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Found 8 results

  1. I am on my first round of Whole30, day 19 and feeling great! There's a birthday cake party at my office in a few days, and I am looking for strategies to cope. I could of course just not go, but this is a tiny office and my absence would be noticed, especially since we are celebrating the birthday of one of my employees. I don't usually snack between meals any more (thank you meat for breakfast!). The cake will be at 10 AM. Could I bring my own little whole30 compliant treat and eat that instead? I know the idea is to break up with treats for the most part, and I have done so. I don't want to backslide with one event, and I certainly don't want to trap myself in a tough situation (I have already sat out of work social events this month so I wouldn't be tempted). Should I bring a fruit salad with coconut cream snack or something desert-like for myself? Or is that really breaking with the whole point of this month? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Day 2-working in a bakery is hard!

    I started yesterday on my day off but went back to work today. I work in a small bakery that specializes in cake. There are always scraps of cake everywhere to eat! Cookies, brownies, you name it, there are scraps. Products also need to be tasted and it is so hard to resist! Sugar is a big deal for me and always has been. It is a form of comfort since childhood. The smell of doughnuts which usually have no effect on me almost knocked me over today! They smelled so good. It is weird to crave things you don't normally eat. I keep thinking about how great an accomplishment it will be for me to do the Whole30 while working in a bakery, surrounded by treats every day. That is the thought I try to keep in my head while at work. Fortunately I have co-workers who are also trying to stay away from the sweet stuff. I'm the only one doing the Whole30 but we remind each other of our commitments. I can do this!
  3. I'm pretty sure I've just done the worst reintroduction ever. I had family visit the day after my W30. It was all good the first day, but the next two were far as food goes. We spent those days snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and touring the Daintree World Heritage Rain Forest. I was so excited I lost my mind and ingested Wine, Icecream, Pizza, Milk and Cake. A lot of those foods i hadn't touched in 6 mths of doing Paleo. I thought I was so much stronger than that and now I feel like I've ruined all that good work I put in doing my W30
  4. I'm on day 11 of the whole30 and while I do feel pretty good and don't want to give up,. I find myself having a hard time with my job as a baker. How the hell can I make something without taste testing it?? I have to make a dessert for 26 people tonight and I'm scared to do it because its always been important to taste what I make. It doesn't mean eating an entire cupcake but I need to know if the buttercream tastes good or not. I can usually rely on my family as a second opinion but they aren't foodies so most things taste pretty good to them. I'm torn between wanting to allow myself to taste test (in a way that wouldn't be enough to add lbs) and keep with the principles of the whole30 for a lifestyle change, or just sticking with the program all the way through. I can see myself eating like this for a long time, while allowing cheats on occasion, so do I really have to finish the program to be successful or will following the whole30 99% of the time be enough? I've lost 4lbs already which is great because I've gotten past my weight loss plateu and at 148 lbs and 5'6 it's not exactly life or death obesity. I guess what I'm looking for is some advice or guidance from the whole9 community. What should be more important right (very important obviously), or my reputation as a Paris trained baker and the high expectations that come with that?
  5. Dessert? do I figure out what to add first? I would like a piece of cake....but do I need to just add dairy milk first? Or if I DO add dairy can I add not just milk but ice cream as well? Also, when can I start 80/20? After I've finished re-introducing stuff? I would like 3 cheat meals a day because I'm doing Primal 80/20. I'm just not sure when I can start me cheat!
  6. Daughter's 5th bday!!!

    My daughter's 5th bday is in 2 weeks and I want to keep it as W30 compliant as possible. I know that this will involve "paleofying" things which is not totally W30 kosher but I HAVE TO do something to keep it somewhat normal. 5 is BIG and I do not want to disappoint! My kids aren't doing the W30 but most meals at home are compliant besides them gettng raw dairy and non compliant meals at daycare. Any tips/recipes for me. Most kids are quite picky but I don't want to dish out the usual treats we wouldn't even eat normally! I recently experimented with homemade Jellies (Great lakes gelatin/water/peppermint oil/stevia) and will will try other flavours (coconut milk, blueberry, sour citrus). They could be fun for them. Maybe apple/nut butter sandwiches. Veggie platter fo sho! Maybe a fruit platter too. Need a bit more food though... maybe grilled chicken strips or meatballs they can dip in ketchup (homemade of course). Is there a way to make a bday cake or cupcakes or other treats that will wow them??? HELP!
  7. Ok so I started Whole30 today and so far so good. However... I looked at my calender and realised that I've agreed to go to a cake club next Wednesday. There's a theme and everyone bakes a cake, brings it along and we all taste, chat and have drinks. I'm not sure how to handle sticking to Whole30! It will be my first time at the club so I don't know anyone, I'm going to look like a complete weirdo and also rude if I don't eat any cake! I wanted to join the club to make some new friends so don't want to ostracise myself. Any advice on what to do, should I just be honest and explain about the diet, should I lie or should I not go all together?
  8. Whole30 Birthday "Cake"

    Day 15 of Whole30 and Hubby's birthday...As a compromise, I attempted to make a Whole30 birthday cake. Turned out surprisingly good. [Edited] He loved it. I loved it. You might love it, too!