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Found 26 results

  1. Free bones from the butcher??

    Has anyone ever asked your supermarket butcher for beef or chicken bones to make homemade bone broth? I wonder if they would give them to customers for free? Or even for a reasonable price? I can find chicken broth that is compliant, but I'm having a hard time finding compliant beef broth that also doesn't have yeast (moderator Tom said some companies use yeast to hide msg from consumers). I'm finishing day 14 and feeling great! Still so much to learn though....
  2. I'm new here, and I'm doing a pre-Whole30 trial run - I plan to do my first Whole30 after a Valentine's Day getaway. I'm trying out some of the recipes in advance - to get a feel for the cooking times, and to pre-plan some meal strategies. I made some chicken bone broth (from a roasted chicken carcass and the rest of the ingredients from the Whole30 recipe.) The broth smells good - but I can hardly bear to drink it! It makes me nauseous and I've had to run to the bathroom after drinking it (up until today - today just nausea and headache). I've added a little salt and a drop of Tabasco to the broth, and I can get it down easier that way. I've been eating Whole30 compliant for about a week - meals without the broth are delicious and satisfying. Is my digestive system just that messed up that it can't handle the broth yet? (I do know my digestive system is in need of healing - I have IBS and GERD and type 2 diabetes) - or maybe there is something wrong with this batch of broth? (I would have thought it would smell bad if it was off?..?)
  3. Over cooked Chix wings for stock?

    So, I overlooked some chicken wings tonight (it is dark early here in the N.East). I'm wondering if I can or should use them in a bone broth. They aren't charred but they are dark and the meat is dry. I hate to waste food so I figured I'd ask. I haven't been able to find anything about this online. Thanks in advance for your help. Kevin
  4. I am currently making bone broth with tips & other bones chopped off for buffalo wings. I know broth from organic chickens and grass fed beef is best, but if it is not, should we make broth anyway.. or only make it with organic/grass fed?
  5. Saturday I went to the farmer's market and bought a bunch of stuff, including marrow bones as well as baby kale and turnips with the greens attached. I made the bone broth that day. Sunday, I realized that the broth and the lard would be perfect for making greens, and it was easy and delicious. You could use any greens for this recipe, like collard, swiss chard, spinach etc. 2 tbsp beef lard 1/2 an onion, roughly chopped, not too fine salt & pepper greens (I had about a one-gallon-bagful Bone broth, 1-2 cups In a large skillet, heat the lard and saute the onion in it, then season with the salt and pepper. Add the greens and saute until wilted. Add enough bone broth to cover the greens about halfway, and simmer 25 minutes. The broth is delicious!
  6. Bone Broth evaporated during cooking!

    I am on day 12 of Whole 30...yesterday I gave bone broth a whirl. I don't have a large stockpot, so I used 2 lbs of bones and my 4 qt. dutch oven. I followed directions, cooked with lid on, but after about 8 hours there was only about a cup of broth left!!! Total fail. I strained the liquid, skimmed the fat, and enjoyed the hell out of it, though. I was knocked out by how flavorful this was. What did i do wrong??
  7. Do I precook the bones for (beef) bone broth? The chicken broth recipe uses roast chicken but I am unsure if the beef should be cooked or make the broth from uncooked bones?
  8. Chicken bone broth

    I have bones from a whole chicken I just roasted. I've never made bone broth, but want to try. Will this work? Are beef bones better? How do I go about doing this? Thanks
  9. I am making bone broth for the first time in my life and I'm using my slow cooker. It's been about 18 hours now, I was thinking to go to 24 and stop, but I see the water level has dropped about 3/4 of an that normal? And can I just add a little more water now to bring the water level up? Or just let is be and I'll have a little less that what I initially poured? I only opened the lid once at around an hour into it, but since then the lid has been down.
  10. I made the broth and it is perfect! Except for the brown gunk in the bottom now that it has gelled in the fridge. Haven't been able to find info about it here on the forums or the FAQ (unless I'm just missing it or searching the wrong terms? Been looking for over an hour) I found some info online, but the views and recipes and opinions and information is just too much and too varied and I don't know who to trust and who not to. Not to mention getting distracted by all the different things I should and shouldn't be doing in their varied opinions! lol So, I'd like to stay within this community for advice and info on bone broth - I know I can trust the Whole9/Whole30 reference point. Anyway... Is that dark brown sediment/gunky stuff ok to have in there? Should i just mix it in or leave it in the bottom and avoid it? Does it mean the broth isn't ok in some way? Should I do something differently next time? Thanks for your help - and if I missed something obvious in the FAQ, books or forums please forgive me!!
  11. I'm on info overload - I think I saw this somewhere but now I can't find it. Does bone broth count as a protein source for a meal? example: meal 1 - a cup of bone broth (how much would I need to make it count?) something along side it like butternut squash and an apple (probably baked together or something) I need simple. Can't have eggs. As of now I'm planning to have pork chops and the squash and apples (looking for a recipe) , but if I could just have broth instead that would be lovely. I don't like tons of meat. (Even though I'm an O and Must. Have. Red. Meat. Often. I'm weird)
  12. Four days into my first Whole30 (I'm on day 18 now), I pulled a muscle in my back. I've aggravated it twice more since then... I'm all fueled up with nowhere to go! At any rate, my doctor prescribed me stronger Aleve which I take 2x/day. I read in the book that this is not great for the gut, so I'm really working to incorporate the healing bone broth into my days. Is this a good strategy? Also, does it fit onto the meal template? Or is like a freebie? Drink it anytime? Thanks!
  13. Hi All! Its been about 3 weeks since I've finished my first whole30 and man I feel amazing. I've strayed from the whole30 guidelines maybe 5 times with a slow roll reintroduction. Honestly, I don't miss a thing about the grains and dairy that I have found have a huge effect on my mood and anxiety levels. Anyways, to the topic at hand. Bone Broth. I hear it is like the magical elixr of life chock full of amino acids and superhero strength gut-healing properties. But where exactly does it fit in the food template? Is it a protein? a fat? carb? Guidance, please. Emily K
  14. Bone broth is my kryptonite

    I have now tried twice to make broth, and failed twice and I don't know what I am doing wrong The first time I used in a stock pot, using the recipe from the Whole30 book to a T. Only cooked for 24 hours. The broth came out extremely light, and did not turn into meat jello in the slightest. I thought maybe we didn't cook it long enough? Bison bones too lean (does that even matter)? Ended up freezing and just using for broth/stock for recipes. Tried again this week, using beef bones this time. Cooked for 48 hours this time and got a much darker broth, but again, no meat jello! What am I doing wrong? Every recipe I've read makes it look so simple. If it is not turning into meat jello, I am not getting any of the good gelatinous properties of it, am I? I have AI and after whole30 need to do AIP, and I know an important staple is bone broth, I need to get it right! Thanks for your help.
  15. good evening all. I'm on day 22, and today when i got home from a MUCH longer day at work than I had expected, I realized my bone broth had been on "keep warm" for probably 4 hours--when I left this morning, the broth level was not much different than it was the night before, but when I looked at it upon returning from work, it had reduced by about 1/8- 1/4! The previouis times I've done my bone broth, i hadn't lost as much liquid Also, my broth (chicken) was very dark this time. I do know that there were some pieces of meat left on the carcass, but I felt that it was probably ok to not get it all off-- the underside of my whole chicken had a little left on it...Is it ok that it was darker in color? I put in some lovely carrots, a few bay leaves, celery, and onions along with the bones of the whole chicken- My 2nd question is about the left over carrots, onions and celery--I really love stewed veggies like that with my pot roast meat, is it ok to eat those veggies from the broth-- I did, but I wasn't sure, since their vitamins would probably be stripped out of them-- My 3rd question is about Ghee - I know that you should remove it from the heat right as it starts to brown, but I might have been a tiny bit late one this -- and my ghee actually has a different color this time (seems i'm burning stuff this week)'s the most amazing flavor though...reminds me of baking-- is it OK to have this a tiny bit browned instead of a golden yellow color? Thanks if you have any advice for me I'd love to hear! Appreciate it!
  16. Saving/storing bones for bone broth

    I'm trying to gather bones for broth. In addition to making a trip to a butcher for some, I'm also saving whatever bones are leftover from my meals (this week: pork ribs). How should I store these until I'm ready to use them for broth? Refrigerate? Freeze?
  17. OK, I've really become a devotee of bone broth, because 1) it makes everything taste better; & 2) my hips aren't aching as much as they did before I started making/consuming bone broth. However, many of the online articles extolling the virtues of bone broth include something about how cheap bones are to purchase. Ummm, what?? At the three Whole Foods grocery stores I've checked, beef bones are $4.99/pound. The local butcher (Marczyk Fine Foods) has them for $5.99/pound! And the Denver Farm to Table Trading Post (where you can buy directly from suppliers) has "bison broth bones" for $19.00/5-lb bag ($3.80/pound) or "bison soup bones (meaty)" for $22.00/3-lb bag ($7.33/pound). These prices are not cheap in my book. Am I missing out on some secret way to get bones at a better price? Thanks!
  18. US Wellness Meats is offering 15% OFF with coupon code "old" until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday). Coupon valid on orders under 40lbs, and excludes any sale items, bulk boxes, volume discounts, and gift certificates.
  19. Bone/Vegetable Broth

    Hello everyone! I'm a W30 newbie, so sorry if this topic has already been covered somewhere... I really want to save leftover veggie bits (carrot skins, onion ends, etc. ) to make vegetable broth. But I once heard someone say that they refuse to make veggie broth unless they have organic vegetables. In their words, making veggie broth with inorganic veggies is just like making pesticide soup... Is this accurate? I can't afford organic right now, but if I wash the veggies before making them into broth would it still be safe? The same goes with making bone broth. I can't afford organic meats right now, but I'd like to make bone broth. Is this safe? I'd love your opinions Thank you in advance!
  20. Hi everyone! I was hoping you could help me out once again . So here's my question: Is chicken soup a type of bone broth? I'm asking because to make bone broth you use the bones of whatever animal you want, and in making chicken soup I use the whole chicken (bone, skin and cartilage included). So, isn't the liquid part of the soup essentially bone broth as well? I always get that jello like consistency after it's been in the fridge for a while. Thanks.
  21. Bone Broth

    Hi There, I'm getting organised and am making the bone broth. I asked the butcher for soup bones and he gave me lamb shanks all cut up (with quite a bit of meat still on them). Anyway, I have all the ingredients in my 5.5 litre slow cooker and not surprisingly it is full to the brim (5.5 litres is equal to 5 quarts) Just wondering how long it should take to reach a boil? It has been sitting there on high for about 2.5 hours now, it seems to be almost boiling but that seems like a long time. Also, I'm not sure if I have the right type of bones. Thanks Jane
  22. So, I've got my first batch bubbling, and I'm a little nervous when it comes to consuming it. How much/often do you need to drink it for ideal benefits? A cup a day?
  23. Bone Broth or Soup Stock?

    I decided to ease up on the raw veggies and huge portions of meat for the sake of my digestion. So I am making bone broth. But, it is exactly the same as if i was making soup stock. Should there be a difference?
  24. Is it ruined??

    I accidentally left my bone broth in the fridge for a week without doing anything with it. I was going to make soup with it, but forgot about it. If I make soup with it in the crock pot all day today, will it be ok? What would you do?
  25. Bone broth a snack?

    Would you consider bone broth a snack? I know they are very nutritious and mineral rich, but do they contribute any macronutrients such that they would interfere with hormone levels between meals? Thanks!