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Found 32 results

  1. Our first day after completing our Whole30 is my husband's birthday. I've managed to convince him to have a wonderful dinner at home (you know - give yourself the gift of health!), but he has asked for two things: beer or wine, and ice cream. I read the reintroduction in It Start with Food and had planned to follow it, except these two requests throw a curveball into the plan. Thoughts on keeping it a Whole30 day and then for dinner adding the alcohol and then having coconut milk ice cream? We'd have to watch the flavors and other mix-ins here, but figured it was better than dairy options. I was thinking I could then do the next two days Whole30 and get back on the regular reintroduction plan. We had such a successful 30 days, I just want to do my best to keep us on a good track! TIA
  2. Hi there, I'm on day 25 of my first-ever Whole30. Hooray! I feel great. I don't crave my (sweet) treats like I thought I would, don't crave the gluten-free hot cereal, except for the fact it's easy, and am proud of myself for upping the vegetable consumption. The *only* thing that concerns me is that I have thought about my celebratory glass of red wine all month. Every day. I want that glass. I'm an athlete and am a very light drinker. Over the past few years, one drink a week, maybe. Sometimes every few weeks. Sometimes if there's more social events happening, more than one in a week. I can limit myself to one, but it takes mental effort. Because........... I come from a family of alcoholics. Both sides of my family, including my father. And, in my 20s, I flirted with it. I started drinking heavily to self-medicate. Fortunately, I got my s**t together. I'm 47 now. That's why, I think, I have to really use my willpower to stop at one. What concerns me now is that I'm thinking about this darned glass of wine so much. I worry this is the genetic predisposition rearing its head, and wondering if it's a sign I should just give up alcohol completely. Another thing. In the months before I started W30, I was drinking a little more than usual. Like one a few times a week instead of one whenever. Almost always due to work stress, not because of a wedding or birthday party. I love W30 for helping to bring this and other food issues to light. And for many other reasons that I won't babble on about right now. If anyone has experienced something similar with alcohol, I would love some perspective. Thank you,
  3. Hello! I've just completed my first ever Whole30 and I feel amazing. I truly don't miss any foods, and don't really have the desire to reintroduce any (yet). The only thing I miss is red wine! I would like to stay Whole30 compliant food-wise while reintroducing red wine slowly - thinking a glass while cooking dinner tonight, and over the weekend, and then back to no wine at all next week. Then reintro for foods. If I do this though, am I just completely sabotaging my reintro? I don't know if this makes a difference, but my sugar dragon doesn't feed off of sweet sugary foods, but it rages for savory carbs (pasta, rice, potato chips). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Chelsea Cooper

    Angostura Bitters

    Hi. I’m not interested in reintroducing alcohol just yet but I am wanting to reintroduce Angostura Bitters back into my diet. While it has a high alcohol content, the amount you ingest is so tiny since only a dash is usually added (in my case to club soda). The ingredients also list sugar and caramel colorant. My question is would I consider this reintroducing alcohol or something else since the ingredients also list caramel color and sugar? I really only use are a teaspoon per drink. Thank you!
  5. I know we are able to drink things like flavoured sparkling water, or make 'mocktails' for special occasions, but what about using something like this product? It is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. All the ingredients are compliant, but I have a feeling this might fall into the SWYPO category. Thoughts?
  6. nonnawickwire

    On Day 15 of my first Whole30

    Hello all! My name is Carol and I am doing the Whole30 for the first time. I am on day 15. I have been very strictly following this with the exception last night of a martini (which I folded and drank after pressure from my husband to join him). I had a rough first few days, mostly cranky, tired. A little headachy. After that I have felt GREAT! So on Day 14, I broke down and had a martini with my hubby. I have felt the worst today ever. Monster headache (despite taking tylenol before bed, and an ultracet and tylenol this am) which lasted all day, body aches, and lethargy (had 11 hours sleep last night). I feel like I may be so highly sensitive to the sugars in alcohol, that sugar may be the dastardly culprit behind my frequent headaches. Ugh. Well, it is so nice to meet you all! No more "cheating" for me!! It totally wasn't worth it! I promise!
  7. Odette

    Apple cider

    I see that the ketchup recipe uses apple cider, but the apple cider that i know in some countries has alcohol which is not Whole30 allowed. Can it be that this apple cider is just normal apple juice? The Portuguese version of the book just mentions apple cider, and for Portuguese or Brazilians, that one has alcohol... What do you recommend to replace it with?
  8. mummitch

    Day 1 September 30th

    I have been more or less Paleo in my eating for months, whole foods and cooking from scratch. I already make ghee, homemade mayo, bone broth etc. But need to do this to give up the alcohol. I really think I’m addicted, but tell myself it’s just a habit, pouring a glass of wine as I’m cooking dinner, then another and another. :/ So here goes! Hoping it’ll make me feel better physically...and better about myself.
  9. Dustin.huiting

    Unity kombucha

    Can I have unity kombucha beer. It is made like normal kombucha but fermented to 8% alcohol but the alcohol is the byproduct of fermentation and there is no added sugar.
  11. Annie88

    Going through breakup/divorce

    Hello, I've been doing the Whole30 successfully a few times a year for around 5 years. I'm able to remain somewhat diligent in between but will eventually bottom out completely before deciding to do the Whole30 again. I had a baby with my boyfriend 2.5 years ago. I did the Whole30 throughout pregnancy, which was amazing. I stayed really healthy and kept a good weight, even though my extended family known for gaining tons of weight with their pregnancies and experiencing many problems, like high blood pressure, etc. But during my pregnancy and the years following, I have dealt with debilitating stress and pp anxiety. This is from not being financially stable when I found out I was pregnant. It is also from the stress I experienced when I returned to a former full-time job that I found out was not kind to new moms. My pp anxiety was also caused by the stress of my relationship with my child's father. Anytime I have done the whole30 since having my son, the results haven't been nearly as effective, due to lack of sleep which is typical for parents and due my unique stressors which I think is atypical. For the past 3 years, my child's father was very unstable, drank too much, and was unreliable. We fought regularly. So, recently, I decided to separate. Since we officially separated a few weeks ago, he's already going to AA and taking better care of himself. Ultimately, I am confident this is a good decision. But I have been in a huge funk. I did the Whole30 right up until the breakup. I think that was how I was able to stay focused and clear headed to make my decisions and necessary plans. But now I'm eating so differently every day. My energy and mood is all over the place. I am still very sad about this change. And I have our son by myself for 5 days a week. I do have help from my parents, because I still work 5 days/week at a nonprofit preschool (my son is still too young to attend), but this is because I am living with my parents, temporarily. Living with my parents comes at a price. For instance, they aways have tons of junky food and sweets in the house. I also don't get along with them very well. And I don't have a lot of space. I don't feel like I have my own life at their house. I will be out soon, but it's so hard carrying around all of these feelings. I feel tired from parenting, sad about my breakup, suffocated by my parents, inadequate considering I am almost 30. I want to be treating my body well during this time but I can't get in the headspace to have a consistent, healthy diet. I'm also afraid to Whole30 because I don't want to cut myself out of my friend circle in any way. I want to be able to meet my friends for dinner/drinks without the added stress of eliminating certain foods. I am already so limited, because I am the only one of my friends who has a child. Is there a good "in between" plan that I can use while I get through my breakup?

    Started yesterday! (June 22nd)

    Hi W30 community Started the program yesterday. I wanted to do this mainly to drop loose some of the weight I gained since high school, find a way not to get any bigger while my leg is healing from surgery (2 month recovery time ) and not be constantly tired for my 9am summer classes. I already miss sugar. And desert. Its going to be hard breaking the ritual of dinner then desert. I also go to bed very late because of all the homework I have to do so I tend to get really hungry, even 2-3 hours after eating dinner. I usually would make myself a bowl of cocoa krispies but yesterday I had turkey chipotle mayo wraps instead. That seemed to work okay. Pride parade weekend is saturday and sunday so I'm anticipating having a really hard time because all my friends are going to get smashed so i'll be their sober babysitter all weekend. I feel like I won't have as much fun. How is anyone else going to handle pride with friends who want to drink?
  13. MrsZimm13

    30 Days Done and Won

    My W30 is now over, and I've gained insight to myself more than on my first W30 which turned into W64. Some of the insights are below. With my first W30, I was looking for weight loss above everything else. I was going through the motions of W30 to get to weight loss and I was terribly defeated when at the end of 64 days I had not lost any weight. Subsequently, I gained 14 pounds after that W30. I was mad and disgusted that I could give up so much and not lose any weight. My attitude changed to F* it. "I eliminated all that and didn't lose a pound," why bother trying. Well, that was a huge mistake, because obviously I need control over what I eat to not bloat up to Orka Whale size! This time, I did lose weight, not has much as I had gained since my last W64, but I'll take it! It took me longer than 30 days to gain, so I owe my body respect to lose it in an appropriate timeframe as well. I realize alcohol is no friend of mine. I started to realize this in the last W30, but this W30 has hit that concept home. I do not need alcohol in my body. Besides, I have a terrible yoga practice the following day! It's embarrassing to fall over in Yoga while doing a balance pose. LOL. But, truly, that helped me see the lasting effects alcohol has on my body and I don't like it. What went well- This W30 was much easier for me than my first W30. I think it's because I knew exactly what to expect and I had an arsenal of recipes and support. Having an accountability partner made this W30 more fun and we had one another to rely on. We shared recipes and texted each other encouragement. I also did not travel as much for work this time- that was a huge relief. I stopped drinking coffee- it's no good without cream and a sweetener anyway! I have enjoyed having Bengal tea in its place with just coconut cream. I realized nuts are a binge food and they are now eliminated from my diet UNLESS they are just part of a recipe. But I no longer buy nuts to have on hand or to eat as a snack when I travel. I gave up nuts on day 5 and I've survived! LOL so I think I'll just continue without them. I realized through reading vastly on effects of sweeteners, whether it's Stevia or a sugar form, our bodies are harmed by them. So, bye bye Stevia...I don't need your Insulin raising byproducts in my body any longer! I believe the last W64 I did helped cure me of my desire to weigh each day. I had no issues with not weighing like I did last time around. I am now 100% in control of my eating I like planning my meals, and W30 is really better for me when I plan a few days in advance what I will eat and start prepping the meals. I like to cook for the week on Sunday- it takes all the pressure off of cooking and cleaning nightly. I splurged on both Well Fed cookbooks for Kindle. I wish I had gotten the hardcover versions because there is no way to mark a page, like you can with a real book. I like to dog ear pages to come back to. My goal is to make every recipe in both books. I can't recommend these books more. If you do not already have this website in your favorites, you might want to bookmark she has amazing Paleo and W30 recipes. I tried hard to not snack between meals and I feel I did a very good job with this. Larabars are not our friends, even if they are considered compliant. I did not have any this time around. What could have gone better- I could have been more consistent with exercise, but I think I did ok in this area. I didn't read the Liquid Aminos label and so on Day 3 I had some and then needed to start over. Need to always read labels! What I'll do better in the future- When I feel myself getting out of control with food/eating, reach out Jodi (hopefully she will want to do another) plan and start a W30. I don't want to wait until I've already done damage i.e. gained weight to reset myself. I need to take control of the situation before it turns into a problem. I plan on starting Bright Lines Eating and incorporating W30 principles as much as possible. BLE eliminates sugar (all sweeteners) and flour.
  14. I would like to be sure that natural/herbal/homeopathic remedies (with one form of sugar) and diluted with Brandy (yes... that alcohol...) are allowed while doing the Whole30. I read what the books tell about taking prescribed medication by doctors , but in this case it also has added alcohol and it is the persons choice to take it. Some say "yes", because at the end of the 30 days, there was not much alcohol ingestion, some say "leave it for 30 days, if you can stay without it"... So, what to do? I think that if taken by a persons choice, than it´s not allowed, but when prescribed as a "must" for a treatment, then yes. I also heard that "if you can have alcohol vinegar, than you can surely add a few drops to your medication". So, what would be allowed in the program in this case? Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi, I need some help......I am a serious chardonnay drinker (20+) years. I quit drinking 30 days prior to starting the W30, but I wanted to know if this program is harder for those that are addicted to alcohol. I am on day 25 and I'm really struggling with depression, lethargy crankiness and stomach upset. Is my body still trying to detox from the wine as well as foods with sugar? I don't want to quit since I'm so close, but this has been going on for several days now and want to know if it's normal. Thank you.
  16. I have been pretty determined to wait until Day 40 to have alcohol in the evening. However, it's Day 30 and I am really considering having a martini tomorrow night. It's been a pretty crazy few weeks for me on all counts, and my soul, my SOUL wants a drink. Is the idea here that, at times, the sugar and booze will send us off the plan/reintro etc.? Reintro is still very important to me. I want to do this correctly and I know I can. I know I can wait 10 more days for some alcohol, but I needed somewhere to dump this whine-fest. And, get feedback. Thanks.
  17. I am thrilled with my Whole30 results and am excited about this new lifestyle with more energy, better mood and a healthier body. Here are my results: able to lower all medication dosages clear skin more outgoing happier/less irritable no sugar cravings everything tastes better/more flavorful kicked my Splenda "addiction" no arthritis pain never got sick (even though everyone else in my family did) lost 10 pounds (and never felt hungry after the first few days of sugar withdrawal) I like people - lol! Last night I started my reintro with a half glass of red wine. To my chagrin and disappointment, I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. I didn't have a single headache throughout the entire Whole30. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? I have a huge wine cellar - this is NOT good me through this...Do I try again?
  18. *I'm sure this topic has been discussed elsewhere, but I could not find it through several different searches - please point me in the direction of an older post if there is one! Has anyone tried limiting their reintroduction to just alcohol? I am in the middle of my first Whole 60 and will be finishing on September 30. While I was worried about cravings at the beginning, I have been doing really well managing them and really do not miss any non-compliant foods. I feel so good, I don't think I really want to stop after Day 60, but I do really miss the occasional cocktail or glass of wine. Has anyone had any experience with making it to day 30 (or 45 or 60 or whatever you chose) and limiting their reintroduction to just alcohol? Eventually, I am going to have to reintroduce some other foods as I am spending three weeks in Mexico next February and really don't see how I can survive that trip without eating any corn, beans, or added sugar. Would it be reasonable for me to limit my reintroduction to alcohol for now, and then reintroduce some of those other foods in January? Is this timeline totally against the idea of Whole 30? I know I could just keep to a strict Whole 30 and not reintroduce the alcohol until January either, but I'd really like to be able to enjoy a hard cider at the local cider mill this October, some wine at Thanksgiving, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. I have a few seeming remedial issues/questions to throw out on this forum. Here goes: I'm on Whole30 (Day 11 wrapping up) and I'm just wondering what the basis is for not having alcohol--as in a glass of dry white wine, which according to my research, has 4 grams of carbs and less than 8 grams of sugar in a glass and 100 calories. I'm fine not having it for 30 days but when I go back to "normal" I'm thinking of what I may want to add back in and wine is definitely at the top of the list. So it got me questioning what is wrong with it in the first place? Is it bad for you if you have 1 glass a few times a week, generally speaking? I thought it had tons of sugar in it, but apparently most dry whites don't. And I have a local wine store that I shop at where they pretty much know the vintage, etc, so I can get some personalized service when I am done with Whole30. I guess it can depend on a lot of factors, which is why knowing the vineyard, vintage, etc (via the wine store owners) is key. My other question is bread. Without it I am hungry all the time. Which is a different issue (below), but my question is, why is bread the devil lately? I know so many people who are gluten free, but bread has been around for the ages. Do we just eat more than our ancestors did? Or do our bodies just not process it the right way anymore? I was thinking, once Whole30 is over, I would start making my own bread. Is that a better option? Is everyone anti-bread because it's so processed these days? My kids love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it's one of the staples for their lunch. So before I go giving up on bread in my house, I want to know the reasons why everyone is on the gluten-free bandwagon, even if you don't have gluten intolerance issues? No one in my family has gut or gluten issues. We have pretty iron stomachs. I'm happy to make my own if it's bad because of over processing. And pasta that is whole wheat and organic? Is that "bad" now? Because in Italy I'm guessing most kids still eat that every day (probably not even whole wheat) and it is another staple in our diet. I'm trying to sort out which foods my family should avoid. I know with weight loss bread is a big one to avoid, but if the rest of us (not including my husband) digest things fine, then is it wrong to eat it? If not, then how many servings are okay a day? Now onto my hunger: I'm doing this because, while I eat pretty well, I think I could eat healthier. But the main reason is to support my husband because he wants to loose some pounds (like 10-15). But I don't want to lose any. I'm already on the thin side. Today I had Chia Pudding, 2 eggs and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and was still hungry. I ate a big lunch, a huge chicken salad (Whole30 approved), charred zucchini, then a cashew-banana-vegan smoothie, then had a spoonful of cashew butter and while at the gym, I still bonked. Total sugar shakes, etc. Luckily I had a Lara bar with me but that barely did the trick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm feeling worse by the day on Whole30. Is it possible my body just doesn't have the reserves to do this? I have always had a very high metabolism so I'm wondering if i'm burning through everything too fast, and if so, how to fix it? I know I threw out a lot here so thanks in advance for anyone who wants to take on my questions!
  20. As I near the end of my first Whole30, I'm thinking about what I'm doing differently now. For sure, I'm not consuming 12-24 ounces of wine multiple times/week. As I think through whether I have a "healthy psychological response" to wine, I would veer away from saying yes. If I have one, I want two. If I have three, I want four. Aside from completely giving up wine, what are some ways you consider drawing boundaries around your "no brakes" foods and drinks so you can learn to have a healthy relationship with them? Thanks!
  21. On day 11 here and feeling fantastic while planning reintroduction - I'm a planner... I have a couple of questions: First: what exactly is gluten free alcohol? Is gin gluten free? I have a gin tasting event on day 1 after the end of my Whole30, and I'd really like to participate. Second: Say I introduce dairy with no ill effects, and go back to W30 for 2 days before introducing legumes, can I have dairy on my legume introduction day? Thanks in advance for any help!
  22. OK, I must be the only alkie on the forum...... . I am so looking forward to having a cocktail or two on DAY 30. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to drink alcohol post Whole30? I'm a retired teacher and my friend and I drink LOTS of wine. And I love my Jack Daniels. What is the best (least damaging) alcohol suggested. ANYONE? I"m on day 28 now. I've loved the program (excuse style)). I want to be a Whole30 junkie, but I need to add alcohol... any advice??? And please don't tell me I'm on the wrong forum LOL... Happy Whole30ing to all!!!! Loved it. Gonna do it again. Thinking every other month....
  23. Alleyface


    Why is this ok if it has alcohol in it? Gts organic gingerade is what I bought
  24. I just finished my first Whole30 and have a few questions about how Reintroduction works: How do I reintroduce formerly off-limit food groups while also using the Whole30 meal planning template of palm-sized portion of protein, plate of veggies, and a thumb-sized portion of fat? For instance, I'm supposed to add legumes back into my diet tomorrow. Do beans count as a protein or a fat? Should I replace my usual source of protein with beans that day, or just add a few spoonfuls to my regular source of protein? Some non-W30 food, like alcohol, have effects I am already familiar with. Does this "food group" need it's own stage of reintro? What have you experienced W30ers done in the past that has helped you evaluate the effects of those food groups? How did you go about creating your own guidelines for eating after Whole30? Do any of you know where I can find some postW30 eating guidelines aimed to encourage weight loss?
  25. I have just stated my whole30 program and cannot find an answer in the Forum about drinking or not drinking Alcohol free beer. I live in Germany where such a drink is quite popular. The only ingredients are: water, hops, hops extract and barley malt. There being no added sugar and no alcohol maybe it's an ok drink for the program. Thanks for any guidance for a beginner.