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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone else starting 4/9/18? It's my first Whole 30 so I'd love the support from other folks starting around the same time as me. Don't have an in-person buddy to go through it with.
  2. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hello, I am starting my 2nd round of whole30 on 4/2 (waiting until AFTER Easter). Just looking to see if there is anyone else that is starting around the same time. I loved my first whole30 so much and am looking forward to that Tiger Blood again! I think this will kickstart my healthy summer. I have some tricks that i learned during the first round (like always having approved snacks available, meal prepping every sunday, and I know what products to use now), but I'd like some accountability assistance!
  3. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Started my 1st Whole 30 on 4/20. It's 4/21 and I had a great run this morning and didn't feel too overly hungry. I was however a bit overwhelmed by the thought of leaving the house with no food (I am an RN and worked 16 hrs of the first day so I came prepared) I will say I have had the WORST and most CONSTANT headache all day. Nothing has fixed it. That being said I have a huge sweet tooth and survive on hospital coffee and diet coke. I tried eating some fruit and drinking black coffee thinking the natural sugar or coffee would help, but nope. Calling it a night and ready for day 3 tommorow! C.
  4. Starting on the day after Easter! Which is also tax day this year. But I thought the 4-17-17 was a nice number too. Am I the only person who gives stuff up after lent is over?? I'm the nickname because I predict movie endings and spoil it for everyone else. I'll turn 35 during the Whole30. I'm a divorced mother of two boys, 10 and 13, living in North Dakota. 5'7" and 240lbs. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I take a lot of medication to keep it in check. My doc is definitely on board with the Whole30. I'm also a student carrying 18 credits this semester and, you guessed it, will also be taking finals during my Whole30! I figure if I waited to start until I wasn't so busy I'd never get around to starting!
  5. For 10 years I have suffered from canker sores in my mouth, for those who do not know what that is, they're the little white ulcers that people sometimes get from biting their lips, and they're extremely painful. I have tried everything, everything except diet change. For years I drank a lot and are mostly fried food, while always maintaining an active lifestyle, I have never been over weight. I get around 2-8 canker sores a month and at most I have had 6 in my mouth, going into my throat. I currently have one on my lip and one on my throat and cannot handle the pain and irritation that come with these! I do suffer from anxiety and took a low dose anti anxiety for about a year, but even saw no relief with that. So here's to trying this!!!
  6. Hello Whole30 community! I am very pumped and nervous for what is ahead, but so far I have made it through day 1 and day 2 with very few problems, adn by problems I mean huge cravings for gluten free lemon bars at our local gluten free good But I did not give into temptation and therefore am still continuing on with Whole30. I have been having a slight headache, but I have also had four tests this week and not enough sleep so that could be part of it. But other than that I feel really good. I can't wait for the results and hard work to really kick in. I usually am running and also working out but I hurt my back two weeks ago and have not been able to do really any exercise, but it has gotten a lot better so tomorrow I am hoping to run to miles and I hope that it makes me feel even better, especially since I haven't been feeling very happy and confident since I haven't been able to run. Running makes me happy. But anyway, I bought some groceries, and tried some really good recipes so far for dinner. Blueberry chicken meatballs and this really good chicken leg recipe so far for dinner. I made a lot so I have leftovers to hold me over for a couple of days. This Saturday I plan on making this sweet potato chili (no beans!!!!) for dinner, and it says it makes 10 servings so I hoping that it lasts me throughout most of the week next week. Plus chili is always better as leftovers. I'm excited for what day 3 has in store for me, especially since I am going out to eat with my grandma and then going to see a movie afterwards, but I can do this! Good luck to everyone else out there! I know you can do it!
  7. Stubz Christiaan Alexander Coolen

    April 1st Starters - No Joke!

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Night (wherever in the world you are) all, I hope you are all well! I'm starting my whole30 today! Getting back on the health train! My last attempt at a Whole30 (except it was 120) was some time ago - over a year in fact. I didn't do very well. and since then I have only been putting weight on. In 2013, I was very successful with the whole30 protocol and lost some 84 Ilbs - that's right 84! Not in thirty days of course. I did the protocol for 7 months - with 3 weeks off in March. In any case because of my unhealthy relationship with food I fell back in to the trap of sugar and comfort eating and all other manner of poor choices. 20 months on from doing so well in 2013 I have put all that weight back on. I couldn't tell you why, because when I had lost it all I felt so great and promised myself I would never get back to where I am now. I had plenty of people telling me that I was an inspiration to them. Many of which went on to read "It starts with food" and make life changes for themselves. So here I am again. A new quarter and a the start of something new. I am taking this opportunity to have a total re-set so as to ammend my food choices. I want to feel how I felt in the second half of 2013. I know it will be a journey and I am going to take it one step at a time. Who else is starting today? Are you brand new to this? Or are you doing it again? Christiaan