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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all! I'm a 36 y/o breadwinning mom with a demanding dream job and beautiful little family. I'm overweight (5'6", 210 lbs) and have PCOS. We're thinking about having #2 but before making the dive I've been working on prioritizing "self-care", stress reduction and generally achieving a better sense of balance (i.e., making time for friends, hobbies, hubby, exercise, etc in addition to work & mommying). Part of the self-care has been making the time to deal with annoying health issues I've been ignoring for a long time. I've been going to the dermatologist to deal with persistent acne for over a year now with no noticeable results. In the last meeting, my derm suggested starting Accutane which I've been apprehensive about. I went to my primary yesterday evening to discuss and after reviewing my family history of insulin resistance (long line of diabetics on my dad's side), my primary recommended me trying the whole 30. I started this morning. So far, so good! Wish me luck!!
  2. Today is day 23. Yay, right the bells, only 1 week left, yada yada. I'm frustrated and trying to sooth myself with my NSV's - but there aren't nearly as many as I thought there would be by now, and side effects that have me grumpy. On the plus side: getting better quality sleep my clothes feel looser meal prep and cooking is practically mindless now and easy haven't slipped up at all challenge: still trying to break emotional ties with food (getting cravings for wine when I've had a bad day, for ice scream on those early sunny spring days) However, this has been so much harder on me than I thought it would be. Notice I said "on me", not for me. I don't find the W30 itself difficult, but what I'm going through has just sucked. Context - my husband and I are doing this together. BEFORE we started, this is what life was like: HIM: never ate breakfast chipotle burritos for lunch 5 days a week (or some other fast casual restaurant) fast food ~ 1x a week for dinner exercise one day a week casual alcohol 2-3x a week (1-2 drinks) ME: Already dairy-free lifestyle breakfast every morning, usually some kind of egg and/or fruit homemade lunches every day (chicken breasts, salads, soups, etc) homemade dinners every night (similar things like steak and asparagus, salad, etc) working out 3x a week alcohol 1 night a week or less eating out 1 meal per week With that in mind, I thought my husband was going to go through withdrawal headaches, exhaustion, and have all the side effects, and that I would coast by easy. Not the case. He had headaches for a day or two. That was it. That's all he dealt with. On the other hand, I had headaches, exhaustion, bloating, all sorts of stuff for the first two weeks. Week 3 quieted down a bit, but now I'm on day 23 and have TERRIBLE CYSTIC ACNE all over my chin - worse than I've ever had it before, including the long-ago teenage years. Hubs and I are eating the exact same meals - what am I doing wrong? How is this happening so late into this program? I'm getting frustrated and not really feeling all that different from how I felt before I even started. In fact, possibly feeling worse, except for the joy of clothes being looser. But if you had said "In 30 days I'll give you loose clothes but you must take a chin-full of acne" I would have turned down that offer. Can someone talk me off a ledge (and out of finding the wine we hid on the top shelf of a rarely-used closet)? And explain this acne phenomenon? I'm so frustrated and would likely be calling it quits if my husband wasn't seeing great results - I need to at least see this through the end for him.
  3. Hi, I’m confused because we are told to listen to our bodies to determine whether we need a snack or extra fat etc. But not to listen to our bodies when we’re not hungry? I’m on Day 3 and have been compliant but I am eating much later in the evening then I normally do, because I’m just not hungry but am forcing myself to get the three meals in. Eating just before bedtime packs on the pounds for me. I’ve noticed that not only has my face broken out in acne , my double chin is more pronounced, and I’m concerned that forcing three meals with fat when I’m not hungry and eating late is to blame. Can you not eat if still full from breakfast at lunch, or from lunch at dinner. I am following the meal template as I am transitioning from an (unhealthy) vegetarian diet and want to be sure I’m compliant, but feel like I’m forcing myself to eat and it’s resulting in noticeable weight gain or bloat, acne as welll as constipation. Can I not eat if not hungry and if I can reduce portions of the template where Can I do so? Also is bulletproof coffee with ghee and mct oil allowed and if so, what should it be eaten with?
  4. I am 21 days in and my acne has gotten worse than its ever been around my chin and jaw. its as if every pore is inflamed and red and hundreds of whiteheads. I am wondering if this could be my body getting used to the change in diet and the hormones readjusting or is my body telling me the higher levels of protien b12 and fat are throwing it more off balance? I started whole 30 to clear my skin so this is really discouraging i will wait it out and potentially go into whole60 but wondering how to tell if its detox flareup or sensitivity and not working before i wreck my skin been eating mostly sweet potatos, kale, romaine, olives, califlower,chicken,tuna,eggs,coconut, ghee
  5. Serenity Jenny

    Goodbye Polycystic Ovary Syndrome!

    I have started whole 30 today. I have recently realized that every physical symptom I have had for the past 20 years is related to cysts on my ovaries! I am starting today praying for a complete hormone reset and relief of all symptoms. All support appreciated!
  6. I'm starting Whole30 on Monday and am hoping for great things. I am doing this program after numerous suggestions from my doctors and my trainer, but mostly because I seem to find myself with some new ailment almost weekly now. And all of my ailments seem to have inflammation at the root, so time to figure out the culprit and put a stop to feeling like I'm falling apart. On a personal (and vain) level, I hope to lose a few pounds (ending back up at a size 4), have clear skin (goodbye eczema and acne that has plagued me my whole life), and get off my infusions for moderate Crohn's for good. I've also let my diet slide to the point where a meal doesn't feel complete until I eat dessert...and I don't normally have a sweet tooth. THAT bad habit needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. Today I spent the evening reading through the website, saving resource documents, signing up for the meal plan and email help. Tomorrow will be meal planning, grocery shopping/purge, and getting mentally prepared. Then I'm off to the races. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for doing this during the holidays, but I think this timing is easier because I tend to be more focused in the winter without festivals, street fairs, camping, margaritas on patios, long days of sunlight, and all of the other activities that can throw me off. Does anyone else agree with me? In any case, I hate the grocery store, can't cook, and have a long and slightly uncomfortable love affair with fast food. On top of that, I have a boyfriend who doesn't really support my goals (combination of him feeling threatened by change and it forcing him to look at his bad habits) so I will have to battle my demons and side step his landmines and traps. This is going to be a challenge. Any advice on avoiding temptation by your significant other would be much appreciated.
  7. I started Whole30 the day after Labor Day, September 5. It's been 7-1/2 weeks and I'm among the 75% they stated have made this a lifestyle. Before I dive into questions, I absolutely love this program. I was never one who looked at ingredients. I had the mentality if I can't afford all organic, why bother. I looked at the ingredients for a rotisserie chicken and almost gagged. I can't believe I use to eat that. I started Whole30 because I was losing hair from the roots. I also have several chronic illnesses and wanted to see if and how removing preservatives and processed food from my diet could help. (i.e., thyroid, estrogen replacement, epilepsy, and colitis.) I did not approach this to lose weight. However, without trying, I lost 10 pounds in four weeks. Seven weeks later I've lost 14 pounds. I'm 5'6" and I'm at 115. I don't need to lose more, but the pounds keep coming off and I eat all the time. I had one day when I was ready to cheat and have pizza. I told my husband that one day wouldn't hurt. He asked me what the name of the book was. I told him "Whole30," and his reply was, "It's not Whole21." He has been a great support and all should find someone to encourage you to stay the course. I kept telling myself I do not want to start over. I was mentally prepared to start over if I were to cheat. It wasn't until week six that I felt I was over the hurdle of exhaustion. Some negatives: I do not see a change in my skin. In fact, I feel that I have more blemishes than before. I am experiencing more constipation, which is the total opposite for those with colitis. I still have bouts where I feel sluggish, but not like it was the first six weeks. I want to stay on Whole30 and I'm wondering what are some average foods/ingredients that sneak in that I may not recognize are hindering overall health benefits? I drink 8 ounces of coffee a day, no cream. Is this okay? I do not drink alcohol. I have eaten out a few times and have asked what oils they use. There was one instance they used soybean oil? Could this have set me back? I'm going to start asking restaurants to not cook my proteins in oil. What other restaurant ingredients might I've absorbed that I don't know about? When I eat out and I'm uncertain what was in my food, I take the next week to eat only compliant foods. For those of you who have a moment or two, I would appreciate hearing if you've encountered the same and what wisdom you can share that helped you see greater health benefits. Thank you for your help and feedback! Teresa
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some help with my Whole30. I am a 27 year old female trying the program out for the first time after hearing excellent reviews from co-workers. I bought the book and was really excited and motivated to get my Whole30 started. I was aiming at losing some weight (I probably had ~5 pounds to lose), to improve sleep, to improve mood (specifically, to be less fatigues and unmotivated by 2pm in the work day), and to help with swelling in my lower legs (called panniculitis). I had pretty high hopes after hearing about the program and reading the first few chapters of the book. I'm currently on day 22 and I'd go as far to say that it's pretty much a disaster. I'll back up and provide some more detail. The first week was great! I felt excited, motivated, energized, and my pants were less tight! Around week 2 I started noticing some undesirable side effects. My acne (which isn't really acne... I usually get 2-3 pimples per month) was TERRIBLE. My skin was extremely oily and broken out all over. They ranged from small, hard pimples on my cheeks and forehead, to under the skin painful welts on my chin. I read on this forum that nuts could be doing this. So I decreased my nuts. I will mention that I am a pescitarian, so I don't eat poultry/beef/pork. I do eat fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy [when not on the Whole30]. So I cut out nuts and stuck with my other protein sources. I also started noticing my mood getting worse (sad, angry for no reason, unmotivated). So for this, I read on here to increase my fruit and starchy food...I ate more starches and fruit daily. My side effects from week 3 up to now is what motivated to seek help here. I am depressed, unmotivated, and a completely different person for the worse. I am SO agitated all the time (when people talk to me, I was to cry and/or scream), I'm tired beyond belief, the acne has not changed at all, I have a hard time staying asleep all night, and I haven't seen any improvements in my lower leg swelling. Oh and to top it off, I'm now experience bloating, constipation, and terrible gas (sorry, TMI) that I never experienced before my Whole30. Again, I've looked up most of these symptoms on here and I got info on the depression side; eat more starchy foods and fat...but I already am. As for the gastrointestinal issues, I'm at a loss; seems like the Whole30 foods are causing me issues that other people eliminate during their Whole30. With only 8 days left to go, I'm seriously considering blowing it off. For whatever reason, the Whole30 isn't working with my body.Here is a sample meal plan to help guide any advise that you may have. I really appreciate it. Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in EVOO, homemade hash browns with onions, and half an avocado with S&P (I'll throw in some fresh berries if I still feel hungry) Lunch - baked sweet potato, sautéed kale, and a fruit (usually an apple or banana) Dinner - grilled salmon, lemon garlic grilled shrimp, and roasted veggies with EVOO & balsamic Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help
  9. burkecr21

    Acne on face

    Hey everyone, I am on day 8 of the Whole30. One of the reasons I started the diet was to see if it would help my skin clear up at all. I don't have terrible acne, but I have a few spots on my face where I regularly get pimples (I'm 25 years old and I get them more now than I did when I was a teenager). The first three days on the diet my skin all of a sudden cleared up and was practically glowing. By day 4 I had noticed that I was getting a couple of pimples on my face in the usual areas - my forehead, cheek, and chin. And now, by day 8, I'm waking up every morning with a new pimple on my face. (I'm wondering if it could be caused by the store brand extra virgin olive oil that I've been cooking with the past 8 days.) I was curious if others had encountered this problem at all, and if so, did the acne eventually go away further along into the diet?
  10. Hello! I'm on day 9 of my first W30 and things are going pretty well so far, except I've had some cystic acne flare ups over the past few days. I have a history of adult acne issues but have been relatively clear for the past 2-3 years. I am familiar with flare ups related to diet changes, so I'm hopeful things will clear up again before the end of the 30 days, however I've been doing some reading on here about BPA in canned foods, specifically coconut milk, which may be a trigger. I admittedly went down the internet rabbit hole and now I'm questioning all canned versions of coconut milk, even BPA-free since it's not always clear the BPA replacement is healthy (I know I'm probably overreacting, but figured it wouldn't hurt). So my question is - has anyone tried any of the "pure creamed coconut" bars/jars out there, and are they essentially the same thing as coconut cream you get from the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk? Can they be used in the W30 Ranch Dressing, for instance? Additionally, does anyone have a substitute for coconut cream in the W30 Ranch Dressing that wouldn't come in a tin can? Clearly the W30 Ranch is a favorite of mine! Sorry for the long question, and I appreciate any insight out there. Again, I know this is an extreme reaction, but I'm just curious more than anything. Not necessarily going to cut out all tin cans :). Thanks!
  11. I have not consumed too much olive oil so far in my W30 (R1D13). Last night I made "The Best Chicken You Will..." ( and made the Moroccan dipping sauce to go with it. Making the sauce was the most olive oil (1/3 cup) I have used in a recipe for my entire W30! The chicken was good and I served it cut up over zoodles and pour about 3 Tbsp of the sauce over everything. The thing is, about 2-2.5 hours later, I could feel the grease on my skin building up. I always noticed that I was extra greasy after eating italian food, but attributed it to the high carbohydrate pasta, and occasionally in the past I thought I got a bit oilier after consuming olive oil. Does anyone else experience this? I know olive oil is very healthy and I do not get any additional symptoms other than oiliness and any current pimples feeling a bit inflamed, but I'm wondering if olive oil is a no-go for me. It would be quite strange, because I love olives! I have been consuming ghee and coconut oil as my cooking fats for all of this W30, and before that, I did most cooking with butter or coconut oil. Would appreciate any insight!
  12. keckberg

    Cystic Acne

    I'm on Day 19 and my cystic acne is out of control. My skin looked incredible the last 2 weeks and it felt totally clear until a few days ago when I was starting to see really large acne around my chin and jawline. I've been working out consistently, but always without makeup and always shower immediately after. I went from having great skin to embarrassing, bad skin in just a couple of days. It hurts and I can't seem to figure out exactly what could be causing this. Any advice anyone may have would be great. I have a long history of acne and have tried pretty much everything!
  13. Staggolee41

    First Whole30 Down!

    Day 31 - It's over! Wow... I didn't think I'd make it, but I did! Typing this as I eat my usual omelet, but with feta . Interesting... while I'm excited to have the cheese, now that I'm eating the thing I've eaten for breakfast most of the last 30 days, I don't feel like the feta is really necessary. The first several days I was eating this for breakfast, all I could think about was how it needed cheese. Posting this in Success Stories because I really hope this inspires some of you! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. So... recap. I'm copying this from my "home" thread, where I had borrowed Kate's format. Starting with the things I wish I had done better: Eaten out less. I got lazy some nights or on weekends mostly and ended up eating my "safe" meal at Chipotle. I still ate food I cooked most of the time, but I wish I'd been more prepared for that to happen. Paid attention more to my eating. I still tend to multitask - as I'm doing now - and don't even leave my desk for lunch. Since I'm in a support role, that means lots of distractions while I'm eating. I intend to start leaving my desk to eat more often. Slept more. Though I'm getting more sleep than I was before, I'm still short of the ideal amount, and I feel it. Drank more water. I definitely increased my intake, but this is still a work in progress. The days I hit my water goal, I felt great. I have to make a conscious effort to stop and drink some water more regularly, especially while I'm working. Given myself more time for prep at the beginning. I was very miserable at the beginning, in part because prep took so much longer than I thought it would, so I lost sleep over it. For the benefit of those reading this who haven't finished (or maybe even started) yet... things that really helped me: The forums! I was part of a really fantastic thread - read there for more tips (Strength in Numbers) - and everyone's encouragement and advice helped me make my way through the 30 days. I also loved reading some of the moderators' posts and encouraging others. Clarified butter. I wrote down my NSVs as they happened. I told everyone I know about the plan and how excited I was about it. I marked my work calendar with the days in permanent marker. I acknowledged my struggles as they happened, documented them in the thread, and talked my way through them. I tossed my (cheap, $5) scale and everything I couldn't eat. I made a display out of spices and produce that doesn't need refrigeration in my kitchen (making it all very visible and accessible meant more of both went into all of my cooking). I took meal planning and grocery shopping seriously and wrote it all out. I'm putting up a chalkboard strip on the wall in my kitchen so the week's menu is always visible, even though I've finished my Whole30. I rewarded myself with non-food items during the plan - new books at the midpoint, flowers at the beginning of the fourth week, and a new, fancy scale and fitness tracking wristband for finishing. Benefits Aesthetic Roughly 8-10 lbs lost (hard to say because there was so much fluctuation up to my start date) Definite loss of fat around the midsection, front and back Face seems thinner (to me) Softer, smoother skin and hair Stronger nails that grow like crazy Less tired-looking Less acne/less oil on face Down a shirt size and a pants size, my ring comes off much more easily, and I have to use a tighter hook on my bra Cooking & Eating Reintroduced to my kitchen - woohoo! Loads more confidence in the kitchen Much easier to make good choices now (also don't feel like I'm missing out) Weirded out now by things that companies position as food that really aren't food Heightened awareness to what's in everything Comfortable eating without worrying about calories (this is so huge) CLARIFIED BUTTER!!! Lots of cool new tools and techniques in the kitchen No negative reaction to eating cooked spinach (always upset my stomach before) Emotional Cut the cord with sugar - no longer feel like something is really wrong if I can't have it (bahahahaha my sugar dragon is DEAD) Able to work through tough moments more, rather than avoiding them by eating something compulsively in the moment or later on Significantly reduced anxiety and depression (though this is a process, and I'm only beginning it as of about three weeks ago) Don't feel limited by the scale Proud of myself for completing the challenge, proved to myself that I have much more discipline than I give myself credit for (just have to stop being so darn lazy, and tiger blood helps with that) Smiling a lot more More confidence socially Don't feel the need to have alcohol to have a good time (proved this to myself last night, when I didn't break the guidelines to have a drink at a company happy hour - hung out with my club soda with lime and had a great time) Don't feel impacted by advertisements for food anymore (they seem so bizarre now!) Health Minimal/no heartburn (no Tums needed for over a month now!) Improved vision? (leaving a question mark there because this seems absolutely crazy but I can't ignore the fact that I can read small print signs with my bad eye that I for sure couldn't have read before, though my vision isn't perfect; will confirm when I see the eye doctor soon) Lower resting heart rate (have to confirm this, but I just did a few runs through it using the stopwatch on my phone and counting myself, and all were lower than the last several measurements) Better recovery time on injuries, sunburn, and illness Improved dental health (no change in toothpaste or routines, but less gum and tooth pain) More regular digestive activity Easier to get out of bed every day All in all, I'm totally thrilled that I did this, and even if I hadn't lost weight, I'd be thrilled with every other benefit. I will continue to eat with intention and try to stay away from take-out. I was actually REALLY hungry for breakfast this morning, despite a good dinner last night, which is so different from my life pre-Whole30. Again... please let me know if I can help you!
  14. I'm just wrapping up my second Whole30 and I was wondering if there were any ladies out there with IUDs that still had acne problems even after successfully completing the program? I don't think I've seen ANY improvement in my skin and I have a hunch it's from my IUD (Mirena) since I didn't get severe acne until shortly after my IUD was implanted. I was hoping it was just a change in my eating habits that caused it back in the day, but since I've done two of these programs, I'm starting to think it's coming from the Intra-Uterine Device. Any thoughts?
  15. I am on day 16 with whole30 and I am more inflamed than I have been in the last 6 years. I have celiacs, and when I went gluten free in 2010 I reduced my inflammation greatly. I had less menstrual cramping, and less acne. I used to have ganglion cysts in my hands. Now all of these symptoms are back. I have ganglions in my hands, my menstrual cramps are terrible, I am breaking out all over my face (little raised bumps on my cheeks), as well as white heads on my forehead and chin. Has anyone else experience this? Is this a "gets worse before it gets better" scenario? I'm ready to give up.
  16. NeatoNat

    Body hair

    I am a 30 year old woman, 2 children, no history (that I know of) of hormonal dysfunction. I have, since puberty, been very hairy. Even a "happy trail" and a small furry trail down my chest. I've noticed that it's become progressively worse over the past decade. Anyways, I am on day 21 of my first Whole30. I just noticed today that my belly/chest hair is almost gone! I'll also note that after the first week, my cystic back acne was completely gone as well. Would this suggest that I indeed did have some type of undiagnosed hormonal issue? Anyone else experience this?
  17. Hi Everyone, A year ago I was diagnosed with "IBS." I also found out that I had become lactose intolerant - so I began seeing a holistic doctor since it seemed that no other doctor could help me. After doing testing, we found out that my body is producing a great deal more of bad bacteria than good bacteria and that I have a difficult time digesting fats. My test results also showed inflammation, symptoms of IBS, and I fit all criteria for having a "leaky gut." I decided to try the Whole 30 with the hopes of healing my gut, but I am on Day 15 and just don't see anything good happening. My bathroom routine is a mess - only going once every 3 to 4 days which is not normal for me, my acne is worse than it has been in years (I have little red bumps everywhere), and I am ending almost every night bloated and gassy. I know that I need to give it the full 30 days, which I plan to, but was wondering if anyone had any of the same symptoms. Does it get worse before it gets better? Thank you for anything!!!
  18. RealFoodieRD

    Starting September 20, 2015

    Greetings! I am getting ready to start my Whole30 journey this Sunday. I have decided to participate in Whole30 to see if it will help alleviate my acne and (undiagnosed) rosacea. I have tried conventional medical recommendations like antibiotics and topical creams. (This was before I knew about how precious my little gut bugs are.) I have found little to no success and sometimes feel treatment has made my skin worse. I am excited to see how changing my diet and lifestyle will affect my energy levels, brain fog, mood, and skin! I plan to post pictures of my face throughout my journey to track my progress. T - 2 days
  19. Hi everyone, My doctor recommended I follow a plan for 30 days that is very, very similar to the Whole 30. Technically it is not "officially" the W30, so I very much hope it's OK that I'm posting in here! I'm eating only Whole 30 approved foods, though carageenan and soy lecithin are not forbidden. I can't speak to my doctor about this until my next appointment which will not be for a while. If I'm out of bounds posting this, feel free to delete. I started the Whole 30-ish with bad acne. It's been chronic since I was 12. Finally figured out it was caused by food choices. After a week on the W30-ish my skin was not perfect, but it was so much better and I was acquiring a "glow." I was so excited! Fast forward: I'm in week four. The program ends this Saturday. I have not gone off plan ONCE. As of 5 days ago my skin has been reverting to it's old appearance. It's red, uneven, splotchy, and I'm having breakouts ALL OVER my face -- including my typically clear forehead. I've never experienced hormonal acne or stress acne. It's always been 100% food-caused. WHAT is going on?! I have college homecoming next weekend and was looking forward to wow-ing everyone with my skin. Now I'm scared I'll have to cake on the makeup just like I did in college. Any explanations for this strange turn of events? xoxo
  20. lashansen

    Acne getting worse -- HELP!

    I am on day 12 on my Whole30 and one thing I was looking forward to during this process was hopefully having my acne clear up. I usually have cystic acne. Last week I noticed I didn't get any new pimples...just clearing up what I already had. Unfortunately, this week I have been breaking out a TON. However, I have noticed it's different than the type I normally have and is surfaced small pimples. I have seen that the increase in nuts or fruit could be due to this, but I have only been having some fruit in the mornings (1/2 cup of blueberries or unsweetened organic applesauce) and maybe a compliant Lara Bar on rare occasions. Any ideas or help? Could this be from detoxing?
  21. I've done one successful Whole30 and learned that dairy and added sugar are causing me to have painful, cystic acne. Ever since I've finished the Whole30, I still eat compliant foods most of the time. However, lately I can't stop binge-eating foods that I know are bad for me, followed by shame and guilt. I know it leads to stomach discomfort and painful acne, but I binge anyways? I sincerely care about my health and want to improve my skin. Any advice on how to control these binge-eating episodes?
  22. 3dayevent

    Hormonal Acne

    I'm seeking advice about acne! I've struggled with it over the past two years, and it's been labeled "hormonal". I have eaten pretty clean over the past three years, but I noticed very little difference in my complexion when I "cheated" and ate something full of dairy, sugar, or grains. However, I have never been as rigid and consistent as the Whole30 program demands. This led me to give Whole30 a chance to solve my skin problems. I would love to clear my skin naturally, without the use of drugs and harsh chemicals. One of the main reasons that I chose to venture into the Whole30 Program was because I read the success stories and saw that several people saw tremendous results and achieved clearer complexions with Whole30. The results are amazing!! I'm on my eighth day of the Whole30 program and it's that time-of-month. I noticed new breakouts two days ago, and since then, new breakouts are coming in daily. I believe that I can attribute this to the time of the month, but the breakout seems to be worse than it has been in the past. Prior to that, I noticed no skin-clearing results from my first week of Whole30. Does anyone have experience with Whole30 and hormonal acne? If so, when did you start seeing results? Did it get worse before it got better? Please share any tips, suggestions, or comments. Thank you, Caroline
  23. I'm on day 16 of my first whole30. I use Aczone and Dapsone gel to treat my cystic acne, and it works really well minus some random pimples that turn up now and then. My acne has flared up in the last two days, though. I have new pimples forming all over my face. I've also noticed my mood has worsened significantly while on whole30. I'm not sure if it's external factors not related to the food or if anyone has experienced this. I'm hoping to hear that my mood and acne will improve!
  24. AmythestTiger

    To AIP or not AIP?

    Hello, I'm on day 22 of my first Whole 30. I started this with the hopes of finding relief from my endometriosis pain, IBS symptoms, allergies/asthma, and to feel more energized. While on this journey, I do feel that my digestive health is a bit better. I feel that I know now how much fruit is "too much fruit" for my tummy and one accidental consumption of feta cheese helped me realize that dairy products hurt too. I am still experiencing endometriosis pain and allergy/asthma symptoms. I suspected from the get go that my healing process would be a long one. I've had IBS since I was 10 years old and endometriosis since my first cycle at 12. I'm now 27. I've always planned to do a Whole 60. However, I'm still feeling very tired. I also have a lot of acne breaking out on my face. I have read on the forum a lot of support about how it can take longer to get the energy boost. However, this fatigue along with my (newer) acne and with my medical conditions has me wondering if I should try the AIP for my second whole 30. While this is daunting to me as eggs and bell peppers are some of my favorite ingredients and I enjoy almond butter, I wonder if it wouldn't be more beneficial. For my energy level, I've made sure to eat starchy veggies with each meal (mainly sweet potatoes, since I love those). However, I don't notice a difference. Still lethargic during the day. Any thoughts, help, or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  25. AuntB


    I've seen a lot of people say that they have had big improvements in thier skin while doing whole30. I'm on day 24 and my face looks TERRIBLE. My chin has several huge nodule like pimples. They are hard, painful, and RED, but have no white head/ black head on them. I'm so embarrased. I haven't had any sugar, or dairy (the usual culprits) so what is making my face do this? Any ideas to start making it go away!?