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Found 35 results

  1. rachelhillary

    Rachel's Round 2!

    I'm typing this as I nurse my little one to sleep, so I'm going to make this log brief by necessity! I am a mom to a spunky 14-month old daughter (yep, #extendedbreastfeeding), a wife, a first grade teacher, and a full-time graduate student! This Whole30 is my way of putting on my oxygen mask first so that I can help everyone else around me. This should be day 3, but I made a non-W30 choice yesterday that was SO not worth it, so I am at the end of my second day 1! We were snowed in, so I'm proud of myself for not raiding the cabinets and for keeping my "why" front and center! Breakfast: bacon and eggs Snack: Rasa with compliant coconut creamer, compliant Apple sauce Lunch: sweet potato chili from the W30 slow cooker book that I made over the weekend Dinner: tuna "noodle" casserole from @everylastbite_ on Instagram (YUM!) I added sardines because I'm nursing and haven't eaten seafood in....way too long! I'll skip those next time because it was too fishy but overall SO SO good! Pre-bedtime (daughter's bedtime, not mine!) snack: warmed frozen berries topped with homemade coconut whipped cream (nothing added). Super happy with this snack, because I really hadn't eaten enough at dinner but I didn't want something savory, so this was filling and delicious. Hit the spot! NSV: I'm challenging myself to find a NSV every day this time. Today was just my general motivation and feeling pretty focused throughout the day!
  2. Hi, I’m 5 months postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding, and 3 days into my first ever journey with whole30. I’ve already noticed my supply is taking a hit, tonight I pumped about 1/3 less than I normally was. I know we’re not supposed to count calories, however I don’t think I’m consuming enough. I’m just curious if there’s anything I can add that’s high in calories? I’ve been eating 3 eggs for breakfast with salsa and half an avacado. I then have the other half of an avacado in a salad for lunch with chicken, or lettuce wraps with tuna and the basic mayo. Then usually a big piece of meat (beef brisket or pork) for dinner with lots of roasted potatoes and veggies. And I usually have banana, strawberries, carrots/celery as snacks during the day if I’m hungry. i just feel like it’s hard to find anything super high in calories. And I thought we weren’t supposed to snack a ton. Help!
  3. Hello all!! Today, 06/05/2018, I am committing to my second whole30. I completely fell in love with this program when I started it in February of this year. At the time, I was 8 months pregnant with my second son, but knew I needed to reign in my eating habits and food addictions. I was amazed at the changes that took place in those 30 days. My energy levels were amazing, I lost inches from my thighs and arms, and most importantly, my relationship with food had changed; it no longer controlled me!!! However, since that time I have had my baby and started nursing him full time. I also have a 19 month old son and a husband who is in the military and currently deployed. My life is exhausting and demanding. Food has again become my outlet for relieving stress and attempting to “feel good “. I want to restart this challenge because I want to change the way I think and feel about food, forever. I know from experience that when I am able to gain control of this area in my life all other areas are positively affected. My biggest concern about completing this while breastfeeding is eating enough calories and including enough fat. I would love to lose weight during this next month but I know this desire will tempt me to eat less in an effort to accelerate weight loss. Any advice or support, especially from other nursing mommas, would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hi! I'm going to start a Whole30 tomorrow! Quick question: as I am going through all the posts, I see references to mini-meals... Is a mini-meal just half of a regular meal template? I can't seem to find a definitive answer... Thanks so much!
  5. Mamas - can you please share how much (portion, size, frequency) of your Whole30 meals while breast-feeding? I am an active mama nursing a 10 month old. and exercise 6x per week. - I know I'm way overdoing the nuts/nut butter and fruit but it's so easy and satisfying when I at home with a busy baby! What tools or strategies do you find helped you? The typical Whole30 meal template doesn't feel reasonable. Help, please!!!!
  6. iceecream

    First Whole30 and EBF

    This is my first Whole30 experience, and I am just finishing day 10. I am pumping/breastfeeding for my 3.5 month old, and am a pretty active person (my job keeps me on my feet all day and I have a toddler, plus I work out 3-4 days a week.) I have tried searching through past forum posts about breastfeeding mamas and Whole30 snacks/meals, but it isn't all entirely clear to me. I'm trying to figure out if I am eating too many starchy vegetables (or enough in general) throughout the day and relying on snacks out of habit or if my body actually needs the additional nourishment. The last few days I have noticed that I am feeling less hungry between meals, but I am still snacking. I've read that fruits/nuts aren't the best snacks- does this still hold true while breastfeeding? I also can't tell if my pre Whole30 habits (snacking after dinnertime) are just cravings that need to be kicked to the curb or if I truly need to eat more due to the demands on my body right now. (I am feeling more bloated today than I did a few days ago, it is throwing me off!)
  7. Day 1 I nursed LO (4 months old) all day. I'm at work today and pumping along my current schedule, however I'm 4oz shy of where I normally should be at this point in the day. Please troubleshoot for me. Day 1 Meals: Breakfast: Banana Chia Pudding (bananas, mango, coconut milk, chia seeds, cinannamon), black coffee Mid Morning: grapes Lunch: Tuna Salad (avocado, mayo, green onions), salad (romaine lettuce, arugula, carrots, Tessemae Ranch), plantain chips with guacamole, a couple apple slices with almond butter Dinner: Butternut Squash soup with bacon, banana with almond butter After dinner: RX bar Day 2 Meals: Breakfast: mushroom, spinach, leek frittata (made with coconut milk and ghee), one link of chicken apple sausage, salsa, black coffee (Frittata is the equivalent of about 3 eggs) Mid Morning: applesauce, grapes Lunch: butternut squash soup (made with coconut milk), large chicken breast I've had about 80oz of water so far today. What should I do differently? I'm nervous to see a supply drop with baby being so young.
  8. Preface: I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old and my appetite has been intense over the past couple weeks. I returned to work and I'm pumping so much milk. For breakfast today I had a frittata with mushrooms, leeks, and spinach. I put a little salsa on it and had a link of chicken apple sausage with it. I was hungry an hour later, like chew my arm off hungry. What else can I add to this meal to curb that hunger?
  9. finntx

    Started Jan 14

    Hi everyone! I started my Whole30 on January 14th. I'm 4 months post partum and exclusively breastfeeding my son. I'm very nervous about how this will affect my milk supply. Through my research it sounds like the key is to have enough carbs in each meal and eat when hungry. I am excited to see how my cleaner diet effects him. He is what the doctor calls a "happy spitter" meaning he has reflux and spits up a lot, but is never fussy and it isn't effecting his weight gain. So really it isn't a problem, just annoying and creates a lot of laundry. He gets a dose or two of gripe water a day to calm his stomach, maybe we can stop doing that with my cleaner diet. Yesterday went pretty great although I did have a moment while watching some evening tv. I was hungry and kept thinking "I'm a grown woman, I'll eat what I damn well please" (in this moment I wanted a string cheese). BUT I didn't give in to it. I did eat something Whole30 approved b/c I truly was hungry, but I didn't give in on the craving for cheese. I can already tell I didn't have enough carbs in my breakfast this morning. It was a frittata with mushrooms, spinach, and leeks. I paired it with a chicken apple sausage but I was still hungry after eating it. I also forgot to bring almond milk with me to work so I'm having to drink my coffee black. I can do this at home because we buy yummy coffee, but at work it's not so great.
  10. Hi! I'm on day #9 and my supply has completely tanked over the last week. I've been trying for 3 or so day to increase my supply. My son is EBF and is 5 months old. I drink approximately 100oz of water a day (I'm 132/lbs), I've been drinking mother's milk tea since Monday and my supply still has not recovered. My son's poops are bright green and my breasts are SUPER soft/empty. He nurses for a lot longer than before W30. Ive been eating until full and also adding a 4th meal, and making sure my meals have a fat. Here's a sample of what I eat: B- 2 fried eggs, 3 sweet potato latkes, 1/2 avocado, 2 cups coffee 1/3 cup coconut cream L- potato salad ( mayo, bacon, potatoes) mixed with arugula and 1/2 avocado. D- pork picatta with zoodles, arugula salad with cucumber, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado Mini Meal- 3 slices compliant deli turkey rolled with avocado, apple + 2 tbs almond butter, handful of dried mango and sliced almonds. Plus I drink a can of coconut milk with 2-3 cups of mother's milk tea. I'm offering the breast like crazy to try to increase supply. Any other suggestions? What should I do if I can't keep my supply up? Can I modify and add oatmeal to help produce milk? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is my last baby and I'm not giving up nursing him.
  11. Hi, I’m Arielle. I have a 2 year old daughter, am nursing my 5-month-old son, and I also have 3 stepdaughters that we have 50% of the time. I have no hobbies and really need to do something for ME. This will be my first Whole30. I “tried” back in 2015 but was pregnant shortly after starting and about halfway through the program the nausea / vomiting was too much and I gave to crackers and pretzels and the occasional burrito Now 2 kids later, I’m ready for this change. I’m hoping to help improve my mood, patience, and energy levels as well as get rid of the nausea that has stuck around postpartum. I’d also really like to lose weight, but honestly I’m more concerned about the mental aspect right now. I’d also really like to change my toddler’s diet to a healthier one, and set her up for a better relationship with food. So anywho, that’s me and my why, here today.
  12. We are not doctors, and we will always defer to your pediatrician's recommendations. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you know how important Mom's nutrition is to the baby's health and development, and we believe the diet that's healthiest for you is also going to be the healthiest for your baby. The more nutrition Mom receives from her diet, the more she is able to pass along to the little one – and there is no diet more nutritious than one that focuses on healthy protein and fat, vegetables, and fruits. Michele Blackwell, an OB/GYN in Houston, TX, agrees, saying: I have personally experienced the benefits of the Whole30 program, and I wholeheartedly recommend the Whole30 plan to my patients to optimize a woman's health during pregnancy and lactation. The nutrient-dense foods recommended provide ample vitamins and minerals without the need for the standard prenatal supplement. Eating real food Whole9-style will also help regulate blood sugars, alleviating hypoglycemic spells common in pregnancy. In addition, the Whole30 will reduce the likelihood of gestational diabetes, excess pregnancy weight gain, and possibly macrosomia (large babies) and polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid). -Michele Blackwell, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology We've had many pregnant women and new moms attest to the benefits of the Whole30 for both the mother's health, and the child's. Most (if not all) have reported that milk supply actually improved during their program, and their babies were less fussy, slept better through the night and experienced less digestive issues and rashes.
  13. Moms of babies/toddlers, what do your mornings look like? Do you manage to eat soon after waking up and if so, how? I just started today and need help with the logistics of eating breakfast soon after waking up. I know that is important, and it definitely makes my day better. Right now, my 6 month old is sleeping in our room but will be transitioning to sleeping in her room soon. She wakes up as soon as my husband’s alarm goes off, usually 5-6. I get up, go to the bathroom, get my coffee, turn on the lights in her room, and usually that’s about all she can take. I change her, nurse her, she plays while I pump, then if she is still happy I eat some cereal. Often I don’t eat until she goes down for her first nap, which leaves me pretty weak. I used to get up before her to eat and pump, but she’s too aware of what’s going on now. She is starting solids as soon as we get a booster seat from my mom, and I’m hoping that will help. I’m thinking then after I nurse her she can play in her high chair while I cook and then we can eat together (we are doing baby led weaning, so she’ll just eat what I’m eating). What other ideas do you have?
  14. Hi there, I am about one month post op from a total thyroidectomy (8/1/16) from medullary thyroid cancer (diagnosed 7/12/16). I also have alopecia areata and am a breastfeeding mom. I'm on R2D8 and am suffering from severe migraines, fatigue and nausea. In addition, I know the fatigue and brain fog can remain until we get my medication correct. The migraine/nausea are making it difficult to eat and drinking enough, which is hurting my supply. Some days are a little better than others but today is the worst. I'm currently on Synthroid, calcium carbonate (TUMS - not compliant) and Calitroil. I also have been taking my migraine medication because my headaches are unbearable and have my son to take care of. My son breastfeeds morning and night but my supply seems to have dipped. My symptoms have been making it diffiucult to eat and drink enough. I completed my first W30 two weeks before my diagnosis. I lost a good amount of weight but still suffered from the brain fog, interrupted sleep and fatigue. I'm wondering is if it's too soon after my surgery to tackle a Whole30. I've read of ways to ease into a w30 or paleo lifestyle. I see my new endocrinologist on the 15th and will speak to him about this as well. In the meantime, I was hoping to feel like I have more control over my health. Can anyone relate or have experience with these conditions?
  15. I have a six month old, and decided to start Whole 30 mainly because it is a diet that focuses on health rather than weight loss. Among my many non-scale goals is to increase my energy (I deal with a lot of fatigue), eliminate my cravings, find foods that make me less healthy, and create healthy eating habits. That said, today, day 7, I woke up very hungry at 6 am, but I wanted to sleep in. When I did get up for breakfast, I felt the symptoms of low blood sugar. I tried to eat breakfast, but had such a queasy stomach, I couldn't eat more than a few bites. My symptoms got increasingly worse very fast. My mom was concerned and call some close friends for me. By the time they arrived, I had drank some orange juice and raised my blood sugar to 71. Still low but a lot better! They fed me (non whole30 foods) but I was in no mood to protest. After reading forums in search of answers, I have come to the conclusion that I need to eat more! (kind of obvious, but I thought I was eating enough). I've learned my lesson, but my very kind, well-meaning friend was pretty adamant that I needed to eat more sugar. After all that, I'm have a struggle with being confident in this program. I was having feeling great the last 2 days (kind of surprising, as I was expecting to feel worse before I felt better.) Then this came out of nowhere! After reading the forums, I feel that the general advice for breastfeeding moms is to eat 4 large meals and 1-2 additional mini meals when needed. I already have decided that I will have a mini breakfast early every morning, even if I'm going back to sleep (those night-time feedings leave me tired and hungry by morning). I just need encouragement from people who don't believe more sugar is the answer.
  16. I was in a bad place when I started the Whole 30. It was 8 months after giving birth to my second child. I was still 22 lbs overweight despite working out several times a week and choosing “healthy” foods (not much meat, lots of grains and beans). I ate zero packaged junk food, but I had delicious high quality pastries a couple times a week and thought nothing of it. Oh, and I regularly had 2-3 glasses of wine per night just to “wind down.” My childhood asthma had returned. My skin was on a hormonal rollercoaster; besides breakouts I had eczema and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps on back of my arms). I was always hungry and always eating. I tried calorie counting. I tried Weight Watchers when the calorie counting got demoralizing. I tried weighing all my food when WW didn’t work. All that micromanaging sucked the joy out of living, and I still couldn’t lose the weight. My mantra was that I deserved that pastry/glass of wine/bowl of tortilla chips because I had been “so good” all day. I’d pile on the calories after the kids were in bed. But then I simply turned a corner, and decided that I deserved to feel healthy, to feel like I did before my pregnancy. Heck, why not feel even better than that? So I decided to give W30 a try. What did I have to lose? Which begs the question, 30 days later, what did I lose? As it turns out I lost ZERO pounds. 30 days of total compliance, and I weigh exactly the same. Yep, I’m one of those. (At this moment in time, while nursing, anyway.) I gave myself an hour or so to feel really down about it. But then I took at the NSVs I drafted yesterday before I weighed in. I weigh the same, but I’m not the same. I GAINED: - the ability to breathe freely without asthma. This is truly priceless. I have not touched my inhalers in one month. - a peaceful relationship with food. I’m not battling it any longer. I know what makes me feel good. And once I finish the reintros I’ll know what doesn’t! - knowledge and acceptance. I know my body is holding on to this weight because it needs it for nursing. Sure, I can tweak things here or there, but by and large I’ve proved to myself that it just doesn’t want to let go of it right now. I’m going to have to be patient. I am ready to stop nursing for a variety of reasons, but it may take a while for my hormones to catch up. So, what next? I’m going to do reintroductions to see which food group(s) were exacerbating the asthma. I'll have the occasional glass of wine over the next week or so (we’re traveling). I also had bloodwork done on Day 25. In two weeks I will meet with my chiropractor who has nutritional training to review that. Perhaps there are hormonal factors at play that can be worked on. Once I know the bloodwork results, I’ll decide whether to jump into another Whole30. For now, I will stay compliant while at home, avoid whatever it is that’s causing the asthma even when out, and have the occasional glass of wine. But mostly, I am going to enjoy the calm Whole30 has brought to my life and give my body some grace. Read on for details if you’d like. As always, I’m open to any feedback on how to move forward. These forums were an amazing resource through the whole process. NSVs: - Asthma GONE without the use of steroid inhalers - Skin clearer - Nails growing like crazy - Eczema gone - Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on arms) drastically reduced - On the rare occasions where my alarm goes off before the kids are up, I only press snooze once instead of three or four times - I can see my waist again! hallelujah! - Clothes fit better and I can get into some I couldn’t a month ago - Even energy all day long - More time between meals means more efficient work - Free from cravings. I no longer struggle with food choices. - Not tempted to eat after dinner - I don’t “need” wine to relax anymore - I don’t need to weigh myself every day as I used to What went well: - I rocked it with the homemade condiments: mayo, ketchup, ranch dip and Nom Nom Paleo’s “magic mushroom” seasoning were my favorites - Egg bakes saved my bacon for breakfast - such a time saver, and great to start the day without having to “think” about the meal - Kombucha was the perfect treat instead of wine/beer/cocktails - I made it through Easter with flying colors - I cooked many compliant meals for my extended family (we’re talking large groups of 12-20 people, and they all loved them) - I did NOT evangelize to my family, which is something I’d done in the past, but tried to set a quiet example What could have gone better: - I ate more frequently and had more fruit and potatoes than necessary in the beginning. I was still breastfeeding heavily then (I’m down to one nursing session a day now), so I was nervous about my supply and likely overdid it. All compliant, so no harm done, but once I got down to 3 (large, by my previous standards) meals per day, which was about two weeks in, I felt much better. - Some days I ate 1/2 an avocado at every meal. Maybe I need to dial that back to 1/3. - Still having some skin breakouts but then again I’m in a transitional place hormonally as I slowly stop breastfeeding - Sleep is not a long or solid as I would like, mostly due to kids waking me up - if fact, SLEEP could be the largest factor in the weight hanging on. - I need to drink more water. 62 oz/day isn’t cutting it. What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: - Make fruit and potatoes a once a day thing, not an every meal thing - Aim to be in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 - Read for 1hr before bed instead of watching tv - Dial coffee back to one cup per day, replace second cup with matcha - Aim to drink 3 32-oz bottle of water/day - Keep working with my preschooler on not waking us at night when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He can do it, but it helps when we prep him by talking about it before bedtime. - Let my husband take over the 5:30 feedings when he is home so I can sleep longer - Take measurements to track inches lost, not just weight - Stay on whole 30 at home. I rarely eat out (maybe once a week) so that would be a pretty complaint lifestyle, and I find it easy to do at home. - I won’t go back to having stevia in my coffee. That was the hardest thing to give up, and I think it was triggering a cycle of sugar cravings. In fact I may even give up my almond milk. I think I’m ready to enjoy coffee black, and I like the simplicity of that.
  17. I am on day 25 of my first round and I am still struggling with constantly feeling hungry. Background on me: I am 2.5 months post partum for my second baby. With both pregnancies I had gestational diabetes, but it cleared up immediately after delivery. With this pregnancy I was diagnosed with hashimotos (hypothyroidism) and I am on a low dose of medication for it now. I wanted to do the Whole 30 to kick my dessert addiction, get energy and hopefully loose some inches So far, I have the energy, but that's all. My pants still fit the same and I still want sweets. My real struggle is I hardly ever feel satisfied after a meal- I am constantly hungry and because I am nursing I don't want to not snack. I have been eating things like olives, hb egges, guacamole with veggies or apples with almond butter for my snacks. Here is my question- how do I know that I am hungry vs just wanting to eat? I have been checking myself with "would you eat a cucumber/carrots/chicken dinner right now?" And almost always the answer is yes. I only don't want to eat when i'm uncomfortably full- is nursing really driving that or could it be an auto immune thing? I'm a little perplexed on why I don't see results - I for sure thing that I am eating enough (sweet potatoes with two meals usually) I have also recently picked up more physical activity (running & light weights)- I crossfitted through my pregnancy, so I have
  18. Hi everyone! I am brand new to the whole30 as a nursing mother and was wondering how much i should be eating to keep my supply up or better yet increase it. I am on day 2 officially and feel hungry all the time. I have done Whole30 twice before and don't remember ever feeling ravenous. I eat whenever I am hungry but I'm worried of my supply dropping. I plan on nursing for about 3 more months so I definitely don't want to do anything to affect it. I appreciate any insight! Thank you!
  19. Background: First W30 completed July 21. Weaned my 14 month old towards the end of June. Began training for a marathon June 28th. Life Before Whole 30: I ate what I thought was healthy...a lot of fruits and veggies but also relied heavily on grains! I was a carb addict, partly because I thought that was what I needed to improve my running performance. I ran my first half-marathon in April and averaged 15-20 miles per week. Problem: During the W30 challenge I noticed my pants were falling off of me..woohoo a NSV! However, I seemed to have developed a "mummy tummy" and almost look like I'm 3 months pregnant again. I did full body measurements and there was really no change there either, which seemed odd. Full disclosure--I have not done well with the no snacking and have found myself reaching for the nuts and raisins a little too often. Typical day: 6-8h of sleep. I run early in the morning, usually by 7:00am, averaging 15-20 miles per week. M1: 3 eggs unless it's a long run day, I usually eat a hard boiled egg with some guac. Post run I'll have protein and sweet potato or butternut squash. M2: a salad filled with veggies and some form of protein, M3: protein and veggies Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm not sure whether to attribute the weight gain to weaning, or diastis recti, or training, or snacking or if I need to shoot for a Whole 60 instead.
  20. Hi Ladies, I was hoping for some advice from anyone who has been through a similar situation to what I'm facing now. I have an 8 month old daughter and am having trouble recovering from pregnancy and her birth and thought Whole30 might help. I am on day 5 of my first Whole30, physically I feel really good and I can definitely feel that things are improving so I'm really determined to keep with the plan but mentally I'm falling apart. For the last two days I've been feeling very sad, crying a lot for no real reason and just feel like it's such an effort to get through the day. I didn't feel this way before beginning Whole30. I wondered whether anyone had any advice as to what I could do to help with this? I think it might be low blood sugar related but no matter what I eat I can't seem to shake it. I feel a little better after a meal but that doesn't last long. Thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help out.
  21. I'm about 3 weeks into our first whole 30 endeavor, and I'm exclusively breastfeeding a 2.5 month old. I just want to know if I'm eating too much or not. I try to eat very filling meals and include starchy veggies with almost every meal and have a few snacks in between consisting usually of fruit with almond butter or avocado or olives. And I start every day with two eggs plus starchy veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, or butternut squash. So I feel I must be eating a sturdy enough breakfast. Why am I still so hungry?! Also, I feel like I may have lost a couple pounds, but not much more than that. And I was really hoping to see my stomach flatten quite a bit, but so far I don't think it has much. Am I eating too much? I really want to see some good results, but I also don't want to live feeling hungry:/
  22. I am on day 2 of my Whole30 and woke up with some pretty bad "detox" symptoms. I haven't yet got a headache, but I could barely function! Cold sweats, lightheaded, shaky and a general fogginess. (I ate a banana and a big glass of cold water and felt much better about 1/2 hour later) I think they are all normal "side-effects" but it got me thinking about my son. He is 9 months and still basically exclusively breastfeed. He is fine today, happy and normal, but I am concerned that if I am feeling it so much, that maybe he will "detox" as well Anyone have experience with this?
  23. Hey all! I am currently planning my Whole30 to begin in February. It takes a lot of planning in advance for me for meals on any typical day/week and this is my first complete Whole30 and I could use any tips you got to help. I am a stay-at-home-mom of a 2.5 yr old and (breastfeeding) 7 month old. Sometimes I only have 1 hand to eat. Meal prep is a challenge on any regular day with 2 very busy kids and a hubby works either away or long hours, unable to help with either prep or the kids. I have planned lots of meals already (most of which are very basic, simple and somewhat plain, which I am OK with) but am looking for any tips from fellow moms or super busy folks out there that have any advice or specific recipes when tackling a Whole30 when you don't have a lot of time for prep. Anything throw together would be great. I am already Paleo so I do as much 'from scratch' meals as I can. Unless I can manage to do it in my sleep I don't think I can do much more. I have read posts that are geared towards breastfeeding already so I know how to keep on top of that part. Thanks in advance!
  24. So I started my Whole30 on 6/9 and am nursing a 5 week old. On 6/11 (3 days in) my milk supply was basically gone and I had an extremely unhappy baby. Can someone explain why this happened and what I can do to fix it while staying whole30 compliant? I have since added non-whole30 foods back into my diet because my baby's health is more important that anything and she wasn't getting what she needed. I was eating 3 full meals and 2 snacks throughout the night while nursing.
  25. Hello, I'm a 32 yo mom of three (2 y/o, 6 month, 6 month) about to start my first Whole30 on March 17. I'm writing to ask about ideas for balanced snacks/mini-meals. I could eat Larabars or handfuls of cashews all day, but it seems that I'm really supposed to make my meals match the model (protein, veggie, fat) and not sure how to do that while working full-time. I'm doing the Whole 30 in an effort to clean up my family's diet (replacing our unhealthy carbs with healthy plant-based carbs) and to gain control of the sugar cravings. I wouldn't hate it if I lost 5-10 lbs, too! I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month-old twins. They have started some solids, but have never had formula. I'm not totally opposed to supplementing with formula now that they are past 6 months, but would obviously like to avoid it if possible. I exercise about 5 times a week (2-3 crossfit, 2-3 cardio - running, swimming, or stationary biking) and I work full time as a physician. Walking around the clinic it's pretty easy to throw down a protein or larabar, but pulling out a tupperware with a fork, or prying open a can of sardines before going in to see a patient is more frowned upon. One idea I had is to pack some tupperware with the balanced mini-meal (fat, protein, veggie) with my breast pump and eat a mini-meal while pumping using my hands-free pumping bra. The timing would line up, since I should probably be eating and pumping about every 3 hours while at work. Anyhow, I'd appreciate any thoughts on fast, easy, mini meals to eat while on the go. I'm finding this takes a tremendous about of planning and forethought, between the several meals a day, and protein+fat before workout, protein after workout, but no short-cuts allowed (i.e. rack of Slimfast in the trunk of my car, etc). Wish me luck and if you're starting March 17 and want to be accountability buddies, let me know! Thanks, Delnora