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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there! I am completely new to Whole30 and would absolutely love some advice! I'm very excited to begin next Monday, and am reading up on everything my eyes and brain can handle before then to get myself ready. Because of my work schedule and budget, I am most apprehensive about the cost of all these groceries, and how often I should typically cook meals (leftover lunches work great with my work schedule, and I am beyond tired when I get home in the evenings after work, so cooking lengthy meals probably wouldn't work well for me). I do love a good variety when it comes to meals, I get bored quickly of eating the same things over and over again which in the past has led to snacking, or eating things I know I shouldn't! I am currently trying to plan a good weekly schedule with the meal planner tool that is available online..Any advice for a newbie cook on how many dinners to cook to consolidate grocery shopping and minimize costs for one person? Any advice is greatly appreciated, as well as other Whole30 friends!
  2. Grocery bills are something that seems to come up fairly often on the forums, especially when folks are trying to build a Whole30 pantry from scratch, so my husband and I decided that, with our current Whole30, we'd see how low we could go on the weekly shopping. And just to add to the fun, we're assuming that at the start of the Whole30, we've got nothing in our pantry, fridge, or freezer except salt and pepper. No coconut aminos, no exotic spices, no broth or stock, no nothing unless we buy it and/or make it ourselves during these 30 days. Now obviously, I really do have a lot of these things in my pantry so we have a special "get out of jail" basket in the pantry to separate out what we've "purchased" and can use for the challenge and what's still off limits. Jump to the weekly write-ups: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Grocery List A couple of things to keep in mind when reading through this stuff: -My goal was not to have an absolutely, positively rock-bottom budget. We're not eating the same protein every single meal just because that was the cheapest option at the market. We're still trying for variety both for nutrition AND our own sanity. -I live in a suburb of north Dallas which means I have pretty decent options for where to shop and can hit a different store each week depending on who has the best deals. I realize that not everyone lives in an area where this is possible. I also realize that cost of living in my area is about 85% of the national median meaning that we're on the cheaper side of average. To help even the odds, I'm going to avoid running to every market in town to get the cheapest deal on everything on my list. -We do have a Thrive Market membership, but for folks who are really watching their money and/or who don't have an established track record of paleo-style eating, this probably isn't an expense that folks feel is worth it. Outside of this challenge, I go through enough Epic Bars (about a box per month) that their discounted price makes up for my membership cost. (We do buy other stuff, but the Epic Bars were, admittedly, a big motivating factor.) For purposes of this challenge, I'm not making use of Thrive. If we do eat the Epic Bars (or anything else I normally get from Thrive) they'll be listed at whatever they currently cost is at our Sprouts. -I WILL however make use of our Costco membership. The husband and I debated on this one given the cost-factor of membership, but given the option of sharing the cost of membership with a roommate, family member, etc., or being able to tag along with someone to use their membership, I feel it's a fair inclusion. -We have a weekly dinner date with another couple who are close friends of ours who are pescatarian. Sometimes we contribute the protein for the meal, sometimes a side, sometimes everything, and sometimes nothing. It varies from week to week and our contributions are also going to skew the budget a little since we'll be cooking for four adults instead of two on those nights.
  3. whole30 on a budget

    We're doing the Whole30 on a tight budget! How can we be successful without spending tons of money?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm trying to start my very first Whole30, but I'm very anxious about how to do it. I am a freshman living in an on-campus dorm at a very small University, which means there are a lot of restrictions on what I can and cannot eat. I'm trying to figure out how I can possibly do it, and I hope you all can help! Here is a list of the specifics about what food is available to me: 1. I am required to be on a meal plan where I have 15 meals a week. One meal is equivalent to $4.08 and can be used on any restaurant on campus (which include: Sandella's, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Chickfila, a coffee shop, and Einsteins Bagels), and also in the cafeteria (more on that in a second). Anything over that amount I have to personally pay, and I do not have the budget to do that on a consistant basis. This also means that anything I purchase has to be $4.08 or less, meaning I can't stock up on fruits and veggies that are sold at these places. 2. The cafeteria has very limited options. There is always hamburgers and fries, pizza, and a do-it-yourself station for both sandwiches and salads. The salad options very and there is never any grilled chicken available to put on the salad. The only form of protein for the salad bar is a hard boiled egg, which is only available about once a week. There is a homestyle foods station, which can sometimes serve grilled chicken and potates, but more often than not serves fried chicken, chicken covered in sauce or meatloaf (which i think may be Whole30 approved?). Finally, there is an international station which serves things like burritos, french onion soup, and is completely random and changes daily (unpredictable). 3. I have little to no money to spend on food. I don't have a job, and I rely mostly on my meal plan to sustain my eating habits. Furthermore, I have no kitchen in my dorm, and crockpots/burners (etc) are not allowed due to safety reasons. This being said, I really do want to do the Whole30 and I am committed to doing it. I just honestly have no idea what to eat! My cafeteria rarely serves fruits and veggies (seriously, they almost never have fresh fruit or any sort of vegitable). Before now, the way I was getting my fruits and veggies in was by drinking Naked Juices, but i know smoothies are off-limits. I really don't know what to do, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!! Thank you, and sorry for the lengthy post!! Emily
  5. Quality vs. Cost

    Hi all. Just finished my second Whole30 shipping trip and I think I need help. I'm feeding two people, myself and girlfriend, and am consistently spending over $200 each week. I don't really think I can afford to keep this up. I knew it was to be expected that I would end up paying more to eat better but I have more than doubled my weekly grocery spend. I've read through the Whole9 article on the grocery store prioritization and seem to be doing well, but I'm spending over $100 on grass fed, pastured meat alone. Any tips?
  6. On day 26 of our first Whole30. I've been saving all of our grocery receipts to add up how much doing Whole30 has cost. I was shocked!!! We try to budget well and usually tend to keep our weekly budget around $125-150. The average that we spent in weeks 1-3 was $227.35!!! For a family of 3, one of us being a toddler, that is a ridiculous amount. We'd love to keep eating this way, at least 90% of the time once we're past day 30. How do you make it work? How do you keep costs down? Sidenote: We aren't really buying anything packaged. The amount doesn't even include our herd share of grassfed raw milk we have each month that we are trading for pastured eggs! We generally are buying lots of meat, produce, pumpkin seeds, spices, olive oil, and occasionally canned goods or beverages like La Croix.
  7. I'm on Day 17 of my first Whole30 and the only one in my home doing it. I'm wondering about affordability for life after Whole30 (and during). Wondering what some of your monthly food budgets and expenses look like. We were eating what I thought was pretty well when I began this, but now I know better and my husband is basically finishing off what's left of the "bad" foods. We were spending about $500/month for myself, my husband, and our (almost) 10 month old who is mostly exclusively breast fed, so he doesn't count very much yet still. I just finished our budget this month from spending and we spent OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS on food this month! Please give me some ideas of what it costs to live a Whole9/Paleo lifestyle. Wondering what next month will be like, cannot BELIEVE how much I spent this month on FOOD. If there's a better section of the forum I should post this to, please let me know! I wasn't sure where to post. Thanks in advanced!
  8. Whole90! Dizilizi

    I'm back! I have felt myself slipping and sliding back into my old habits, fortunately not all of them, but a lot. So I am back. I want to annihilate my sugar dragon this time. Total annihilation is my goal. I'll do my best to post my meals is time around. I am starting my first year as a middle school teacher, and boy is it gonna be interesting. There is always food at school. But that's ok. I have done this before and can do it again. My goals: prep for the half marathons I have scheduled. Eat right, teach my family (they aren't doing this with me, but they eat what I cook), run, run, run, and teach, teach, teach. Breakfast today: 3 egg omelet with bell peppers and lots of water. Getting ready to pack my lunch, not sure what to pack, but it will compliant, fixing my meals is easy, it's the baked foods that my kids make that get me. I know I will have a hard time finding compliant bacon, fish sauce, canned fruit, and a few other things I can't think of right now. I found bacon last time only to find out it was made with organic honey. I need to check on the smoked pork chops and look at the ingredients for those as well. They are yummy! I did find an electrolyte replacement that is whole30 compliant!! Coco Hydro, and it's pretty good too. I know I can buy coconut water, but having a powdered version is really convenient.
  9. So I'm on Day 6 and have been following it strictly until today. The thing I am struggling with is buying organic everything is so costly. I'm having a hard time finding certain things that fit into the plan (balsamic vinaigrette, deli meat, tuna, etc) that also fit within my budget. I honestly don't miss sugar or grains. I miss cheese & yogurt a tiny bit. I have an autoimmune disease so I feel like that limits what I can eat even more. I ate tuna today then realized it had soy in it. UGH I guess I have to start over which means a total of 5 weeks on this plan and I'm just not sure I can stretch my budget. I tend to get bored eating the same things over & over I feel like I will end up starting over frequently simply because I'm tired of eating eggs for breakfast. Any advice would be great. Maybe Whole30 isn't for me. Priscilla
  10. Hey everyone, I'm exploring the program still and haven't set a start date yet. I still need to clear our my cabinet of all those bad foods. I would love to start a support group for people grocery shopping on a tight budget, or for those college kids, or for people just scraping by financially. I just moved to a new place and got a new job so money is tight for me. However I want to try the Whole 30 program and be able to buy healthy foods on a tight budget.
  11. I know from looking at my log I don't eat enough protein. However I am committed to buying grass fed beef and at least antibiotic free chicken and pork. I got a half of a beef and I don't want to go through it too fast. Any ideas for cheaper and clean protein? Some of my go tos aren't allowed like applegate farms meat. I would do eggs but they are also expensive and I'm worried about eating too many eggs in one day(should I be?) I do use wild planet sardines.....any other ideas!
  12. Whole 30 on a TIGHT Budget

    I am on a pretty tight budget. What are the most cost friendly things you recommend to use as staples during the Whole 30? Thanks!
  13. I'm an Olympic Weightlifter. I'm a small girl, compete at 58kg, but struggle to stay down near my weight class and usually end up having to cut 4-6kg a week or two before competition. Which totally sucks and effects my strength BIG TIME. I'm hoping whole30 will help me with this. I am worried though that, changing my diet so drastically will effect my weight lifting. I'm hoping it will be in a positive way. I started whole30 yesterday the 13th. I'm looking for fellow athletes to chat with, and maybe give me some advice on my whole30. I'm also very busy, and I'm a college student with a pretty small budget. I don't have hours to spend making fancy meals with a billion ingredients! I often times have to eat on the go and would take any advice on meals I can bring on the go or whole30 meals that are quick and simple! Thanks Everyone!!
  14. CSA and budgets

    My grocery bill has doubled... and while my 'eating out/ starbucks' budget has shrunk to nearly zero... post whole30 I must reign it in if I want to eat this way forever. Part of that is better meal plannig to be sure... I'm wondering, though how people feel about their CSA's from a budget standpoint.... is it helpful? Or are its perks more along the lines of sourcing good / new food? I live close to Whole Foods - but don't shop there regularly given the 'whole paycheck' issue - and can get to Wegmans, Farmers markets etc.... but CSAs have always interested me.. Just wondering how they affect the monthly budget
  15. Is it just me or? (Day 5)

    When I started my W30, i didnt need to shop at all so today, I did my first trip, in search of only the "best" for my meat sources. Ummm, Hello?!?! I knew organic, hormone-free, grain-fed meat was gonna be more expensive, but HOLY COW! It wiped out my entire grocery budget in less than one weeks worth of meat (@3 meals/day.) It has made me feel really discouraged for some reason... not like I'm gonna "cheat" or quit, I'm just not all "happy-whole-30" like I was before I went out for groceries. So, obviously, this has really upset me! And, I'm trying to figure out if I'm really peeved by the high prices of good food choices OR if I am over-reacting because (may be TMI, but) my hormones are all whacky from the way I used to eat? Is anyone else on day 5 and noticing their hormones are funkdified? Any suggestions for maintaining my W30+ on a budget? I really wanna eat the best stuff for me, but cant afford it HELP!