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Found 3 results

  1. This is my second time going doing the Whole30. I did not have a lot of aches last time but I am on day 8 and my legs have been aching a lot since day 4. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with leg pain? I know bananas would help out.
  2. I have had a large increase in body aches today after peanut butter reintro day yesterday. Is it possible that a spoonful of peanut butter would cause my whole body to be intensely painful? My back is way sore and my shoulder is in constant pain and it is hard to even get up out of a chair much less climb up a hill like I usually do. This feels about the same as I felt before Whole 30, I have not had hardly any pain for 50 days and now I had to go to the chiropractor today. I did do a yoga class yesterday but I do that 3 times a week and practice in between. i did take a short walk on pavement about 2 miles but I do that often. Really?! One spoonful of peanut butter and a little peanut sauce!? I was also very itchy last night when I went to bed and it kept me awake for a while.
  3. Good Morning, I'm following up on Chris' suggestion to use the troubleshooting forum to figure out why I have had stomach pains & bad bloating in the morning/upon waking up the last couple days. I've listed the last couple of days worth of food to see if that helps figure out why this was happening. I should also note that I've was diagnosed with IBS two years ago, gluten intollerance, lactose intollerance and have suffered from stomach issues for years prior to removing those two things from my diet. I've removed gluten from my diet for over 6.5 years now and lactose for 2 years since testing positive for lactose intollerance. Stomach pains are nothing new for me but I was surprised by them during the whole 30 because I've been feeling particularly great without any issues until day 8. Approximated quantities of food...I usually drink about 12 oz of water a day minimum. My meals Day 8 - July 26, 2015 8am Woke up and my stomach is actually a little sore and distended. 9:10am 1.5 cup of Yam hash with red onion and garlic topped with two poached eggs, 3 thin slices of bacon, 1/2 small tomatoes a couple slices of avacados. 1cup Coffee with coconut milk and glass of water. 10am BM regular. 1:14pm 4oz tilapia with tomato sauce over a green salad, 4-5 olives, topped with tbsp olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Only water to drink. By early afternoon my stomach calmed down and felt normal again. 4pm blueberries and banana in almond milk with cinnamon. glass of water. 7pm 3oz spiced ground turkey with sides of yams, and acorn squash. Peppermint tea to drink. My meals Day 9 - July 27, 2015 7am Woke up similar stomach ache feeling this morning and bloated. 8:00am 1.5cup fried potatoes in olive oil with bacon and red onion toped with two fried eggs topped with ½ avocado and ½ tomato slices. Coffee with coconut milk and glass of water. 8:30am BM regular, 10am Americano with lactaid milk. 11am the stomach ache seemed to subside. 1:30am 2 cups green salad with tilapia and hard boiled egg. and glass of water. 6pm handful of almonds and water. 7pm tuna patties with green salad & small glass of Kumboucha. My meals Day 10 - July 28, 2015 6:30am and my stomach is actually really sore today. Stomach pains from who knows what. 7:20 two eggs, 3 slice bacon and sliced red onion topped with parsley. Coffee with coconut milk and glass of water. 8am BM regular. 9am coffee with unsweetened almond milk. 10am apple glass of water. Stomach pains dissipated by mid morning thank goodness. 12:00am lunch consisted of a chicken drumstick and roasted yams with red onion. It was super yummy. glass of water. 5pm handful of almonds before going to the gym for 6:30-7:30pm - 12 oz water throughout workout. 7:45pm after workout banana 8pm 2 fried eggs and large glass of water. July 29, 2015 Today I didn't wake up with the stomach pains but I still feel a little bloated. I'm hoping the stomach ache portion and pains are done for now. Please let me know if anything I'm eating or doing for meals could be an issue. In the meantime I'll keep moving forward. Thank you, Reagan