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Found 6 results

  1. A banana is a good substitute for junk food. Bananas have vitamins and minerals. But, do bananas help you sleep?
  2. fruit?

    What fruits are ok? I have been eating banana, grapes, and pineapple - to keep me happy...
  3. Peppers?

    What is the story on hot peppers with Whole30? All good or is there some reason I don't see them often in the recipes?
  4. Can I ask one question about coffee. I use to drinking coffee black with no sugar but usually I have it with something sweet. Before starting Whole30 I would have 2tbs of almond butter(no sugar, just dry roasted almonds) with my coffee. I was wondering what would be a better choice in terms of nutrition vs sugar: banana, 2 dates or 2 tbs of almond butter or put coconut milk in coffee? And one more question if you don't mind. In terms of protein is 3 eggs for breakfast is too much protein? I have standard-small palm but I'm afraid I will get hungry with just 2 eggs. Thank you all very much for help.
  5. Plantains: a banana by any other name? posted "[New post] Puerto Rican Plantain Lasagna (Pastelon)" that uses plantains as the "lasagna noodles." I know for sure it would SWYPO if I was recovering pastaholic. I am not and I realize it wasn't the pasta (or rice) I loved so much as the cheese, butter, sauce, etc., that was on the stuff. One taste plain is enough to remind me. But I do like a hearty Italian meal from time to time and wondered if plantains are okay. I went through ten pages of "Can I have _____?" and never saw plantains. I know they're banana relatives, but wasn't sure if and how much is okay. Thanks, Annette
  6. Bananas post-workout?

    Hey all, I enjoy my post-workout sweet potato, but I've been craving some variety. I remember that we want vegetable carbs rather than fruit-based carbs post-workout, but I wonder if bananas would be appropriate since (to the best of my limited understanding) they're more glucose than fructose? Thanks for the help! - Jo