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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm on the last ten days of my first Whole30. I have seen what feels like some regression over the past week and I'd like to troubleshoot for the next 10 days or so. I'm splitting up my concerns/questions into bullet points. Feel free to message me for more details on any particular one, and thank you in advance for any input! -ON FODMAPS: While the first two weeks were great (almost immediate increase in energy, more stable energy levels, feeling lighter and happier) the last week I have felt heavier, fuller and significantly more bloated. Not much has changed in my eating or life habits, except that the daily stress quotient has increased, and I am being mindful of that and trying to offset. Ive seen after some research here that this could be a FODMAP problem. My diet is very heavy on those. Can someone give me a quick cheat-sheet on how long to eliminate these for? What next if that doesn't seem to resolve these latest symptoms? -ON ADRENAL FATIGUE: I don't have diagnosed adrenal fatigue, but because of my lifestyle and profession and some discussion with my GPs there's strong indication this could be a problem, which I'll tackle separately in coming months. In the mean time, what tweaks are recommended to the basic Whole30 program to better target adrenal fatigue? One guess is to eliminate coffee, and I am a big drinker. Is there a guide out there on how to reduce caffeine intake gradually (lots of changes in one month and do not want to pile more on). As a result of being more mindful on this program, I've limited my cups of coffee to 2-3 per day so far. Is there any summary out there to the science on coffee on an empty stomach, versus coffee with breakfast? How much damage are we doing if we are drinking two cups of coffee over our first waking hour or so, and then having breakfast? -ON FAT INTAKE: I was a pretty restrictive eater pre-Whole30, mostly limiting carbs, but with sugar binges, and I think my fat intake was average for my estimated nutritional needs but protein intake on the lower side. To substitute for milk in my coffee, I've taken to using coconut cream (maybe a teaspoon), and I'm aware of the added fat in that, but sometimes I skimp on the added Whole30 recommended fat sources per meal, so thought this is ok. Could I still be overdoing it on the fat intake? For example, last week was a busy week and I had a wonderful (but fatty) salmon three times. -ON MINDSET: While I have enjoyed the no-kidding-around approach to this program so far, I am worried that the planning involved (and the concerns I'm having now, forcing me to re-evaluate and restrict even more), might be making me even more obsessed with food and what I'm eating. What is the Whole30 recommendation for keeping a reasonable and healthy attitude about this? I understand some of it is just logistics and planning, but it is beginning to consume what I would consider a disproportionate of my thought process. Thanks very much.
  2. Hi whole30ers! I know that this topic has been touched on a few times before, but I have a more specific/personal question. I recently went to a chiropractor who is very well respected by some of my healthiest friends and colleagues. He does kinesiology as well as holistic nutrition. I do believe him when he tells me how out of whack my adrenals are, I have all of the symptoms of pretty severe fatigue. I had a very hard couple of years with a divorce and financial stress which did a number on my health. My question is this. I was so excited to finally get in to see him, and I had JUST finished my first whole30 and was feeling good. I lost a bit of the wind out of sails however with the diet he told me to do. It is simply a one page handout on the "adrenal body type". It states to eat only fruit and some plain non fat yogurt for breakfast with absolutely no protein, a vegetarian lunch, and a high protein dinner. I have felt so torn, because I really believe in the whole30. Am I correct in thinking that his diet is absolutely backwards???? I am not a sheep... I must have research to back up everything related to health as I am in healthcare myself. I really want to work on my adrenal fatigue, but I feel torn (as he is very respected and highly recommended by people that I respect myself). I did feel somewhat better after my first whole30, but no tiger blood I'm afraid. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Basically, I am tired (ha go figure) and I want a trusted community of like minded folks to show me the light (or at least confirm my suspicions that this is a ludicrous diet with zero research to back it up). Also, I read the adrenal reset diet, and I am going to try to carb cycle with my next whole30. For those of you who have read the book, what are your thoughts on the author stating that beans are very important for health and he recommends them in every meal (even in protein shakes!). This different set of instructions just added to my confusion on the right thing to do for my adrenal fatigue. I'm basically overwhelmed with conflicting information on something I REALLY want to resolve. I am gearing up to start my second whole30 this next week. Can't wait to hear from all of you! Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey ya'all. I am on day 15 of the whole 30. A few days before starting, both my husband and I got this sort of like stomach virus or something where we had painful diarrhea. It lasted about a week (for him). I started Whole30 and thought the looseness and cramping were still residual from the stomach virus, but its been about 20 days. I wake up and have my coffee and within about 30 minutes, I have to go. It hasn't been solid since I started Whole30. Prior to, I was pretty regular and before the tummy virus, I was pretty solid. I don't have diarrhea, but its painful. Cramping etc. Appears some undigested food in stool and it smells wicked (sorry- just the facts man). It seems to happen in the morning and also right after meals, sometimes before I'm even done with the meal I start to cramp. I am also bloated. I am not weighing but my stomach seems distended and my pants are tighter. I am not sure if I am having more calories than usual since I am not counting per the instructions. My guess is I am not. I do notice when I am under extreme stress I get painful cramps and usually have to go. Before whole 30 I did a paleo diet and was pretty strict. So the main difference is now I have cut out the paleo treats like coconut flour bread, stevia sweetened drinks and excessive grazing between meals. My diet is pretty consistent: Breakfast is eggs, avocado and veggies (squash, onion and spinach) sautéed in ghee. Lunch is usually steak or porkchop with salad. Dinner is steak or burger or chicken, broccoli, sweet potato. I try not to snack, but when I do, I have a banana or some pecans or almonds. I drink some almond milk or almond water to calm cravings, which have all but gone away. I am on a very low dose of wellbutrin. I should also note a few other things. I am trying to recover from adrenal fatigue and my immune system is just shot. I take the pig adrenals but I suffer from frequent (as in once a month) illness (flu, colds, respiratory and sinus infections, sore throats, etc). Because of this, its been tough for me to get into a consistent exercise routine. While I don't know much about IBS, as I said before, typically I am solid and regular unless I am under stress. However, this 15 day stretch is extreme. I never have 15 days of straight toilet misery. I started drinking some psycillium husk thinking maybe that would firm things up. It has not. I used to track all my meals on my fitness pal but stopped since the book suggests not counting or tracking or weighing. So- any help or ideas is really appreciated. I am feeling discouraged. Thanks everyone.
  4. Christina Cowell

    Adrenal Fatigue

    I'm doing this Whole30 due to a varitey of symptoms that are plagueing me and I can't get rid of. Most of my symptoms can be linked to a variety of main-stream illnesses (namely hypothyroid, irritable bowel syndrome and dysthymia(low-level depression)), but conventional treatment of those has not helped (I'm still on Levothyroxine for my thyroid and Wellbutrin & Citalipram for my depression). I have also been diagnosed in the past with several alternative illnesses (fibromyalgia, gluten and casein intolerence and adrenal fatigue), which I have also not been able to beat even with different eating (Primal (5 weeks), gluten/casein free (5 weeks), etc) and lots of supplements. My symptoms include: Exhaustion (I take a nap every single day... can't get through the day without it. When I was working I would fall asleep while driving the 45 minutes to/from work and had a really hard time keeping up with my case load) No to Low Energy, Sluggish, Unable to Motivate (All. The. Time. I also have a hard time doing things with the kids, getting housework done and exercising) Brain fog (sometimes I have a hard time tracking conversations and can't think straight) Forgetful (I can't remember things like appointments or paperwork unless it's written down and in front of me. And I can't remember a lot of events that have happened. One day I even forgot my own last name for a panic-filled 30 seconds) Stomach pain and cramps, constipation and loose stools (I won't go into detail on that one!) Headaches (some so bad that they border on migraines) Sore muscles (poke me anywhere - like the Pillsbury Doughboy - and it's tender) Dry, itchy skin (especially at night and this includes excema in my ears and puritis ani) Hard to loose weight (when eating a "healthy" diet that includes all the different food groups, I have to eat a strict 1200-1500 calories per day to loose any weight) Depression / Low Mood (I'm never really happy for any sustained amount of time. Most of the time I'm not happy or sad, but just kind of flatline.) Cranky, irritable, easily annoyed, short temper... (Just ask my hubby and kids!) I'm sure there's a million more I'm forgetting... I'm on day 23ish of my first Whole30. The first week I had several inadvertant Oops! and was still having some fruit / dried fruit. I also had three days where I ended up having some big cheats. I decided to start again with no fruit because I am very severely addicted to sugar. So, from my Restart Date of Sunday, 24 March I'm only 3 days in. I am planning to do a Whole100 to try to get everything out of my system and give my body time to repair. I'm having some good results already (stomach issues, skin, brain fog), but my biggest issue - exhaustion - is not having any improvement. In fact, I'm feeling worse. And I'm pretty cranky and unmotivated. I suddenly remembered last week my Adrenal Fatigue diagnosis that I received a year ago from a private practitioner in London. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to follow up with her so nothing was done about it. I don't know why I didn't do research a year ago to find out more about Adrenal Fatigue, but I didn't. So, this past weekend I read through a lot of Dr. Lam's information on Adrenal Fatigue and it seems to be a perfect fit for all of my issues (all my bowel, depression and thyroid symptoms also are symptoms for Adrenal Fatigue plus a few other symptoms make more sense now). His recommendations are an Adrenal Diet (which actually looks a lot like Primal eating) and certain supplements (haven't started any as he cautions against using them without a practitioner's involvement) plus several lifestyle changes (trying to start some of those). Supposedly it can take 6 months to 2 years to repair your adrenals so I'm not expecting the Whole30/100 to work miracles. But, I'm wondering if other people have had this condition and done or are doing the Whole30 and if they have any tips/tricks so that I can feel better?! As a side note, I'm having a bit of an anti-meat and veg kick right now, so I'm also struggling to eat enough through the day - not sure if that's having an effect on me as well. It's really hard for me to get over the exhaustion and get some motivation to prepare/cook for the Whole30 so that's not helping either.
  5. I keep seeing a lot about adrenal fatigue. What are the symptoms? I just took 4 weeks of recovery time from running etc because I felt over trained, I kept getting injured, I was exhausted, moody, my periods almost stopped. Could the be some adrenal fatigue issues as well?