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Found 3 results

  1. I just finished my first Whole30. Before Whole30, I ate very healthy, very little processed foods, mostly home made everything, little to no salt, a lot of veggies and fruit, lean meat and whole grains. I did the Whole30 to support my husband who has chronic sinus issues. Now that its over, I feel like I am not sure if I notice any real changes. I am nursing a 5 month old and my weight loss (2.4lbs) was a bit less than what I was losing the few months (about .75 to 1 lb a week) before but consistent enough. I am almost back at my pre-pregnancy weight (3 lbs away) so I think its partially because there is less weight to lose at this point. My goal is to get back down to 122 and stay there without counting calories and feeling deprived. I also feel like life with 2 kids under 2.5 kinda made it more challenging for us to see the real differences like tons and tons of energy and sleeping like a baby etc. My husband wants to extend the Whole30 longer to see if it helps with his chronic sinus problems but I don't know if its worth it. I feel basically the same as I did before and although I am definitely consuming more calories, I am not feeling like I am flowing with Tiger Blood and I am not the skinniest ever so I don't know, is it worth it to extend this longer. I know I probably ate too many nuts weeks 2 and 1/2 of week 3 but I have tried to keep my nuts to a minimum but it's hard to find easy foods to eat on the go. I have definitely changed, less snacking (although with nursing, the afternoon snacking has been impossible to give up) and I can enjoy black coffee now, which is huge but I feel like I still can't grasp the use fat as energy concept. I really need someone to help make a suggestion as to whether its all worth it for someone who really didn't have any issues with dairy or gluten before hand. I guess reintroduction may tell me otherwise but I think I tolerated everything pretty well before. Thanks so much!
  2. I haven't done a Whole30 (yet)! But I was looking over the rules and I think with the exception of yogurt and cheese and tofu, I pretty much eat only Whole30-compliant foods to begin with, including condiments and the general strictness with not eating foods that have added sugar, etc. Does that mean I won't really feel the same amazing change that everybody talks about? I know it's one thing, going from eating takeout and pizza to eating Whole30... but what about if you already eat pretty healthily? Can anybody speak about their experience on Whole30 if they began at a reasonably healthy place to begin with? Thanks!
  3. This is my first post and hopefully I chose the right section. I am on day 6 of my first Whole 30 and just really need some support as to why I am doing this, this is a common feeling to forget all the reasons right? Its great reading all the results and how amazing everyone feels after but I notice a lot of it has to do with people weighing less, I am already on the small side (5'4 and 110pds) and I have always been really good with my diet. I primarily don't eat any of the foods-besides wine/beer- that aren't allowed but if there is cheese at a party ill have some. I guess I'd really like some feedback on some people who are in my shoes, if you already have a sense of what bothers you and are at a healthy weight did the benefits outweigh the difficulties? What were your benefits, did you lose weight, etc. I'm starting to wonder if its worth it and am doubting my decision to be so restrictive. I did try to remember some of my reasons for doing it to get myself motivated but its not helping, which were 1-get stronger, get some PRs, 2-i want to be in great help before my husband and I start trying to have a baby, 3-I want to see how good I feel afetr putting only healthy foods in my body for a month, 4-I need to kick my dependent achohol habit. I think my doubt also came into play when i realized we can't snack, which I don't understand why, I like to snack and I choose healthy foods and don't go overboard, such as a half can of tuna fish, to stablize my blood sugars and keep my metablism going. Its very hard for me not to snack because i get lightheaded, I guess the snacking issue without knowing why is really killing this for me. Any words of widsom from someone who was in a similiar situation?