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Found 4 results

  1. Colt Wolfson

    Whole30 Pre & Post InBody Scans

    Hey folks, I completed my first ever whole30 this week and I thought I'd share my pre and post InBody Analysis scans with you guys. For those not familiar with an InBody scan, basically it is a special scale that measures your body fat %, skeletal muscle mass, and a few other things ( Before I started whole30 I weighed 175.6 LBS, had an 8.4% body fat, and had a skeletal muscle mass of 92.4 After doing whole30 I weigh 175.4 LBS, have a 9.2% body fat (highest that's been in quite some time) and a skeletal muscle mass of 91.1 LBS So basically over the course of 40 or so days on Whole30 I lost muscle and gained fat (1.3 pounds of fat to be exact) While doing whole30 I kind of felt like I was eating less "healthy" than I was used to and I felt that my workouts suffered. I'm not upset I tried whole30, about 85-90% of my normal diet is whole30 compliant, but I don't see myself doing another round of strict whole30 again .
  2. Ok, first off let me say that I LOVE THE WHOLE30. This is a way of life for me, I am glad I found it and it will always be my go-to way of eating. I started the w30 because I have been greatly discouraged by the metabolic damage I sustained by doing wacky yo-yo carb-cycling and severe calorie restriction last year getting ready for (bodybuilding) competition season. Prior to that, I have always been so acutely sensitive and unrealistic about my weight and overall body composition, that, upon reflection and looking back, I chronically underate and poorly timed my nutrients during long-distance endurance training, just because I was 'afraid of getting bigger'. Well, so that's me in a nutshell. I am on day29 and I got on the scale and had my body fat measured. 100% execution on the regimen and the results are IN: I am up 7 pounds and gained 1% of body fat. I feel much much more stable and healthy but just so you know, folks: your clothes don't always fit looser, and the birds don't always chirp through the sun quenched air full of rainbows. Sometimes it just takes longer. *sigh* Trying to stay the course.
  3. I recently completed a Whole9 90 Day Challenge and wanted to share my story with those of you who might get caught in a Paleo Challenge at your CrossFit Box like I did. I did not win my Paleo Challenge and for a short period of time, I almost lost sight of what the whole point of the challenge was. To change my life. First - I have to say that the Whole9 Program truly did change my life for the better. In absolutely every aspect until it came to the BodPod results. But, because I didn't get all the results that I expected from the challenge (my body fat didn't really change and is still very high) I had a complete emotional melt down. I'l admit that at first my comparative results completely devastated me. But through some prayer and deeper introspection into my core values I was able to work through the emotions and disappointment to find all of the ways I did succeed. Ultimately, I came out on top, and I declared myself a winner. Thankfully, I came through on top and better for it, and numbers can be your friend or your enemy if you decide to give them power. I took my power back. It's not always about the numbers and that's the most important lesson of all! If you'd like to read my story please see: http://www.painfreep...0-Day-Challenge
  4. Hi - This is my first post on the Whole9 Forum. I've recently completed a 90 Day Whole9 Challenge. Actually it ended up being 98 days, and quite frankly, I believe this will be my new life. This was my second time doing a "paleo" challenge. I did a 30 day in January 2012, and it changed me in a pretty profound way, then I did the classic "I'll eat paleo 90% of the time" for the next 7 months. Of course at that time, I hadn't read It Starts with Food, and didn't understand the concept that "if you're allergic to cats and you have 10 cats in the house then get rid of 8, you'll feel better. But until you get rid of the last 2 cats, you'll never really know how good you can be". So, I started the Whole9 program in October of 2012. Straight upfront, I made one conscious choice to still have cream in my coffee every day, and I drink usually 2 cups/day (of coffee that is! ) Other than that, I ate clean. Not one slip up. Nada, nothing. I was on top of my nutrition and training. And it paid off in some weight lost, strength gained, and increased performance in the gym - EXCEPT - I didn't lose any body fat at all. Maybe I didn't have a realistic expectation to begin with, but I am absolutely appalled that my body fat for the most part didn't change at all. In fact, my body fat is very high and I can't wrap my brain around why it didn't change. For the most part it's exactly where it was a year ago. I followed the program faithfully. It was so discouraging to see other people who did the challenge come out with huge decreases in body fat. I want to celebrate my success with the nutrition because there are so many, but my body fat should have changed and it didn't. I want to figure this out and need advice. I shared my story in a blog post along with my numbers, photos and history, and will tell you that I'm very disheartened by my body fat results, but working hard to focus on the positives and come up with a positive solution which is why I'm reaching out for support on this site. http://www.painfreep...hole9-challenge Looking forward to figuring out what I missed.... so I can make the proper changes.