! What I did really well Resisted bread when my husband and I went out to dinner (that was so hard!!) Planned ahead when I went to my sister's birthday party. I brought ants on a log (celery with almond butter and raisins) to help me resist the pigs in a blanket and mini cupcakes. Did 1000-calorie workouts the first 15 days to kick things off, then scaled back to my regular 500-calorie workouts for the remainder. Broke my Starbucks habit!! I discovered that I can make a delicious iced coffee with coconut milk at home for a LOT less than my daily double tall soy latte. What I'll do better next time Do a better job of reading labels for sneaky sugar and unpronounceable ingredients Be more diligent when eating out. Ask what food is prepared in, if vegetables come with butter, etc Don't get weight, measured, or measure my fat percentage for the full 30 days. I failed miserably at this!! Get more creative with meals--do more planning and preparing; fix more meals at home. Stick to three meals; cut out the snacking unless I'm really, really hungry. Try Bone Broth. I keep hearing good things about it. Make it less boring. Experiment more. Best discoveries that I'll keep with me for a lifetime La Croix or other sparkling mineral water. I squeeze in some fresh lemon or lime juice and pour it over ice. It's as much fun as soda without the ugly consequences. Organizing my refrigerator according to food groups--I put good fats on the top right; fruits-second shelf on the left; veggies, second shelf on the right; and protein on the bottom shelf. It's a simple visual that helps me build a clean meal just by opening the fridge. It's also easy to see when things are running low and I need to go shopping. Nom Nom Paleo! I love these recipes!! They're simple, but really tasty. One of my favorites is Slow Cooker Kalua Pig (nom, nom!) I've seem so many positive changes over the last 30 days, but the single biggest revelation for me is that I actually did it! I ate healthy whole foods and resisted the urge to eat the foods I had committed not to eat for the entire 30 days. I can't tell you how strong, confident, and empowered that makes me feel. I think that feeling eclipses everything else!
  15. Last time I did a Whole30 I had a buddy and it helped so much to check in on a daily basis and share our experiences and challenges. Anyone up for being my buddy this go 'round?
  16. PainterB

    Daily Goal - What's Yours

    Being an inveterate list-maker, I noticed a while back that at the end of a day, I often focused on what I had NOT accomplished, rather than what had actually gotten done. It didn't make me happy. I like being happy, so I changed making the list to the end of the day and only wrote down all the things I did. Wow. What a difference. Still, I like having a focal point for the day ahead, so I am going to start adding a daily goal to the beginning of the day to see if it diverts my tendency to start 72 different things that I don't finish. Today it is making Whole30-compliant spice mixes and sauces from the Well Fed, Against All Grain and Nom Nom Paleo cookbooks. What's yours?
  17. SportsGalPal

    Now I know my life has changed

    Yesterday I had one of the WORSE days ever - not only was it the monthly visit, but I had a project at work completely fall apart, got into a huge fight with my husband and to top it all off my car wouldn't start at the end of the day. I had to wait an hour and half before my husband could come to rescue me. When he came he had brought me a brownie, which before January I would have chowed right down on. But this time, despite my wanting to cry my eyes out and starving I sad "no thanks" and gave the brownie to the kids to share. I didn't feel guilty about passing up the treat, I didn't feel regret, I just said no. It wasn't until this morning that I realize what a BIG deal this is for me - because before I would have obsessed about that brownie and or worse I would have started with the brownie and then binged on tons of unhealthy food. Instead I came home and took a super relaxing shower and indulged in going to bed early with a good book. I could never have gotten to this point without this program. I completed my first Whole30 on February 3rd and continued since then. I've only had three meal since that have not been Whole30 compliant - and I'm still losing weight. But I hadn't felt like a true success until right now. This is the only place I can share this - because all of you understand. You get how hard that first week was and how difficult it is to pass up past comfort food for something so much better. The ability to say no, mean it, and move on. I've never felt so powerful.
  18. After battling with gut problems for many years, increasing food allergies and sensitivities along with ever increasing weight, I stumbled across the W30 website while doing some research on the Paleo way of eating. As I sat there suffering terrible heartburn and acid reflux, I was struck with the 'tough love' section on the website and how much it resonated with me; that this program is not hard in the scheme of things. After previously making excuses as to why I couldn't possibly give up alcohol, or how hard it would be to be compliant 100% of the time, I went to bed feeling energised by the tough love and commenced the very next morning. I have been gluten free for many years and mainly dairy free (except for the odd bit of butter and cheese), knowing that both bothered me, in varying degrees depending on how much I consumed. I had also almost completely cut out sugar, having noticed the terrible blood sugar crashes I would get after eating it. So my food intake wasn't too dissimilar from the program, but I wasn't 100% strict all of the time. I started to notice changes around Day 3. The heart burn and acid reflux had gone completely. I realised how constant it had been as it was so noticeably absent. My stomach has been so sensitive for such a long time, that I had also got used to severe bloating, cramping and wind after eating. I could eat what I considered a safe meal and still suffer, without rhyme or reason I felt. Around Day 3 this also vanished. Heading into my 2nd week, I started to notice the significant changes to my energy levels. I hadn't really believed the website or Whole30 Daily emails about the abounding energy levels, but lo and behold, it happened to me. It even got to the point where I had so much energy I was bouncing around late into the evening and had to work hard at getting myself into bed at a reasonable hour. Yet even after those late nights, I would awake feeling refreshed and bursting with more energy. Midway through the 2nd week, I also noticed my skin was looking better. It wasn't looking bad before, but now it had a glow to it. I also noticed that patches of skin which have traditionally been very dry and required lots of moisturiser, now needed none. My clothes started to feel less tight and by the end of the W30 people were commenting that I looked great. Another noticeable difference around this time was the stability in my hormones. I didn't feel like a crazy lady at that time of the month! Hoorah! There were moments when I found it challenging. After a hard day, I really wanted a nice glass of wine and it took a lot of willpower to avoid it. I commenced my W30 towards the end of November, so I went into a very social time which was challenging. I had several Christmas parties to attend, a hens night, an all day catered work event; and managed to stay compliant. I drank A LOT of sparkling water with lime or lemon to pretend I was having an alcoholic drink. I realised that if people thought I was drinking vodka and lime they didn't hassle me to drink. Eating out was sometimes challenging as I didn't have a lot of choice on the grain and dairy filled menus, but I was surprised at how accommodating some restaurants were. Instead of saying I was on a diet, I decided to tell a white lie and say I was highly allergic to the banned foods, so they took me seriously. It did give me the opportunity to have conversations with people I wouldn't normally have and (hopefully) open their eyes to a new way of eating. I also learned that I can achieve something as important as reclaiming my health. I doubted that I would be able to complete 30 days when I commenced, even telling myself that a few little cheats would be ok here and there. But I surprised myself and didn't slip up once. As each day passed, I felt such satisfaction that I had completed another day. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily emails, and I proudly clicked 'I did it' after reading each one. I also started Instagramming my meals, connecting with complete strangers who gave me such encouragement. I read many posts on the Forum, although didn't actively participate and I read It Starts With Food and found it so easy to understand and digest the information. I also sought out blogs, websites, Pinterest boards, Instagram pages and the W30/W9 Facebook page for recipe ideas, inspiration and motivation. So now to my results. I lost 4kgs on the scales but more importantly lost 2kg body fat and gained 0.5kg muscle. When I compared my before and after photos I was quite surprised by how noticeable the difference was around my middle. I remained strict for another 4 days, finally breaking for a long awaited Christmas party. An all day affair, the old me would have drunk throughout the day, snacked on all of the processed food available and not made sensible food choices. Instead, I slowly sipped on a couple of drinks (a wine and a few vodkas), drank a lot of water, and didn't go near the processed food. Even still, I had a terrible headache the following day, my blood sugar was all over the place and my stomach was very upset and angry. I couldn't believe how much of a negative impact just a slight splurge had on me. The following weekend I ate at a friend's house, and accidentally ate dairy. They had put cheese into a green salad, and I ate some without realising it was in there. For nearly 2 weeks I have suffered from terrible pains in my joints, particularly my ankles and knees, and my stomach has been very unsettled. Muscle pain has returned in my back with a vengeance and my chiro noted that my spine had stiffened up. All this from a tiny bit of cheese! I now know I need to avoid dairy completely. I ate my first bit of sugar on Christmas Day. The majority of the food was compliant with the program, but I made a Paleo pecan pie, using dates, honey and coconut cream instead of sugar and dairy. Even this was too much for my system and has left me with headaches, blood sugar crashes, stomach pain, bloating and an upset stomach. I'm actually glad I've had the opportunity to experience these side effects, as it has made me feel more determined than ever to return to the program. I am going to commence my 2nd Whole30 officially on 1st January (although will be 99% compliant until then) and look forward to continuing it into the new year. If you are reading these posts like I did when I was considering commencing the program, and are looking for inspiration or words of wisdom, all I can say is give it a go. It's only 30 days which is nothing in the scheme of your life, and you have nothing to lose. And if you're anything like me, you will find yourself feeling so much better that you wished you did it years ago.
  19. Mark Hargreaves

    Onward - my Whole30 Story

    Let’s see – where shall we begin our tale? Life’s a pretty tough thing, and so are beginnings, really. My name’s Mark, in case you didn’t read the little icon over to your left. That’s me in the picture, too, about a year ago, playing my guitar out in the woods. It’s a favorite pastime and one of my great stress relievers. I’m a social worker by trade, and anyone who’s done work in human services knows what a mess of stress that can be. It’s hard to maintain professional distance when you see someone who could be your grandparents every single day. There are rewards too, of course. Not monetary, but they are there. So, we’ll pick up our story in July 2014. A Thursday, I think, because Thursdays are generally pretty average days. On this particular Thursday, I was weighing in at a solid 287 lbs., BMI 40.1. Asthmatic, my entire life. Multi-seasonal allergies, ditto. Severe depression, which I picked up with all the cool teens in high school. Severe obstructive sleep apnea – sometime last year, snoring so badly folks rooms down complain, which led to a helpful but much reviled CPAP. Borderline hypertensive (140/90) – which is generous. 10 years ago they would have just called it hypertension, but it’s so common now, that I have been getting away as borderline, and haven’t started meds. Likely pre-diabetic, though I don’t have a test results to verify that one, but I certainly had the sugar crashes and the poor circulation. There’s probably more still besides, but that about covers the major stuff. So, if the fact that living life that way, just unto itself, wasn’t hard enough, and miserable enough on its own, well, things got even more complicated. Work stress went through the roof as we prepared for a new data system and finished our first year (of two). My usual morning consisted of a couple candy granola bars and a large coffee. It was enough to last me the whole day. I’d come home, exhausted. Fall asleep in my chair for an hour or so, wake up, deal with dinner, chores, drag myself into bed between 11pm and midnight, toss, turn, wake up 2 or 3 times during the night, and then wake up for good around 5am and do it all over again. I’m not sure how to feel about it all, now. I almost worry talking about it will resurrect the ghosts of poor decisions past. Also, my family is doing a family group holiday cruise this year, and I’m really tired of the constant nagging from my mother (though it’s all good-intentioned), and snark from my grandmother (which seems less so) for a week. And my mom is right, there are bad genetics in the family, a long history of cardiac issues, especially on my dad’s side. There were also the clothes that don’t fit – not just the work clothes, though that was embarrassing – I have a few costumes that aren’t replaceable, but also were becoming completely unwearable. I knew I needed to change. I also knew that my previous attempts to change had been – well, less than successful. I’d cut soda out of my diet for 6 months and actually gained weight. More walks with the dog? Nothing – well, except a tired and happy dog and that’s something – so the walks would stay, or I’d have a sad puppy. Enter an old friend of mine – one time housemate, then a few miles down the street, and now on the other side of the country. We still chat and play video games together on occasion. Out of the blue he told me about being a few weeks into this new elimination diet program, which was doing wonders for him – weight loss, and more energy. And since it came up in a discussion about how poorly I sleep, I went ahead and had a look. The general theory intrigued me, as did his success – he wasn’t one to stick to these sorts of challenges, usually. I was incredibly fortunate that one of my roommates agreed to join – he’s far more talented in the kitchen then I and handled more than his fair share of the food prep (in return I handled a good bit of the purchasing, so it evened out). I was surprised by the resistance I got from my other roommate – he’s the one considering gastric bypass in a few months, and I figured he’d jump at the chance to try a serious diet and maybe lose the weight and prevent the surgery. Instead I got incredible and at times angry resistance. From him and others I heard that this was a fad diet, that it was unsupported by science, that’s others successes were at best flukes and at worst lies. All this for the idea of eating meat and veggies for a month, which simply hadn’t struck me as that revelatory of an idea. The actual process, for my roommate and I, was very enlightening. The sugar cravings were truly intense at times, and especially my roommate, who ran his own hobby shop and had pizza and soda and Monsters as his staple diet for most every weekend, well, the sugar cravings were fierce. Our sugar dragon was a mighty and angry one indeed. We both found out how much we use sugar as a crutch to deal with stress (a lot, in both cases). We also found out how much good food there was out there. Never let anyone tell you there isn’t good food on the Whole30. We had good food in abundance, and that was mostly thanks to my roommate Fen. I can’t imagine doing this solo, honestly. It’s an enormous help to have someone with you that you can rely on, who can cover when you’re having a hangover day and make meals for you or with you. As an aside, making my own meals was an experience, too; it is deeply and primaly empowering to eat food you know everything about. This ground beef came from a farm 20 miles away, then it came to me, went into this skillet and became basically the best ground beef it’d ever tasted. And it expanded my horizons, below one such meal – lamb (which I almost never ate before), grilled asparagus (ditto) and mashed potatoes (OK…those I ate, but we did cauliflower more often than not, just not this particular night) And as we muddled through the cravings, and the arguments with the other roommate (which also became quite fierce), things did, steadily, get better. Neither of us quit drinking coffee, but it became much less of a crutch, much more something to have and enjoy (because really, drinking water does get a little dull). It reached the point that my boss asked if I had given it up entirely, and I could say no, but that I really didn’t need it to get going in the mornings anymore. The Whole30 community, especially GoJo09, Kmlynne, and Physibeth, was a tremendous support through it all – one of my goals, going forward, is to hang about the logs section and try to return some of the favor in kind. Thank you for your support, advice and encouragement. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much the help meant, but I don’t know I would have made it through, even with Fen, if I hadn’t had your support. With all the support, even during all the rough bits, things got better. About two weeks in I could feel my mood and energy levelling off. For me there was no switch and no giant jolt of energy as some people talk about, but there was, at least, a nice solid abiding energy to get me through the day. All the walking around the hospital that I did got easier. Dealing with the deep, constant stress of work got more manageable. Things began to roll off me instead of sending me into rages or panics. I think I took lorazepam 2 or 3 times in the entire month. Even more exciting, a few weeks into the program, I was able to ditch my CPAP. I am still snoring, but its light snoring, not room-quaking, sleep shattering, gasping apneic snoring. Folks can stay in the same room with me and sleep through the night, rarely waking at all. I’m awake and alert through the whole work day, not like before where a late afternoon meeting became a struggle against a late afternoon nap. I cut the use of my maintenance inhalers in half, and I can’t wait to see what my next set of PFTs look like. I’m barely using antihistamines, anymore, just on the very worst of days. My resting heart rate is down in around 76 – it used to be in the mid 90s. Serum cholesterol is at 167, fasting glucose at 92. There’s even simple, slightly embarrassing, almost ridiculous changes I’ve noticed – how much easier it is to bend over and tie my shoes. That being from the trimming of my belly – I’m down to 260 pounds. The biggest change – biggest success - is also the most difficult to quantify. I feel more in my own skin. More in control, more able to do, to feel, to function. Work or play, things are just easier, more achievable then they have been in a long time. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I wasn’t getting beaten down so much, day by day at work, but the fact that I’m still here at all is an amazing thing. I like who I am on this side of the 30 days. I’m still me, but it’s a better me. And still improving. After all, that’s the only place we have to go from here. Onward.
  20. it has now been 6 months since I've changed my life. looking back on a blog I started before my journey I came across this: "I took the photos. I weighed myself. I took my measurements. so here they are. please don't tell anyone. I'm so embarrassed. I'm just in awe of where I am today. how did it happen? one cookie at a time... I weigh 173.5. my waist is 39", my bust 42", and my hips 43 1/2! my thighs are 24" and my arms 14. I am miserable. I hate my body. I can't fit into my clothes. I'm going to change my life tomorrow. I'm going to change it one healthy meal at a time..." (ETA my weight as of now is 143.9, waist 30", hips & bust 37", arms 12" and thighs 20.5. I've lost 29.6 pounds, and a total of 31") I never want to be in that place again, the shame and guilt, the embarrassment I felt. I am a sugar addict, plain and simple. so last November when I turned 39 I realized things needed to change. I needed to change. I started doing crossfit (thank you Groupon!) and began searching for information about Paleo even though in my box no one talks about nutrition. I stumbled across whole9life and feel so blessed and grateful that I did. I work in a hospital. I see people every day come in with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease. they are all on a slew of pills to "treat" these illnesses. I would watch them come in with their bags from McDonald's and diet cokes, and I would judge them. I would judge them because I was ashamed that they were the same as me, but I hadn't been "diagnosed" yet. and I feel very strongly that it was a yet. I hated in them exactly what I hated in me but was too scared to change. I now have empathy for my patients, I realize that we all have a choice, and I don't get to judge them for the choices they make. I turn 40 this year. it was my dream to be the fittest, strongest, healthiest I've ever been in my life. thanks to whole9life I will fulfill my dream. I never would've dreamed of being able to do this. ever. I started my journey with a whole100, as I stated, I am a sugar addict. if I didn't have sweets in the house I would eat powdered sugar from the bag. I ate cookies/brownies/cake for breakfast. hiding behind the cabinets. so my kids wouldn't see. I would sneak downstairs at night when they went to bed to gorge myself on sweets. I drank 3 or 4 coke zero's a day. I didn't eat any veggies - I couldn't waste the calories on food like that! if I was going to have calories it would come in the form of sugar! (sometimes fat free - that's better, right?!) so starting a whole anything was drastic to me. following my whole100 I introduced some foods but quickly realized that staying compliant was easier. I stay rather compliant but use foods that may have honey in them, a bit of cream or cheese here or there, some corn, some good organic salad dressings. I don't stress when going out or having food at a friends house. I haven't brought back gluten - not really a need for me right now. as it stands today I just completed another 30 days and plan to do so 3 times a year. I plan to eat birthday cake on my daughter's birthday and my husband's birthday (and mine too!) and enjoy it. I have to set certain boundaries right now, but I have to realize these, too, need to be flexible. I can't change everything overnight. the changes I have made in the past 6 months are unreal. but I still have a long way to go. I will never be perfect, but since changing my life I am much more content. I feel as though I am finally allowing myself to be who I always wanted to be but was too scared to try to be.
  21. Just wanted to share my slow-and-steady-wins-the-race success story with everyone — especially those of you who are struggling or might be slow to see results. Today is Day 45 of my second Whole30. (I did my first one last summer.) It's been the FIRST day I've felt tiger blood. I don't plan to stop today or anytime soon. My body has been through a lot, and it needs the time to heal. Plus, I don't ever want to return to my old lifestyle. I've been slow to lose weight, and I've been slow to feel better. This has been disheartening, because so many Whole30 success stories are all, "Holy cow, I lost 18 pounds in 30 days and I feel like I want to climb a mountain!" I haven't felt any of that. While I feel so much more at peace with the food I'm putting into my body, I've been craving results — many of which are just now appearing. I lost six pounds in the first month, and given the amount of weight I need to lose (more than 60 pounds), that's not much at all. My energy has been really low. I haven't been "sleeping the sleep of the righteous." Despite following the plan to a T, I've wondered every day if I'm doing something wrong. But, in the past couple of days, things have started to pick up. And today, holy crap, I FEEL IT. I wish I would have been nicer and more patient with myself in the last month. I spent a lot of time feeling hopeless. Given my context, I think I just needed more time. I had a two-and-a-half-year bout with antidepressants, which completely wrecked my metabolism. Last year when I was on antidepressants, I did a Whole30 and lost zero weight. This year, I'm completely off of them, and my body is just now getting into the mode where it wants to burn fat. If you're on antidepressants and struggling to lose, it could be the antidepressants. It was for me. If you're interested in getting off them, work with your doctor to develop a very careful tapering plan. Coming off them was pure torture, but it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Anyway, maybe I will be brave enough to share pictures in a couple of months, but for now, hang in there. For some of us, results are slower to come. That sucks, and it ain't fair, but it's OK.
  22. When I committed to the Whole30, part of me went into it with a “diet†mindset as much as a mindset to find a solution to annoyances including allergies, hormone nuttiness, unreliable sleep and sluggish energy. I kind of figured I'd get through the 30 days, half assuming that I'd wind up somehow disappointed or resigned to reverting to my slovenly ways when it was over (because I was not very happy with myself when this started, you see). Well, this long-ass post is to tell you that A#1) Today is Day 30, and B#2) I have learned more about myself in these 30 days than I ever would have expected. I've learned that: I don't in fact need a glass (or two or three…) of wine every day. I have not lost my sense of humor, my charm or my creativity without it. I don't even need it to wind down or as a “sleep aide.†Cheese apparently has nothing to do with my physical or emotional well-being or survival. Sugar withdrawal can induce crazy vivid dreams to rival those I've only experienced on a nicotine replacement patch. When my body is sufficiently nourished, I don't crash. For the first time possibly ever, I don't find myself hitting the wall that requires a snack/mid-day coffee/nap. When my body is sufficiently nourished I don't crave anything. Really. And “noshy†just doesn't happen. Moving through day to day, week to week without the expectation of weighing in creates a clarity that allows me to notice how I feel, rather than worrying what I weigh. I am finally learning the language of my body, and how to tune in and listen. It is nearly impossible to find a healthful, all-natural, pre-packaged food. Convenience comes at the cost of processing, additives, chemicals and preservatives. Then again, lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and my two new favorites – hard boiled eggs and leftovers – are convenient when you have a plan. I have a new-found love for: Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Coconut Oil, Mason Jars, Avocados, Almond Butter, Bone-in/Skin-on Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Licorice Tea and 10pm Bedtime. I feel so damn good that I plan to continue until Easter, and then begin the reintroduction phase. And now I know that I can trust my body to let me know what works and what doesn't when the time comes. I've experienced a shift in my relationship with food, and a surprising development of respect for my self and my body. I'm glad I stuck with it. That is all. Thank you. I mean it: THANK YOU!
  23. I started my first every Whole30 on January 13, and successfully completed it as of the end of the day yesterday. About me: I have been moving closer to Paleo eating for about a year and half, but it has definitely been a long, slow, drawn out process! I've also been - like many - trying to lose weight... well, for much longer than that. Things were slowing starting to come off, but I knew, deep down inside, that I needed to clean up my eating habits if I was going to get where I wanted to be. I also started attending Kettlebell classes, which I LOVE, so I had further motivation to fuel those workouts properly, because I loved the feeling of getting stronger. I've been hanging out on the NerdFitness forums for about a year now, and at the start of the year, one of my buddies was really struggling with motivation and a lack of success. Somehow Whole30 came up in the conversation (I had heard of it, but always thought it would be too hard... but another friend on the forums had done one before) and it came about that the three of us agreed to do a Whole30 together. "Ahh!" I thought. "What have I gotten myself into?" I knew I had to cut out the nachos and gummy candies and what-the-heck-when-did-sandwiches-sneak-back-in?, but could I give up cheese? Wine? And oh-my-goodness, I never realized how many things had added sugar and sulphites! Well, we gave ourselves a week to prepare: to clean out the cupboards, and re-fill the fridge; to read up on the rules; to prepare our significant others for what was in store. And then we did it. Things I learned: - I like my coffee better black. - Contrary to popular opinion, not eating cheese daily will not actually kill you. - When you're properly fed and nourished, that de-stressing glass of wine is not really needed. - I freaking LOVE braised cabbage! It's my new candy! - There is a difference between being hungry and wanting to snack. This is kind of a big one, because I thought I already knew this. But I realized, when I went to play a video game, and immediately wondered what I could nosh on, that that was a habit, not hunger. But I made huge progress here! Just this past Sunday, I went to a friend's house for dinner (well, I brought my own) and board games. I brought some salty/chili powdered cashews to snack on for when they started to snack on their stuff... and when everyone else started eating ice cream sandwiches and skittles, I didn't even have my cashews, because I was full from dinner! Crazy, I tell ya. The Benefits: - Finally being able to read my body's hunger cues. - Stable energy throughout the day: I never felt like I experienced any "tiger blood", but I also didn't have my mid-afternoon crash. And it took until just this week for getting out of bed to become much easier... so, stick with it, people! It's coming! - I haven't taken final measurements, but I fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while. - I lost 6.2lbs. Which I am more than happy with, since I only lost 5 lbs in the 6 months prior to this! I'm just about out of the "overweight" BMI. I know it's not the best measure, but still. Satisfying. Going forward: One of the biggest surprises for me, is that I have no desire to reintro wine. Not to say I'm not going to - I plan to have a few drinks socially, once in a while. But the wine-with-dinner, or after a frustrating day, is just unnecessary.. and I really, really didn't think I would feel that way! Today, I'm doing the dairy re-intro, as cheese is probably still the biggest thing I missed. Although I know going forward that it needs to be in much smaller quantities! I so far have just tried cream in my coffee... and I wasn't a fan. And I used to put at least a couple TBSPs in each of my two daily coffees. Legumes, I'm sure I will have again, but I don't care enough about them to plan for a reintro right now. I would have some at a good Mexican restaurant, or every once in a while I crave a bean-y chili, but that's about it. I plan to reintro non-gluten grains on Saturday - I love sushi, and occasionally eat rice and quinoa, and would like to continue to do so, again with moderation being the key word. I will do gluten reintro on Tuesday then. I know I should probably avoid it anyways, but I'm really curious to know exactly how my body responds to it, and if it should be an avoid-at-all-costs sort of thing, or allowable for the rare occasion. To Conclude: This has been a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. Yes, it was tough at times, but the things I've learned about both my physical and mental self were so worth it. And I'm not nearly as eager to dive face-first into a pizza as I thought I was going to be at the beginning! Thanks to Dallas and Melissa for making this available for free! (I did this without reading the book, for those interested... I had hoped to get it from my local library, but it was checked out the whole time, sadly) For anyone thinking about trying this, do it! Plan ahead first, but do it, you have nothing to lose. For anyone in the midst, keep it up! It will be worth it, if you commit fully - maybe the pounds won't drop off, maybe you won't fix all of your issues, but you will learn something. And to anyone who actually waded through that whole wall of text, thanks for reading Cheers!
  24. candlesnfire

    My Whole30 results!

    Hi! My name is Amanda, and this is my first time posting but I've been lurking in the forums all month lol! I wanted to report my results on my first Whole30. This is long, so get comfortable. A little background about me first. I am 37 years old. Back in 2007, I weighed over 450 pounds. I was miserable, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to escape that hell. I did a stint of being vegan for about 3 years, during which I always secretly binged on meat. In 2010, I went vegetarian, then finally, just allowed myself everything (trying the whole moderation thing). Through those six years, I lost over 220 pounds, and also began running. Unfortunately, my deep dark secret is that I've always struggled with binge eating, and last December, it got really bad. I also suffer from seasonal depression and decided to try anti-depressants..and also gained 40 pounds back. I continued to binge, and my runs turned into walks. It wasn't a good time. I had read about the Paleo diet in the past and just never thought it would be a fit. I did stints of low carb out of desperation years ago...only to gain more weight back than I'd lost. I got tired of looking for a quick fix, I wanted something that was sustainable! Unfortunately, moderation in all things just doesn't work for me. Whole30 was my attempt at grasping at a straw; I didn't think I would succeed. What it has turned into however, is the way I would like to eat the rest of my life. I read online through the Happiness Project blog recently, that some people are moderators; they can eat things on occasion, like French fries, and sweets. Then, there are the abstainers, who prefer things in black & white, with no grey area. And that's how I would describe myself. If I have a cookie, I want 20. Same goes with bread. I just cannot seem to control myself around stuff like that. I crave order, and I need things spelled out for me. Whole30 does that for me easily! I don't have to think about my meals, and analyze things to death. Can I have this? Can I have that? I don't have to worry, because there's a list! And all of the protein & veggies have kept me full, so full in fact, that while I look forward to my meals, I am longer starving all of the time. I feel satisfied, finally! And meal planning comes naturally to me (see: crave order, etc). so that wasn't a huge challenge. I just designated a couple hours on Sunday to chop all my veggies and put together a weekly menu so I didn't have to stress during the week. So where to now? I am continuing on with the Whole30 for now. I am ok with having occasional Paleo items, but I really don't have any interest in the reintroduction of everything at the moment. I mean, reintroduction to what exactly? For me, the food that the Whole30 plan restricts are ironically the foods that I consider food without breaks for me, namely sugar (ok with natural like honey or maple syrup), gluten, and dairy. It's funny, because during my first week, I kept thinking about everything I would eat when I finished my first 30 days. And you know what? Now I don't care. I don't really want to stop, I feel too good! So, on to my results! I have my photos here. I don't own a scale anymore(sanity!) so I just went based on my clothing, most of which are ALL fitting better and some are even getting baggy! So, overall I feel amazing, and I am sleeping like a baby! I feel so much lighter and energetic! This has truly made a difference, thank you!
  25. Whole 30 - 8 Week Challenge UPDATE: I have always struggled with my weight as a child, going on diet after diet to lose the weight throughout my adolescence and into adulthood. I would lose weight, but then would gain it back, etc. (same ol' story, eh?) When I had my twins 11 years ago, I gained over 90 lbs and my body chemistry went completely whacko. I struggled even more to lose the weight, not having much success at all. The doctor's response at the time was, "Your body doesn't know how to lose weight right now." But they never offered any solution or help. I had hypertension during the pregnancy and it never went away afterwards, so they put me on blood pressure medicine. Then, my glucose numbers elevated and thye diagnosed me as diabetic and put me on metformin. No matter what I tried on my own, nothing really worked. I was fearful to never be able to lose weight and would die an early death because of it. Then, back in May 2013, I read the book, It Starts with Food and it changed my WORLD! I learned the WHY my body struggled with losing weight and why I was feeling the way I did. Not only did it give me the information, but the science (in understandable terms) behind it. And, what to do about it!! I started changing my eating then and felt immediate improvements in my energy and mental outlook. I began my first Whole 30 during an 8 wk challenge a friend of mine told me about. I ended the week before Thanksgiving. I got my blood work done the last day of the challenge. I also began doing Crossfit in June for increased exercise and have come to love it. Within 15 days of the Whole 30 challenge, I was taken off my blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was 110/52 without my medication, which was a HUGE and welcomed surprise. About a week after that, I decided to take myself off of the metformin (without doctor's suggestion), which I had been taking for diabetes. So, here are the results... Since May (only 6 short months - when I first changed my eating habits): Weight loss - 30 lbs Down from size 24/26 to 18 Cholesterol is down by 42 points and is well under 200!! Triglycerides are down 105 points - down to 94! A1C (3mo avg of blood sugar) is 5.5 down from 6.4 and in NORMAL range without meds!!! My doctor was THRILLED and has even removed my diabetes and hypertension diagnosis from my chart!! WOO HOO!!! I am BEYOND ecstatic! Eating whole foods, eliminating processed foods and getting the body moving WORKS!! It REALLY matters what you put into your body. I am forever an advocate for healthy eating. I am thankful to EVERYONE who has been incredibly supportive. I hope that my example can be an encouragement for others, as well.