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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I am on day 1 of Whole30. I know it is still early, but I am concerned with not getting enough fat. I am not a huge fan of coconut or avocado. I don't care for the consistency of avocado or the flavor of coconut. I am looking for meal suggestions or ways to disguise these foods into my meals. I found myself very hungry at about 10am after eating breakfast at 7:15am. I ate a hard boiled egg and a small apple for a snack. Breakfast included: 1- Palm sized mango chicken sausage patty, 1/2 cup diced sweet potato home fries, a handful of blueberries, and one egg.
  2. Hello forum!!!! I finished my whole30 2 days ago and lost 1 pound, I did notice the "magic" the lack of cravings and a different body composition overall, but I still have more stored fat to lose and I would have thought I would have lost more than I did, so I am trying to identify what I could have done "wrong" and that has led me to a confusion I may have and that I want to clarify before staring my next whole30 on Monday; I read the whole30 book and on the subject of fats it says to eat it with every meal (which I do) then on the success guide it also says to eat 2 fat type with each meal and the portion should be the size of your thumb, but I also read that a good fat option is to have have a whole avocado with your meals. But if that is the case wouldn't that go over the "thumb" rule? I am just trying to assess if I may be eating too much fat, as I normally have olive oil by default of cooking and or in my salad and then I have a whole avocado if it is a hass or small and half of one if it is a Floriday one. Any advice will truly help. Thanks!
  3. klkrikorian

    avocado and nuts/seeds alternatives

    I started my Whole30 January today and see avocado and nuts/seeds are a big part of the healthy fat piece. However, I am allergic to avocados (gastrointestinal) and dislike all nuts and seeds. I can't put olives and coconut in everything, right? Any other substitute recommendations? I wonder if my allergy to avocados might dissipate with the program? Thanks!
  4. Emily.russell

    Coconut Milk Substituons/Allergy

    Hi! I am new to whole 30 and wanting to begin soon! I read the book yesterday and noticed many recipes are made with coconut. I am allergic to coconut, nuts, and avocado, and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good substitution for coconut milk, specifically. I cannot do cashew, almond or any nut-related milk due to my Nut allergy. Thanks in advance!
  5. With farmer’s markets overflowing with the most wonderful summer produce, what better way to embrace this seasonal bounty than a salad that combines fresh heirloom tomatoes, peppery arugula, white nectarines and sliced avocado. A bright, simple vinaigrette of Grove Provisions extra virgin olive oil and Coastal Kick white vinegar brings out the fresh flavors. A generous sprinkle of our Flake Sea Salt tops it off! (Adapted from Sunset Magazine) Serves 4 6 oz. fresh arugula – feel free to use less or more depending on your taste 2-3 large heirloom tomatoes, sliced. Try to combine different varieties for color and taste 2-3 firm but ripe white nectarines, wedge cut leaving on the skin 1 large (or 2 small) just ripe avocados, sliced 2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – either the 100% Arbequina, or for a little more robust taste, The Meld 2 tbsp. Coastal Kick white vinegar Freshly ground pepper and salt GP Flake Sea Salt to finish Assemble the salad on a nice platter, not a bowl. Wisk together the oil and vinegar. Place the sliced tomatoes on the platter and drizzle with about half of the vinaigrette and sprinkle on a pinch of regular salt. Place half the arugula on top of the tomatoes, then add the nectarine and avocado slices. Add the balance of the arugula and gently toss ingredients with the balance of the vinaigrette. Finish to taste with our Flake Sea Salt and a few turns of the pepper grinder.
  6. avocadojunkie


    Day 2 here! Yesterday I had a small avocado and hard boiled egg whites for lunch - egg salad last night a large kale salad with olive oil and vinegar, lots of veggies, tuna and another small avocado diced up. today I had avocado halves with tuna (in water) and lime juice. and cucumbers w/lime juice. Am I going overboard with the avocados? Dinner will be grilled meat & veg (no avocados left)
  7. Is it possible on the Whole30 to eat too much of a good thing? I know moderation is key, but I am uncertain on some guidelines. I eat probably an avocado a day (sometimes up to two a day) and I'm not sure if that is too much fat in my daily eating? I also wonder about nuts. I recently made my own trail mix (cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried blueberries and raisins) and have added a couple handfuls to my meals. Is that too much? I'm reading about other's troubles with hunger, which I get as well (usually 3 hours after eating), but i don't want to over eat on the items i shouldn't over eat.
  8. So we are having salad for dinner tonight. I love it as a meal and I am sorted when it comes to protein & veg but I am not sure about getting enough fat into it. I will have avocado, mayo on the side and mayo on the cold cooked baby potatoes. I cannot abide olives so they are not an option. Ideas please?
  9. aprince21


    I know we are supposed to include healthy fats into our meals, but I am struggling with this. I do not like avocado and I have tried to include it in meals every way possible. I do really like nuts (almonds and cashews mostly) but I don't want to over eat them. Any suggestions on what to eat?
  10. askins

    Avocado Alfredo Sauce

    There was some interest in this recipe in my log thread, so I thought I'd post it here in case other people are interested... Avocado Alfredo Sauce 2.5 avocados juice of two lemons 1/3.cup of fresh oregano 1/2 cup of fresh.basil 1/2-3/4 cup of evoo Salt and pepper to taste We're allium sensitive and egg sensitive in this house, so feel free to add 1-2 cloves garlic and 1-2 eggs. Combine all ingredients and heat in a saucepan. We tossed it with zoodles and spiced ground beef. The fresh herbs make this sauce - don't skimp.
  11. TOO much avocado? It's absolutely my favorite fat and, while I cook some things in olive oil, I usually have guac or avocado for my main fat source at each meal. For instance, today looked like this: B - 2 scrambled eggs with bell peppers, tomatoes and onion, sweet potato "tots" and half an avocado L - chicken, butternut squash, raw carrots & then guac for dipping D - ground lamb, sweet potatoes, green beans, half an avocado, a peach And I know I might be a little starch-veggie heavy today but yesterday was day 7 and I felt like I'd been run over with a TRUCK so I'm trying to fight that off right now! Thoughts?
  12. As I plan my upcoming W30 journey, I'm planning on incorporating 1/2 avocado into my breakfast on most, if not all mornings as my fat, and occasionally mashed with tuna to make a tuna salad for lunch. My question is, how do I store the leftover 1/2 avocado to keep it from browning/going bad, if I don't get to it until the next day?
  13. Dawn Marie

    Stuffed avocado

    I've really been wanting to make some compliant stuffed avocados. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? I would like to incorporate crab into it as well. I haven't been able to find a compliant recipe on the sites I've looked at! Thank you in advance!