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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone... I've neglected to jump into the foum as I usually find them WAAAY too overwhelming. But here I am. I'm at Day 11 (yesterday) and today Day 12 I started end of Day 10 with OVERWHELMING fatigue...I mean the kind you get before the flu or something. But I didn't have a fever. Low grade fever began next day 99.4, was down to 98.7...but after grocery shopping it's back up to 100.3 I spent my first 10 days pretty uneventful...getting used to black coffee. (I was already glutenfree for 5 years) But back in May I had a bout of cellulitus...and it worries me this fever could be related to that returning...(I haven't noticed anything?) But wonder if achy, flu, low energy is common, how long it will last, and what could I do to work through it? Lots of sleep (sleep has been rough too) Achy neck and spine... Anyhow, anyone else have similiar ? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  2. Hey everyone! On day 5 of my first Whole30 & it's been a bit of a rough ride. Prior to starting, I considered myself to eat relatively healthy: love vegetables, fruit, gluten-free (due to Celiac's), shopped primarily organic (as much as I could). But, unfortunately I allowed the stress of graduate school & a tough internship, create habits that I now believe to be detrimental: having alcohol every night (under the guise that moderation helped with LDL & HDL levels), excessive coffee intake (2-3 cups/day, most days, with half & half, only) & some SERIOUS SALT CRAVINGS! I mean, it was nothing for me to take down a large bag of chips in a couple days! Now, 6 months post-thesis defense, I'm tired of being 'tired' at 3pm everyday, fighting to stay awake, alert & not cranky. As luck would have it, I had a physical a month ago, mentioned I was unusually lethargic to my doctor & he recommended that I get the standard blood screenings (for iron, thyroid, etc) and also mentioned the 'It Starts with Food'/Whole30 movement. He stated he tried it & he's never felt better. Like me, he's gluten free & found that dairy & legumes were adding to his fatigue, during the reintroduction phase of Whole30. Fortunately, all my blood work is normal, my weight is fine for my height (5'5", 125lbs) so this must mean, something else is going on.... I desperately want to regain my health & energy back... I'm eloping in 2 months, I used to jog/hike regularly & now I'm going to bed by 7 - 8pm every night, then waking up at 3am, falling back to sleep & still tired in the morning. Which leads me to Day 5 & Whole30... I've obviously eliminated alcohol, chips & dairy from my diet. But, coffee (with nothing in it, obviously)... that's another story. I'm thinking I'll gradually ween from coffee over the next couple of weeks. The major thing I think about is having alcohol... because I had it EVERY night with dinner! Scary to think it has that much control over me! But in other Whole30 news, I'm happy to report that I no longer have afternoon headaches, like I did in days 1 - 3. Today was the first day I didn't feel hunger pangs 3 hours post meal... that's great! My biggest grief is how ACHY I feel...even today!!! Does anyone else feel achy???!!! I knew that people would experience the 'carb flu', but this is rough. I also remember reading about crankiness... that's me right now, especially in the afternoon! I feel bad for my coworkers - I'm just trying to steer clear & immerse myself in work. I'd love to hear if anyone else is feeling achy & cranky!!!! Thanks so much!!!