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Found 3 results

  1. Poop Probs

    This is probably TMI, but something I'm still noticing a problem with. I'm currently on Day 13, and my energy has finally increased and I am feeling good. The only problem is I do feel constipated and backed up. I have not been pooping normally since I started the program. It's only happening about once every few days. There will be other days, like today, that I feel like I need to go, and strain hard, but nothing happens. I have been also been gassy since I started. I have read up, and I have seen magnesium supplements recommended. Is there anything else I should look into? My normal meals include: Eggs in the morning, a salad with some sort of meat and some fruit at lunch, and a meat protein and roasted vegetable at night. There is variety, but that's a general look at what I'm consuming. I cook with olive oil, and occasionally have a few cashews in the afternoon. I have greatly increased my water intake since starting the program. Maybe 60-90 ounces a day? I haven't exactly been counting, but my big Yeti cup is refilled several times a day. I did stop drinking coffee when I started the program, because I realized I can't have it without a little sweetener; I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!! Sorry for the detail lol
  2. Hi Whole 30ers, I am on my first Whole 30 and am on Day 15 - Halfway through!! I ventured onto my Whole30 Journey after experiencing varied and inconclusive digestive issues over the past 3 years. I was ALWAYS very bloated, uncomfortable, often had shooting gas pains in my lower abdomen, reflux just to name a few. To really dig into the TMI details I would often go through cycles of being very constipated, followed by urgent diarrhea. Overall I'm really satisfied with how Whole 30 has eased many of my symptoms so far. I have noticed a significant decrease in bloating, gas pains and reflux. However, I have not had much solace when it comes to my bowel movements. So far, I have only had very loose movements including diarrhea. I have not had one solid poo since I started Whole 30 15 days ago. At first they were much more urgent and larger in volume, which I attributed to the immediate change in my diet. Now they are still very soft but less frequent and with smaller bits with each movement. I'm a little worried at this point at 15 days with no improvements. I'm not sure if this is due to a higher fat content in my diet now? What are ways to try and adjust my intake in order to try and resolve these issues? Many thanks for your insights and helping me out with this awkward TMI topic!
  3. There are always a number of people on the forums having trouble with constipation, and as ladyshanny has mentioned in a number of these threads humans are actually meant to squat to eliminate. I've obviously read the same sort of articles as her where the recommendation is to raise your ankles so you're on your tippy toes, and to place your elbows on your knees, but I vaguely remembered also reading somewhere that there is a stool available to purchase to help get your knees/pelvis into the correct position for effective elimination. Anyway, long story short, the stool is called the squatty potty - watch the short video to see the science behind it, then if you're having issues maybe find yourself a little toddler toilet training step which will probably do the same thing for a lot less cash!