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Found 1 result

  1. So I did it! And it wasn't really that bad. I did fall off the wagon on cigarettes which really ticks me off after my Whole 30. I own that but timeing just wasn't good any way around and had to schedule it with the Whole 30 commencing as my inlaws came into town. My M-i-L is a mess. She is very paranoid about her brain function and is on this very intense supplementation regimine. We are talking a good 40-60 pills a day. I'm a pretty good cook and hearing the constant banter of what she takes and such and how she doens't like this or that, I thought, hey, here's to a glass of wine. My first in 30 days. Good red wine. Naturally occuring sulfites! Yeah! Not so fast. Before my head even hit the pillow I had the worst headache I've had in a long while. It totally sucked. We then go on a road trip for 4 hours to visit his brother. She's also very passive aggressive and I broke and had a smoke. On day 2 post Whole 30. I had quit cold turkey and am just so mad at myself for being week. The next day, after hubby takes them around town, she comes back with groceries. All this processed crap like grain chips, "health bars", sugar drenched coconut creamer, etc. As a gift. AFTER I told her I have stopped using cream in my coffee and I pretty much avoid even prior to the Whole 30, packed food. Then we are asked to pick up desert. I pick up some fruit and some Le Croix prior to going to the bakery for others. She's right with me and starts to have issues when I grabbled a cake I know my nieces love. Hearing someone lecture me about the food dye in a red velvet cake I picked out for my nieces just made me snap. This is coming from someone who takes extreme pills and medication for the remote possibility of getting Alzheimers. She is worried because she never knew one of her real parents. Of all the things. After a doctor lectured her about the strain of what all that puts on the kidney and livers, she added supplements for those too because she "hates" veggies. Blatantly ignoring me and making passive aggressive digs about how I didn't lose a lot of weight for taking such "drastic measures" without being able to turn up the snark completely sucked. Seriously, I'm drastic for tryiing to eat healthy compared to someone who has to take a boatload of supplements against of the advice of a doctor because she eats like crap. The other half has aggreed we no longer travel with his parents. If he wants, fine, but I won't go. And I'll take a trip on my own. Which means it will cost twice as much. And he certainly likes my company better than riding the crazy train. We then got an email notifiying us of a supplement delivery. I'm sorry, but I do not appreciate anyone undermine how I provide good, wholesome food to myself and my husband. BUT, here is the plus. See, having someone blatantly disrespect my conscious choices, firmed up my conviction. I was almost very happy to note the bloat from having two small bites of cake. Or the acid from a sip of a margarita jacked up with super sweet margarita mixes. I could only imagine. how much worse I would have felt had I consumed a whole portion. Being on the road really and having them pick out crap restaurants, really made me miss with a vengeance some of the amazing recipes I've used with my kitchen., I have also noticed that eating 3 full meals at this moment is way too much. I'm going to start working out a lot more and hope to see this change. But in the evening, I'm happy with some protein (usually around 2-3 oz of fish or meat and small salad with veggies.) I'm just very satisfied. My typical day starts with egg or chicken, an avocado, and tomatoes, cukes, and/or bell pepper. By the time lunch is over, I've had a good 7-9 portions of veggies. I don't know if my appetite is lower at days end because I'm nutritionally satiated. But after reading through "It Starts With Food", I believe my appetite has changed because of all the nutrition I'm packing into my body. Regardless, the plus side of my annoyances discussed, was such a powerful confirmation of what the Whole 30 did for me and how much more I love good, healthy food. In the meantime, here's to hoping my coworkers snap up all that crap she stuffed into the pantry I worked hard at organizing. And here's to not being stressed to smoke until the habit is kicked for good. I buried the pack that was half full in my garden in a container to make the whole giving in more difficult.