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Found 5 results

  1. I have quite a few complex chronic health issues: fibromyalgia (18 years), pyrrole disporder, homozygous MTHFR mutation, copper toxicity, hypothyroidism, iron deficiency anemia, IBS, high cholesterol and BP, fatty liver, numerous nutritional deficiencies like zinc and B12, life-long excema, psoriasis, and I'm atopic with multiple low-grade food allergies (including lettuce if you can believe it!), anterior bony impingement syndrome in my ankles, bursitis in my shoulder, have very tight muscles and tendons body-wide, and I'm obese. These are the issues I can remember off the top of my head. As you can imagine, that's quite a list of symptoms, most of which change for apparently no good reason (or none that I have pinned down, anyway), and which could be impacted by quite and number of environmental or bodily factors - including other conditions. EG 'fibro fog' could also be the copper toxicity or the IBS might be firbromyalgia related or the pyrrole disorder. My hubby and I are almost finished our Whole30 and I'm not noticing a lot of changes - measurable or otherwise. I'm getting to sleep faster, but that might be largely because I've stopped my habit of eating something in bed at night (awful, I know) while I read till I start to fall asleep (helps shut my brain down). I still have IBS symptoms, but they may have improved a bit. My fibro is bad at the moment, largely due to back cramping which means some days I can't get through a shower without having to sit down. Judging from the fit of my clothes, I've lost a little bit of weight but I didn't want to get on the scales before or after, I wanted to go on how I felt. My memory sure hasn't improved! My integrative doctor (and the one I saw when we lived elsewhere) recommended going sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine free and low GI and paleo seemed the easiest way to get my head around doing that. When I started paleo early 2015 I was good as gold (with paleo treats) for 6 weeks before my husband was deployed and things fell a bit to the wayside and I started snacking unhealthily again. I noticed a big improvement in that 6 weeks - for the first time in years I was able to stand up at the kitchen counter long enough to help prepare and cook meals. We fell off the paleo-bandwagon almost completely in 2016 (meals were still pretty clean, but they were the only thing that was) until we started the Whole30 program (with the additional 'rules'). My integrative doc had me on a TON of supplements, which we can no longer afford. Part of that was a Metagenics cleanse to hopefully fix gut candida and dysbiosis (may be back given what my diet has been since then). She's pro vegan and that's not a direction I want to take. So I'm just seeing her to manage my hypothyroidism till I can hopefully (medical issues notwithstanding) get a part-time job to pay for her treatment and all the supplements and prescriptions. So, that's the background. My problem is that I'm torn about whether to extend our Whole30 or add to it by eliminating nightshades and/or other potentially problematic foods. Anybody have any thoughts?
  2. Hi there, R1D4 here. My question for you all is if you have low iron or anemia, did you continue taking your (doctor recommended) iron supplements? Did the increase in veggies and meat make a big enough impact that you no longer needed them? My story: Diagnose Anemic and Celiac. Stopped taking my pills (forgot a couple times then dropped off the wagon). Started Whole30. I am 4 days in and exhausted. Like, sandpaper eyes after 8 hours of sleep. I'm thinking I'll go back on the iron supplements and see if that affects the fatigue. 3x a day, then taper while I continue the W30? Thanks for any feedback.
  3. ShawnaN_Everett_Wa

    Throat Complications

    OK so, my roommate is thinking about doing the Whole30 with me but she has a lot of pills that she has to take as a result from back & neck surgeries as well as gastric bypass. The neck surgeries she has had has left severe scar tissue damage that has effected her esophagus & her ability to swallow. Food & her pills get stuck in a pocket in her throat & she drinks pop & or chocolate milk to dislodge. Apparently the carbonation from the pop & the thickness/slimy coating produced by the thickness of chocolate milk helps her to swallow & miss the pocket in her throat. So she drinks either/both when she takes her pharmacy of pills. We have been trying to think of something that would be compliant that would do the job. I read that juicing & smoothies is not in the plan. But if its just to take her pills... She has a Soda Stream & is thinking of making apple juice & carbonating it. I've suggested almond milk but she says that she's tried it. Ideas are most welcome. Those are just a small portion of her health issues. She's also anemic & has previously had to have iron infusions since iron pills don't do the job because of the bypass surgery.
  4. Hello, I am wondering if anybody has any thoughts about iron malabsorption leading to anemia? I did my first whole30 in Jan-Feb 2015, and followed up with 2 more whole30's before finally feeling ready to "ride my own bike" now in mid-May. I received blood test results this week and the improvements in most areas were remarkable, except that I find I have anemia! As a male, anemia should be fairly unusual, shouldn't it? I'll get a follow up iron test one month from now. I read previous blogs which focused on diet choices and supplementing, but I should be getting plenty of iron through diet. I eat plenty of iron-rich meats, seafood, leafy greens, and even some liver. So I am troubleshooting for possible reasons why I am suddenly anemic, and I wonder if there could be something in my diet that is preventing me from absorbing iron? Could there be enough phytates in certain foods, like the skins on potatoes and sweet potatoes, that could inhibit iron absorption? Thank you, Frank @fkennedy42
  5. dragonfly7

    Start iron supplements or not?

    I had several blood test just before starting my Whole 30, and my primary care doctor wanted me to start taking iron supplements because my iron levels are low, though not low enough to classify me as anemic. I am also being referred to a hematologist for that and high red blood cell, platelet, and alkaline phosphatase levels. However, I definitely am increasing the amount of iron I am eating through my Whole 30 and will have been eating that way for 3 weeks by the time I see the hematologist. Should I still start supplements, or will that be too much iron?