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Found 26 results

  1. Kirstin90

    Bad breakouts

    Hi I’m on day 26 and my skin has gotten progressively worse. My skin was never that bad and it looks worse than ever before, mainly on my chin. The other places where I don’t have breakouts, my skin definitely feels better but I am so confused by these breakouts, I never get these I was wondering if I could maybe have an issue with eggs? I HATE eggs. But I’ve been eating them every day because of whole30 - 2 a day and recently have had a dish with eggs in it (whole30 meatloaf). I never ever eat eggs in my normal life other than if it’s baked into something. Is it possible it could be the eggs? That’s the only thing I can think of..
  2. I am on Day 16 of my first round of Whole30. I decided to do Whole30 to find food sensitivities that are responsible for my eczema, gas/bloating, and diarrhea. Oats were a staple in my breakfast meal plan before I started Whole30. Without them, I've been consuming a lot more eggs than ever before in my life. On Day 9, my eczema flared up really bad, and a week later, it still isn't better. I am also experiencing some stomach distress. Could this be caused by an egg allergy or sensitivity? If so, how should I proceed (other than cut out eggs and see what happens). The only other food I have been consuming more is almond butter.
  3. PLEASE HELP I did the Whole30 in September 2016. Shortly after I completed the Whole30, I started getting hives every time I would work out. I started at a new gym at the same time so I thought for a long time that I was allergic to something they were cleaning the gym with. It has taken me until now to realize that the Whole30 could have uncovered something I am intolerant to and I still get hives every single time I work out. It takes somewhere between 1-2 hours for the hives to go away. Has anyone had a similar problem? I'm sure it's a food allergy, but the fact that it's only triggered when I work out is what is stumping me. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!
  4. My wife and I did the Whole30 in September with no issues, but started to get bad eczema within 48 of finishing. She's 40 years old and the eczema started on one eyelid as a red rash and has progressively gotten worse, with both eyes lids red, puffy and itchy (as well as the areas around her eyes). She's tried eliminating gluten, alcohol and dairy and things seem to get marginally better (the redness turns to almost flaky, dry skin), but it continues to come back and has become a real issue. I've seen some posts about similar issues related to the Whole30, and would love to know if anyone else has been able to pinpoint causes or solutions. The fact that this was triggered for the first time in her life immediately following the Whole30 is hard to understand. We're trying to figure out if the shift for 30 days triggered a food allergy, or some sort of bacterial change in her stomach that we need to reset. She did have more fermented foods on the Whole 30 (sugar free Kombucha, Kimchi; curious if you can have some type of probiotic overload). She has started a food journal but we haven't gotten close to pinpointing the cause. It does seem that red wine and sugary foods trigger it more quickly than others. She has also had less frequent bowel movements during and after the Whole30. She's currently trying to eat gluten free with lots of fruits, chicken/fish, veggies, eggs, nuts, etc (although we saw that eggs and nuts could be triggers). Some things we read seemed to point to the Whole30 triggering a Histamine intolerance but that would involve severe and debilitating diet changes so we are hoping to identify someone who has solved this and reverted it. Thank you for any help or pointers!
  5. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  6. I finished Whole30 a week ago, and I went for a week vacation on Saturday, and though on relax a little bit with my eating habits, so I drank beer, and ate some cheese and a few hours later, a rash appeared on the inside of my forearms, on my belly, on the outside of my leg, and I can't think of anything else but this things I ate/drank after a whole month of clean eating. Is it possible?? Did this happen to anyone out there?? i'll get back to Whole30 on Thursday, but this left me thinking if now I'm allergic to somethings that I wasn't befor and if there will be a "cure" for that thank you
  7. Melissa24

    Healed my gut

    I completed the whole30 three weeks ago. Before I did this, I had gluten intolerance / wheat allergy for a number of years (please note I was not a coeliac). Since the whole30 program ended, I have eaten quite a lot of gluten products and I haven't noticed any terrible symptoms at all. I was skeptical that I would see any improvements to my body and digestive system after the whole30, I had zero expectations and therefore I was just sitting here and suddenly had a light bulb moment when I realised - hey, maybe my gut has actually healed itself. Maybe this 30 days actually did something! On a side note, I know the program allows coffee however I cut out coffee for the entire time and when I started drinking it again, I had side effects from the caffeine, so now I've had to remove coffee from my diet as it was causing rapid heartbeat and anxiety like symptoms until the caffeine left my system. Food for thought!!
  8. BlueEyez


    Hi everyone! So I've been trying to avoid eating nuts and seeds for the past 2 weeks (suspected they were giving me problems), but I had some almonds today as a snack (unexpected things happened, didn't have time to make/eat a proper lunch) and within 3-5 minutes later my heart starting racing and beating really hard, I got short of breath, and now I have a mild sore throat. Does this sound like some sort of allergy or sensitivity? If so, are almonds related to coconut at all because I believe I react to it as well. Thanks
  9. Hi all! I'm new to Whole 30 and am planning on starting this in March after birthday/anniversary/friend visiting stuff! I want to go ahead and start planning ahead, but I have a strange question that often deters me from participating in a restrictive diet of any sort: my husband's dietary limitations. My husband is allergic to anything in the Brassicaceae family - brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, mustard greens, kale, chard, etc. (I think that covers most of them). Therefore there's a considerable limit for nutrient-dense greens that we can incorporate into our diet, and cauliflower rice is entirely out of the question. Any suggestions for other options in that regard? I can't even so much as cook these items in our house, as they are very aromatic (/fingerquotes) and the fumes make him start to throw up. Thanks in advance!
  10. klkrikorian

    avocado and nuts/seeds alternatives

    I started my Whole30 January today and see avocado and nuts/seeds are a big part of the healthy fat piece. However, I am allergic to avocados (gastrointestinal) and dislike all nuts and seeds. I can't put olives and coconut in everything, right? Any other substitute recommendations? I wonder if my allergy to avocados might dissipate with the program? Thanks!
  11. Emily.russell

    Coconut Milk Substituons/Allergy

    Hi! I am new to whole 30 and wanting to begin soon! I read the book yesterday and noticed many recipes are made with coconut. I am allergic to coconut, nuts, and avocado, and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good substitution for coconut milk, specifically. I cannot do cashew, almond or any nut-related milk due to my Nut allergy. Thanks in advance!
  12. Good evening all, I'm allergic to eggs, sweet potatoes and avocados and I feel so lost with breakfast trying to feed my wife and I in the morning. She doesn't like peppers which a lot of meals have. I can find recipes without one of my allergy foods, but to find one without all 3 seems to be impossible. Does anyone have so ideas? Thanks!
  13. I can't seem to figure out my reaction to tomatoes. In my previous whole30, after about 3 weeks, every time I ate them I had really bad acid reflux and obvious digestion issues. So I stopped eating them. Then when I went off the whole 30 for the past month or 2, I was eating them much more and not really feeling the extreme effects (but I was also eating sugar, gluten, etc. and feeling inflammation and bloating from that so it could have all been a combined issue). Now in my current whole 30, I've been testing it again, and sometimes its really bad reactions, and other times I have none at all. If anyone can shed light on this I would much appreciate it. I really dont want to stop eating them so I keep finding reasons to "test it out", but I can't seem to come to a conclusion. I thought maybe the nightshades was an issue, but I'm fine with peppers and eggplant. I just don't get why sometimes its such bad gut issues and other times not.
  14. Greetings, All! My life was coconut-heavy before this past January. My first Whole-30 attempt was swimming in coconut, and I couldn't figure out why I was still experiencing lethargy and several other symptoms at seemingly random times yet I felt awesome most of the time; I did not make the coconut connection. Fast forward to this August and I'm revisiting old recipe favorites and new finds- often involving coconut cream ... does anyone have ideas of how else I might achieve a creamy texture in soups and casseroles? I had thought about blending avocado, but then wondered if the longevity of the dish would then be affected? Thanks in advance, Brooke
  15. Slackermom

    Food Intolerances

    I'm discovering intolerances to food that I used to eat on a weekly basis before starting Whole30. Foods that are compliant, such as eggs and canteloupe. I'm really curious to know the science behind this. Why are they making me so sick now when I've been eating them my whole life? Does anyone know?
  16. So I am desperately looking for suggestions for someone with a nut allergy. Anyone else out there? I am on Day 5, and although I KNOW I will succeed in this thing (but yes I'm a bit miserable right now), I am having a really hard time finding things to keep me full. Thanks!
  17. bnvilla


    I recently discovered that I have a slew of new food allergies (to go along with several old ones I've had all my life) and my ENT doctor recommended "It Starts With Food" as a jumping off point to alleviate food allergies. I began my attempt about 6 weeks ago and have yet to remain compliant for longer than 2 weeks (usually more like 2 days). With all my new known food allergens, I'm basically allergic to everything except what is Whole30 compliant as well as tree nuts and eggs. This is very limiting to my diet and makes it difficult to stick to for very long. My thoughts are "I'm going to have to live the Whole30 lifestyle the rest of my life, why stick to a full 30 days?" I did see an improvement in skin and GI issues for the two weeks I remained compliant as well as some weight loss which was great, but not enough of an incentive for me to give up bread and chocolate long term. I've reread the "This isn't hard..." mantra over and over in the hopes of encouraging myself to stick with at least 30 days, but ultimately I know I'm stuck in this diet for life and feel the need for treats to get myself through. I'd love to be able to remove myself from sugar and allergens completely but it's just not happening. I need some guidance on how to stick with this long term (even though this isn't meant to be a long term plan) because ultimately I'm allergic to everything else! All help greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi all, I am on day # 4 of my very first round and I have been drinking my cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of coconut milk (with breakfast) every day. I have ALWAYS had morning nasal drip (one of the things I am hoping to get rid of!) but now I notice that right after my coffee I am having short sneezing fits.... Could coffee be one of my sensitivities? - should I experiment with elimination or wait until I complete my first round of w30?
  19. Is the intended audience of the whole 30 people who are struggling with illnesses and potential food intolerances/allergies? I'm 7 days in and not really enjoying it. I don't like the amount of food you're meant to eat and the starchy carbs. I'm really missing wholegrains and greek yoghurt. I don't feel much better or different, my pants aren't fitting any differently and I'm starting to feel like it's a setup
  20. Please give me breakfast ideas that don't include eggs, and I would rather not have bacon.
  21. Ok, if I'm experiencing bloating and my ankles are suddenly NOWHERE to be found, is it more likely to be eggs or avocados? I had a week without both, and then ate both in quantity over the weekend and I look like a different person. Could it be either? The eggs, just in case it matters, are from a local, biological farm. No soy in the feed (they're outside all the time right now anyway.) Thanks for any input!
  22. Hi All, I had an interesting allergic reaction this week (the last week of my first whole 30), and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. A few days ago, I ate some raw cashews (not very many, probably less than a cupped palm, and my hands are not large), and I noticed I was feeling oddly, but not alarmingly, itchy in a few spots as I was heading to bed that night. I didn't think much of it because I've been eating cashew butter from time to time during this whole 30 (it's compliant, just dry roasted cashews and a little bit of salt). So I wake up the next day and notice that I have hives on the underside of both of my arms. They weren't itchy and were not numerous enough to concern me so I tucked some benadryl in my purse just in case and headed off to work. It turned into a very long work day (14 hours) and when I got home I was feeling pretty crappy and was not thrilled to learn that I now had copious hives on my legs as well. I sat down and thought about the food that I had eaten the day before, and frankly the week before, and the only thing out of the ordinary that hadn't been prominent during my whole 30 was the raw cashews. I'm assuming I'm not the first person to discover an allergy during a whole 30, but I did find it interesting that I seem to be able to eat them when they are cooked. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  23. Hi Everyone, I decided to start my first Whole 30 on September 1st - go me! I am using Whole 30 to guide me in a food elimination diet so that I can determine if any of the equivocal results I received on a food allergy blood test are actually allergies - and when I read about the program and how it changes your relationship with food, I knew it was the program I had to join. I am very, very overweight (morbidly obese technically, but who likes that term?) and have struggled with food my entire life (I'm 29). I am a yo-yo dieter and it's important to me in my head that I don't consider this another "diet" (with weight loss being the main goal). I keep telling myself that I'm doing this because it's medically necessary (yeah, yeah, being obese makes any diet medically necessary, shush). I don't even want to voice any concerns I may have in completing the program, because I'm afraid that will start allowing the idea in my brain - and no, I cannot quit! However, I have some limitations: Food allergies: A couple of the foods that appeared as abnormal in my allergy test are carrots, onions, and egg whites! Even Whole 30 can't help me eliminate those! I'm going to try to cut them down, a lot, but I can't cut them out just for the ease of doing this program. Money: I'm struggling with money, and I just can't afford farm-raised and grass-fed and all organic yadda yadda. So I'm trying to make the best choices possible while trying to stay in my budget. There's more, but I'll spare you. Anyway, I made it through Day 1 and figured I'd introduce myself here
  24. Hi, I am on day 30 today. Results have been amazing! I am no longer depressed, and my moods are better and skin and nails are amazing. I do have to wonder though just dawned on me today after some reading over the weekend. Do I have an egg allergy? I think this because I never wheeze anymore when I run and my asthma has virtually disappeared the last few years from allergy shots. I take them for dust, dander, spring tree allergies. I don't think spring allergies would be in action yet due to the cold weather. But I wonder about eggs due to the fact that before whole 30 I hardly ever ate them, now I always eat 2-3 a day. Do you think I could have an egg allergy? Or is it due to the fact I'm not getting grains and those help asthma? I'm not sure which it is. Should I start introducing other stuff first or first figure out the egg allergy. Eggs would be in a lot of breads and such. Perhaps it's that I could have them baked into things if just one egg in one cake or something like that, but not 2-3 a day. Should I skip reintroduction and take eggs out for a few days? Or just take them out for a month and start reintroducing other foods? I'm kind of in a dilmena. I also have noticed my eczema on hands is almost gone, but not all the way. It's freezing cold out here in Minnesota too so could be due to dry/air weather. Oh and i feel like when I went to the allergist 3 years ago I was never allergic to eggs, as I think they tested for that. Could have changed I guess or maybe a sensitivity? What are your thoughts on doing eggs and how long to eliminate and then reintroduce? And should I wait for other foods until I figure this out? THanks any thoughts would be amazing!
  25. I was wondering if anyone had experience with a histamine reaction early on. I've developed a wheezy productive cough since day 2 that feels a bit like asthma, and some intermittent sneezing and post-nasal drip that seems to be worse after eating then resolves (congested bronchi feeling stays though). I've had very mild seasonal allergies in the distant past, and have a slight mold allergy. I've never had any kind of noticeable reaction to anything I've eaten before, and at first I thought it was possibly a "healing crisis" carb flu type reaction to not eating dairy or grains. (I've done low carb before but always with full fat dairy and a little whole grain (like Kavli crackers). The is the first time I've ever been dairy and grain free.) Has anyone ever heard of a histamine reaction to foods like almonds or coconut? I'll list my four days below in case anyone has any ideas. Other than some nausea, which resolved, I've been feeling pretty great except for the allergy symptoms. I'm coming off of a really terrible carb, sugar and PUFA laden diet. This seems to be getting worse, so I'm not sure if I should let it run it's course (if it's more of a detox symptom) or medicate (benadryl) or try to lay off the nuts and coconut (which would really be depressing). I guess I'm leaning towards wait and see, watch and wait, but after my last meal, I'm getting some swelling in the roof of my mouth, so I don't want to aggravate any possible developing allergy by keeping on with the food. Anyone have any thoughts about differentiating allergies from detox symptoms? Thanks for the expert advice folks! I love this forum.... Day One 1. coffee with coconut oil 2. Baby greens and tuna 3. Baked salmon with turmeric, ghee and steamed asparagus, coconut oil baked sweet potato cubes, mango with lime, fresh mint and blueberries 4. Handful of macadamia nuts Day Two 1. black coffee 2. scrambled eggs with ghee and dry salami, salad with avocado, tomato and chopped snap peas with an avocado cilantro shallot dressing, melon slice SNACK - young coconut water 3. 2 tablespoons of pecan cashew butter and some strawberries Day Three 1. black coffee 2. baked snapper with cardamom and limes crusted with sliced almonds and coconut meal, asian pear slaw with cilantro, grated carrot, snap peas and scallion dressed with coconut oil and lime juice. Sliced peach. 3. sliced pot roast with avocado chimichurri, baked sweet potato cubes, and garlic kale, strawberries Day Four 1. black coffee, strawberries and 1 tablespoon of pecan cashew butter 2. Baked chicken tenders with baby greens, leftover asian pear slaw, melon and creamy cashew vinagrette 4:30 SNACK - strawberries and a small handful of cashews 3. Almond meal baked chicken tenders with coconut cream mustard dipping sauce, brussels sprouts, melon slice with blueberry compote.