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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Happy Whole 30 Family! I hope to be a source of encouragement to you and I know I'll gather the strength I need to, from community! And I plan on posting a journal to track my progress, pain, triumphs and to keep me accountable. I've known about this for a few yrs but not had the guts to do it. Or rather the desperation to be willing to give up my vices. Long story short-ish version: I'm in the health and fitness field and though I would never recommend any client the extremes I've taken, the fact is that I've abused my body and now after this past competition am in need of a serious re-set. I knew I was 'in the hole' but continued on to be able to compete (bodybuiling stuff) with a friend who was travelling to be with me. I am thankful today (and hopefully tomorrow and the next day, etc...) that I had that experience so I can be motiated to appreciate the value of what I'm buying into here... Listened to a pod-cast today where Melissa talked about 30 days to change your life and I believe it! I don't think I ever had such a screwed up relationship with food as I do now! One moment I'm all in raw vegan and loving high vibration foods, the next I'm desperate for energy and drinking Monster. Gah! right!? I'm throwing out my pre-wko now and some thermogenics that did no good this last prep and my faux meat. Protien powders are gone. Artificial sweeteners and their gut bacteria destroying weapons are gone from my diet. Even Stevia, gone until I'm all clean and clear. ~to a happier healthier me~