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Found 6 results

  1. 1. I am on day 25 and about two weeks ago I got sick with what I now know is walking pneumonia. My coughing with constant so I took a tincture which was glycerin based and I also took cough drops regularly for several days. Just as I was feeling better it started all over again. And now I am on antibiotics. I am not happy to have had to eat sugar during my whole 30. But I also don't want to start it all over. I'm also really bummed to have taken antibiotics which I know will mess with my gut. I know Dr.'s orders come before whole 30 but it's disappointing and I'm not sure how these small amounts of sugar might have affected me. And I never get sick but I've been sick for at least two weeks of my whole 30. So tiger blood? Not so much. Honestly the first several days I felt like I had Tiger blood but that's unlikely I know. Before I got sick I did feel that I had better energy. 2. I have seborrheic dermatitis, other autoimmune issues, muscle and tendon and ligament aches and pains, and migraines. And I'm also a bit overweight. Besides maybe losing 5 pounds or so none of these other issues seem to have changed at all. I'm wondering if I need to cut out nuts for the migraines and Cut out eggs, nightshades and citrus for the autoimmune issues. I guess at this point I am going to finish to day 30 and then cut out these additional things and add in one or two other things I would like to try eating again such as brown rice. But overall I'm going to try to keep my diet the same. 3. I'm really wondering why I haven't lost more weight. Here are a few things I'm wondering about. For the first couple of weeks I did sort of have for meals a day instead of three. I would eat a small breakfast at around 745 and then at 10 have a larger lunch. Then at around 2 o'clock have another small meal because often I can't eat dinner until around six or so. Also in the first week or two if I was really hungry and couldn't eat dinner until later I would have some nuts and maybe one piece or so of dried fruit. I have stopped all of that for the most part. I also have trouble letting go of the idea of dessert. So I will eat some fruit but I will do it right after I finished eating dinner. Like immediately so that I'm digesting it together. But I might eat something sweet like pineapple. Or half of a banana. And if I'm really hungry when I'm cooking dinner I might have a bit of fruit then as well. I am also eating a lot of that. Lots of avocados, some olives, etc. If I want to continue losing weight or any of these things contributing to me not being able to do it?
  2. So... I had an interesting start to my Whole30 journey because I've been on antibiotics and having been unwell I had NO appetite or cravings... until today. Today is Day 7 and I finished the course of antibiotics on Day 5. I spent days 1-5 forcing down compliant meals, dealing with a slightly dodgy tummy, nausea and some tiredness which I largely put down to being unwell and on antibiotics BUT I was so grateful not to have had the headaches, extreme tiredness or grouchiness that the timeline says you will probably have. On Day 6 I spent a lot of time reading the forums (fora?!) just for fun and realised that 1) I am not drinking nearly enough water and 2) my meals probably aren't quite big enough even though I was aware of and trying to follow the template. So today, I had 3 eggs for breakfast instead of 2 (how on earth do people eat 4 in one sitting?!) and am chugging down the water. My breakfast was definitely compliant in terms of size. A big sweet potato rosti and sauteed pepper, onion and mushroom, with the three eggs - all of which cooked with an amount of coconut oil that still galls me - all of which went in my belly!, and the 3 eggs. But 3 hours later I was starting to get hungry and now I have a headache because I'm forcing myself to wait a little bit longer before I have lunch. Can I expect to feel now on Day 7 the way other people feel on Days 2-3?! I'm not going to fall off the wagon, no worries there, just a bit concerned that I haven't actually made any progress in 7 days (apart from discovering that the sweet potato rosti is the BEST FOOD EVER, which actually makes the programme worth it all on its own). I was really enjoying the lack of hunger/cravings! I suspect that any responder is going to tell me that 3 eggs isn't enough protein... :-)
  3. Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with bronchitis and prescribed a 7-day course of antibiotics. I'm unhappy about throwing a bomb at my gut bacteria after working hard to improve the balance, but I really don't want lingering bronchitis! For background, I am on Day 25 of eating Whole30 style. (I don't say "doing a Whole30" because I had some accidental slip-ups and chose to keep going). I will finish the course of antibiotics on Day 31. I was really looking forward to reintroducing some foods. Will this totally ruin my plans for reintroduction? I am going to be taking a drugstore probiotic and having kombucha or sauerkraut every day. The timing would not be good for me to start another Whole30 from scratch right now. I would welcome advice on how to proceed, although my capacity for absorbing stern tough love is a little low today. Thanks, ChezJulie
  4. I'm on day 26 of my W30. I started this program after a recent endoscopy that revealed a hiatal hernia and reflux. In addition to that, I developed asthmatic symptoms. My doctor put me on omeprazole and an inhaler. To make matters worse, late last year I developed dermagraphism and have to take a daily antihistamine to keep from breaking out in hives. I went through all sorts of allergy tests, and reacted to so many various things that it was difficult to pinpoint. A week or so before starting my W30, I went back to my allergist, who was very puzzled about all these various symptoms, so he did a blood test that came back positive for H. Pylori, which can be a cause of all these things, so they put me on a heavy dose of antibiotics which I'm not really a fan of. I'm having a hard time because I am starting to feel better and I don't know if it's the result of eliminating so many foods, or the medications. Perhaps it's a combo, but I am no longer having the reflux issues (occasional heartburn, trouble swallowing) and my skin flare-ups seem to be minimal. I am trying to see if I can now go off the antihistamine and I was able to stop the inhaler which was great. Docs want me to stay on the other meds for another week. I know that sugar and grains feed the H. Pylori, so will continue to avoid those after I finish the program. I read that antibiotics sometimes don't work for H. Pylori, and that proton pump inhibitors can cause issues too. Wondering if there are natural remedies aside from food elimination?
  5. LydiaMill

    Day 29, Bloated, but Happy

    I am on Day 29 and, though I did not weigh myself when I began and do not plan on weighing myself the day-after-tomorrow, on Day 31, I am clearly bigger than when I started. My clothes are tighter and my belly protrudes. I did take pics. When I started, I was about 10-15 pounds heavier than I would like to be, but within normal (5'5" 145-150). I remind myself that my goals for the W30 were to overcome my sugar addiction and figure out what could be causing the bloating and bad digestion (constipation) for the last 3 years. NOT to lose weight...but I have to say, I've battled disappointment and was secretly hoping that this program would slim me down. I am 49, so peri-menopause is part of the equation, for sure. I take progesterone. I have hypo-thyroid and take a low dose of Levoxyl. I exercise 4-5 times a week--various workouts. And have been taking saunas afterwards to get rid of toxins. Also, from age 22 until just a few months ago (27 years!), I took a small dose of antibiotics every time I had intercourse. I have seen many docs and that was the only way I could stay out of the ER at 3 am. I recently found an alternative to antibiotics that seems to be working, but that's another story... On Day 12, I had a massage with a friend who mentioned that acupuncture might address the constipation. I went that next week for acupuncture and have been 2 times total (will continue). She is working to strengthen my kidneys and relieve my constipation. She says she's seen the W30 radically change the clients who have done it. I looked at the W30 Forum and started using Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium, and take a huge dose of probiotics to address the probable candida after so many years of antibiotic use. Oy. Still no relief. I just found some posts that recommend sweet potato and butternut squash for constipation. Coincidentally, other posts mention that veggies with higher carbs are also recommended for hypo-thyroid. I will add more of these and see what happens. I am very clear that going back to starting the day with tea, milk, and honey, and then battling cravings every 2 hours, is not the way to health. To cut out anything that could be contributing to inflammation and hormonal imbalances, can only be good. I plan to continue a modified W30 for...who knows? I love it. I feel great. My skin glows...and most important and profound, is that for the first time since adolescence, I have real balance in my eating. I have no cravings, either physical or emotional. And that is, simply, extraordinary. I am so grateful to this program. I am continuing with faith that going back cannot be better, that this feels just right for me, and that things will/must get better! Will post again around W45! Or W60, or whatever it takes.
  6. Adriana

    Antibiotics and W30

    Hi there - On day 28 of my W30 and doing great! However, I caught a cold last week and it's developed into bronchitis and a sinus infection. Doc prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin) to me today. Ugh...I hate antibiotics. A yeast infection is something I definitely don't want to get, so my doc told me to either eat yogurt or take a probiotic over these next 10 days. Obvs, I would prefer to not eat yogurt this far into my Whole30. Any ladies had successful bouts w antibiotics, and what probiotics did you take? Thanks!