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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I started Whole 30 today. I live alone. I just made my first (yum) breakfast. I realize I'm confused. On the one hand the book says for the Spinach Frittata recipe, "Serves 2." (Frankly for ALL the book's recipes it serves 2.) On the other hand the book says to save half for tomorrow's leftover meal. Soooooo, funny question: since I sliced the entire Frittata in half and ate half for breakfast, did I just eat 2 servings or 1? I am unclear if I should 1/2 or 1/4 all the recipes I make, since I am only one person - OR - keep them as is and always eat half of what I cook and save the other half for the left over next day meal. I know and get we are not counting calories etc. I want to ensure that I am not overeating, or eating for two. :-) Clarity is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, there. I am on day four and just ate the biggest breakfast I've had in years. But now I'm hungry and am trying to hold off snacking :-) Here's what I had 2 slices of frittata (equivalent of three eggs with onion, tomato, potato, mushroom, bell pepper, and spinach), a palm-length chuck of sardine, and half a palm's worth of cut up fruit. And black tea to drink. What should I do differently? A long time ago, I used to not eat a big breakfast because I felt hungry an hour after. More recently, I would eat half a bagel with cream cheese and margarine, and coffee with cream. Then I would graze most of the day at work, starting with a bran muffin about two hours after breakfast. I went on Whole30 because I felt that the carbs weren't filling me up and that I needed more protein. But I had tons of protein today, and still I'm hungry. Thanks for any tips! Barb PS I am drinking a black coffee at the moment (at work). I do have some good (I think) snacks on hand: mixed nuts with a few raisins in there, an olive/veggie antipasto, a boiled egg, and an avocado. Just not sure what to have when. Hoping to go for a run in two or three hours.
  3. Hi, I'm on day 3 of my first Whole30 (sooo tired!) and not sure about protein portion sizes. I have been making protein salad and 1 1/2 tins of tuna seems a lot and more than a palm sized amount - is this right? Also, 4 eggs is more than I can manage, is it ok to just have 3? There's a lot to think about! Loving the ranch dressing and Melissa's Sweet Potato Hash - thanks xx
  4. I am wondering if there is such a thing as too many veggies? I know the amount stated in the book is 2-3 cups per meal, but if you go over is that bad? And is that 2-3 cups raw veggies or cooked? Also, I am only eating eggs for protein. I don't workout at the gym but walk at least 3 miles per day and go running maybe 1-2 times per week. Is eating 2 eggs per meal okay or should I be eating more?
  5. Hi there Melissa and all. I am starting day 8 of my Whole 30 and I have a question. I know on the one hand we are not supposed to be counting calories and measuring and that we have some helpful tips for meal planning and foods we are allowed etc. But I am still feeling confused about the amount of fruits and nuts we are 'allowed' to have. It would be super helpful if there (and I apologize if I have missed them) were some more clear guidelines around this. Is it okay to have 3 servings of fruit a day? Is it okay to have nuts as part of one meal a day or is that too much? I guess would really love some clarity around what the ideal amount looks like on a daily or weekly basis. Hopefully someone can provide some clarity. Thanks so much!
  6. I don't consider myself an athelete, first of all. That said. I'm training for a half marathon and I've had some issues this week that I can't decide if they are hormones, not enough food or something. (when I say hormones, I mean the lady monthly kind) A typical weeks workouts- teach yoga four classes two days with personal trainer 5 days of running/walking 3-7 miles 2-4 gym workouts with weights.(alternateing upper and lower body) A typical day's food coffee and coconut milk breakfast three eggs and veggie omlet (cooked in fat) or a three egg, spinach, flax, fruit smoothie with coconut milk. lunch- meat and veggies, cooked various ways, usually with fat, (coconut, olive, or bacon) dinner meat and veggies, snacks would be fruit, more meat and veggies, occassionaly nuts, I have sweet potatoe about every other day and avacado about every other day. I don't always have a snack, just if I'm going to workout before dinner and think I need some extra energy. I am female, 40s, 5'4" and probably have 30 pounds to lose. I've been cloudy headed, not thinking clearly, but I have had a lot going on, which is typical for me. This week I had a weepy day, due to some stressors that weren't that bad, but they made me cry and I ended up sleeping nine hours that night and then taking a nap the next day. Also, I've had muscle soreness, something I don't normally get. I have been getting probably 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. I haven't been hungry, unless I miss a meal, then I'm "starving" and "hangry". I do take at least one day off from working out, and seem to be gaining muscle strength, etc. Does it sound like I need more food? Carbs? If so, what kind? As I up my run length, what kind of more carbs for longer runs?