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Found 38 results

  1. I can't seem to figure out my reaction to tomatoes. In my previous whole30, after about 3 weeks, every time I ate them I had really bad acid reflux and obvious digestion issues. So I stopped eating them. Then when I went off the whole 30 for the past month or 2, I was eating them much more and not really feeling the extreme effects (but I was also eating sugar, gluten, etc. and feeling inflammation and bloating from that so it could have all been a combined issue). Now in my current whole 30, I've been testing it again, and sometimes its really bad reactions, and other times I have none at all. If anyone can shed light on this I would much appreciate it. I really dont want to stop eating them so I keep finding reasons to "test it out", but I can't seem to come to a conclusion. I thought maybe the nightshades was an issue, but I'm fine with peppers and eggplant. I just don't get why sometimes its such bad gut issues and other times not.
  2. Greetings, All! My life was coconut-heavy before this past January. My first Whole-30 attempt was swimming in coconut, and I couldn't figure out why I was still experiencing lethargy and several other symptoms at seemingly random times yet I felt awesome most of the time; I did not make the coconut connection. Fast forward to this August and I'm revisiting old recipe favorites and new finds- often involving coconut cream ... does anyone have ideas of how else I might achieve a creamy texture in soups and casseroles? I had thought about blending avocado, but then wondered if the longevity of the dish would then be affected? Thanks in advance, Brooke
  3. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  4. I just finished reading the whole30 and am getting ready to start the program next week.. a couple of months ago I had a severe allergic reaction (hives and asthma) and after process of elimination I believe I have a sulfite sensitivity... the whole30 seems like the perfect program for me as I am trying to eliminate sulfites from my diet.. my question is, when researching sulfites I found that almost everything I read said that all vinegars have sulfites in them, so I have been avoiding them, but a lot of the whole30 recipes include white and apple cider vinegar... I am nervous to try them but am wondering if there is anyone that knows there are no sulfites in them for sure? Also, coconut supposedly has sulfites in it so I have been avoiding that as well, but there are so many coconut type foods that are used in the program and I want to know if I am safe to try those as well. Thanks in advance.
  5. Food Intolerances

    I'm discovering intolerances to food that I used to eat on a weekly basis before starting Whole30. Foods that are compliant, such as eggs and canteloupe. I'm really curious to know the science behind this. Why are they making me so sick now when I've been eating them my whole life? Does anyone know?
  6. I finished Whole30 a week ago, and I went for a week vacation on Saturday, and though on relax a little bit with my eating habits, so I drank beer, and ate some cheese and a few hours later, a rash appeared on the inside of my forearms, on my belly, on the outside of my leg, and I can't think of anything else but this things I ate/drank after a whole month of clean eating. Is it possible?? Did this happen to anyone out there?? i'll get back to Whole30 on Thursday, but this left me thinking if now I'm allergic to somethings that I wasn't befor and if there will be a "cure" for that thank you
  7. Hi W30 community, Curious if you have any thoughts or tips on food combination sensitivities and testing for this with reintroduction. My food background (impetus for question) is I was gluten free for 2 years about 4 years ago. I used to get terrible stomach aches unexplainably but its not the typical celiac story in that gluten did not seem to be the main cause. I never really ate sugar (even in coffee), not a fan of sweets, or most fruits for that matter. I also was not a big dairy consumer except for the occasional wine with cheese. I did notice these terrible stomach pains which were only alleviated by laying down horizontally, would come up when I would have some kind of starch sugar combination (usually high starch and high sugar-- so think margarita wth something pretty wheat heavy). Ive never been able to pin point the exact cause but these symptoms are really intensely painful. Going gluten free really did help and I saw benefits after about 6-8 weeks (higher metabolism, no pain, less bloating, more energy, better mood, etc). Last night after finishing the W30 I had 1.5 hot toddies and some french fries (happened to be the exact sugar/starch issue I've suspected). The reintroduction being alcohol first, which maybe wasn't the right way to go. After about 15 minutes of completing the meal and sitting around with friends I started to feel as if I were going to black out. I started loosing my hearing, vision, body temperature increased, and I slowly started to feel a little nauseous. I started chugging water thinking maybe I'm really dehydrated (the fries were pretty salty) and eventually I stepped outside and promptly vomited twice very instantly. Immediately after the whole ordeal (about 1 min) I was completely fine and felt instantly better. Ive read on this forum that vomiting after W30 is not common. I am a big fan of the diet and do not think this experience means the whole diet is in any way suspect. But I'm so confused now about how to figure out what caused that and how to tell if its a combination thing as I've been suspecting or not. Ive had fries independently and that was fine. I did not drink much alcohol, so it just seemed strange (I was in no way intoxicated). Thanks! Nikki
  8. Hi everybody! I'm doing my first round of Whole 30 (on day 5) and I'm not sure if it was either a combo of too much onion or too much pepper but now I'm having a small allergic reaction (lip swelling) should I cut these out as well and start over with the program? Or should I take a small break from them and continue on and just keep watching things? I'm used to my mouth swelling when I have gluten so it's weird it's done this now. I know I went kinda heavy on the pepper and onions today which is why i think it was one of those causing this. Also sorry of this was the wrong board to post in.
  9. Hi, I am on day 21 of my first whole30 and it's been going very well thus far. I didn't suffer from any major sugar hangovers or many of the symptoms described as typical. Hooray! However in the past week I've been noticing a new super sensitivity to foods that I've previously had little issue with. Mango skin has always been a trigger for me, but a peeled mango is usually fine. A ton of pineapple (like 2 whole pineapples in the span of 2 to 3 days) may make me itchy around the mouth, but a few slices have never been a problem. This week both mango and pineapple have been making my mouth super itchy and feeling inflamed and in the last day or two, it's come to making my whole body kind of itchy. I also am having a reaction to balsamic, and possible a few other things (I need to pay better attention). I can certainly cut these foods out for a while- I have been persevering because they were in mason jar salads I had already prepared for the week and also they're delicious. Any thoughts on why this average amount of fruit (and balsamic) has suddenly been a problem? Any other related foods I maybe need to avoid? I've been reading online about latex cross reactivity and cashews being in the same family and histamines and lots of things that aren't making much sense to me since I've never had any food allergies except the urushiol on mango skin. Thank you guys for your advice!
  10. Last year in December 2015 I completed my first whole 30 and felt amazing! I realised I am sensitive to a lot of things! One of them was milk which I really love so went back to having here and there even though I hated the reaction. All was good until today I accidentally over did the caffeine had around 320mg when I calculated but it was or shall I say IS the scariest thing ever. I don't usually have a lot but today I did and a few hours later I got crazy hives all over my body and felt really really dizzy with a super headache! it's been over 6 hours now and I still don't feel myself, I never realised I was sensitive to caffeine but now I'm very freaked out and it hit me again how the food we feed ourselves play a big role in how our body functions some obviously more than the others but it's just NOT worth it. I know we should prepare for a whole 30 in advance but I just decided I'm starting my second whole30 tomorrow I'll try to wake up early and make sure I have all the groceries because I am really scared and I DON'T want to ever feel this horrible again! I feel like I really need to clear my body of all these toxins! Hello WHOLE 30 2 I'm so ready for you! Yes unprepared and unexpected but feeling this bad made me remember how good I felt halfway through my last whole 30 and I need that right now!
  11. Compliant OTC Allergy Medicine

    Does anyone know of a Whole 30 compliant OTC allergy medicine? I have year-round "seasonal" allergies (no food allergies) and will be pretty miserable if I go off those meds for 30 days and don't see counter-acting results from a diet change quickly. I currently take a generic form of Zyrtec as that active ingredient seems to work best for me, but you have Zyrtec brand itself and then Kroger brand, Kirkland brand (Costco) and I'm sure Target, Walmart, Walgreens etc all have generic brands. I think it has both corn starch and polydextrose (a polymer of glucose) in it. I also occasionally use the Clariten RediTabs when my mouth is particularly itchy and I need something that works really fast. Thanks,
  12. I did 22 clear days then jumped into a bag of sugar - did another clear day then jumped into some peanut butter. Was never allergic/intolerant of peanuts before, but now my whole body itches and my lips are tingling. I rarely ate peanut butter anyway but could W30 make me more sensitive to these things?
  13. Rash reaction

    I am new to this forum, but I have a question. I am on my second whole30 and I had something that is not compliant just by accident. I know I will be restarting tomorrow, but I wonder if this reaction is common. I accidentally had some msg in fish roe, which I thought was compliant. in few hours I had this very itchy rash on my thumb. Is this common reaction to MSG? Could it be anything else I eat on whole30, like some fruit? My skin was completely clear on my first whole30, actually 60. It's not the case this round. I never had a chance to do a proper reintroduction last time. And now I was only on day 12:(
  14. Hi, I have a severe yeast allergy and only found out a few days before I started the whole30 on the 27th of April. My doctor and nutritionist provided me a guideline of what to avoid which has meant that I have to even avoid things like dates, mushrooms and citric acid. The citric acid and xanthan gum etc is making it very difficult to source the organic ingredients because they seem to have some sort of fermented preservative. Could somebody please help me on this as its making me really worried because it just means i am having yeast steam veg and fish/meat to avoid any type of ced tyeast but its making me miserable! Has anyone else faced this problem?
  15. It's day 28 and I'm feeling discouraged. I started the program because over the last year I've developed allergies to chromium, carba mix and gold and despite trying to eliminate contact with these things (which is tough because chromium is in everything) I am still experiencing eyelid swelling, dry eye and itchy patches of skin/hives. I've had extensive testing for everything under the sun with no answers over the last year. I've also struggled with migraines for about 20 years during which I've taken a lot of ibuprofen, maxalt and for the last year, Inderal. With these meds, I'd reduced my migraines to 1-2 a month. I thought the program might help reset my system and make my immune system less reactive and my hormones more balanced. I had the typical experience days 1-12 and then started to experience some tiger blood now and then. My skin was clearer and my eyes seemed every so slightly less swollen. I'd lost a little weight. I was so excited. Then, day 16 and I tanked. I've had migraines almost every day and my eyes and face are swollen, itchy rashes, acne, etc. A few things happened around that same time: *I had my period. I usually get a migraine during this time if I'm not on Inderal. But I was and I had a migraine every day. I read the forum and upped my starchy veggies and protein. I'd say it helped a little with the migraines. My period was also late by about 5 days, so maybe my hormones were out of whack responding to the program? *I was drinking Kombucha and La Croix about once a day each, which I did not do before Whole30. I eliminated these to see if it would help and it reduced my migraine frequency and intensity. Strange. Anyone else have this experience? *I was trying to slowly cut out coffee. I mean sloooooowwwwwllllly. Like by a teaspoon every few days. I was at about 3 teaspoons by day 16. When the migraines started happening I started drinking coffee again to eliminate that as a possible cause because I was miserable. I plan to try again after the Whole30. I drank a cup of coffee every day before the Whole30 and with Inderal, never had a problem. With the three things above, I've reduced the migraine frequency and intensity, but not entirely. And, all of the allergic reaction symptoms are the same: eyelids swollen, face swollen, itchy patches of skin, etc. I can't for the life of me figure out what is causing it. And again, I was hoping that the diet overall would make me less reactive. I've read a lot about leaky gut considering my past with migraine meds and have started drinking bone broth once a day. Any ideas on how long it takes to see results with this? Did anyone who also used Inderal or migraine meds also develop allergies? I'm thinking after reintroduction I might do some of the other elimination diets. I just read about a low chromium one, FODMAPS, etc. And, I may try to do a Whole60 if those don't work. Is it possible that with all of the extra veggies and meats that my chromium levels are too high? Anyone else allergic to chromium have this experience? Has anyone else had a similar experience and did you find any answers? I know that I may need to try for a longer program and that it doesn't work for everyone, but it was just so disheartening that I was starting to feel results and then my period came and everything tanked. It seems like after my period I would have recovered, but I didn't. Why? And why the allergic reaction that won't go away? Any insight is welcome. Thanks!
  16. So I am desperately looking for suggestions for someone with a nut allergy. Anyone else out there? I am on Day 5, and although I KNOW I will succeed in this thing (but yes I'm a bit miserable right now), I am having a really hard time finding things to keep me full. Thanks!
  17. Struggling

    I recently discovered that I have a slew of new food allergies (to go along with several old ones I've had all my life) and my ENT doctor recommended "It Starts With Food" as a jumping off point to alleviate food allergies. I began my attempt about 6 weeks ago and have yet to remain compliant for longer than 2 weeks (usually more like 2 days). With all my new known food allergens, I'm basically allergic to everything except what is Whole30 compliant as well as tree nuts and eggs. This is very limiting to my diet and makes it difficult to stick to for very long. My thoughts are "I'm going to have to live the Whole30 lifestyle the rest of my life, why stick to a full 30 days?" I did see an improvement in skin and GI issues for the two weeks I remained compliant as well as some weight loss which was great, but not enough of an incentive for me to give up bread and chocolate long term. I've reread the "This isn't hard..." mantra over and over in the hopes of encouraging myself to stick with at least 30 days, but ultimately I know I'm stuck in this diet for life and feel the need for treats to get myself through. I'd love to be able to remove myself from sugar and allergens completely but it's just not happening. I need some guidance on how to stick with this long term (even though this isn't meant to be a long term plan) because ultimately I'm allergic to everything else! All help greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi all, I am on day # 4 of my very first round and I have been drinking my cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of coconut milk (with breakfast) every day. I have ALWAYS had morning nasal drip (one of the things I am hoping to get rid of!) but now I notice that right after my coffee I am having short sneezing fits.... Could coffee be one of my sensitivities? - should I experiment with elimination or wait until I complete my first round of w30?
  19. Hi all, I'm planning to begin the Whole30 in January, and I'm really excited for food freedom and awareness. One thing is giving me pause college I learned that I have a very negative physical reaction to avocados (read: panic attacks, weird right??). I think they taste great but I don't want to ruin the positive effects of the Whole30 by adding a food that I know my body reacts poorly to into my diet. Technically I'm not allergic; the doctor said intolerant (the reaction kicked in 3 hours after eating, not right away). That being said, SO many Whole30 recipes use avocado and it's like one of 3 healthy fat options... Can I still do the Whole30? Should I try out avocado again in the safety of my home to see if it was a fluke? I have never heard of anyone else having this issue, so I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!
  20. Is the intended audience of the whole 30 people who are struggling with illnesses and potential food intolerances/allergies? I'm 7 days in and not really enjoying it. I don't like the amount of food you're meant to eat and the starchy carbs. I'm really missing wholegrains and greek yoghurt. I don't feel much better or different, my pants aren't fitting any differently and I'm starting to feel like it's a setup
  21. Hello! Can anyone recommend a Whole30 compliant alternative to mustard powder which would have a similar flavor effect in recipes? I have a mustard seed allergy that I discovered on my own (throat constriction, itching symptoms) and verified by my allergist through thorough testing. Simply leaving that ingredient out of recipes just doesn't pack the punch that I know the recipes would have otherwise - everyone raves about the amazing flavor of the Whole30 mayo but I have yet to experience it because my mustardless version tastes much plainer than I hoped it would. I've scoured the internet but any alternatives offered on other websites generally involve some other variety of mustard (i.e. "use dijon mustard if you don't have mustard powder on hand", etc). Would love some other suggestions! Thanks so much!
  22. Hello everyone, I've just started whole 30 yesterday and I chose to do Low Histamine with eggs and nightshades free version to combat my allergies and eczema specifically. Is anyone else doing it as well? Its much harder than just the normal whole 30 for me, as it really does restrict every single thing that I'm so used to eating right when I wake up. Yesterday I almost walked into an ice cream shop, then realised I am not allowed to, which was really funny. So far feeling really tired! I am about to pass out on my laptop while writing this and its only 1pm Anyway good luck to everyone and please let me know if anyone else has done or is doing the same as me! Temi
  23. Are any allergy meds okay?

    My hubby has been taking a homeopathic allergy pill this season. We started Whole30 today and I noticed it has lactose in it. Zyertec has corn starch. He knows he has a milk allergy, so I'm sure the program will help, but he also has a hay and grass allergy. They have been awful the past week. Is he supposed to just "power through" or does anyone know of a whole30 approved allergy med? We do have access to melaluca essential oil, so that helps... just wondering if there's more. Also I noticed our ibuprofen has corn starch also... same question with "powering through" headaches. Does whole30 generally want you to stay drug free? I didn't see an info on that sort of thing.
  24. I'm starting Whole30 next week with my husband and two kids. My husband has a severe allergy to tree nuts and coconut. It seems like both of those things are staples in the Whole30 program. I know the book says to just avoid allergens in the program, but it seems like coconut and coconut milk are used so frequently, I'm not sure how to plan without it. Is there another alternative, besides almond or cashew milk (he's also allergic to those), especially for my two kids, which are a toddler and preschooler, and are very accustomed to drinking cow's milk? If we aren't eating nuts for fiber and healthy fats, what are some other good options in that category too?
  25. My wife has problems with thee foods, Gluten, dairy, and egg. We just got the new book, never got the first one, and we looked at the seven day meal plan and noticed a lot of egg included. My wife cannot eat egg. What are some of your suggestions for breakfast for her in place of eggs? The idea of just eating left overs each morning does not sound appealing to her at all. Thank you, -Kristofer