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Found 56 results

  1. Hello! I am on Day 15 and all of the cooking (+ chopping + food shopping) is wearing me down. I'm looking for more pre-packaged compliant food options at Costco, TJ's and Sprouts. I've dug up many Whole30 shopping lists, but some are several years old. I go hunting for the items, only to find that they are no longer stocked at Costco/TJ's. Anyone have any go-to suggestions for these stores? Please? Thanks in advance. Costco - Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage -Aidell's Organic Chicken Basil & Roasted Garlic Meatballs Trader Joe's -Chipotle Lime Chicken Burgers -Turkey Burgers -Simply Mango Slices Sprouts -Yai's Thai Curry -Rao's Pasta Sauce -Paleo Bacon
  2. Field Bacon-Sugar Free

    I just wanted to double check to see if Field bacon was compliant? I know there are better options, but I can find this easier than others and it’s half as much. Thank you. I found this at Kroger in Louisville, KY in case it is
  3. So frustrated right now... went to a friend’s house for brunch this morning. She told me she got compliant bacon and I was so excited. I saw the applegate package on her counter and didn’t think twice. After I had two pieces I saw the empty package and realized it isn’t the sugar free one, it was just the uncured nitrate free version. The ingredients list says it contains “less than 2% of organic cane sugar”. Would you start over because of this?
  4. Kosher Bacon

    So, I keep kosher. Very kosher. So, my meat has to be marked with kosher symbols referred to as hechshers for those that do not know. So, I see many recipes that have bacon as a part of them. And, we do have kosher bacons (or facons, as the case may be). Does anyone know of any compliant kosher bacons on the market? I would really love some help on this one. And, if there is not, what can I use in place of it in certain recipes?
  5. Hey guy, New here so go easy on me... started my first while 30 yesterday and bought a load of bacon from my local supermarket without realising there are added ingredients... Now my question is, what is so bad about the Sulfites etc they add to supermarket Bacon, is it going to greatly affect my whole 30? What's wrong with them and why don't we want to eat them? Do I need to bin this and go to my local butcher? I'm a sucker for not wasting food so I don't want to do this ideally but how much damage am I doing to my 30 days by eating this before I go and get more? Thanks in advance! Chek
  6. So I have a pack of bacon and it says there is no sugar added however it does say it the bacon has been cured by using the follow: Water, salt, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbates, sodium nitrite. What do you guys think? Does it break the rules? Thank you!
  7. Need fat?

    If I eat a high fat meat like ground beef or bacon do I still need to have a serving of cooking or eating fat?
  8. Bacon

    Hello Fellow Whole 30ers, my family and I just finished our first Whole30 and are feeling fabulous! I'm looking at buying some pork and bacon from a local organic grass fed, etc farmer. However, he advised that the bacon is cured with brown sugar and organic evaporated cane juice. He says however that these incredrients are less than a third of the cure and that's not that much cure in the meat. i know Pederons bacon which is Whole30 approved doesn't show any sugar on their label. Do do you think the bacon from the farmer would be considered compliant?
  9. Hi there! My husband and I are stationed in the UK and are doing our first international Whole30 next month (this will be my fourth, but never in a different country). In the states I know which brands and stores carry compliant foods but I have had a much harder time finding compliant foods here. I am planning on ordering some grass-fed meats to get delivered to my house but found something sort of strange with the bacon. "This Nitrate Free Streaky Bacon is good old fashioned bacon using an 80% salt 20% sugar cure which is removed before slicing and vac packing. This bacon is a far cry from the nasty stuff that is full of injected water (white scum in the pan) yuk!" So my question... Because the cure is cut off, is it okay? Or has it seeped into the bacon? I can live without it, but if it's okay then I definitely want it! Thanks in advance!
  10. Meat Question

    Hello, My wife and I are 7 days into our Whole30; it's my first and her fourth, although it seems like I've done it before, as I do all the cooking in the home and have for her previous Whole30's. I saw your post about "Before You Ask...", and I did a search and couldn't find another question about this, so...having supported my wife through several of these, and now doing one of my own, and having recently read your blog post about Kumbucha (sp?) and the sugar question, my question is this: Can we, on the Whole30, consume high grade hams, bacon, and/or breakfast sausage, if they've used sugar ONLY in the curing process and do not add it to the cured product? I believe I should be able to, much for the same argument given during the Kumbucha post...the sugar contained in many hams, bacons, etc., is/are not added "after" the fact, but are an integral part of the curing process. This process goes back probably as far as the Kumbucha least 1-2 millennia, I'd imagine. There are, of course, those "cheap" hams out there that add a "brown sugar" glaze or some such crap to their product, but those would be obviously non-compliant. But there are legitimate, quality meat producers out there who only use sugar during the curing process, very similar to the way sugar is used in the fermentation process, which has been stated as compliant IF NOT ADDED AFTER THE FACT. I get that part, I really do, and I don't feel I'm trying to "get away with anything". As I said, too, this wouldn't mean all hams would be allowed, because, like just about anything, there are better quality products and then there are the "not so great" quality products that use sugar after curing, load the meat up with fake flavorings, etc.,etc.,etc.. So, I'll await your answer(s)...
  11. W30 Bacon

    I bought some W30 approved bacon (had the W30 stamp on the package!). I was so excited to try it, because last time I did Whole 30, I couldn't find any of the approved bacon anywhere. So I cooked the bacon up this morning for breakfast, tried it, and it tasted like it was drenched in salt. Anyone else experience this with W30 approved bacon, or is this just the one I got? Don't want to buy more bacon if all of the W30 approved bacons are going to be like this. Thanks!
  12. Wellshire Farms Sugar Free Paleo Bacon at Whole Foods (Hyde Park Chicago) @ $5.99 for 8 oz. super yummy!!!
  13. Whole Foods sells Wellshire Sugar Free Dry Rubbed bacon. It says "paleo" approved. I'm wary, as I know sugar may be used in the processing... can't always trust labels. Is this particular brand and type of bacon approved? thank you!
  14. Meal preps

    Hi there, 1st time poster and member here, about to start my 2nd full round (about 6 over all with failures) and due to time restraints i am looking to prepare and cook up on a sunday to help with mornings and meal1 .... 1) How long will cooked diced bacon last in the fridge if cooked up on a Sunday 2) How long will sweet potato fried up last in the fridge (wanting to make sweet potato and apple hash) Thanks, round 2 starts Wednesday 26th October 2016
  15. additives in bacon?

    Hi, I will be starting the whole 30 in a couple of days. Just checked the bacon in my fridge and I think it may be whole 30 compliant but wanted to make sure. It has potassium nitrate and sodium ascorbate which I'm not 100% sure if allowed? (It also has sodium nitrate which I know is allowed) I'm in the UK so struggling to find anything compliant in a packet!
  16. Kirkland Signature Bacon

    Sugar: 0g Ingredients: pork, water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate. smoked with hard natural woods. • sodium nitrate is acceptable for the program, according to the additives pdf on Whole30 download section. However these, i'm not sure. • sodium phosphate sodium phosphates are often used as emulsifiers,[2] thickening agents, and leavening agents for baked goods, according to Wikipedia. •sodium erythorbate is used to keep a wide variety of foods fresh, according to But according to Wikipedia, Sodium erythorbate is produced from sugars derived from different sources, such as beets, sugar cane, and corn, so this makes sodium erythorbate not compliant with Whole30? The Whole30 book itself says... Most processed foods contain additives to maintain color, preserve shelf life, stabilize, or emulsify. It’s not always easy to determine which are healthy and which aren’t, but we’ve simplified it for you during your Whole30 by excluding only MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan during the program. (See these individual entries to learn why we singled them out.) All other additives, including citric acid, ferrous gluconate, and guar gum, are acceptable—although we encourage you to try to find products with no additives whatsoever. So is that a pass for those 2 additives? Plz help! My mom is going to Costco tomorrow and i need to give her the approval to buy (or ditch) the bacon. Tehe
  17. It was my hubby's birthday yesterday. We went out to a nice restaurant and split a 12 oz New York steak dinner. I had half a salad with no dressing (got a crumb of a crouton but did my best to spit it out), tried one bite if the sweet potatoes fries, but could tell they were fried in a off plan oil, so I didn't eat those. Then I ate the half steak, which was amazingly delicious. Today started out with very soft stools (I have had soft stools since week two, normally I am now in the constipated side). As today perused I have had intestinal noises (bubbles and gurgles), and this progressed to our yellow liquid stools (sorry if TMI). Now I am wiped out, after six days is amazing tiger blood, now I feel nasty, grumpy, and miserable. I'm thinking this is a response to some spice on that steak, any thoughts? When will it end? Should I take an anti diarrhea med?
  18. We save our bacon fat, and have done so since long before we started the Whole30. After frying or baking the bacon, I strain the fat through several layers of cheesecloth which leaves just the pure, pale fat. All of the bacon fat we have on hand was rendered from noncompliant bacon, however. Is it okay to use this delicious fat when preparing our Whole30 meals? I can't imagine that there is any measureable amount of sugar in the fat, but I wanted to check just to be sure. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.
  19. I'm about to embark on my second Whole30 and living in a very rural area, compliant bacon is non-existent! So this time I plan to order in advance but there are quite a few approved protein companies on the Whole30 website so wondering what compliant bacons you have tried and are your favorite (ones I can order online only please!)? Thank you!
  20. I've heard repeatedly on these forums and other places where W30 is discussed that finding compliant bacon is really hard and can't be done at a "regular" grocery store. However, my local grocery store's bacon seems to be compliant. The ingredients seem to simply be pork and salt, and salt-based preservatives. Am I missing something? Ingredients as they appear on the packaging below. This is Hannaford's (a small New England grocery store chain) store brand low-sodium bacon. Ingredients: PORK, CURED WITH: WATER, SALT, SODIUM PHOSPHATES, SODIUM ERYTHORBATE, SODIUM NITRITE.
  21. There's a Reminder comment at the end of the Sample Reintroduction Plan that I think should be the very first paragraph. It says if you're not missing any particular foods, don't bother reintroducing them. I found it easy to eliminate the food groups from my diet and the only thing I've missed are bacon and chocolate. I make my chocolate using a recipe from and yes, it has honey in it. It's one cup of cocoa powder, one cup of coconut oil, a half cup of honey, tsp of vanilla and a bit of any other flavoring such as mint. I put this in a 9x13 dish and cut it into about 40 pieces and freeze them. My challenge now is to see if I can keep my limit to two pieces a week without waking the sugar dragon. Who knows, maybe I won't even want two pieces? That would be a miracle! And I missed bacon. True, I bought some compliant bacon doing W30, but it was very expensive. I will reintro my regular bacon that has sugar and nitrites in it and see what happens. I am willing to give it up if I need to, though. Health and feeling good is more important than chocolate and bacon!
  22. Anyone have a good place for uncured, no sugar added bacon in the LA area? I know I can order it online but my delivery situation is a little weird so I would rather not. Thanks!!
  23. Is it ok to use a cast iron pan that's been seasoned with non compliant bacon grease?
  24. Not sure if anyone has posted this before, so I apologize if they have, but I've discovered a great substitute for bacon! I baked some Prosciutto in the oven at 400 for a few minutes and it became super crispy. I chopped it up to add to a baked potato and it tasted exactly like bacon bits!
  25. Yesterday was day 1 and I went shopping to get stocked up (a harrowing experience), and I wanted to get bacon and ham. I must have looked at over 20 packages and even asked about the three kinds at the deli with no luck. I guess bacon is more of a myth than a reality.