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Found 27 results

  1. So I guess I'm struggling to eat in the morning cause I just have no appetite. Wake up around 7:30am but often not eating or drinking anything until about 10 or 11am, which pushes my second meal to about 4 or 5pm and then dinner around 9pm. (IF I have three meals). Getting plenty of water- probably minimum two liters a day. Sleep has been normal- about 7.5 hours a night. The food cravings have pretty much gone, and my energy levels have evened out- I'm usually pretty full and satisfied all the time now. I'm just feeling bored. Honestly I know I'm compliant but I keep guilting myself over not having enough greens or many vegetables besides sweet potato and tomatoes. Is it a problem to be having them like two meals a day? I love the taste and don't feel deprived in any way when I'm eating them but I noticed I've been somewhat avoiding greens and I don't think that's good... I purposefully haven't been measuring and writing every thing down because it brings out an obsessive diet control freak side of me that goes against the whole purpose of this challenge/way of life for me. But from memory I'll try to give you a decent idea of a typical day. BREAKFAST- 2 fried or scrambled eggs with scallions/shallots in ghee. sometimes also a compliant sausage or a small cut of steak or meat from the previous night's meal. sweet potato and carrot hash, 1/2 avocado smashed. 1/2 tomato. salt and pepper. half an orange. occasionally some strawberries or an apple if I'm still hungry after that (which is rarely!) LUNCH- chicken and fajitas (bell pepper and onion), homemade guacamole-1/2 avocado, 1/2 tomato and maybe a banana OR mustard chicken with mashed potato and asparagus. DINNER- roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots in herbs and olive oil. roast chicken breast or lamb chops. berries for dessert. OR steak, roasted sweet potatoes and salad (arugula/rocket and tomato with vinaigrette)
  2. Hi All! New to whole30 and currently on day 9 and nothing appeals. I know smoothies are a nono but i needed to eat something. Nuts, nut butters all bleh. I assume this happens to people but i feel more uninspired than i did during the first week. Any suggestions? thanks!
  3. Day 7 of my 2nd Whole30 here. I prepped a ton and I’m feeling pretty good, but struggling with mornings. I am up at 5 daily and I don’t get hungry in the mornings yet. On Monday, the idea of eating my frittata at 7:30 made me want to throw up. I choked half of it down and went about my day. I have some ideas from the forum that I’m implementing: - no coffee before food - mini meal to work up to real meal- today was two HB eggs, and spinach cooked in ghee - non egg breakfast ideas - I LOVE a good frittata or scramble but not at 5:30 How long is it going to take to adjust? Or a ballpark? I am with teenagers from 7:30-12:30 straight and can’t eat during those hours. Yesterday I was able to get down eggs and spinach at 5:45 but I didn’t get hungry again until mid morning. I want to get this right! thanks in advance
  4. After a rough day 6, I'm sitting pretty at day 7. The only problem? I have no appetite. I know I need to eat more but anytime I try to fuel up, I just can't. I love to eat, like really love to eat, so this is uncharted territory. Is this normal? Is there anything I need to be doing differently in my Whole30 to keep this from happening?
  5. mandalion91

    Halted progress during period

    So I’m on day 25 of my first W30 and on probably the second to last day of my period. I feel like my progress mentally (and physically) is going backwards. I ate pretty healthy before whole 30 so I didn’t experience the awful carb flu or any other bad symptoms at the beginning (or I just didn’t due to other reasons). I was seriously loving life. ZERO cravings for sugar or carbs, high energy, no snacking between meals, only 1-2 servings of fruit a day, etc. however after starting my period on day 20 it’s like I have been backsliding. Snacking on nuts and fruit between meals, 3 servings of fruit a day, and overall decreased energy. I also noticed I’ve stopped having NSVs. Could this all be because of my period? Has anyone else experienced this? I am still following meal template. Here’s an example of what I ate today: bfast: 3 eggs, half an avocado, half a sautéed pepper, 1/2 cup blueberries lunch: butter lettuce salad with grilled chicken, 2 tbsp sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, and olive oil dinner: chicken apple sausage cooked in ghee with asparagus i also snacked on sunflower seeds, mango, and more blueberries. I just feel helpless to my sugar cravings and appetite which I didn’t feel at all in days 1-19. Feeling very opposite of “food freedom” right now
  6. I am on day 16 of my 2nd whole30. I have not had much of an appetite at all, I have had to force myself to eat most of my meals. During my first whole30, I was always hungry, snacking all day and starving when it came to mealtime. This time: I had the stomach flu from day 9-12 but did not have much of an appetite before I got sick. My wife is not doing the Whole30 with me, but I am doing 90% of the cooking so most meals are Whole30 anyways. Been working out 4-5 days a week plus skiing one day a week. Cut coffee out of my diet completely this time. Sleeping normally.
  7. I'm on day 9 and increasingly frustrated. I was starting to feel good, and then today I'm so bloated I look pregnant, and my stomach hurts a lot. I've dealt with the zero energy, anger and emotional lability all week, but now I'm feeling even worse physically. I'm doing the Whole30 plus eliminating nightshades (but eating eggs), because my main issues have to do with inflammation, and what good is an elimination diet without eliminating one of the most common sources of inflammation. That said, I'm starting to question whether I shouldn't go rogue and add grains back in again. One of my big issues with trying to lose weight is that I don't eat enough (according to my trainer). I'll typically eat 1100-1200 calories a day, with larger amounts when we go (went) out to eat 1-2 times a week. I already didn't get enough carbs in my diet, but now that all grains are gone, I honestly don't know how to get the calories a day that I need to not go into metabolic hibernation. I've seen the recommendations to eat bigger meals, but I have two issues with that. First, I eat until I'm satisfied. I think to train my body to overstuff itself is a mentally unhealthy way of eating. Second, I don't want my stomach stretching out so that when I'm done with Whole30 I still feel like I need to eat more at a time to be satiated. Third, I just don't know what else to add to my meals. I eat 2 eggs in the morning with veggies mixed in (usually around 10am). Since starting this program I've added half of a (processed, sodium-laden) chicken sausage just to up the calories and protein intake. I have a hard time finishing that, I don't know how I could add more. Lunch (1p) is a good-sized salad with chicken or pork, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Dinner is usually meat or fish with most of the plate being veggies. I've been trying to at least get half a sweet potato in with dinner to have some starch in there. I do have an afternoon snack 2 hours before I work out, because dinner is usually late (7:30p). Mostly it's an apple and almond butter, or a banana, or some nuts. I'm guessing my calories are anywhere from 1000-1200 right now, with fats and protein being the biggest shares. I don't get hungry in between, or at night. If I do eat a larger breakfast, I don't end up wanting lunch until 2-2:30, so I skip the snack. But that just leads to FEWER calories a day, not more. Without adding grains back in, how do I possibly eat enough food?
  8. I'm on day 25 and I feel terrible. My headaches have returned with a vengeance, I'm tired all the time, my anxiety is through the roof, I've lost my appetite entirely, and I've lost all motivation to get things done (which is a huge problem because I'm self-employed). I can't believe that I'm feeling this awful when I'm so close to day 30. I was supposed to start feeling the "tiger blood" at least a week ago. I didn't have these issues before I started this round. I've tracked a couple days of my calorie intake just to be sure that my problems aren't being caused by insufficient calorie intake. Despite my lack of appetite, I've been able to force myself to eat about 2200 calories per day, which has been enough to maintain my weight. In a normal day, I usually have 4-6 servings of fruit and 6-10 servings of vegetables. My macronutrient breakdown is about 20% protein, 40% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. Other info that might be helpful: This is my second round of Whole 30. I did one 6 months ago and felt so amazing afterwards that I decided I want to do it twice per year to keep myself on track. I have a neurological condition that required surgery 5 years ago. I've had almost no symptoms since then. I kept up with clean eating after my first round of Whole 30, but I reintroduced sprouted wheat bread and became less strict with occasionally eating out (once per month maximum). I exercise 5 times per week: HIIT/strength training combo workouts M/W/F, light recovery cardio or yoga T/Th. This is more exercise than I did during my first round. I'm a 21 year old female, 5'3 and 115 lbs. I've stayed the same weight since I started, which is good because weight loss is not a goal of mine. I've practiced intermittent fasting for over a year now. I use the LeanGains 16/8 protocol. Before starting this round my diet was not great because I had been on the road for 9 days. Lots of sugar from sweetened dried fruit in trail mix, not enough fruits or veggies, and occasional fast food. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any idea about what might be causing it or how to make it better?
  9. Marc FH

    Day #9, July 11

    Going good. Did 1st recipe, Spinach Frittata. Too good for breakfast. A bag of spinach is healthier than I ever eat. Great taste. My wife enjoyed it to. I'm the pioneer on this diet. Maybe she'll try it. She's liking me cooking. Grilling salmon on George Forman grill, Cod too. Next I'll try strip steak & baked potato. Bone weariness of recent times is gone. Craving for sugar is gone. Didn't know artificial sweeteners increased appetite so much. I'm thinking of staying on this after 30 days.
  10. On day 6 and feeling pretty good today after being exhausted yesterday, but I have NO appetite. Barely ate 3 forkfuls of my lunch and then a few dried apricots (no added sugar, no preservatives - yes I checked) because I didn't want my blood sugar to dip as a result of being unable to eat. I'm also feeling bloated with pressure in my stomach. No constipation though. Recent meals: Today: Breakfast - scrambled eggs & an apple; Lunch - a few bites of leftover shakshuka, avocado & dried apricots Yesterday: Breakfast - scrambled eggs & mango; Lunch - Leftover salmon & courgette and sweet potato latkes; Dinner - Shakshuka Sunday: Breakfast - scrambled eggs & melon; Lunch - a nakd bar (emergency, late getting home), fried egg & sweet potato hash; Dinner - Salmon, asparagus, new potatoes, & avocado Do I just wait this out? Am I doing something wrong? Help please! xx
  11. I am on day 3 of my first Whole30. The first day we got started late, so missed lunch, just had breakfast and dinner (both compliant!) and yesterday we had our full 3 meals. By the middle of my lunch on day 2, I was STUFFED. Like couldn't finish my cobb salad, nor my apple. Today is day 3 and I'm running into the same issue! For breakfast I had a egg scramble casserole with potatoes and bacon with my coffee with coconut milk. No snack, but was getting hungry about a half hour or 45 mins before lunch. I drank a bottle of water, and was fine, so I waited until lunch to roll around and started with my salad with kale, spinach, arugala, chicken, compliant bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and zucchini topped with less than a full serving of Tessamae's Whole30 approved ranch. I didn't even have one slice of my apple before feeling satisfied, but I had a couple slices and forced a few more bites of my salad, and I feel STUFFED. I'm worried I overate. How am I to know if I'm overeating, or when to stop? I'm worried if I eat too much I won't see the results I'm supposed to...but then I'm worried that if I stop eating, I won't have eaten enough, and then I'll be hungry before dinner, requiring me to need a snack. Which is what happened yesterday; I had a handful of almonds and a few baby carrots a few hours after lunch, and about an hour and a half before dinner, even drank another water in that time prior to the snack, but still felt hungry. I don't want this to be an every day thing, and I'm wondering if the amount I'm eating for lunch is what's requiring me to need a snack. Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!
  12. I'm on day 18 of my first Whole30 and need some advice! The first week was actually pretty great and the only thing I really missed was creamer in my coffee. I even felt myself losing inches and clothes became a little looser. The second week, I felt myself gaining weight and definitely went through the "KILL ALL THE THINGS" phase for a day or two with people. This third week, I feel like I've had huge swings in appetite, energy and mood. Earlier this week, I had my normal breakfast (paleo bacon + 3 eggs) and could barely eat half my lunch (spring greens with chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers) and wasn't hungry again the rest of the day! Yesterday, I wanted to eat ALL the things despite having my normal breakfast + an avocado. I ended up snacking on some almonds while I waited for others who would be meeting us for a lunch meeting (eating out on Whole30 is the worst) and had a sad salad with some chicken. I ended up having a good dinner of again mostly greens with protein, but It was hard to stay full yesterday. Today, I'm feeling great and very energetic, but yesterday I was absolutely exhausted for no reason. I had my normal 7-8 hours of sleep and ate even a little more than my normally do so I'm not sure what the reason was. Normal parts of my diet: lots of broccoli and other veggies, eggs, avocados, curry sauces (especially Yai's), bananas, almond butter, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, ground turkey, ground beef, steak, ghee, avocado oil, paleo bacon and a lot of seasonings. With the exception of the ghee and paleo bacon, I regularly ate all of these things before starting Whole30 and generally preferred a more veggie based dish over grains. I love sugar, but have obviously eliminated it for this month and as a result I don't drink as much coffee as I normally do. I work out 2-3 times a week and sleep about 8 hours a night regularly. My job isn't generally stressful. I also get the occasional migraine (I believe mostly due to barometric pressure), but lately they've been having after breakfast when I'm driving to work instead of just waking up with one. I'm about 5'2" with about 40 pounds to lose (I know this isn't the point of Whole30), and wanted to do it to "reset" my body so I can steer back to 80% clean eating. Any insight as to why I seem to be all over the place this week?
  13. I've been on chemo once a month since March 2015. It's a lifetime chemo for the stage 4 bone cancer mets. For long time, I have no appetite for breakfast. I usually get up 9 am, side effect (tired and nausea) from chemo. I don't eat meals until about 1 or 2 pm. Once in a while, I do get up early as 6 or 7 am. Now it's my 2nd day of whole30. I had 3 meals yesterday. Today I had 2 meals. I like to know if I can do 2 meals a day. I'm always not hungry, now feeling too full from 2 meals. Any suggestions??
  14. I'm on day 7 and I have had no appetite since day 1. Because of this, I'm a little worried I'm not eating enough because I also get nausea and headaches every day. Is there a way to increase appetite or adjust meals to make sure I'm eating what nutrients I need? I'm kind of tired of feeling bleh/sick every day. Here's an example of what I might eat in a day: breakfast: hash browns cooked in ghee with apple chicken sausage (breakfast is a huge struggle and I have to kind of choke it down lol) lunch: half a large apple, 3-4 strawberries, ~1/2 tbs sunbutter, -1 tbs pistachios, 3 slices deli turkey dinner: pecan crusted chicken breast pan fried in olive oil, spaghetti squash or potatoes and carrots, small serving of fruit I've been trying to increase veggie intake but I really don't like most vegetables (texture issues) and it's even harder to force myself to eat them when I'm not even hungry. I've been needing a snack (usually a banana) between lunch and dinner. My lunch break is at 11:30 am. Any help would be much appreciated!
  15. I'm in the first round can't remember how many days. Maybe 7-8 I have literally no appetite. Like none. I didnt eat breakfast this morning and had a small bowl of soup for lunch. Yesterday I had chicken for lunch and ate some nuts for dinner And that's all. I don't feel like eating anything more. I have eaten significantly less food on this than what I normally eat. I don't have an amazing budget actually a very small budget and whole food store are 50+ miles away. Do any of you have suggestions on what to do? I know I am getting headaches from eating so little. But I feel like my willpower isn't there. I haven't experienced any of the symptoms in the book. No nap or tiger or kill things or cravings. Just no appetite.
  16. I'm closing in on the end of Day 27 but the last two nights I haven't been hungry at supper time at all. I ate a bit both nights because I know i'll be hungry before bed at some point but I have found I'm having a hard time finishing anything at night the last two nights. I have been having a later lunch than usual (easier to cook while the kids settle down for quiet time and eat without interruptions around 2pm) Would that be causing the problem? i wake around 7 and try to eat before 8. Then lunch is sometimes at noon but sometimes gets pushed back to 2pm. Then dinner would be around 630-7pm depending on how long it takes me to make it and when my husband gets home from work. Thanks in advance!
  17. kimkelnor

    3 weeks in; so far, so good

    I'm late checking into the forum, so I'm already 3 weeks into the program and feeling amazing. I already knew that I do much better without gluten (which inflame the arthritis in my knees, among other things) and, since I discovered about 5 years ago that I'm lactose intolerant, I didn't find getting into the program all that hard, since I'm used to cooking gluten and lactose free. But I've been pleasantly surprised by other ways that I'm feeling better: -- Much MUCH less stiffness. Even after a 2 mile walk with my dog in the morning, it was hard bending over to pick up the newspaper. Not a problem anymore. -- Like many folks on the board, I've had a lot of trouble fighting a monolithic sweet tooth, so I was worried consuming fruit would lead to binges. Hasn't really been a problem, which delights me, because being allowed fruit makes this a much easier-to-stick-to program compared to Atkins or strict paleo. -- Another big problem over the years is that the hormone (whatever it is!) that regulates fullness never seemed to work in me. I'd end up overeating because I never felt full -- and was hungry as soon as 60 minutes after a meal even if it was a low carb, high fat meal. But twice today I pushed away the plate before it was empty. I'm so THRILLED to say "I'm full" after eating a NORMAL, moderate amount of food! So that's a delightful surprise I wasn't expecting. Not sure what's going on except maybe hormone levels and perhaps gut health has improved. -- My mood is UP along with my energy levels. Sometimes feeling euphorically happy. Was dancing while making lunch today... which freaked out my dogs, but that was fun, too. Either way, I'm thrilled at how much I'm enjoying this. Haven't a clue whether I've lost weight (although I suspect I have) but I don't care. I'm a woman in my late 50s, so I don't expect dramatic weightloss. Feeling this good is WORTH it, regardless of what the scale says next week. Thank you, Hartwigs and Whole30! Kim
  18. So I had committed to doing at least a Whole45, and now it looks like its going to be even longer GC I struggled to feel full, have energy and genrally just feel better fornthenfirst 3+ weeks.. After finally sitting down and evaluating my food journal I came to the hard realization that I just hadn't been eating enough. Perhaps my caloric intake would have been more than enough but my volume was lacking... I love to cook and made lots of fun, tasty meals. Unfortunately like fine dining restaurants, they were small... Anywhoo after the initial sadnesswore off (30 days down the drain!) then frustration crept for needing to start all over, I began to wonder if I was the only one? Anyone else struggle withy the meal template? Its a really large amount of food if you are used to eating more regularly through the day. Also the prep and grocery shopping for 2 people in one household doing this plan takes some adjusting... It's sort of shocking to go through 4-5 dozen eggs in a week! I am a fairly intelligent woman and I grossly underestimated the reality of the meal template..
  19. Ok, so I am on day 35 of a committed Whole45 but now realized I will have to either start over or go on for at least another month or two. I have been 99% compliant (there have been a couple breakfasts out at restaurants that I ordered smartly but you just never know) PLUS two incidences of technically compliant, but discouraged, potato chips. One of them was last night and my breaking point for sure. I know it took me a few weeks to really grasp the meal template and timing guidelines. I thought I was eating enough, but I am sure now that I wasn't. Plus I wasn't eating enough starchy vegetables in the beginning, and too many nuts and fruits for sure. I had a couple weeks of kinda blah but nothing horrible. I wasn't working out, but looking back I wish I had bc what was to come was so much worse. I went into week 2 1/2-3 trying to reduce nuts and increase sweet potatoes and less sugary fruit. It was ok but I have suffered from almost constant headaches for the past 2+ weeks. Also, I am have become more constipated after being unusually regular the first couple weeks (which was a welcome improvement!) Adding in the starchy veg has helped with sleep, but I have also given myself permission to eat closer to bedtime so I am going to bed full and not hungry. I still get up to pee at least once per night. This pattern continued until last night when I was getting another headache mid-afternoon. The only cause I can realistically determine for these headache, fatigue, and sleep disruptions is that I am just no eating enough. Im simply hungry. This is frustrating beyond belief bc I am eating so much! My day yesterday was: 1 HB egg, one chicken sausage and 2 T of avocado pre-wo BIG green salad, HB egg, another sausage, more avocado and 1/2 cup diced roasted sweet potato post workout 2 cups coffee with cinnamon few chunks of cantaloupe,1/2 cup of blueberries and 3 raw broccoli florets about an hour later with a big green iced tea and green powder 1.5 cups broccoli/carrot slaw with 3 T homemade mayo, 1 T capers, and 1/2 cup canned salmon for lunch Lara bar at Costco bc I was starving an hour later while shopping had a hot green tea and tons of water after to try and stave off hunger broke down in car later and had another Lara bar (from the box I bought at Costco) AND an turkey cranberry Epic bar.. I couldn't believe I was STILL so hungry. Went grocery shopping with husband and began CRAVING potato chips. Bought a rotisserie chicken and a bag of Terra original chips and literally started eating both in the store.. it was a scene for sure. Between my husband and I we finished the bag on the way home. Had more chicken for dinner and an Asian pear (craving sweet and crunchy!) My husband had salad but nothing about it appealed to me. After that sugar bomb I was craving more. ATE ANOTHER LARA BAR and about 1/2 cup sprouted pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut chips. This was a frustrating night to say the least. I feel like I have reawaken my sugar dragon and have to start all over. I feel like it all stemmed from my hunger mid afternoon, but I can't imagine I didn't eat enough! This got me googling after my "binge" and I realized I am a classic sugar burner and this is why this Whole30 has been such a struggle. I have limited my carbs too much without significantly increasing my fat/protein. My protein choices are typically lean and I add fat but obviously not enough. Does anyone have tangible lists or suggestions for how to transition to being a fat burner (which is clearly what my husband is, he has been doing this with me and has had zero issues.. drives me nuts) I think I need to stay under 100g of carbs a day, but whats the best way to do this? No fruit only starchy veg? How many and when? How much fat and protein at each meal? more than the Whole30 template? I honestly can't go 4-5 hours without eating and NOT get a headache, how do I get there??! I haven't lost a lb during my Whole30, and last nights binge is not a classic example of my eating, usually much cleaner and on template, I swear! I think I may have gained at least bloat weight or actual weight. I know I am clocking in at 2000 cals each day, even thought they are on template.
  20. Getting2KnowMe

    No Appetite to Speak Of

    Hi, I'm on day 16 of my first Whole30. I've been sticking to the guidelines about what to eat and when, but over the last week have found my portion sizes have drastically decreased. I had a really great dinner 2 days ago (baked chicken, mushrooms and onions sauted in ghee, and steamed broccoli) and I became really sick... I suspect food poisoning. Now I'm stuck, I just don't want to eat anything. I know yesterday I was limited because I was still not well - stuck with broth, and had an apple with sunbutter midday. I'm really concerned that this is super drastic considering that I have been an overeater my whole life. To cut this far back seems really severe to me. Before the "illness" I was dealing with the bloating and digestive issues of days 10-14ish, so I attributed my poor appetite to that, but I'm concerned that now with getting sick I am not turning this around. Any suggestions or helpful tips?
  21. I'm on day 4 and I've been doing really well with following the meal planning guide and sticking to the rules (no SWYPO!) despite feeling really tired all day. After coming home from my 8am-5pm office job, for the past two days, I've been too tired to even make dinner, much less eat it. I've had some fallback foods (things I can eat w/o prep or pop in the microwave) ready to go too, and even those weren't enough to keep me awake long enough to eat. When I do go to bed, I don't even feel hungry! I know I should push through and do my best to eat 3 full meals, but I really don't want to wake up face first in a sweet potato! Has anyone else just struggled to stay awake and functional at the end of the day?
  22. I'm on day 25 and have noticed this week that I really haven't been hungry when I wake up in the mornings. Weeks 1, 2, and 3 my stomach was generally a little grumbly in the morning and that obviously made me ready to eat breakfast. This week, not so much. I've still been having a "Meal 1" but is there a point when I should listen to my body and instead eat when I'm hungry? Especially since I'm coming toward the end of my Whole 30...I'd really appreciate some advice and input from anyone who might have experienced this. Thanks!
  23. Hi Everyone! I'm a picky eater and by Day 4 I hit food boredom. I've remained 100% compliant and have eaten 3 meals a day with some occasional snacking just to be sure I get enough calories. I'm now on Day 13 and I have zero appetite and I don't get hungry. It's almost as if I'm forcing myself to eat now. Is this normal? I suspect I'm now in a catch-22. I'm not hungry so I'm probably eating less which is probably contributing to my not experiencing any of the good stuff yet. No energy surge, sleep not really improving, etc. Should I just ride this out or what can I do to pick things up a bit? Since eating foods I like has become a chore, trying new things probably isn't in the cards right now. Thanks!
  24. Just want to report an amazing change on day 12--I managed to go from lunch at 1:00 to dinner 7 hours later at 8:00 without feeling like I HAD to eat. I felt a little hungry around 5:00, but it was not true hunger, and it passed. (By true hunger I mean that I visualized plain steamed fish and broccoli and it didn't sound appealing--the thought of eating it made me feel full.) Dinner was ready at 7:00 but I didn't feel hungry enough to eat. This is a huge change for me. With insulin resistance, I felt like I HAD to eat every 3-4 hours. I can't express how incredible it feels to not only be able to go so long between meals sometimes (not all the time) but to also to feel satisfied with much smaller meals. Two cups of veggies plus 4 ounces or so of protein and some fat, and I can't eat another bite. Also, I gave up coffee on Day 1 and now, finally, I don't miss it. Let's hope I keep this up. To anyone out there struggling in the first week or so, it does get easier. Hang in there.
  25. Meganelizabetho


    When I'm PMSing I'm ALWAYS more hungry. It's not specifically a need to snack, and it's not specifically cravings, I just generally need larger portions. Is eating larger portion sizes going to ruin my w30? Breakfast this morning was slightly on the large side for me Yam home fries, bacon, microgreens, two eggs.... I don't know whether to follow my instincts and eat a little extra for the next few days, or whether I should try to stay more strict and assume that I'll adjust?