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Found 12 results

  1. I'm all alone in this

    Hi everyone, I am starting on Wednesday and cannot wait! I have been suffering with severe acid reflux for 7 years and hate taking Nexium. I am just worried about doing all the cooking myself. I've been spoiled for 27 years with a husband that does all the cooking, but he isn't quite getting that every ingredient counts so before I let him cook for me I will have to do it myself. Hopefully I can retrain him to cook for me the Whol30 way quickly since cooking is not my strong suit. I really want to get off my meds. Besides taking Nexium everyday, I also have to take Synthrod for my menopausal sluggish thyroid. I want to feel good again!!!! I'm looking for support as I start my journey! Thanks, Amy
  2. I am on day 27 of my first Whole30 ever. I seem to have actually developed acid reflux while on Whole 30 and today was prescribed Omeprazole. Complicating this is the fact that I have a brain tumor in my nerve canal so my gamma knife surgeon asked me to see an ENT to determine if this was tumor related or something else. I don't have heartburn. I have a large lump in the bottom of my throat which won't go away and may actually be a complication of the tumor in the event that the gamma knife surgery did not work. But in the mean time going on an acid reflux med today. I am wondering if it's possible to develop acid reflux after starting the Whole30 and if there is anything that I might be doing that would actually start that problem. Are there things on the Whole30 that I should not be doing and might have caused the acid reflux? Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there anything I should be avoiding or adding that would help with this?
  3. Help! I completed day 30 yesterday (yay!). I ate Whole30 today (minus a square of dairy-free dark chocolate) because I'm still having some issues that I want to solve before I reintroduce foods. The biggest one is acid reflux/indigestion. I had acid reflux pretty often before I started, and it's been less this month, but I'm still having problems with it. My acid reflux manifests as feelings of hunger and burping (and also some bloating), which makes things harder because when I feel hungry after I eat, I just want to eat more. I actually didn't burp very much before starting Whole30, but the first few weeks and this last week I've just been burping like crazy. It's kind of the worst! I also started having mild-moderate headaches the last week or so. I've been keeping a food journal, and I realized I've been eating almond butter/nuts and coffee w/ almond milk almost every day, and my worst acid reflux has happened a few hours after eating those foods. But some days I have no problems, and others I have really uncomfortable burping/reflux even w/ no nuts, etc. so I think there are other foods causing it, I just DON'T KNOW what they are. Very frustrating. I'm salting all my meals sufficiently (I think) and drinking enough water (at least 100 oz., I'm 146 lbs.). I get 8+ hours of sleep most nights. OH, and another problem: I've been really tired some days without really knowing why. Here are the things I want to try: 1. Staying Whole30 but eliminating coffee and nuts. 2. Not drinking with meals--I usually drink at least a glass of water with all my meals, and I guess that might cause poor digestion? 3. If no nuts/coffee doesn't do anything after a couple days, taking digestive enzymes with each meal. 4. If that doesn't work, using HCL w/ pepsin w/ meals to see if I have low stomach acid. 5. If that doesn't work... low FODMAPS? AIP protocol? Cutting eggs? I'm not sure what to cut. Any advice here? What do I do next? What can I try?
  4. Stomach attack

    I ate some brown rice, quinoa mix yesterday, just a little bit and I feel like I am being attacked! This was with a stir fry of chicken and veggies in coconut oil with curry powder and ginger, which I have eaten many times before. I immediately began to feel nauseous and had pain in my esophagus. Lots of burning and burping ensued plus my tongue was burning. I had previously take prilosec for a few years but quit after about a week of Whole 30 with no side effects. I did notice a little indigestion at night after reintro of sourdough bread a few days ago. So I decided that was out. But this attack is like the worse I have ever felt of acid reflux. I am not sure if I want to try anything else ever and I am not sure if this will go away. I took some digestive enzymes and a prilosec when it seemed like there was just too much pain. It is a little better this morning but I have not tried eating anything yet. What do I do now?
  5. I've been on prilosec for about 8-10 years now for my acid reflux. Last June I started developing a "lump in the throat" feeling. I tried some diet changes but nothing really helped. I got an upper endoscopy in November and they did find significant swelling in my throat but nothing super dangerous according to the tests. I saw a nutritionist and I told her about the Whole 30 (which was recommended to me by a friend). So, she suggested I try it. I'm 6 days in and I've been having more indigestion (and burping) than before I started the Whole 30. Before this my only symptom was the lump feeling in the throat. Now my friend who recommended the Whole 30 to me said that she takes HCL supplements on the Whole 30 since she's eating so much meat. Well, if I'm taking a proton pump inhibitor like Prilosec already should I be taking HCL? My goal is to eventually get off of prilosec and such, but its so hard. Any suggestions out there?
  6. Hello people! I had to cut out all acid foods and caffeine some time ago because of acid reflux. It's going quite well, but can be better, one of the reasons I'm staring the Whole30 on the 1st of September. I don't eat tomatoes in any shape or form, no citrus, chocolate, or anything with caffeine. I'm a professional Opera singer and the acid reflux sometimes influences my voice in a very bad way so I really want to stick to my own "avoid list" too! Will I be ok leaving all those things out on top of the Whole30 program? Thanks for your help! Jorg
  7. I struggle with acid reflux and am hoping Whole30 will help with that (as well as my many other aliments!). I'm wondering, though, if I should avoid eating foods that cause it until after I finish the plan. It seems like it would be hard to avoid foods high in fat, since getting a significant amount of healthy fats into your daily meals is a key part of Whole30. I'm 4 days in and tomatoes seem to be causing me some problems, but they're such a great addition to so many dishes in so many forms (tomato sauce, salsa, etc.) that I'm hoping I don't have to do without them for the rest of the time I'm on this journey. But I will if I have to. Should I cut out foods that cause acid reflux for the full 30 days or just wait a week or so and see if I can introduce them again?
  8. Hi - my mom is on day 11 and has been complaining about her lower back (...maybe kidneys) bothering her. She also is more tired and has lost 8 pds. She has terrible eating habits, on meds for acid reflux and bad case of scoliosis. I am hoping this is withdrawal symptoms since I encouraged her to do this with me. But as the days pass I am getting worried it's something to do with this high fat, low carb diet. I told her to go to the dr and she agrees but wants to wait it out a little longer... Anyone experience something similar or have thoughts on what it could be?
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Kristin. I'm 26 years old and started my very first Whole30 today on 2/2. I'm getting married in October, and I'm ~40 pounds away from my ideal weight. I exercise 2-3 times per week (weight lifting & cardio) and eat pretty healthy meals. But, I have reached a weight loss plateau and would like to hit the 'reset' button to jump start that along with a few other things. Despite the rules, I'm optimistic that I can complete the challenge. I love veggies and eggs! I'm a pollo-pescatarian, so I only eat chicken and fish, which removes a bunch of the protein options, but it's not like I have to cut anything out of that part of my diet. The hardest part of this will be to remove cheese, greek yogurt and bread from my diet. Excited: To have more energy, to have less headaches, acid reflux, aches/pains, and be less irritable. I am also excited to stabilize my sugar levels. Nervous: That I will cheat by having bread, cheese or alcohol. Good luck everyone - I appreciate your support! Kristin
  10. I am new to the forum. I have had local support through my whole 30 and have been able to stay on plan. At the end of 30 days I decided to continue, but add the auto-immune protocol since I did not have the result of increase energy or pain relief. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and have had it a long time along with some Arthritis and Bursitis, so I wasn't too surprised. On the auto-immune plan, the only thing I have not eliminated is eggs. I will eliminate them starting Monday. I drink plenty of water, have been going to bed early to get plenty of sleep. I still need to add regular exercise. I sit at a computer all day for my work and I know I don't move enough. My major concern is that I still have frequent acid reflux. Could the eggs be the cause? They never previously caused reflux. (I should probably add that I had been taking the anti-inflamitory drug Voltarin for a couple of years, plus 40 mg prescription Omeprazile a day, to make it so I could take the Voltarine.) I stopped all my meds except thyroid for the Whole 30. I did taper off, but I guess not well enough because I have only begun to have less reflux recently.) Has anyone else had similar problems and found remedies? Ginger tea eases it some, but aloe has not helped. Second, the last few days I have been experiencing constipation. Not horrible, but I got used to being very regular. I haven't changed what I am eating. Lots of organic vegetables, a little organic fruit, clean proteins, filtered water, and of course the eggs, local organic uncaged eggs. She calls them happy eggs since the hens get to stay with the rooster. Is constipation a common cycle when cleansing the body while having an auto-immune disease? I don't expect medical advice, just wonder if anyone else has dealt with this and what I might do to help it. Thanks, Mary
  11. GERD

    Hello, I'm currently on Day 5 of my Whole30. My primary reason for doing it is hoping to find relief from GERD, after really struggling to manage it the past few years. I've tried many things - too many to list - including cutting out certain foods, various medications including PPIs even though I was well aware of and uncomfortable with the risks, Betaine supplementation... a lot of things. I've been a lifelong vegetarian, and when I read the ISWF book, it made sense to me that perhaps my high carbohydrate/low protein diet messed up my gut bacteria and the way my body processes food. Honestly, the hardest part of Whole30 for me is eating meat, but I had started eating some chicken and fish before beginning the program and those are primarily the two meat sources I am eating except pork the other day for the first time since I was a young child. I also believe gluten has been causing me problems and hoped to see benefits of completely cutting it out. My doctor thought I should do that, too. I am still having GERD - it's pretty unchanged. I know I'm early in the Whole30, but I'm scared that the GERD won't go away. I'm probably a "problem case" because I've really tried many things these past few years (I was even still having it on a PPI). If there are any words of wisdom or encouragement on this front, I would certainly welcome them. One thing I realized is that I think I am still a little low protein and maybe too high in starchy vegetables. I've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes this week, which I really like. Perhaps I'm carrying over a bit of my low protein/high carb tendencies into the Whole30 even though I've been meticulous about making sure everything I do eat is 100% compliant. I plan to try to cut down on the sweet potatoes. Still, I just have the reflux a lot and am not sure how hopeful/worried I should be. I guess today I've been a little more worried that it won't go away since it hasn't changed. I've felt great in every other way since starting the program, though! Sorry for the long post. Caryn
  12. I am now on day 2 of my Whole30, so far, so good! BUT I suffer from GERD and besides Nexium I have usually been taking some Gaviscon to relief heart burn. Is Gaviscon okay to take during Whole30? I know they contain some no-no ingredients, but I am generally unsure of the rules on medication and pain relievers on Whole30. Thanks!