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Found 4 results

  1. I'm reading the book, taking notes and have my list of "to do's" in preparation to start but my birthday is July 7th and I'm wondering if I should hold off. I'm already gluten free, so I won't be eating cake but am considering waiting until after. Just looking for inspiration to start sooner. I'm starting this journey because I have digestion issues and am really hoping for the relief this plan can bring. Also, I take a anxiety medication that can upset my stomach if not taken with adequate carbs. Anyone have similar issues and so have success with this plan? Thanks for your comments and thoughts!!
  2. Hello, everyone— I’m Rhonda, but I usually go by RK online. I am a Whole30 beginner, and for me this is Day 5– I started on June 10. One of the reasons I decided to start right now is that I live in Denver, Colorado, and June is apricot season! I am *demented* about apricots and peaches, two of our local specialty fruits. However, a sudden late frost at the beginning of May probably wiped out 80% of this year’s peach crop... alas. I am doing Whole30 because my weight isn’t budging much at all, and in the last six months my BP has gone up into the “borderline/high” range, and I really, *really*, REALLY do not want to end up on BP meds like my mother was. I also have ADHD, which Doesn’t Help At All with impulsive eating behaviors. Also, because of that, I really hate monotony— my DH can cheerfully eat exactly the same thing every morning, and does. That’s not me. I love eggs, and I like potatoes, but not every morning! So I want to find some other things that I can have for breakfast. So far, I have observed that it’s not currently the sugar dragon that is roaring at me, but the Cheese Monster and her henchman the Bread Gremlin. One challenge for me this summer is that I teach at a community college, and I have two classes back to back Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I am at work (online in a videoconference) from 10:30 to 3:15 on those days, with a 15-minute break between the first and the second class. I haven’t figured out how to manage lunch on those days. Hope everyone is doing well on this hot Sunday afternoon!
  3. Goodmorning! I have officially completed the audiobook and have begun my Whole30 journey. I started paying attention to my cravings and what triggered them while listening to the book and sugar dragon is an understatement for me. I have never been so scared of the craving as I did when I consciously did not choose the sweets for a few weeks and had cake at a baby shower without completely following the system. It was a demon of a craving that hurt my chest and I sadly succumbed too but holy cow it was a scary feeling the need my body made me feel for carrot cake of all things. This morning I had a scramble of two eggs, peppers, kale, carrots, olives. Then my coffee with almond unsweetened creamer. If I am following the 3 meals every 4-5 hours. I will be eating lunch around 10 am and dinner before I leave work. . . that isn't practical for my lifestyle. Any tips from some 8-5 ers out there that rise early but have scheduled lunch hours?? ** side note. . . I work at a computer and have had a tendency to mindless munch in the past, so that is something else I am trying to overcome.
  4. I’ve really hit a low point in my self-esteem, weight gain and overall feeling in general. I’m really interested in starting my first Whole30 and so is my boyfriend (we live together so it will be a great support system), but I’m struggling to pick a start date. Say I start tomorrow, April 10th - in the next 30 days, I have: big family dinner for Easter, my 26th birthday, which is also on the same day as a friends wedding. Then If I look at the next few months in general, I have another wedding, holiday weekends (BBQs and alcohol will be abundant), an opening event for my boyfriends work that also involves alcohol... I’m just afraid that if I don’t do this now, will I ever even start?? But if I start now, will I be miserable at these events and regret the program? Help!