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Found 3 results

  1. Today is day 6 and I've read on here how running ability can suffer. Well I just found that out! I tried to do a 15 mile run, I made it 9.2 walking a lot! I'm not a fast runner anyway but I added 1-4 minutes to my miles having to walk or just going really slow. I had no energy. I ate a compliant Lara bar at mile 5 which helped for a little bit but I don't like eating like that while exercising. I've heard Nuun is compliant so I may try that next time. How long does it take for endurance to come back? Also, this is my second while 30. The first time I wasn't running but I was doing Crossfit. That time my performance increased and I make great gains! What is different?
  2. I have a few seeming remedial issues/questions to throw out on this forum. Here goes: I'm on Whole30 (Day 11 wrapping up) and I'm just wondering what the basis is for not having alcohol--as in a glass of dry white wine, which according to my research, has 4 grams of carbs and less than 8 grams of sugar in a glass and 100 calories. I'm fine not having it for 30 days but when I go back to "normal" I'm thinking of what I may want to add back in and wine is definitely at the top of the list. So it got me questioning what is wrong with it in the first place? Is it bad for you if you have 1 glass a few times a week, generally speaking? I thought it had tons of sugar in it, but apparently most dry whites don't. And I have a local wine store that I shop at where they pretty much know the vintage, etc, so I can get some personalized service when I am done with Whole30. I guess it can depend on a lot of factors, which is why knowing the vineyard, vintage, etc (via the wine store owners) is key. My other question is bread. Without it I am hungry all the time. Which is a different issue (below), but my question is, why is bread the devil lately? I know so many people who are gluten free, but bread has been around for the ages. Do we just eat more than our ancestors did? Or do our bodies just not process it the right way anymore? I was thinking, once Whole30 is over, I would start making my own bread. Is that a better option? Is everyone anti-bread because it's so processed these days? My kids love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it's one of the staples for their lunch. So before I go giving up on bread in my house, I want to know the reasons why everyone is on the gluten-free bandwagon, even if you don't have gluten intolerance issues? No one in my family has gut or gluten issues. We have pretty iron stomachs. I'm happy to make my own if it's bad because of over processing. And pasta that is whole wheat and organic? Is that "bad" now? Because in Italy I'm guessing most kids still eat that every day (probably not even whole wheat) and it is another staple in our diet. I'm trying to sort out which foods my family should avoid. I know with weight loss bread is a big one to avoid, but if the rest of us (not including my husband) digest things fine, then is it wrong to eat it? If not, then how many servings are okay a day? Now onto my hunger: I'm doing this because, while I eat pretty well, I think I could eat healthier. But the main reason is to support my husband because he wants to loose some pounds (like 10-15). But I don't want to lose any. I'm already on the thin side. Today I had Chia Pudding, 2 eggs and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and was still hungry. I ate a big lunch, a huge chicken salad (Whole30 approved), charred zucchini, then a cashew-banana-vegan smoothie, then had a spoonful of cashew butter and while at the gym, I still bonked. Total sugar shakes, etc. Luckily I had a Lara bar with me but that barely did the trick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm feeling worse by the day on Whole30. Is it possible my body just doesn't have the reserves to do this? I have always had a very high metabolism so I'm wondering if i'm burning through everything too fast, and if so, how to fix it? I know I threw out a lot here so thanks in advance for anyone who wants to take on my questions!
  3. Warning.....long post. This was my longest training run for my upcoming 100 miler at the end of March. Some background: I have completed 35 marathons, 3 ironmans, and 3 ultra marathons (including one 101.46 24 hour race).........with little or no GI issues whatsoever, and little or no bonking/energy loss. My pre-race and during race nutrition and hydration are down to a fairly well oiled machine........I know what my body needs, how much and when to keep going and avoid cramping. I have been trying to fuel my runs Whole 30 compliant. My longest run so far was 18 miles on trails, and I ate: strawberries, turkey, pickles, tangerine, sweet potatos, fruit puree. It was a very easy trail and I was finished in about 2:50, feeling great most of the run and no GI issues. I tried to use a similar fueling plan for yesterday's 50 miler, but on a more difficult trail, and only pass the car every 10 miles, so need to carry enough to fuel during the about 1:50 loops. I know that many of you have stated that once my body adjusts to Whole30 I will burn fat more efficiently and that I also won't need to fuel constantly during my long long runs. However, I feel that during strenuous exercise you must fuel consistently and little bits at a time, so that the already overworked circulatory system can get enough blood to the stomach to digest. I need about 220 calories per hour for my size and that is what has worked in previous long runs/races. Maybe after eating clean for longer this will change and I can run 24 hours with just 3 main meals and a few mini meals, but I just don't see that yet? In my 24 hour race last year, I passed my aid station every 15 minutes, so I would just grab a handful of something that was between 50-60 calories and munch on it during that lap. Every other lap this was liquid Perpetuum which is a drink I tolerate well and that fueled almost half of my entire caloric intake for the 24 hours. The other items I consumed included: strawberries, orange slices, bananas, hamburgers, pickles, chicken, chicken noodle soup, red bull, coke, gummi bears, cookies, protein bars, Goldfish crackers, cheetohs, pringles, grapes, m & Ms, turkey, pretzels. My plan worked famously, and I maintained consistent energy for 24 hours, no GI ussues-only 2 big bathroom trips, no cramping or gas. I also drank water, coconut water. I did not drink any gatorade, hate it! I also took elecrtrolyte capsules. I ate chicken, butternut squash and veggies for dinner Friday evening......not spicy, proven to be easy to digest before a big workout. For breakfast I ate: 1 RX bar, 1 banana, 1 cup coffee, 5 strawberries, handful of almonds. I would have liked to make bacon , veggies and eggs, but woke up late. During Lap 1 I ate 4 figs. I was HUNGRY. At the end of Lap 1 I ate: some leftover grilled chicken, strawberries, almonds. Lap 2: 1 buddy fruits (80 cals) 3 dates, 3 coconut yummy bites, drank coconut water 6 oz. Still feeling hungry but stomach ok. End of Lap 2 I ate: 2 hardboiled eggs, few sweet potato pieces, almonds. Lap 3: starting to feel full, but stomach ok, energy ok. 1 Buddy fruit, 4 figs. 1st bathroom trip and of Lap 3....approx. 31.5 miles in. Starting to feel crampy/gassy. Legs feel great....only issue is stomach. Small bowel movement, blood in urine. Chicken, strawberries, sweet potato pieces. Lap 4: Tired, losing energy and focus. Fell. Slowed down a lot. More cramps and gas. Mile 34, coconut water. Mile 35, lots of walking, totally bonked, had to sit down. Mile 36.....more walking, gas, cramps. DRANK Perpetuum (1 scoop about 130 cals) soon returning and able to run. Mile returning, running more, but having to stop and walk with gas/cramps. Legs feel good. Ate a Buddy fruit. Bathroom: diarrhea, lots of it. Miles ok, tons of GI distress. Mile 41: Barely made it to the bathroom.........tons of diarrhea, tons and tons. Last mile ran about .5, then had to walk it in..........just too much GI pain. Ended the run at 42 miles. Any thoughts on what went wrong? I had to have the Perpetuum or I would still be sitting out there on the trail. I am used to fueling these really long runs with mostly liquids or gels, so I am worried all the solid food was too much for my body to process. I have 3 more pretty long efforts before my 100 weekend I'll still be on my Whole30, but the other two I will be free to eat whatever. I plan to finish out this Whole 30, but I am not sure what to do for my 100 miler on 3/28. Are there any Whole30 compliant liquids or gels, as I think I need that option combined with quality whole30 foods to get through the 100 miles without such bad GI distress. Any advice or ideas are much appreciated. I'm sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be specific about what I ate. Even today, I still feel crampy, but bowel movements back to normal consistency. Sorry for the TMI. Thanks, Regina