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Found 4 results

  1. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Hello! I am looking for support an accountability as I rashly decide to do a whole30. I did one 6 years ago and it was bliss, and I haven't been able to replicate the success of my initial round! I'm going through a rough patch as a mom of 4 wild hyper boys. Most days I just do not want to do my life. I remember in my first whole30 i felt so mentally fantastic, I thought maybe I should try it again. My husband thinks I should just cut out flour and alcohol. I guess I better get clear on how deep i'm going to go in this before I start!
  2. Hi! First time Whole30er here on Day 4. So many words and thoughts, but one pressing question: is it normal to feel like you flat cannot focus at first? I have ADHD and recently started taking medication (after years of holding out). I've been so pleased with how much more I'm able to focus and get things done since I started the medication, and this week I have felt like I couldn't finish anything to save my life. I just need to hear that this is maybe normal for some people with ADHD, and that I'll eventually get back to getting things done again...
  3. alexa popovich

    ADHD Problems

    I have ADHD and the medication that I take Suppresses my hunger. I started the whole30 a couple days ago and it hasn't been to hard to control my cravings because i've been taking my medication. Yesterday I didn't take it and all I could think about was food, and I had so many cravings! Im not sure if I should continue to take my medication or not. The only problem with me not taking my medication is that its harder for me to concentrate and school starts next week. HELP!!
  4. bookishrunner


    Hi everyone, I've been Whole30/paleo for coming up on one year (yay!). I'm a doctoral student and have been taking medication for ADHD for 22 years (ritalin/concerta for 11 years and strattera for 11). I've heard that a number of people have had reduced symptoms on the Whole30 (my primary is inattention). While I've done two "official" Whole30s, I've never reintroduced foods without my medication. Well, I'm taking comps in a few days and will then have an opportunity to finally take an extended break from the medication. I'll really like to stop taking it for good because none of these meds are ideal and all of them have really scary side-effects. Here's my questions: Does anyone know anything about ADHD and the Whole30 (not much in the testimonials section of the site)? Should I try a Whole30 (with reintroduction) without meds? Or should I do the autoimmune protocol without meds (I also have primary Raynaud's)? Or is there someone elimination diet that would be better first off for someone in my shoes? Also, I'd appreciate it if any who feel like ADHD is a scam or fake or whatever would kindly keep that to themselves. I can attest that it is very real...and debilitating. I wouldn't be who I am today without the medication, but I'm ready to move on and live a more free and healthy life. Thanks so much, y'all! Best health community on the Web. Period.