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Found 26 results

  1. Hi. I'm in Vancouver and need help to find compliant non-pork meats. Chicken/Turkey/Beef only please. Looking for easy to cook sausages, hot dogs, bacon, whatever. Please help!!
  2. After going to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, PCC, QFC, Fred Meyer, and Costco, I've found the promised land for Whole30 groceries at an amazing value: the Korean supermarket H Mart. Years ago, I worked in DC where everyone was doing paleo and eating really boring meals. Except one colleague who made Moroccan spiced carrots, ginger lime stir-fry dishes, grilled meats with exotic spice rubs. That dude was eating WELL. So when I decided to do Whole30, I wanted to be more like that guy and less like the folks who brought salads with boiled chicken breast and lemon wedges. When I lived in LA, my parents often drove to K-Town for groceries, even though they live by tons of large Chinese supermarkets because the Korean market's quality in produce and meats are really high. When I moved to Seattle years ago, I started going to H Mart in Lynnwood because they're large, the produce is cheap, and their meats are very high quality without being crazy expensive. I'm Chinese, but I've never liked the Chinese markets in Seattle (cheap, but generally low quality meats and produce) and I have no patience for the chaos of Vietnamese markets in the international district, although they have super fresh produce at great prices (still not so sure about the meats though). After stocking up my first Whole30 week grocery shopping at all the typical super markets, going to H Mart was a huge game changer for value when I am having to buy as much fresh produce and meat as I do now. Plus, the wide and interesting variety of produce and meat blows a typical supermarket out of the water - I am craving variety when I'm on Whole30. Subbing out Yukon potatoes for purple yams and adding never-loses-its-crunch lotus root in my breakfast hash. Making Korean galibi tang (spare rib soup) with daikon instead of normal bone broth, so I am eating foods with flavors I'm more familiar with. Fresh cheap produce: cilantro, onions, shallots, apples, lotus root, green veggies, green onion, pre-peeled taro, citrus, daikon, napa cabbage, Chinese hollow-vegetable, Korean cucumber (so cute!), whole peeled garlic cloves, purple potato, white sweet potato, Asian pear, all types of hot peppers, huge array of garnishes, etc. The cost of produce is around 50-75% less and for doubling your recipes and stuff you're going to cook right away, this is the place to be to get anything non-organic. Asian potato and sweet potato varieties are usually more dense so they spiralize extremely well, and have a naturally more sweet, nutty flavor than a Yukon or sweet potato. You'll have to dig around the produce because the quality is less consistent, and their cheap fruit is imperfect, but otherwise tastes great (and mad cheap). Most of all, Koreans don't play around with their meats - the meat section has an insane array of different cuts of all animals. Hello thinly sliced pork belly for bacon lovers, bones galore for bone broth, sliced and chunks of meat perfect for stir fry and soups, and Wagyu style beef that look like art. Coconut milk and coconut cream (read the labels) are cheap and good quality. I've never understood why coconut milk is so expensive at typical markets. Their home good section has some cheap and very useful tools like a super fine mesh strainer for $5 for my bone broths, colanders with bowls attached for all the veggie washing, lots of air tight snap containers usually for making kimchi, and all sorts of gadgets. Things I don't/can't get: Organic - stick to your typical supermarket for organic produce without skins and meat, if that's your vibe. Jicama, whole taro, and garlic - just doesn't look that great to me Any leafy veggie that has a lot of dirt - I'm too lazy to wash it off. This is mostly their spinach but I don't like their broccoli, either. Jar kimchi - only one type without sugar and it is enormous None of the market-made korean side dishes (ingredients aren't marked) Coconut aminos - so much coconut everything, except aminos There are still a lot of things I must get from Trader Joe's, QFC, and Whole Foods, like butternut squash, bananas, bulk bin stuff, nuts, dried fruit, etc. So be that dude with the tasty af meal by just subbing out a few of your basics with Asian varieties.
  3. Ashley Meldonian Jutras


    Hello, I just received a lot of beef jerky as a gift for my upcoming whole30 and an ingredient in it states "encapsulated citric acid." I realize that citric acid is OK, but what's up with that word encapsulated? Sometimes they put parenthesis afterwards describing what the item was encapsulated with, but this beef jerky does not state it. This is the product: SOGO Snacks - beef jerky (original flavor) Ingredients: Beef, water, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, granulated garlic, coriander, onion powder, white pepper, in beef collagen casings The amazon description states that it is whole30 friendly, but it isn't an official snack, so I thought I'd ask through this forum. Thank you for your help! (By the way, I cannot find a search option for the forum, so that I can quickly search if this has been discussed before. If I missed it, my apologies). - Ash
  4. I purchased Applegate All Beef Hot Dogs yesterday and had one for lunch today. They are made out of Whole30 approved ingredients and are delicious! I felt like I was cheating because they tasted like a regular hot dog but 1000X better. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular hot dogs. Has anyone else tried these? I bought them at Sprouts for $5.99, which is a little pricey but totally worth it.
  5. Hi! I am at the VERY END (Day 29!!) of my second Whole 30 and started to plan my reintroduction schedule. I was looking at the reactions one is supposed to have when they are reevaluating food and realized that I had about 4 of them 3 days ago when I had dinner. My friends and I cooked up some steak (and veggies) and I ate the whole thing. ITS SO GOOD. I also had made myself a nice hamburger patty the night that's some more red meat... However, afterwards I felt the usual "I'm so full" feeling, probably bloating. And that night I couldn't sleep. And the next day and day after I had intestinal cramps. And I got a PIMPLE. First I really really wanted to make sure I didn't screw up my Whole30. I've been so good and technically, it was just meat and we didn't put anything on it except for salt. Secondly, it seems as if I might be adverse to red meat, or at least steak. I know now not to eat it, and I probably won't. And in my "other life" I didn't really eat steak except for special occasions. So I won't eat it anymore, but do you think I should just cut out all red meat? Any help is MUCH appreciated. Especially if you think I screwed up my Whole30. I really did this so I could do the reintroduction and I Hope I didn't mess anything up.
  6. I'm looking for some kind of beef or venison sausages, snack-style, that aren't outrageously expensive, and can be delivered. Available on Amazon would be great. I don't particularly care for Whole Foods's business ethics, so I generally avoid them. but we do have these at our local HEB grocery store. Only thing is, they go out of them...often. I'd love to find a more consistent source, but everything I've found that is Whole 30 compliant is just outrageously expensive.
  7. kimstories

    Beef liver

    I do love me some liver and today i bought beef liver. Only when i got home i remembered it has to be soaked in milk to really work. anyone tried beef liver without soaking it? and would non dairy milk work or is it the dairy proteins (or whatevers) that do the trick? I'll be so disappointed if i can't eat it for a while TIA
  8. My doctor is recommending that I cook all of my beef to well done due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. Most information I find online says to avoid "undercooked or raw meat." I asked my doctor point blank if "undercooked" means medium cooked beef (pink in the middle, ~150 degree temp), and she responded that it's best to cook the meat until there is no blood and the juices are clear (i.e. well done). The idea of purchasing grass-fed beef and then cooking it well done is horrifying to me. Apart from the fact that well done steak tastes terrible, it's a complete waste of money to invest in good quality beef and then overcook it. What are others in this forum doing to deal with this? Is eating medium cooked beef (pink in the middle, ~150 degree temp) still dangerous even when it's grass-fed? Are you all burning your expensive grass-fed beef and choking it down for the sake of your baby?
  9. DaniCarbone

    Brazilian Steak House

    Can I go to a Brazilian steak house and eat ALL I can of meat? No bread, no potato salad, no fried banana... Only beef! As much as I can? It should be okay, right?
  10. I love meats, but after going exclusively to grass finished meats I'm still not used to the grass finished funk. Being a Texan there's a strong hunting tradition in my family, and one trick my ancestors often used to make wild meats more palatable was to drain the blood, going so far as to soak the meat in several changes of water to leech out the gaminess. This is a technique I know of people using with wild boar meat which can be particularly funky. I've tried this myself with a sirloin or two and it works pretty well at removing the funkiness, but I'm curious as to how much harm I might be doing by removing the blood.
  11. JosieJake

    Love to cook

    So I go shopping and all the broths and stocks have a lot of crap in them. Eeven the organic stuff. So I bought a whole chicken, veggies, and herbs to make homemade chicken stock (already did this with the Thanksgiving carcass). Then I freeze it. Looking to do the same with beef but need grass-fed bones and everyone was out. Same with almond milk. So I made my own yesterday. easy and not too messy. ~jj
  12. Hello tribe! The fabulous Dirty 30 Group did another Whole 30 and once again we had an "Ingredient of the Day" challenge. Thirty ALL NEW days of ingredients and recipe links!! For those interested, here is the link to our previous list of ingredients of the day, and associated recipe links: Second time around we mixed it up by having some country/geographically themed days instead of ingredients. Without further ado, here are the INGREDIENTS OF THE DAY - PART 2!! ENJOY!
  13. Mackenzie McOmber

    Costco Meats

    How are the Costco frozen meats (mainly beef and chicken)? Grass fed is so expensive and I already have the Costco meats in my freezer. How much difference does it make whether the meat is grass fed? I am willing to do it if it will make a difference!
  14. chaoticspaces

    deli meats? (canada!)

    Hello everyone! I'm a few days into my first Whole30, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding deli meats that actually meet the "no added sugar" rule. I live in Canada, so I don't have this "Whole Foods" store you keep talking about, and I'm a broke college student with no ways of buying it from a farmer because my wallet really can't take it. Does anyone know of a brand in Canada that would fit the criteria? Talking about things like sliced chicken and roast beef, by the way.
  15. I was thinking about where to get good quality meats at a great price. Do you have a local fair that shows animals? Did you know that in many cases the blue ribbon winners are auctioned off at the end of the fair? Did you know that although the other animals aren't auctioned off they are still for sale? If you contact your local 4-h group you might be able to get an animal that was raised with love for your table. You might be able to split an animal with friends if you don't have room in your freezer.
  16. Hi all! I've just started Whole30 and I'm considering eating beef again. I stopped eating beef about 10-15 years ago - just didn't like the texture/way my Dad cooked it for me. I've had tastes and bites of beef over the last 10-15 years but never several slices, whole steaks, etc.. With that being said, since starting Whole30 I'm actually craving beef!? Plus I think it would be a nice addition to all the pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon, etc., that I've been eating. A) Is it odd that I'm craving beef? Is it a bad idea to reintroduce beef to my body while I'm doing the Whole30? Should I wait until after? Thanks
  17. Jacquie224

    Whole 30 Take 2 - Day 4

    Hey everyone! I started the whole 30 about 2 weeks ago, but caved into some Jack Daniels Honey & Ginger Ale on Day 7....followed by sushi (with rice & soy sauce) and popcorn. Bad!!! I WANT to do this. So I started over and am now on Day 4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook - so that part has been easy for least for dinners. Breakfast & Lunch have been the harder ones. I am not a fan of eggs - I tried them again on Whole30 Take 1 (LOL), and ended up basically just gagging on them. Breakfasts (for me...and YES, I know this is not how I should be doing this*) have consisted of a smoothie: a HUGE handful or two of spinach, a banana, and some frozen strawberries/blueberries, all organic. Then Whole30 compliant (no sugars added) almond milk and almond butter. *I do not have a sweet tooth or a "sugar demon". I am the type of person who avoids desserts, smoothies, etc. on a normal basis for the sheer fact of not really enjoying them. I know that this is not how I'm "supposed" to do the Whole30, but based on my lack of a sweet tooth, I justify it because I cannot find a breakfast I like (unless I happen to have leftovers). Anyway, here's my main issue I've been having: my mental block with ground meats and many veggies. There are certain textures that are making me not quite enjoy this right now (mostly ground meats). I had leftover chili for lunch (ground grass-fed beef) and it tasted good, but the beef was rough. I normally love ground beef - tacos, burritos, pasta sauce) but for some reason, am having issues with it. I don't know if it's because it seems to be more dry than usual (less fat in grass fed?) or what. Do you recommend just avoiding ground meats? Steaks, chops, etc., I could eat all day long - just difficult to prepare for breakfasts/lunches on the go. I'm trying to be better about it....but it's definitely difficult! Any good, quick meals with grass-fed meat? Thanks! Jacquie
  18. jent103

    Got a ribeye in my CSA! But...

    ...I am terrified I'm going to screw it up! I'm a pretty good cook in general, but my attempts with steak of any sort have not been the best (I nearly caught my oven on fire last week trying Alton Brown's sirloin recipe, though the actual steak came out well done but edible). My CSA delivery today included two ribeyes that I know should be delectable, but I'm so afraid I'm going to mess it up! So what is your (hopefully foolproof) recipe/method for these babies? I do not have a grill, and have not had great luck with my oven broiler, but I do have a grill pan and cast iron skillets.
  19. thursday84

    HELP!! Potluck meat ideas?!

    Ok folks, I've got to bring a dish to a LARGE family gathering tomorrow, and I'd prefer to bring some meat. I'm also doing butternut squash & eggplant. I've got about 2 lbs of lean ground beef to work with - any suggestions?
  20. I have the option of buying grass-fed beef sometimes at my local grocery store. They seem to be sold out of it, however, more often than they have it in stock. While I'm clearly learning the lesson to purchase larger quantities and freeze some items (ground beef and pre-made patties, for instance), right now I'm stuck not knowing what's best for me to purchase when it's sold out. Do I get the conventional, prepackaged meats in the meat section of the store and/or order from the meat counter? Is there any added benefit to purchasing directly from the counter over the refrigerated aisles?
  21. Beets

    Grass-fed top round?

    Anyone have any good results with this cut or something similar? I have a Cook's Illustrated technique I use for Eye Round but after a recent bad experience with a $40 inedible boneless leg of lamb I'm a little gun shy with meat experimentation. My weekend meat foraging was not successful but I've nevertheless managed to drain the food budget. I don't want to ruin this. My butcher sells "grass-fed" beef but I recently discovered it is grain-finished, so I'm guessing the meat I'm used to cooks more like regular old grain-fed. I've done grass-finished steaks and the slow-cook cuts, but nothing in the roast category. Thanks!
  22. My wife, sister, brother-in-law and I have recently completed our Whole 30s. We are interested in purchasing and splitting "freezer" beef, where we purchase a large amount (1/4 cow ~ 110-120 lbs after butchering) from a local farmer. I know from his farm's website that the cows are humanely raised and pastured without growth hormones or antibiotics, but I found little information about their feed. I asked the farmer directly what the cows were fed, and he said the following: "Our cattle are fed a grass based diet and includes the whole corn plant, which obviously includes the cob as well." The price for this beef is fantastic at $4.50 per lb for the 1/4 cow, but I wanted to find out if it is a problem that the cows are not 100% grass fed. What do you think?
  23. We have a local source for beef that is grass fed but corn finished. Is that enough better than what I get at Walmart to be worth the extra cost?
  24. Roasted grass-fed beef brisket in the oven tonight until it was fork tender. Added a little salt & pepper. Out of this world. Sides included sauteed kale with bacon, and winter squash.
  25. no paleo police!

    Red Chili Beef-Slow Cooker

    Red Chili Beef 1 4-7 lb beef roast, fatty cut 4 hot dried chili peppers 2 mild dried chili peppers ½ small onion, chopped garlic powder, to taste smoked paprika, to taste 1 heaping teaspoon Better than Bouillion 1 cup hot water ½-1 lime , juiced Place chopped onion on the bottom of a crock pot. Put beef on top of onion and nestle 2 hot chiles and 2 mild chiles (tops and seeds removed) around roast. Sprinkle liberally with garlic powder and smoked paprika. Grind remaining hot peppers in coffee grinder and sprinkle on top of roast. Combine hot water and bouillon (or use beef broth) and pour around and over roast. Set to 1 1/2 heat (medium low) and cook for 8 hours, turning once. Remove meat and set aside. Strain the liquid and return to pan. Shred beef with two forks and return to liquid in pan. Turn heat to high, cover and continue to cook 1/2 -2 hours until desired amount of liquid and texture of beef. Squeeze lime over beef, stir and serve.