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Found 26 results

  1. 3/28 Start Date!!! Looking for someone to support and cheer on while receiving the same help Anyone interested please reply!!! First days are the hardest seems like. Would be nice to have an emergency friend for cravings or just to talk and relate too.
  2. Hi all, I was planning on starting today, April 1st, but it seems like a bunch of people are starting tomorrow since today is Easter. I am really looking for an accountability buddy to check in with each day just to help me stay on track. This is my first Whole 30, though I did the Hyman 10-Day Sugar Detox and then stayed on it for 7 weeks. Been on a sugar binge these past few weeks and just feel terrible, so I know that I want to get back to basics. I am a 45 year old music teacher from San Jose, and I love to hike, mountain bike, and travel (in fact, I get to navigate this program in Hawaii next week while I am on spring break). If you are interested in having daily check ins, let me know. I'm excited to get started. Barbara
  3. I’m looking for an accountability partner that I can text message. I don’t always get emails right away, or even check my email. So I’ll never know if I get a reply. I have accountability at work, because of my boss. But at home, my husband is not too fond of this program, so he’s not going to hold me accountable as much. I just need somebody that I can text when I’m at a restaurant and really wanting to get dessert. Or at my sisters birthday party and really want to have that glass of wine. Someone that will say “you committed to this. 30 days of Whole30. Put the cookie down!” Lol! Please people; if you smell what I’m stepping in; join me in the text message group! We could even make a huge group text of everybody. So if there are 10 people in a group, and someone messages, you have nine other people that can respond. Just in case that one person isn’t available right then. My boss, her sister and myself are all doing TW30 starting January 1st as well! My boss got me my Commit30 journal/day planner for 2018, and in the front were suggestions to “commit to”. I’ve never heard of TW30 until i saw “30 Days of Whole30” in the front of my new planner! I googled it and got so excited i shared with others! So excited to start! I’ve gained 35 lbs since May20, 2017 when i got married, and I’m miserable! So so looking forward to a New Year started on the right foot and path!! ❤️
  4. I'm starting today. I just got back from vacation, and I ate enough junk/fake food. It's time. Now I just need some more accountability. Does anyone want to be my accountability partner?
  5. RachelCait

    Looking for a buddy!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a buddy on this journey. I'm on Day 2 of my very first Whole30, and would love someone to keep me accountable (and sane!) along the way. My name is Rachel, and I live in Northwestern Ontario, along beautiful Lake Superior. I love outdoorsy activities like biking and hiking with my daughter, and am a chef by trade, so I loooove cooking! Tell me about yourself Rachel
  6. Hey all! So not new to the Whole30 but my first time actually doing the it....Starting July 13th. If there is a gal who wants buddy up lmk! I am a runner and workout but gained weight back to due unhealthy habits over the past year or so....and moving to Uganda next month! So excited but need to change some habits
  7. Hey everyone! I haven't been very active on here in a while, I was really riding my own bike after completing a whole 30 two years ago. Looking back I've kept up a lot of the good habits that I acquired from the program, but lately I feel myself slipping into some really bad old habits. Its time for a refresher and to make a plan to do another full blown whole 30! I have 10 days until a birthday trip to Chattanooga that I have planned, so I'm going to take this time to do a 10 day refresh. I know that using the forum helped keep me accountable, and was a real source of strength during my whole30 so I'm going to use this space for my whole10 as well. Biggest bad habits that need to be addressed are: 1. Eating mindlessly while watching TV. Once or twice a week I really pig out while binge watching some show at like 2am. The next day I feel like crap. 2. Eating mindlessly at work. I'm bartender and I work long/late hours. I don't get a dinner break. I get hungry and shove whatever I can into my mouth as fast as possible. Mostly this happens at 11pm. Its very unsatisfying to eat this way and I end up hungry a few hours later anyway. 3. Alcohol. I'm a bartender. I love bourbon/wine/beer and I'm around them all the time. I over indulge weekly and would like to get back to a more moderate place with my social drinking. I really need help with #2. I don't know which is worse: eating as fast as possible at work and making sure its something compliant instead of junk or waiting until I get home at 1am to sit and eat a real meal? I know its not great to eat late at night but maybe its the lesser of the two evils? Any ideas anyone has of strategies to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thanks for allowing me this space to set my intention for the next 10 days! Its really great to know there is a community of people who are willing to support you and who are struggling with the same challenges!
  8. Hi Everyone! I am looking for hard-core accountability partners, people willing to fully commit to the program. You don't need to be on Day-1, just on the program and willing to be honest with yourself and others. I am hoping to form a group to share our struggles, successes, tips, etc.. and to encourage one another. Communication will be important, and I believe together we will be stronger! If this sounds like something you are interested in, let me know I am looking for hard-core accountability partners, people willing to fully commit and that means if one of us cheats, we both have to restart. You don't need to be on Day-1, just on the program and willing to
  9. Hi Everyone, My name is Rachel. I've started the whole 30 in hopes to remove some of the artificial foods from my diet, namely Splenda and gum. I've quit smoking since mid-December and I felt as though it was time to focus on something else. I have a history of extreme calorie counting and dieting in my 5 year past and I have been very conscious of how I'm feeling about foods since anticipating the Whole 30 and practicing for 4 days. Last night I was disappointed in myself for failing to complete an irrational day to-do list. I didn't want a Whole 30 dinner; I was craving a tablespoon of honey. I rationalized to myself that honey was natural, wasn't splenda or gum (or a cigarette) and that I was going to have it. Even after 4 days, honey never tasted so sweet to me; I was really surprised. This slip turned into leftover chocolate macaroons (completely off-plan) and 4 Nature Valley Granola Bars, also a no-no. I felt awful, couldn't sleep, and felt when I woke up this morning that this has become my brain's version of a stubborn children's tantrum. I am owning my mistake, understand the place honey can't have for 30 days, and re-starting today. Does anyone have any tips on how they manage the self-sabotage aspect of a nutrition protocol? Thank you <3
  10. Hey everyone! I started my Whole30 on 10/19/15 and will be successfully completing it tomorrow! However, I am one of those folks who had terrible habits and a nasty carb addiction going in, and despite total commitment to the program and tweaks along the way suggested by members and moderators, I have not really "felt the magic" yet. I actually had planned a doing a Whole60 even before realized that my body was going to need more time to metabolically heal, but now I know it's a necessity! Anyone with me for 11/18? I have had a great group of members who have supported me and each other through our Whole30, and I would love to keep that going for my Whole60!
  11. orca0406

    Starting September 20!

    Hi, my name is Amy, and I'm a carbaholic. (hi, Amy) I heard about Whole30 through SparkPeople and decided to look into for myself. I first bought The Whole30 to read while on vacation (because THAT made sense) and recently picked up It Starts With Food. So much of the information scares me, but so much of it also turned on the light bulb in my brain. I have chronic high stress, am almost 100 pounds overweight, have borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol, and have a family history of hypothyroidism. I do not want to live like this, and I do not want to have my own carry on full of medicines when I am older! So here I am, getting ready to start my first Whole30 on Sunday. My husband will be doing this with me, although I don't know how long my sweet-loving Southern boy will last. Personally, I know I need to tame my Sugar Dragon and break up with my carb addiction. I need to reset my metabolism and get back in balance. I need to plan, and I need to post to be accountable. I am looking forward to this! GO TEAM ME!
  12. Ariel Elyse

    I'm so done... starting Oct. 6!

    I started a Whole30 a few months ago but jumped off the wagon (I didn't fall, it was my own choice and fault. And I regret it..) after ten or eleven days. Since then I've struggled with binge eating, emotional eating, and some weight gain. I know my hormones are wacked out because I have acne (which I never had growing up), my sleep is messed up, and I crave junk food like crazy. I'm looking for accountability as I start my Whole30 tomorrow, October 6th! Anyone with me?? I tend to obsess over food. I used to be obsess over uber-healthy meals, but it's switched to obsessing over when-can-I-eat-junk and trying to meet emotional and spiritual needs through food. My hope for this Whole30 is to take my focus from food 24/7 and let me channel that extra time and energy towards important things like school, serving others, and following God's leading for my life! This is me right now: 18 years old, 5'6", 155lbs, acne on my back and face, irregular sleep, crazy cravings, emotional eating, and low motivation. My weak spots are eating extra when no one's around and spending too much time on social media (especially at night when I should be sleeping). To combat these, I will be accountable to these goals to you and my mom (I live at home still): 1. Eat every meal at the dining room table 2. Computer off at 9:00pm, lights out at 10:00pm Starting tomorrow!! Let's do this and get our health back!
  13. sillyhrtrestart

    Starting June 6th, words of wisdom?

    Hi! My name is Anne and I am a returning Whole30-er. I completed my first one two years ago and have tried to complete another one, but have yet to succeed. I keep making it a week or two in and finding a reason (a stupid one I'm sure) to cheat. I never can seem to pick it back up right away and start on Day One again after that one cheat. I wait a couple of months and try another one. But NOT THIS TIME! I can and will succeed because this is the only body I'll ever have and I want it to be healthy! Any wisdom from you all? How have you recovered from a cheat or two? Or rather what are some strategies you have used to combat the cravings for not so good for you food? Especially in stressful situations.
  14. Last time I did a Whole30 I had a buddy and it helped so much to check in on a daily basis and share our experiences and challenges. Anyone up for being my buddy this go 'round?
  15. After successfully completing the Whole 30 program last fall (and feeling amazing during and after), I am committing to round two. I had great success the first time around despite the fact that I was traveling 1/3 of the time and celebrated my birthday. However, despite plans to continue the program at a modified level, I quickly fell back into old habits. I'm looking forward to re-introducing my body (and mind) to Whole 30 and am seeking others who are interested in sharing and keeping one another accountable along the way. The first time around, I completed the program with my boot camp and had a lot of support. This time t's just me, so please reach out if you're also seeking an accountability partner. For more on my first Whole 30, check out my blog:
  16. OK. I am winding down to the end of day eight and I know I'm gonna make it - but I'm feeling totally bummed out! Earlier today, my energy levels were sky high and I was totally productive on several projects at work. The sun was shining and it was glorious. Now... well, now, it's 8:30pm, I've finished dinner, I'm on the couch, not interested in watchng TV, don't want to do any more work, and I'm bored. I SHOULD get up and exercise because I've got nothing but the sads keeping me in this lethargic state, right? So, why can't I get up. Ugh. I just want it to be tomorrow. Last week, I reached that breaking point where I knew I needed to change what I ate. Mission accomplished. Today, I need to take the extra step and commit to an exercise routine. My goal, exercise 4x/week. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, 3/7/15, for real. I mean it. Here's my plan for the coming week. Saturday, 10am = Rock climbing (indoor) for 45 minutes - 1 hour. I know it's fun, especially if there is another person with you. Sunday before 9am = 30 minute run. Tuesday before work (preferred) = Weights Thursday after work = 30 minute run or Rock climbing again Is anybody else in? Share your plan for the upcoming week. I'll check in on you if - you check in on me.
  17. ashleysauce

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    hey everybody! i'm starting march 1st, is anyone with me??
  18. Hello! The time has come to go Whole30. My nutrition has slowly deteriorated over the past months, and I need a kick up the backside to get back on track. Nervous but excited about this new venture!
  19. angelwatts

    Starting today but..

    Hi.. I'm starting today, March 2nd to March 31. I am, by nature, a rule follower so I will be following all the steps, but I am skeptical. We'll see in 30 days.
  20. Hi all, I am planning on starting my first Whole30 on January 1st. I have been researching paleo/clean eating/whole30 for a few years now and incorporating some of the concepts into my diet but I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is. As an incentive to myself to stick with this, I am setting aside a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble as a reward to myself for when I finish. It is going to be tough for me because I am an absolute sugar addict. Living in NYC also adds some unique challenges. Aside from everything being expensive as all hell, I can only take home from the grocery store what I can carry. I am hoping to take this on as a challenge to really plan out my weekly meals so I can take advantage of my resources. Not ordering lunch at work will also be tough as nothing really beats the convenience of Seamless, lol. I already have a pretty active workout schedule in place but it isn't helping me shed the pounds. Hopefully this is going to do it for me. 80% of your progress is diet, right? Best of luck to all of you who are taking on this challenge with me. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Best, Abby
  21. CassieS

    Starting December 7

    I'm starting my second Whole 30 tomorrow. I am equally excited and completely nervous to do this during the holidays. Last year I finished running a marathon in September (never again) and then gained a bunch of weight immediately after. This year I finished my first Whole 30 in September (which changed my life) but have struggled with the sugar dragon since. I know that it will be very hard to do this during the holidays. But I am choosing to have a better December than last year. I don't want to eat my way through December and "start again" January 1. Eventually, I want this way of eating to be my life. So I decided to tell myself to suck it up, put on my big girl panties, and eat healthy through the holidays. I am really just posting on here because the last time I did a Whole 30, what actually kept me going was telling myself that I made a committment to something and that means that I see it through no matter what. I am a therapist and I always tell my clients, "Your word is everything, and if you make a committment to something, then you see it matter how hard it is." So that is what I am doing.
  22. Hello, fellow Whole30 folks! I am on Day 8 of my first Whole30, and I'm feeling confident and proud of myself. I'm still struggling with feeling a bit bloated and pimply (I've never had issues with acne, so I can't really call it that; but I have several pimples which is a lot for even my former teenage self), but I am pushing forward! I let a couple friends know that I was starting the Whole30, but I was very hesitant to discuss it. Call it insecurity, fear of failure, or something I may not have even been aware of; but I didn't want to be "that person". See, a long time ago, I overheard someone bitching as they scrolled through their newsfeed about how "no one wants to hear about the fat girl who's obsessed with her latest diet craze that we're all sure she's going to screw up." Harsh, right? That comment stuck with me in the worst way, even though this was a person I didn't even like or respect--ugh! I was afraid to share my new journey in a public way, though, because I didn't want to open myself up to that kind of negativity. However, I'm SO GLAD I listened to the Whole30 Daily Emails and the support of my very close friends and changed my mind! I shared my journey via an online journal, and the support and encouragment that I received from friends, acquaintances, and even friends of friends was overwhelming! I started posting pictures of my amazing creations on my Instagram and Facebook, tagged with #Whole30 (and #nomnomnom, of course! ). I told my coworkers about my efforts and shared some of the great food I've been making. Sure, sometimes the questions can be a little annoying, but answering them provides me with an opportunity to discuss what I'm doing with others AND reinforce why I'm doing it internally! Thanks to my bravery: I had a fun-filled weekend full of friend-time and social events, and I got absolutely no pressure to go off-plan. In fact, I was met with hugs, offers of support, and "proud of you, kiddo" 's by most of my favorite people! My friends strategically placed themselves between me and the platter of chocolate chip cookies and laughed with me on Day 5 when I was irrationally angry at everyone and everything, telling one of my buddies that I could tackle him to the ground right then as he drank his ice cold Coca-Cola! I even had a few friends step out of the woodwork and clue me in on their Paleo lifestyles, excited to trade recipes and have me over for dinner! One of the guys I'm seeing offered last night to stop back at my house to pick up "Abi-friendly food" when we hit the road for takeout. And just today, my colleague came into my office to compliment me on how delicious my breakfast smelled (leftover filet mignon with 2 scrambled eggs over a bed of steamed kale and cauliflower with fresh herbs and tomato & garlic bruschetta -- NOMS!) and let me know that he changed the location of his birthday lunch to Chipotle because he's never been there (WHAAAAT) and he knows I'll be able to easily find something to enjoy. Needless to say, I am feeling empowered, supported, and encouraged! Thank you, Whole30 Team, for your awesome advice! All the love, Abi
  23. Hello! Let me give a brief bit of history about myself: 33, paleoish since spring 2013, 2 Whole30s completed, & that's how I eat most of the time, with the exception of occasional "paleo treats" or fruit as dessert when I'm not Whole30ing! I began a weight loss journey in the summer of 2012, the first time I really counted calories. I'd been a vegetarian for over a decade at that point, and I lost about 40 pounds through running & restricting what I ate. Unfortunately, I think that the "dieting" left me with a restriction mindset that leads me to binge eat... I probably don't do it often enough or intensely enough to qualify as having BED, but it's a problem for ME. I've been reading Brain Over Binge & a lot of it really resonates with me. Here's my question, then, and I hope this is the right place to ask it... is there anyone out there in a similar situation, or who's been through a similar situation, who would like to buddy up with me to offer support to each other?? I've resolved to make this new month the time when I really turn things around for myself, and having a friend to go to for ideas, encouragement, and accountability would be awesome! Thanks for reading :-)
  24. iloveyoutimessix

    Why is the second time so hard!?

    Why is this second time so hard around! I did the whole30 in March and completed it with much scuess. I had lost weight, and was feeling all the amazing benifits. Since I have fallen off the wagon and cant seem to get back on. Anyone have helpful tips or want to help each other stay accountable. Ive done it before so I know my body can do it again. Now just to get my mind on board.
  25. ORBren

    ORBren 1st Whole30

    Here I go... Book to arrive Monday, but I have scoured the web site and read lots of other books so I feel prepared to be successful. I need this because the older I get the more aches and pains and gut issues with foods arise. I need the accountability of a challenge and look forward to a community of folks who think like I do about food. I plan to really notice and appreciate the ways I feel better during the next 30 days as inspiration & motivation - because I am the poster girl for knowledge not equalling action/ behavior. I currently keep a thankfulness journal and plan to use that to capture the good stuff related to Whole30. No excuses...grass fed beef - check, fresh & fermented veggies - check, olive &coconut oil - check, water - check. Let the new habit forming begin.