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Found 35 results

  1. I have tried to start the whole 30 quite a few times in the past few months. I either make it half a day, a few days, or my longest attempt-9 days. I am in the middle of reading It Starts With Food, and completely love it and how much sense it makes! I have grown to have some allergies/ intolerance to dairy and I think gluten, and know my body runs best while either paleo or on the whole 30. And yet, can't seem to do it! Any tips, accountability buddies, or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! Excuse me my english, I live in Brazil, so you have to forgive me if I make any mistakes with the language. My name is Mariana and I'm starting the program tomorrow. I'm writing down my shopping list now and my day one will be June 7th. It's my first time. I'm terrible at cooking, but I think this will be a good opportunity for me to start some good cooking on my own - and not only eating in restaurants or at work. Hope someone will be starting this date as well so we can exchange some experiences. I'm very excited to start! Guess this will pass.. see you!
  3. So I started today - A first timer on Whole 30. Might not have been the best planning I've ever done, lol. Went to bed last night with a headache that is pounding this morning. Have very limited Whole 30 approved food in the house (enough for today, but I have to get creative with the fats until I have time to clarify some butter) but grocery shopping is the plan for post work day - I'll make a good shopping list starting with the Whole 30 printout at lunchtime. ABOUT ME: Menopausal middle age woman, overweight and activity limited - but trying to address the activity thing, right now working up to 10,000 steps. Stopped smoking - cold turkey a year ago, and put on about 25 pounds since stopping. Arthritic type flare ups and a host of other inflammatory type symptoms led me here. I'm 'allergic' to eggs (supposedly, as my childhood DR. had me eliminate them from my diet when it looked like they could be problematic to me and my father IS allergic to them, but I've never been tested, nor do they smell or taste like 'food' to me so my only exposure to eggs is as an ingredient with lots of other things. WORRY: My food habits do not seem to be similar to most in the Whole 30, so I'm afraid it won't be as much help to me and not sure what to expect over the 30 days. Sugary sweets are just not my weakness (i don't think I've even had ice cream in 10+ years and I've never missed it) - as a matter of fact, when I bake cookies or make fudge (usually for family at holidays) my body sends me a clear signal to stop and not over eat them. I drink my coffee black, prefer carbonated water to a diet soda, and would choose fresh ripe pineapple or cantaloupe over that cookie 9 times out of 10. MY WEAKNESSES, I think, are salty, starchy, cheesy and breads. And a meal that doesn't contain grain food, or starch like potatoes, or at least legumes has never really made me feel "FULL" MY OTHER BIG WORRY: Veggies. How to eat enough veggies when I just despise 'BITTER' taste. I mean this goes beyond 'I don't like' (i.e. I don't like blueberries. I can and will eat them, I just don't care for them.) But lots and lots of veggies have what I think of as this 'BITTER' taste and I literally get dry heaves when I taste a dish that has a lot of, say, green pepper because it tastes, to me, like BITTER poisonous garbage. This BITTER taste seems to overwhelm all other tastes in a dish. Cheese can almost sometimes tame bitter taste to something almost palatable, but no cheese on Whole 30. I mean I can imagine eating 7 meals a week with the veggies that don't taste like that to me (tomato, onion, broccoli, carrots, cooked spinach, iceberg lettuce) but that isn't a very varied diet, and I'm worried it won't satisfy when it is 21 meals a week for which I need to eat a good serving of veggies. With omelettes being on the eggy no-no list for me, I figure I'm going to need to make a lot of hash/soup/stews to get those veggies without torturing myself or inducing dry heaves by including the 'bitters' into my diet. Therefore, breakfast is my biggest worry for including enough veggies, honestly. I don't dare allow myself white potatoes on the Whole 30 because it is a unhealthy eating 'trigger' for me, like a sugar treat or mock ice cream might be for others. HOPEFUL: Aside from a couple of Arthritic flare ups recently, my inflammatory symptoms are just unpleasant, not yet life altering. But they get more and more unpleasant as the days go by and I'd like to nip them in the bud, get healthier, and lose some of these extra pounds. From what I've read, I think the Whole 30 has a good chance of getting me there. I'm doing Whole 30 solo, but given my personality, I think that will be just fine, I just wish to find more folks like me (salt/starch weakness, sugar indifferent) to find out what I might expect. Thanks for reading, - this is kind of an accountability post to me, a post to keep me honest. Good luck and I'll probably update this post for my own benefit as time goes on.
  4. April 7th Start Date

    Hey everyone! I'm starting my FIRST Whole30 tomorrow morning and I'm super excited! I feel motivated butttt also feeling very nervous. I definitely do not have the best eating habits as of right now. I love me some sweets and carbs - so I know my withdrawal phase is going to be insane. But in my quest to be better to my body, I'm giving the Whole30 a go. Anyway, one of the things I'm most nervous about is that I work in a restaurant that has amazing (but not always healthy) food, which we get a lot of...for the temptation will be there and it will be strong...for all 30 days... Any tips (especially from people who also work in restaurants as well) for staying resolute when temptation is staring you in the face?? Also, if anyone has websites they can recommend me to find fabulous Whole30 compliant recipes I would appreciate it. I love to cook, luckily, so send anything my way! I've found a few recipes on Pinterest but I'm sure you all will have better/faster recommendations for me. Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to conquering this!
  5. Starting April 1!

    April has 30 days, so it seemed like a perfect fit! Plus, starting on the weekend will allow me to prep and get used to everything before a dreaded Monday hits
  6. Excited! Starting March 20th

    Hi all, I came across this plan in an article I was reading a week ago or so. I'm starting this March 20th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. For someone who has lived with much disregard for the healthy-ness of the foods I ate my entire life...I look forward to this being a way to start changing that. I have no false pretense of this being easy but from what I have read I fully expect it to be very rewarding and after with reintro very informative.
  7. Started March 19

    Hello, I am posting this on my day 3. So far, so good, I think I eat less then I used to. Are there any other people on the program living in UAE? Best in health, Michal
  8. Today is my first day and I know this won't be easy but am not willing to give up. I'm a first timer so any advice would be amazing!
  9. Hello everyone, I have been stalking for awhile now - and I am so grateful to this board and everyone who shares their experiences and knowledge so freely. Thank you! I recently graduated from graduate school and after several years of putting myself through dire stress, on top of being a divorced mother with three kids - I came across Whole30 and dove in. (It's what I tend to do) and while I'm job hunting this is a perfect time. I've been extremely compliant to the program and have read It Starts With Food (waiting for the second book to come available at my library). This is a LOT of work and expense BUT I'm not complaining and have genuinely come to enjoy cooking, spending time in my kitchen, playing Mad Scientist while I'm cooking, and putting healthy foods into my body. By default, my boyfriend is also partaking in the Whole30 challenge. He's struggling a bit more with digestive issues but I'm guessing it has to do with either uncontrollable stress of being a small business owner or the repair of years of horrible eating and food habits. I'm on Day 12 and for the first time since the first week, I am feeling sluggish And I hate it! When I look at the official "timeline" this was supposed to be the days of boundless energy I have been looking forward to. I ate all healthy meals yesterday and slept well; nothing really out of the ordinary. My youngest didn't even wake me up at an absurdly early hour. Anyway, happy to be here!
  10. Hi All, I'm on Day 9 of my Whole30. I know there are plenty of suggestions of Whole30 friendly cookbooks on the forum. But I'm looking for a bare bones basic introduction to kitchen, cooking techniques, ingredients, etc. So what I mean is I'd love a cookbook that... Tells me about tools to use in the kitchen, their purpose and uses, and how to correctly use and care for them. For example, when do I use a glass baking dish versus a metal dish? What are the uses for a cast iron and how can I take care of it? Should I have rimmed baking sheets or unrimmed? What are the different types of knives and what do I need? Tells me about the ingredients in my kitchen - how to pick them, store them, clean them, cut them, prepare them. What do I look for when getting kale? How do I store cilantro? How should I clean cauliflower? What are the ways to prepare eggplants? When do I buy organic? When is it in season? Tells me about basic cooking techniques and how to develop them. When should I sautee and when should I bake? You of course could find many of these through Pinterest, infographics, etc. In terms of cooking techniques, I've found this as a great resource. So this is kind of what I'm looking for but with all the above! I'm really looking for an all-around educational/practical book or collection of books...
  11. Day 1 Whole 30 - November 9th

    Started Whole 30 yesterday - was a great day. School conferences (I'm a teacher) today have made it a little more difficult - have to stay out of the work room - way too much tempting food! Have stuck with it though - 28 more to go!! So excited and yet so scared to death all at the same time. I know I have a horrible relationship with food and I can't wait to kick that to the curb!!
  12. I'm starting the day after my birthday. Why even tempt fate. Have let the hubs know I need his help for the 30+ days. I used an apple stamp to mark the days on the calendar for his ease and mine. Don't think it will be too hard as I eat pretty healthy, but I'll definitely will be needing to use a few different products. As I've been preparing I've been reading labels and I'm amazed at the junk in the simplest things. I am worried about my antacid... addiction would I call it. I pop papaya enzymes probably every day. I also take an antacid in the evening if my tummy isn't digesting well. Read label on Papaya enzymes and they are out for sugar. I'm sure my antacid tabs do too. Hoping the Whole30 will help my old lady digestion. I've been thinking and preping and deciding what will be the hardest for me... I think no digestive aids will be. Going to look into fermented items for possible help. I can't eat leftovers as I don't digest them well. Food needs to be cook that day or I have a big ole stomachache. So sad as I loved cooking ahead to save time. I quit eating after 6pm the past year as I need that 5 hours before bedtime to digest or I'll be up all night with acid indigestion. Sometimes my busy day gets away from me and I've gone without dinner many a night. Working on better dinner planning with the Whole30. Eggs don't always agree with me. I wonder if they are a problem for me? I think I'll be eating more eggs in the next 30 days than I've eaten in the last 10 years. This will be a test. I have my hardest time with them first thing in the morning. They may be lunch or dinner thing for me.
  13. I didn't see this specifically asked or answered. Are there any commercially prepared salad dressings that are compliant? I have already started ordering olive oil and vinegar (on the side) when dining out, but, want to know if there are any other options out there when you are unable to make your own.
  14. Making it Official

    I will officially begin my journey on Sunday Sept. 20, 2015. We are on vacation this week and I am doing my best to follow this woe as much as possible to make the transition easier. I have several autoimmune issues and I am hoping (and praying) that this will help me manage them better. Weight loss would be nice, but, to be honest, not my top priority. I would love to hear from others with autoimmune problems that have found some relief with this program.
  15. Hello! I've never done Paleo, never done any very restricted diet before, in fact my current diet is pretty poor - Certifiable sugar junkie I'm starting September 28th as my work circumstances have changed significantly so I'll have time to prepare and cook food, and the book is on route from Amazon Is anyone else starting around then? Especially complete novices like me? Or does anyone have any tips on how to get past the sugar cravings for the first couple of days (/hours/minutes)? Thanks! Caitriona
  16. I have begun my Whole30 today - well, yesterday with a slip-up - in an effort to feel better emotionally and physically. I work in a cheese shop where over 300 different types of cheeses sit; gourmet deli salads, sandwiches, and soups await sampling, delicious cakes tantalize the tastebuds simply by looking at them, and gourmet pasta and candy items await purchase...yet I am confident I won't slip up! I'm not worried about my weight at all (BMI is 19), I just want to not eat as much sugar and feel better about what I eat as I am young (22) and don't want to waste away my young years uncomfortably. Just wanted to introduce myself, and feel as if I am now a part of a new community!
  17. Starting June 1

    Hello! I am starting this Whole 30 program on Monday, June 1st. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to be starting monday as well. Any pros with tips on the first week meals? Also, Im not a big fan of dinner for breakfast, so what are your favorite breakfasty foods? Thanks!
  18. Hello, tomorrow June 1st begins my first Whole30. I'm slightly nervous as I'm not sure how far I'll go before I break down for a cookie,soda, or any of the other not so good for you things I've been shoving in my face in recent years. I had knee surgery in early May and that was truly a wake up call about about how I've been treating my body. It's no wonder things have started to break down. Most of all I'm excited for the possibilities and the opportunities to learn how my body really reacts to food. I feel this will be the beginning of a journey I will never forget. I'm sure I'll see you all around as I ask many questions and read every topic in the Can I have... section. Chalice
  19. I've done mostly Paleo for awhile (80/20) but things got off track since moving from Colorado to Turkey in September. I've tried all the yummy Turkish food (baklava is one of my favs) and now I'm ready for a reset. I'm definitely nervous/excited!
  20. Starting Tomorrow

    I have read the book, cleaned out the cupboards and fridge, been to the supermarket, planned meals for the first few days, take the before photos and measurements and now I think I am ready! I thought I would spend this last day eating all the 'bad' foods I think I will miss but I didn't want to...some of the book science must be seeping in :-) Is anyone else starting soon?
  21. Hi ya'll, I'm starting my first Whole30 *(EK!!!) on Jan 2nd. I've been obsessively reading about it for months now, so I think I've mentally prepared myself for the challenge... I'm really interested in how this could potentially change my life. I have hypothyroidism, so I'm hoping that this will help improve that condition. And I'm not gonna lie... I'd like to lose the 40 pounds I've gained over the last 4 years. I'd love to hear from fellow thyroid sufferers to see if this had any impact on their health. I turned 40 2 years ago, and I just assumed it was middle age and my love for wine... which it still might be... haha Thanks... and wish me luck!
  22. start date october 13

    Well as I have a few things planned for the next couple weeks including thanksgiving, I have decided to wait until October 13 for my start date so that I don't have any dinners that will tempt me. I have tried to do gluten free before as I find I have an intolerance too wheat, but also find food still upsets my stomach. So I am interested to see if this will help me figure out what my stomach does not like. Hope to hear from you all on your journeys with this lifestyle change and any little pointers you have would be much appreciated. Thanks
  23. Starting 8/16

    Very excited about today!!! I have had quite a few health scares lately - and I need to do SOMETHING. I am extremely overweight but that's NOT why I am embarking on WHOLE30...I want to FEEL better. My daughter told me about whole30 - and I believe I can do this. Wish me luck!!!
  24. Stumbling Start name is Kristi. I'm in North Carolina and I just started the Whole90 program. It has been a stumbling start...I didn't realize how much junk I had and how I am going to have to educate my friends! Didn't see the friends part and did a major stumble to my starting this program, but I got up and am starting fresh with no junk, lots of veggies and good protein!! Kristi
  25. First W30 Starting July 1

    I've been eating mostly Paleo for the past 4 months or so, and have been feeling excellent. However, I wanna give Whole 30 a go to try feeling even more excellent.