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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm about to start my first round on Saturday & I'm excited, however.. I have a 14 month old baby who is eating 3 meals and snacks and every time I make him a meal I will no doubt have a bite or two of whatever he is having. (Baby is obviously not going to be doing Whole 30..) If I scoop out some yogurt.. I'll have a spoon before I put it in the sink, if he chucks a hunk of cheese.. I'll eat it, if I'm making him porridge or rice or pasta.. I'll test the heat while cooking.. basically.. it's second nature for me to eat some of his food..all day. I don't want to fail on day 1 at breakfast time.. or day 7 or day 28 for that matter. Has anyone got any tips or mantras I could remind myself whilst I am feeding him? Thanks in advance!
  2. Recently, my husband and I went through an ordeal with our daycare which resulted in them telling us we had to put our 13 month old on their food plan. This is a food plan gastronomical gems that include Chicken Nuggets, Mac n Cheese, Beef and Cheese Pizza, Beef's awful. Really really awful. Up until now, she has been eating a meat/veggie/fruit intensive diet, although she has had her fair share of dairy, and yes, even some crackers (cringe!). She's had very little processed food, and, with the exception of carrot cake on her first birthday, no sweets. While my husband does not eat a paleo diet (he doesn't eat processed foods), I try to and I want her to as well. We both believe firmly that the two most important things in Baby V's life at this point are: 1) sleep and 2) food. We have had issues with the daycare since day one on both of these things; they insisted that they feed her 5 oz of breastmilk every 2 hours when she started daycare at 3 months because she "seemed hungry and fussy" (the fact that I insisted she was tired and thus very fussy fell on completely deaf ears). Had I been working full time (which I do now--I worked part-time until she was 11 months old) I am almost sure we would've had to supplement with formula. I had her pediatrician, 2 lactation consultants and every other breastfeeding mother I know tell me that was an insanely large quantity of milk to feed a baby that little. Because I am a first time mom and doubted myself, I just capitulated after months of arguing. When she started eating solids at daycare we received "permission" from the daycare to bring in our own food after getting a doctor's note that it was okay. We are apparently the only people in the entire history of the daycare that have ever asked to bring in our own baby food. She started feeding herself at 8 months and refused anything mashed up from that point on. I have put so much effort into making sure this kid eats well and I think her preference for vegetables and protein reflect that. She loves blueberries, chicken, avocado (her favorite), bananas, and sweet potatoes. I know we cannot hold off the craptastic food forever, but I want to delay it as much as possible. She had already started showing her independence by resisting us on the foods we put in front of her in the hopes, we think, that we would give her crackers if she cried enough (Mama and Dada do not give in )before all this unfolded last week. I'm just afraid that once they start feeding her crap there's no turning back; that she'll start expecting crap at home which will make our jobs more difficult. We really really fought them on this. I actually got into a very heated argument with the head of the daycare that resulted me in me stomping away after my husband told her in an e-mail that the menu had empty calories and had no nutritional value. She told me that she was insulted especially since she had revamped the menu herself. She went on and on about how she had devoted her life's work to working with children and how she knew a thing or two about nutrition and wouldn't feed them "bad food". When I brought up the numerous examples of bad food she said that all of it was homemade--not out of a box--on site. I told her I knew quite a bit about nutrition--I have a master's degree in public health, not to mention an interest in nutrition and more than a little bit of research experience all of which has backed me us on my choices in what to feed my kid. Plus there's the fact that I'm her mother and I should be able to make these choices myself. Either way, we lost this one. Their argument is that they can't accommodate individual meals for each child, so, In order for her to continue at daycare she has to eat their crap. The head of the daycare has been gracious (*sarcasm*) enough to "let" us continue feeding her our food until the first of the year. Anyway, I just wanted to vent about this situation. I know this is a forum in which I'll get some support on this type of issue. Has anyone else had to deal with this? How do you keep unhealthy food choices at daycare from affecting how a child eats at home? Suggestions? Help?!
  3. Hey mamas, what can I give my 8 month-old twins to munch on in their high chairs while I'm making dinner? We do banana, avocado, and frozen peas now.
  4. alijac

    First foods for babies?

    Hi everyone - my son is nearly 5 months old, and at his 4 month checkup, the pediatrician gave me a pamphlet on starting him on foods. It wasn't our normal ped, and he was talking about cereal (ugh!), so I didn't really bother to pursue any further questioning with him. We don't go back until my son is 6 months, so I am trying to gather info in the interim beyond typical "conventional wisdom" before I give him ANY food. I've read avocados and bananas are good first foods, provided you mush the heck out of them. I'm leaning toward starting with veggies more than fruits so he doesn't get a sweet tooth like mom. The last thing I want to do is give him something he can't handle (I've read to hold off on any meat until 8 months, then to start with tiny bits of chicken or fish), but I definitely want to give him the best start possible on lifelong healthy eating habits. I'm fortunate that his Monday-Friday caregiver will absolutely follow any directions I give. So, what I need to know is: What are good foods to start with? What are some foods you've seen other babies eat that you would definitely hold off on? Any other tips re: quantity/frequency, etc? I know you shouldn't introduce more than one new thing at a time with several days apart (sounds like the 10 days after Whole30, no?) Thanks a ton!!!