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Found 6 results

  1. MimiBeardsley

    Which Books?

    Hello, Let me introduce myself. I am not ... at a healthy weight. I want to go through this. I want to get it right. I want to succeed! I want to lower my cholesterol, my blood sugar and BMI. I want to get sugar out of my life! I want to conquer my addiction! I want to be lean. lean lean lean. Please point me in the right direction. A real human, please write to me here and tell me exactly what books I need. How to plan for the first week. Thank you for any help and instruction you can spare. And please pray for me. I really need the help. And I will start 1/1/2016.
  2. Just getting started and need to go out and buy a book. Which one would you recommend, if I can only buy one? Whole 30 or It Starts with Food? I'm looking for two things with this purchase. I have already done a similar program to this with my gym in October, but I needed the Why to help me stay motivated. Why can't I eat beans? Etc. I am also looking for recipes and meal suggestions, so not sure which book would be more helpful to me for those reasons.
  3. Another Whole30 Timeline Day 0 You are full of energy and hope. You have read the rules online and printed your shopping list, you can do this challenge. You decide that you dont need to buy It Starts With Food to do this challenge. Day 1 OMG your food budget has just doubled. You can't believe anyone can eat healthy on a budget. But you can do this, it's only 30 days. Day 2 You have banana and egg pancakes for breakfast and you reach for some tuna for lunch. You glance at the ingredients and see soy. THERE IS SOY IN CANNED TUNA?! You search for can I have tuna with soy on the website and find The Official Can I Have guide to the Whole30 that explains all of this. Not only can you not have soy, you can't have banana and egg pancakes because they are considered - sex with your pants on - foods. You immediately buy the ebook It Starts With Food and read it. After reading the book you realize that you are supposed to eat 2 to 3 cups of vegetables and good fats at every meal. You head back to the store for more food. Days 3 to 7 You feel like a slave to the kitchen because you are constantly chopping, cooking or cleaning. How can anyone live this way? There has to be an easier way. You search online and find The Clothes Make The Girl, Nom Nom Paleo and Stupid Easy Paleo. You see some great recipes and ebooks and you immediately buy them all. Days 8 - 9 You decide you are going to organize your cooking this week. You have your shopping list and you are ready to get all those exotic compliant ingredients. You go to 4 different stores but you still can't find Red Boat Fish Sauce. You do a big cook up for the week and you are ready! Day 10 Your friends invite you out for pizza and beer. You are considering it. After all you made it 10 days, you deserve it. You are feeling really cranky and pizza and beer just might make you feel better. You wonder How bad can a little pizza and beer be? Then you find the post "So . . . you're saying you want to quit?" And you decline the invitation and stick to the challenge. Days 11- 14 If you see another egg you are going to scream! You are bored with meat and vegetables and just want some chocolate and alcohol. You are starting to notice all of the food ads on TV and in magazines. How are you going to make it for another three weeks? You are having strange dreams about non compliant food. You actually wake up in a cold sweat thinking that you cheated. Days 15 to 21 You search the website for some recipes and stumble on the forum "THERE IS A FORUM?!". You find all kinds of interesting tips and support. You read The Crazy Things People Say forum and have a great laugh because you have heard most of these during your challenge. Days 22 to 30 - You don't really feel any different. You look the same as the day you started. You are tempted to step on the scale to see if you lost any weight. You notice small changes like your acid reflux is gone but your fat jeans are still tight. You wonder if you are going to have to extend this to a Whole60. Day 30. You made it! You didn't cheat. You feel good and decide to celebrate. You go out for pizza, beer and ice cream. You deserve it. Day 31 You feel miserable and bloated. You have a massive headache and can barely get out of bed. You decide to do another Whole30.
  4. Has anyone found any books for school age children about Whole 30/Paleo food choices? I'm not necessarily looking for a kids recipe book. I'm looking for a book that uses kid-friendly language to explain food choices, how it might be hard when everyone around you at school is eating something different etc., My kids, like many, benefit from repetition when absorbing a new topic and I'm thinking a book we/they can regularly read will be a helpful way to transmit information.
  5. Tina R

    Cheap Paleo Books March 17th

    If you have ever wanted some of your favorite Paelo Books cheap sign up for Buck Books Newsletter. He is having a Paleo Event on March 17th where most of the books are less than $3. I purchased Primal Blueprint, Beyond Bacon, Practical Paelo etc. during the last one so I can't wait to see what is available on this one. He is also having a $1,000 giveaway that you can sign up for.
  6. Anyone read any of the books specifically about sugar? Two main ones seem to be Sugar Blues by William Duffy (>) and Suicide by Sugar by Nancy Appleton (>), and there's a few others that show up as related on Amazon (with good reviews). The Hartwig's site/book I think lays out the case well enough for the context of a Whole30, but it might be useful to some to delve deeper into areas of interest. The context thing is important, because Duffy for example still promotes whole grains and corn, I'm reading another book right now I found on the library shelf next to Sugar Blues, it's called No Sugar No Flour Will Give Me The Power. Not linking to it because it's fairly cheesy, and is a bit fruit-heavy and meat-lite, but I mention it as an example of two things: (1) library shelf browsing can be better than Amazon's "people who looked at this item also looked at these items" feature, because you get a chance to see some obscure stuff and (2) even books that are cheesy may have one or two good points that can be of benefit. Appleton also has this list on her site: Some of the claims are probably debatable but it's still thought-provoking.