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Found 5 results

  1. Goodmorning! I have officially completed the audiobook and have begun my Whole30 journey. I started paying attention to my cravings and what triggered them while listening to the book and sugar dragon is an understatement for me. I have never been so scared of the craving as I did when I consciously did not choose the sweets for a few weeks and had cake at a baby shower without completely following the system. It was a demon of a craving that hurt my chest and I sadly succumbed too but holy cow it was a scary feeling the need my body made me feel for carrot cake of all things. This morning I had a scramble of two eggs, peppers, kale, carrots, olives. Then my coffee with almond unsweetened creamer. If I am following the 3 meals every 4-5 hours. I will be eating lunch around 10 am and dinner before I leave work. . . that isn't practical for my lifestyle. Any tips from some 8-5 ers out there that rise early but have scheduled lunch hours?? ** side note. . . I work at a computer and have had a tendency to mindless munch in the past, so that is something else I am trying to overcome.
  2. I’ve really hit a low point in my self-esteem, weight gain and overall feeling in general. I’m really interested in starting my first Whole30 and so is my boyfriend (we live together so it will be a great support system), but I’m struggling to pick a start date. Say I start tomorrow, April 10th - in the next 30 days, I have: big family dinner for Easter, my 26th birthday, which is also on the same day as a friends wedding. Then If I look at the next few months in general, I have another wedding, holiday weekends (BBQs and alcohol will be abundant), an opening event for my boyfriends work that also involves alcohol... I’m just afraid that if I don’t do this now, will I ever even start?? But if I start now, will I be miserable at these events and regret the program? Help!
  3. Hello, i started Whole 30 as a challenge through my yoga studio...30 yoga sessions in 30 days and complete Whole 30. We’re havin* weekly support meetingS and yoga sessions. So far I’m doing well in the program.
  4. ktmac

    KT's First Whole 30!

    Hi! This is my first whole 30; and honestly, the first time trying to be a part of a diet forum too... I've tried sooooo many diets and non-diets and lifestyle changes and cleanses and nothing has ever stuck, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I can't manage my cravings and I actually have no idea what foods I can and can't tolerate and I get overwhelmed semi-easily -- enter whole 30! My start date is January 2nd. Perhaps part of my non-success with my other attempts have been because I never had a support system in place to encourage me when things get hard. And I know this w30 will be a challenge for me... does anyone want to exchange numbers and be w30 buddies? I really really want to do this right. -KT
  5. I am day 7 on my very first whole 30 and I am wondering if I am eating way too much fat, starch and if my portion sizes are way too big. I just need some help because I really want to succeed. I went into this thinking I hated most veggies but I have realized I actually love them and this has been life changing so far. My eating in a day: Black coffee, 2 eggs fried in olive or coconut oil(I cover the bottom of the pan) sometimes I add spinach to eggs, a potato hash(butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato) previously roasted and warmed up in same pan as eggs. These are always a very generous portion of the hash. Like very. Lunch: some kind of roasted veggies warmed in a pan with oil, roasted chicken with guac or dip Supper: a lot like lunch but maybe with some potato hash. I hardly ever snack maybe a banana at night. And I drink the water I need to. My servings of veggies are always well over half my plate but not sure if I'm eating too much starch (low carb diet recovery) Help!!!